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084 – Solemn killing


Su Rong flew out, Su Rong flew back.

An alive Su Rong flew away, a dead Su Rong flew back.

In the split of a second.

In this course of events, the men of the Monitor Division intended to head out and fight with Su Rong only just unsheathed their sword and salute to Cui Zhaoren, which also considered as their farewell—–

However, Su Rong died.

Killed with one move.

They did not even see Li Muyang make his move, but Su Rong had already died. They did not even had the chance to go provide assistance, Su Rong died.

The men of the Monitor Division, although they were prepared to die, they were stil inl somewhat of a little dilemma. They were not sure whether they should advance or retreat.

Advance? Don’t advance? This was the problem.

Su Rong is an intelligent person that the Cui family placed by Cui Zhaoren’s side, although Cui Zhaoren rarely listens to his advice. Because Cui Zhaoren thinks he’s hundred times smarter than Su Rong.

However, in order to not embarrass his family, to show his modesty and demonstrate that he’s a prudent person he was willing to leave Su Rong by his side. Because whenever he has some business he could not take care of, he could entrust Su Rong to handle. After all, the men of the Mointor Division are mostly good at brandishing swords and killing, they really are not fit to handle some delicate matters.

Su Rong, who’s at the higher stages of the high mountains, could be considered a skilled expert in a small town, but in Tiandu, where there’s a mix of good and evil, he could only be regarded as weak.

However, someone with the strength of the high stage of the high mountain was killed by Li Muyang with one punch——Those men of the Monitor Division who can’t even be compared to Su Rong, how many punches of Li Muyang could they endure?
Cui Zhaoren saw Li Muyang make his move.

He was the only one at the scene able to accurately capture Li Muyang’s presence and movements under the conditions of torrential rain and with dark clouds densely covering the sky.

Su Rong leaped towards Li Muyang at great speed and used his most adept technique ‘Move Mountain Fist’.

A fist thrown out, mountains are moved.

Several shadow fists, six Su Rong at the same time threw out their fists at Li Muyang.

Su Rong could only create five shadows at that time, five fakes and one real constituted his attack formation.

Su Rong fought with his life, his will to battle was obviously at his strongest at that time.

Even with Cui Zhaoren’s critical eye he could also tell that his punch exceeded his usual standard.

This was Su Rong’s most brilliant and most deadly blow.

Surely at that time, Su Rong himself was also emotionally moved, excited and with immense self-confidence as if the world was within his hand—–

Six Su Rong rushed over to Li Muyang’s side, his assault divided into upper, middle and lower angles of attack.

Li Muyang fought back.

His right hand that was always hanging down suddenly clenched into a fist and punched out, as if he had been preparing this punch for some time.

He merely threw out one punch.

Then, Su Rong was sent flying.

The real Su Rong was sent flying.

Li Muyang was completely unaffected by those fake shadows; from the very beginning his eyes were locked onto Su Rong’s real body.

Su Rong was destined to end in a tragedy from the beginning.

“Unfathomable.” This was Cui Zhaoren’s evaluation of Li Muyang.

“Not breathing.” A man of the Monitor Division crouched down to check Su Rong’s breathing. “Brothers we must fight to avenge strategist.”

Cui Zhaoren reached out to obstruct them and said in a low voice: “You are no match for him.”

“We are willing to die in battle.”

“It would only be pointless death.” Cui Zhaoren clutched the hilt of his sword, said aloud: “you’re all my trusted aide, stay alive, consider it as leaving some seeds for the Monitor Division—–”


Just as those fish and prawns were continuously ramming against the ship, the bottom of the passenger ship was chipped.

Water began to seep into the lower cabin, the ship started to tilt to one side.

The fish and prawns continued to collide against the ship without stopping, using the little gap as their target of attack, they more forcefully knocked against the ship.


More and more areas were cracked, the original gap also increased in size.


A tremendous loud noise echoed over.

The passenger ship splintered into several pieces and came crashing down.

“Help, I’m dying—-help—–”

“Heavens, hurry please stop the rain—–put away your remarkable powers—-”

“Don’t steal my plank, I held onto this plank first—–”


The scholars and travelers on board were weeping bitter tears, some pleading, some cursing, while those more intelligent, had already selected their object to float before the ship had even collapsed. Once the ship collapses, they could hold onto this and drift along the river, and avoid drowning along with the ship.

Even if it’s hard to stay alive in this river that’s shrouded in torrential rain, but—–they would still have a chance to live after all, right?

The moment the ship collapses, Cui Zhaoren clothes were already fluttering in the air, his body soared and once again appeared opposite of Li Muyang.

A white-robed youngster, a black-robed bodhisattva.

One with pupils that was black as ink, one with pupils as red as blood.

It seemed as if they were meant to be opponents from the very beginning.

What they had the same were their biting-cold eyes.

Li Muyang’s eyes were ice-cold, changed drastically and carried a killing intent that could not be concealed easily.

Cui Zhaoren’s eyes, although also ice-cold, but this was his standard manner all along.

Other than the coldness, there’s also doubt and——killing intent.

Enemies met face to face on a narrow path, the brave would become victorious.

Cui Zhaoren could tell that he and Li Muyang would fight until one dies.

“You’re Li Muyang?” Cui Zhaoren asked in a low voice. This was not the first time he asked this, he had asked this question countless number of times in his mind.

He already has the answer in his mind: yes, he’s Li Muyang.

But why is he Li Muyang?

If a freshman in the kingdom has this sort of strength, then why would he travel all the way to Starry Sky Academy?

He firmly believes that this is not the real Li Muyang, or perhaps the Li Muyang now is being controlled by a monster—-only that could explain everything that’s happening before his eyes.

Does that mean within his body there’s a noble creature living inside that was suddenly awakened after he plunged into the river?

“I’m Li Muyang.” Li Muyang answered calmly. Neither too fast nor too slow, nor displayed any emotions. It sounded like—–Cui Zhaoren’s voice before.

The Li Muyang now much more resembled the Cui Zhaoren before than the Cui Zhaoren now.

“It seems you’re not willing to reveal your background?” The corner of Cui Zhaoren’s mouth rose slightly, revealing a cruel and grim smile.

“So what if I say it? So what if I don’t say it?” Li Muyang’s gaze was full of pity and sympathy as he looked at Cui Zhaoren.

He unexpectedly took pity on Cui Zhaoren, a direct descendant of one of the most powerful clan in the kingdom.

Cui Zhaoren did not like the look in his eyes, so much that he felt somewhat provoked.

“Since you are going to die anyway.” Li Muyang added, coldly uttered each word.

“What——” Cui Zhaoren hid away the slight smiling expression on his lips. He’s a solemn man and also a serious man, in a solemn situation everything needs to be treated seriously. For example here right now. For example, when he killed. “I think so too.”,


The sound of a sword being unsheathed.

However, the moment this sound was heard, Cui Zhaoren had already transformed into hundred thousand shadows advancing towards Li Muyang suspended in mid-air to split him into two.


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