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084 – Four versus Four

Could it be that this little puppy had really jumped out from the bone pit that he had passed over in his inspection?

Ye Qingyu could only form such a conclusion.

He avoided the little white fellow with an unknown background and undetermined danger. Jumping once again into the bone pit, he carefully investigated.

But there was nothing to be discovered.

“Huchi Huchi…Wu Wu?” The little fellow crawled towards the edges of the bone pit, curiosity in his eyes. He shook its head and his chubby little tail constantly wagged, repeatedly expressing goodwill towards Ye Qingyu. The enthusiasm and intimacy reflected in his clear eyes was enough to make the heart of anyone melt.

Ye Qingyu tentatively extended his hand.

The little fellow spun around in a circle a few times, then unhesitatingly rushed at Ye Qingyu, as if he was a little snowball that was being rolled down a slope.

As he slid downwards into the bone pit, the little fellow jumped and landed onto Ye Qingyu’s palm.

“Huchi Huchi, Wu Wu Wu!” The little fellow’s chubby little head constantly rubbed against Ye Qingyu’s palm. His mouth constantly emitted panting sounds, nodding his head and wagging his tail, a perfect picture of a someone out to please.

“Interesting.” Ye Qingyu examined the little dog meticulously.

“Eh? It seems like it really is a little puppy…But, it seems to have suffered an injury…It doesn’t have any forelimbs? No, it’s only because the forelimbs are too small…this…could it be because he is malnourished and grew up unhealthily?” After examining it for a while, he was shocked to discover some peculiar aspects.

This little fellow that looked like a snow ball had some strange attributes.

His head was larger than a normal dog by a fair margin, possessing over a third of his entire body. From the outer appearance, he was foolish looking but adorable at the same time. His forelimbs seemed to have been injured before, with the limbs being small and short. Evidently, it had grown in a wrong way. But it was hidden under the white fur, and could not be discovered unless one looked carefully. It’s hind limbs was evidently much stronger, supporting its entire weight.

From his entire body, the torso occupied another third of the total body. And the third of the body left, was taken up by a beautiful large tail that was constantly wagging behind his chubby little bottom.

Apart from these little peculiarities, this little fellow seemed exactly the same as the other dogs.

At this time, Ye Qingyu could not be sure whether this creature really was a dog.

Could it be some kind of rare life form?

Perhaps a divine beast or a spirit beast?

Ye Qingyu thought for a while, than laughed at himself. He shook his head.

How could it be possible that a divine beast looked like this? That was simply too unlikely.

“Huchi Huchi…Wu Wu.” The little fellow continued to intimately rub himself on Ye Qingyu’s arm.

Ye Qingyu did not know why but seeing this little fellow doing it’s utmost to please him, a feeling of intimacy could not help but be born within Ye Qingyu. It was obviously their first meeting, but he had the sensation that he had already raised it for an extremely long time, as if it was part of his family.

He still had questions in his heart, but after hesitating back and forth, Ye Qingyu ultimately decided to bring the little fellow along with him.

From the little fellow’s body, he could not sense the slightest hint of energy fluctuation. He should not pose a threat at all.

Appearing so mysteriously here, perhaps the little dog had some relation to the pool of blood. If he kept the puppy beside him, perhaps he could discover something in the future.

Furthermore, Ye Qingyu had a vague premonition, that everything that happened within the dragon’s den today was definitely not as simple as it seemed. Perhaps it would have an extremely significant impact on him in the future, but at the current point in time, he did not discover what this effect would be. And it seemed like this little snowball would be one of the important clues to finding out.

“Huchi Hucchi!”

Like he had sensed Ye Qingyu’s acceptance, the little fellow began to pant excitedly.

After receiving Ye Qingyu’s approval, excited noises emitted from his mouth. He followed along Ye Qingyu’s arm, and clumsily climbed onto Ye Qingyu’s shoulder. His little pink tongue constantly licked Ye Qingyu’s ear and his furry little head incessantly rubbed against Ye Qingyu’s face.

“Haha, this little fellow…” Ye Qingyu began laughing.

This little fellow unexpectedly understood human nature surprisingly well, or as if their hearts were connected, he instantly understood Ye Qingyu’s feelings.

“Since its like this, than I’ll temporarily carry you along. Hehe, lets first think of a name for you.” Ye Qingyu jumped out of the bone pit, and headed towards the outside. After a short consideration, he said laughingly: “Since your head is so large, than I shall call you Big Head from now on. Haha, this is concise and comprehensive. Strange creature, how about it?”

“Huchi Huchi…Wu Wu!” The little fellow did not know how to speak, but still remained hopping up and down in enthusiasm.

“Haha, that means you agree to your name, Big Head.”

Huchi Huchi, Wu Wu!”

“Fine, Big Head it is.”

“Huchi Huchi…Wu Wu!”

“Good Big Head!”

“Huchi Huchi…Wu Wu!”

A man and a dog, conversing in such a manner followed along the white bone path leading towards the exit of the dragon’s den. Their voices in such a pitch black and large environment resounded clearly and amusingly. Ye Qingyu’s mood instantly took a turn for the better, unwittingly letting out sounds of laughter.

But very quickly demon king Ye became worried.

According to the information written in the booklet, only after slaying the dragon would the passageway to exit this place appear. By following along this passage way, you were able to exit the dragon’s den. But from the very start he had not discovered a dragon but only fostered a big headed dog by mistake. Then how would he be able to escape from the surging vortex of water? He definitely could not exit by following the method he had used to enter. With Ye Qingyu’s current level of strength, wanting to go against the flow of the waterfall along with the suppressive laws of the [Boundary canyon battlefield] was something impossible for him to achieve.

