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083 – A dog?

The feeling he felt at this moment, was as if his entire body was thrown in scorching hot molten lava.

Such a degree of heat burned every inch of his body. As if there were countless tiny fire insects that were piercing through his body, drilling with their utmost to enter into his muscles. First it was the layer of skin, then it was his muscles and finally it was his bones. Within his meridians, it was as if ten thousand steel needles the thickness of a bull’s hair were travelling through. A type of pain, a thousand times, ten thousand times more painful then execution by tiny cuts, came like a flood, completely enveloping Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu had a mistaken feeling —

At this instant, it was as if he was about to be dissolved in this pool of blood, becoming part of this body of water.

The previous fragrance that had entered into his body, had a terrifying and mysterious power. It completely froze Ye Qingyu’s body so he that he lost his ability to resist. Even moving a finger was something extremely difficult for him. At this moment, demon king Ye was like being confined by a body imprisonment talisman. An unending and terrifying pain travelling throughout his body, but he still managed to retain consciousness.

“Pain…this is too painful, aaaaaa….”

He opened his mouth to loudly scream.

But the moment he opened his mouth, endless blood water crazily entered into his body. Following his throat and esophagus, it madly entered inside his body. It was as if he had swallowed a boiling mouthful of lava and his internal organs was currently being burned by a blazing and destructive fire.

At this instant, Ye Qingyu was sure, that death had already fallen upon him.

This pool of blood had a demonic property. It wanted to destroy everything.

In the face of this treacherous pool of blood, Ye Qingyu’s tough and sturdy body  along with his inner yuan at the second Spirit spring stage, could not even withstand a single strike. As if a strand of grass had been thrown into molten lava, it would be destroyed and turned into smoke in a mere moment.

But, when Ye Qingyu felt his life was about to end, an abnormality happened.

As if an existence that was in deep slumber had been disturbed, it sleepily issued a furious roar. And afterwards, a mysterious power suddenly activated from the depths of Ye Qingyu’s mind. This power was like the arrival of the monarch, unmatched and unstoppable. Like a spring, it spread throughout his entire body, instantly dispelling the horrible burning power of the pool…

Every pain that he felt in this instant, completely disappeared.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback, then was madly delighted.

He was saved?

But after this joy had passed, he very quickly discovered there was still no way that he could move his body.

His body seemed to have turned into a piece of rock. Slowly sinking down into the depths of the blood pool, his back touched the hard surface of bone pit feeling the rough sensation of contact. But what was strange was that although he was completely submerged in the blood pool his breathing was completely normal, as if the blood pool contained a sufficient concentration of air. During the time that he was breathing , there was a indescribable feeling of comfort and relaxation.

“This shocking power…it came too suddenly, just where did it came from?”

Even though his body could not move, Ye Qingyu’s mind was thinking rapidly.

He was extremely clear that if not for this sudden change, and the appearance of this shocking energy, he would have been completely dissolved by the pool of blood. This kind of energy, just where did it originate from?

Could it be…it came from the bronze book?

That was a possibility.

But Ye Qingyu could faintly sense, that this kind of energy had already appeared several times before he had even obtained the bronze book, so it was not too likely.

After thinking for a long while, he still could not reach any conclusions.

His body was still and as stiff as a piece of ice or rock, not being able to move in the slightest. It was as if he had really transformed into stone.

“Just what is happening to me, I came to slay the dragon but I did not even manage to find a whisker of the dragon. Now I have turned into a drowned corpse…” Ye Qingyu could neither laugh or cry. This could not carry on. The situation outside was urgent and desperately needed him. Song Xiaojun and the others were in the midst of battle.

And at the time Ye Qingyu was racking his brains for a solution, another change occurred.

The clear and refreshing energy in his body, as if it had been completely expended, suddenly shrunk. It disappeared.

The burning and scorching power of the blood pool, slowly repossessed Ye Qingyu’s body.

The blazing pain like that of being bitten alive by ten thousand insects, returned and attacked with a vengeance in a split second.

“Shit, what is happening? Am I about to die again?”

Ye Qingyu was extremely shocked.

The acute pain only lasted for approximately for ten breaths of time, but it seemed to extend  like an endless era. Just when Ye Qingyu felt that he would absolutely dissolve into the pool, the refreshing power that had disappeared, unbelievably appeared again. It spread throughout his body, immediately halting the burning pain and returning to the previous feeling of incomparable comfort.

Then, the refreshing power gradually disappeared.

The blood water once again entered into his body again, madly burning.

Ten breaths later, the refreshing appeared again…

And disappeared…

And appeared…

Disappearing again…

It continued in such a cycle.

Without end or rest.

The refreshing power was like the prank of a naughty child, or if it was intentionally doing battle with the power of this blood pool. Sometimes appearing, sometimes disappearing, it was as if it followed some unwritten laws, like the ebbing and receding of the tides, surging and fading. These two different kinds of  energy, alternately occupied Ye Qingyu’s body, making Ye Qingyu feel as if he was being rotated between Heaven and Hell.

Ye Qingyu could only passively accept this. There was nothing he could.

Time passed by second after second, in such a situation.