A short while later.

Ye Qingyu discovered that his worries was completely unfounded.

Because at an unknown time, the waterfall that seemed to appear from nowhere and seemed to originate from the imposing and magnificent stars, had disappeared. He walked to the exit of the dragon’s den and emerged from the inky darkness. The surging water vapour had gone, and the roaring thunder of the waterfall had also disappeared.  He could only see the wall of the cliff extending upwards, and faintly he could see a bright glow thousands of metres above him.

“What has happened?”

Ye Qingyu felt he had encountered all the bizarre things in his life today all at once.

But since the waterfall formed from the [Quicksand river] had disappeared, and he could see a light above him, did it mean that as long as he climbed and followed this wall upwards he would have a chance of leaving?

Considering this, Ye Qingyu decided to give climbing upwards a try.

“Big Head, pay attention. You must grip onto me tightly.” Ye Qingyu patted the big headed dog.

“Huchi?” The little fellow hesitated, question marks filling his eyes.

The next instant, Ye Qingyu had  already chosen the direction and activated his inner yuan. Like a large bird, his figure soared upwards, jumping up tens of metres in a split second. His hand grabbed a jutting out rock, and using this to leverage his power, he continued soaring and climbing along the stone wall of the cliff.

“Wu Wu Wu…Huchi Huchi!”

Big Head was slightly dazed, not understanding in the beginning. But as Ye Qingyu soared upwards for the third time, he instantly understood. Looking at the pitch black darkness of the endless abyss below, he was so scared that every hair on his body stood up. His mouth bit tightly onto Ye Qingyu’s ear and the chubby little tail stood straight up. His little hind legs was constantly kicking, his whole body shivering.

“Hahaha…” Ye Qingyu was in mid air, but he could not help but laugh loudly.

This big headed dog, was really too funny and amusing.



[Boundary canyon battlefield].

Northern canyon road.

Within the battlefield, the shouts of fighting reverberated throughout the skies.

Qin Wushuang had a serious expression as he regarded the four opponents that was approaching. He could not help but secretly cry with bitterness in his heart.

Fear had already coloured Xia Houwu’s face.

Both of them two had never thought that before they could enact on their plan, they would encounter such a large problem. Both of them left the North East and the North West road to regroup with Song Xiaojun and Song Qingluo. They originally wanted to consolidate their strength and completely reinforce one of the battlefields to push through. This way, with Ye Qingyu’s coordination, they would really be able to defeat the Azure Phoenix academy once and for all.

From their originally hopeless situation to the current events, even an idiot could sense that their opportunity had arrived.

If they were able to win just once, then the five people who won this round, would immediately become the heroes of the White Deer academy. All sorts of resources and techniques, would become slanted towards them. Even if Xia Houwu and Qin Wushuang did not care about the resources of the academy, but the fame from defeating the Azure Phoenix academies held great attraction for them.

So therefore in such a situation, not long ago, Qin Wushuang had cast aside his status and discussed matters with the Song Sisters. The four people were now gathered together in the Northern battlefield.

From the point of view of Song Qingluo and Song Xiaojun, this was a decent enough proposal.

After all, four people gathered together definitely resulted in them being slightly safer. And if they were all in one spot, Ye Qingyu did not need to rush left and right at all times. He only needed to hide in the background and correctly respond. This was a comparatively perfect plan.

It was only that Ye Qingyu appeared like a deity and faded like a ghost. There was no way to discuss such a strategy with him.

But from Qin Wushuang’s perspective, Ye Qingyu had taken the most care in protecting the northern canyon road of the Song sisters. This was one of the reason he had chosen the Northern path as the focal to gather together. This was definitely the road that was going to receive the largest amount of Ye Qingyu’s assistance.

In truth, the impact was extremely large on Qin Wushuang after seeing Ye Qingyu’s kill Xu Ge.

He was utterly bitter, not admitting to the fact that he was in any way worse than Ye Qingyu.

But after experiencing so many things Qin Wushuang must acknowledge that a commoner scum like Ye Qingyu was definitely luckier than him. At least the key to this round’s victory, was tied around Ye Qingyu. Especially after seeing the chance to truly win once and for all. After long consideration, Qin Wushuang suddenly felt that it was not such a big deal to lower his head once. Even if he was accused of relying on Ye Qingyu to triumph by the lowly commoners  — as long as they won, Qin Wushuang had the confidence he could claim more of the credit for this victory.

But they would never have thought that not long after the four had gathered together, the Azure Phoenix students would appear.

And that four of them would appear at  the same time.

Their original plan was that it would be four versus one or versus two. Immediately became four versus four.

The situation had suddenly worsened.

Why was it like this?

After a slight daze, Qin Wushuang and Xia Houwu was shocked.

If it could be said that Qin Wushuang still had a will to battle and was still calculating how it was possible to win this grand competition, then the Xia Houwu who had already died two times, had long became a bird frightened at the mere twang of a bow*. He only wished to fish in troubled water**, and wanted to survive onwards through such a method. He absolutely did not want to risk his life. Therefore, when he abruptly saw the appearance of the four students, his first thought was to quickly flee.

Opposite them.

Lin Nuo, Zheng Kai, Du Sha and Ding Liyou were also shocked.

What was happening?

They had gathered together in the Northern path for one reason:  to ambush and kill Ye Qingyu, risking their lives for the last time. They would never have thought, that the White Deer academy had also gathered in such a location…Was this the scheme of the White Deer students? If it was really so, did this not represent that the demon king like figure, was also lurking nearby?


Or flee?

At this instant, both sides was in a state of hesistation.



*someone who frights easily due to past experiences

**take advantage of a crisis for personal gain


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