Ye Qingyu gradually entered into a strange state, where light and cold alternated, his consciousness forgetting everything. Time and space had lost its meaning. He forgot everything, forgetting his surrounding, forgetting himself. His entire person was in a state of blurred primal chaos.

This seemed like it lasted for a very long time, but also seemed as if it only happened for a short blink of time.

An unknown time later, Ye Qingyu suddenly quivered abruptly, awakening.

He subconsciously opened his eyes, both his hands touching the floor and sitting up.

“This…I can move?”

After a stunned moment, Ye Qingyu suddenly realised. He looked under him, and was dazed yet again.

Just what had happened?

Was I not…being submerged in the pool of blood? Then where did the …pool of blood go?

Had everything finally ended?

Ye Qingyu dumbly stared at the surrounding bone walls that was as smooth as jade, and below his bottom was also the smooth bones that was as polished as a mirror. The breath he breathed in was bitingly cold, and his position was within a sunken pit of bone – if he did not guess wrong, then it was the place where the pool of blood contained.

But at this time, the blood water was completely gone.

The scorching and blazing power had disappeared without a trace, not even leaving behind a drop of blood.

It was as if the previous encounter, was only a bizarre dream.

After a short while, with a thoughtful expression, Ye Qingyu slowly stood up.

Within his body, was a surging enormous strength.

He attempted to move his body, and could hear a series a pops like beans exploding, that came unceasingly from within his body. His bones vibrated, muscles unfolding the joints and his bone in his body constantly rubbing against each other.  t was as if he was a machine that had stopped functioning for hundreds of years, being activated for the first time. He  was currently being broken in.

It was an experience that he had never felt before.

Ye Qingyu could faintly sense, that within his body, there was something extra.

But if he carefully examined, he conversely could not sense anything.

He lightly jumped.

Out of the bone pit.

“I really am still within the dragon’s den. It’s just that the previous pool of blood, has completely dried up, without even a single drop remaining.” A baffled look was on Ye Qingyu’s face. Such a large pool of blood, even though using an inter dimensional bottle  would not be able to completely contain such a body of liquid. Just where did it go?

The events that had just occurred, was incomparably peculiar.

He carefully examined the space around the dragon’s den, but there was not any other discovery.

There was no signs of the existence of the dragon like it was an abandoned tomb

If he had not seen with his own eyes that pool of blood, he would have only thought this place was a strange location layered with bones.

Ye Qingyu did his utmost to remember what had happened, but within his memories there was a completely blank segment. This was namely when he was in his mindless state.  He absolutely could not remember anything that had occurred during this time. He did not know where the blood water went, and at this time he could not be sure how long he had tarried here……

“Fine, lets just first leave here.”

Ye Qingyu had the intention to depart.

After all, the battle occurring in the [Boundary canyon battlefield] had not yet ended and the so called dragon’s den, did not contain any treasures, divine medicines, divine herbs or rare materials. It was completely desolate of rewards. Continuing to stay here did not have any meaning whatsoever. Perhaps the dragon had gone out to play, who knows when this fellow would return………

In short, Ye Qingyu felt his choice to come here to slay the dragon, was a wrong decision.

And at the time when Ye Qingyu was turning to leave, suddenly —-

“Huchi Huchi*……”

A short but peculiar breathing came from behind him.

Ye Qingyu’s body froze, then slowly and incredibly turned his head around.

A snowy white cute little creature, was squatting next to his leg. It was only about the size of a palm, doing it’s utmost to lift it’s head. It’s large glistening eyes was staring at him in happiness, his long pink tongue stretching out, his tail swaying delightedly. Seeing that Ye Qingyu had turned around, this little fellow excitedly shook his head, and strived to place his little head upon Ye Qingyu’s leg intimately…

Ye Qingyu was so scared that he jumped ten metres away in an instant.

This was…a ….a puppy?

A puppy?

Ye Qingyu could not believe his eyes.

This was something that was absolutely impossible.

He had just previously examined and observed in detail every inch of this space. There was absolutely nothing here. Then why did, in the blink of an eye, a little puppy appear?

Just where had it came from?

Ye Qingyu was stupefied.

After observing carefully, it really was just a snowy white puppy.

This little fellow did not have any impurities of any other colour in its fur, as if it was just a snowball. HIs glistening large eyes was clear, as if it was a pair of jewels that was shining with radiance. The little infantile teeth of the puppy was snowy white, and when he opened his mouth, you were able to see his pink little tongue……From head to toe, it emitted an aura of adorableness.

There was nothing strange about a little puppy.

But to suddenly appear in such a place, it was really too peculiar.

Far more than peculiar, it was bizarre.

“Huchi Huchi……” Seeing Ye Qingyu jumping away, the little fellow panicked. It crawled and rolled towards Ye Qingyu, his actions extremely intimate. Like a little child, it came stumbling towards him, its tongue stretching out with a flattering grin, giving Ye Qingyu a completely harmless look.

Ye Qingyu did not dare to be too careless.

“What has really happened? I’ve evidently searched through this space entirely, without discovering anything…”Ye Qingyu was baffled. And at this time, a bolt of lightning flashed through his mind. He suddenly realised, that when he had searched through this space, he did not search the sunken in bone pit that used to hold the blood water.

Could it be…

That this little fellow, really came from the pool of blood?


*Sound of panting


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