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085 – Blood red gaze

And at this time, Xia Houwu gave a signal to Qin Wushuang next to him. As if suddenly mustering his determination, he loudly roared: “Why are you still hesitating, charge them….”

Saying this, the long blade in his hand struck out. He was the one who rushed to make the first move.


A cold blade, sliced through the air towards Lin Nuo.

Strong winds violently formed.

Such an action instantly broke the peculiar stand off within the battlefield.

The figure of Lin Nuo flashed like a streak of lightning, instantly evading the strike of the blade. A bright fierce light suddenly gleamed from within his eyes, coldly laughing and gritting his teeth: “Haha, you really think our Azure Phoenix academy is easily pushed around? What are you still waiting for, act!”

The battle exploded in an instant.

Zheng Kai, Ding Liyou and Du Sha all of them with gloomy expressions, at this instant struck out.

They really had been imprinted with fear after being killed by Ye Qingyu so many times over.

But this did not mean that when facing Qin Wushuang and the others they would retreat.

Because the Azure Phoenix students believed that the elders of their own academy was able to see everything that was occurring through the formation projection at this moment. They could not retreat. Since events had developed to such a stage, taking even one step  backwards signified humiliation and cowardice.

“Act together and defeat the enemy.”

Qin Wushuang loudly roared, and the Great Zhou sword in his hands began vibrating. A pale silver formation light emitted from within the sword, as if a silver dragon was entwined around the sword. Yuan qi trembled violently in the radius of the sword. He was currently the strongest person out of the four students of White Deer academy.  Through this display, it seemed he really had momentum and the aura of an expert.

“Haha…” Zheng Kai laughed and the enormous staff in his hand swept out, directly receiving Qin Wushuang’s attack.

The two of them instantly fought against each other.

Sand and dust spread throughout the air.

Xia Houwu had exchanged a single strike with Lin Nuo and was instantly placed in a disadvantage.

He was sent flying, landing near the location of the Song sisters.

Lin Nuo came to finish the kill with a cold smile.

“Save me…” Xia Houwu screamed, begging for aid from the Song sisters.

The field of battle instantly extended to the location of the Song sisters.

Song Qingluo also knew that this battle was unavoidable. Patting Song Xiaojun’s shoulder and warning her to take care, her dainty hand grasped thin air causing the Spirit weapon [Qingluo] to instantly appear in her hand. The emerald green sprout, in an instant transformed into a python like vine. Like green lightning, it shot out and began its attack.

The green vines turned from one into two, two into three, three into ten within the air. Like an anaconda, it madly strangled towards the enemy.

The little loli Song Xiaojun also fully activated her inner yuan, a fire shield appearing all around her. In the quickest time possible, she came to assist Song Qingluo. Two fireballs shot through the air, bringing with it a blazing power that sealed off Lin Nuo’s path of evasion.

Lin Nuo’s speed increased, mirage after mirage appearing in the air. He changed his target, forgoing finishing off Xia Houwu and struck towards the Song sisters.

Xia Houwu fell to the ground, staggering. He did not immediately return to the fighting, but gradually retreated to the edges of the battle. His eyes flicked throughout the battle, closely observing the movements of the two left over members of the Azure Phoenix academy….

Ding Liyou ad Du Sha, both of them did not immediately join this battle.

After being ambushed by Ye Qingyu so many times, a shadow had been cast in their hearts. They regarded their surroundings cautiously, deathly afraid that demon king Ye would appear like the previous times. That he would descend from the heavens like a divine soldier, and suddenly slaughter all of them. Such a scene was completely like an nightmare for them. In the eyes of Ding Liyou, Du Sha and the other Azure Phoenix students, the greatest worry was Ye Qingyu. The other white Deer students, they completely did not care about at all.

As long as they confirmed that Ye Qingyu was not near, they were confident that they could completely slaughter the four White Deer students in an instant…

“As long as I flee to under the protector statue, then I will be completely safe. However, if those two does not act, then I won’t be able to escape at all…”Xia Houwu’s eyes flickered. Seeing that Ding Liyou and Du Sha had no intentions of joining the fray, he became slightly panicked——-Especially the Du Sha who had already killed Xia Houwu twice over created an enormous psychological pressure in Xia Houwu’s heart. He was absolutely clear, that within this five hundred metre radius, there was no way he could escape from Du Sha’s attack.

Unless Du Sha was occupied by someone else.

Slowly, a scheme began to form in Xia Houwu’s heart.

Deciding, and giving Qin Wushuang a signal, he grabbed his long blade in his hand. Pretending that he was about to rush in and help, he slowly approached the battle between the Song sisters and Lin Nuo. His long blade sliced apart the air, pretending to strike….


Panting heavily, Xia Houwu neared Song Qingluo and neared her.

Song Qingluo was about to say something, when the expression on Xia Houwu’s face completely transformed. A sinister smile appeared in his face, and he fiercely struck out with his palm, slapping it against Song Qingluo’s back. She could not react in time, and was sent flying by this strike, her figure heading straight for the Du Sha and Ding Liyou standing far away……

“What are you doing?” Song Xiaojun was dumbfounded.

In a split second, this innocent little loli could not comprehend what was going on.

“I’m not so stupid as to accompany you guys to die. I have already died twice, I know how the pain of death feels like…” Xia Houwu laughed maliciously, and his palm struck out again, inner yuan spitting out. Without the slightest trace of mercy, he sent the dainty little body of the little loli in mid air. Accompanied by the explosion of yuan qi, the figure of Song Xiaojun was sent flying towards the direction of Lin Nuo.

Such an unexpected change was like an arm suddenly transforming into something else.

Everyone on the battlefield was flabbergasted.

Both Song Xiaojun and Song Qingluo had never expected such a betrayal to occur.

Neither did Lin Nuo, Du Sha and Ding Liyou expect this.

Facing the Song Qingluo that was sent sailing in their direction, Du Sha and Ding Liyou acted instinctively. Under the flickering cold light of their blades, razor sharp yuan qi sliced apart the air. The Song Qingluo that was in mid air could not evade in the slightest. Even if her [Qingluo] was activated to its fullest, at the very most she could do was directly face this attack. In an instant, their blades were dyed red. Her delicate body was directly struck. Not even a single cry of anguish could be emitted before she transformed into a bloody mist that ruptured throughout the air

Song Qingluo was also injured at the same time.

She was also sent flying, and landed upon Lin Nuo’s fist blade. Her abdomen was stabbed through.

Blood jetted out.

At the same time, Xia Houwu performed the act that he had been planning.

Like a stray dog, he ran for his life towards the protector statue of their side. Even if Lin Nuo and the others were in a high state of caution, they had not planned for such a shocking turn of events. Before they could recover their composure, Xia Houwu had already taken advantage of this lull. He was like a out of control feral dog, running for his life to enter into the defensive radius of the protector statue. He was temporarily in a safe location…

The second person to react, was Qin Wushuang.

At the same time Xia Houwu acted, Qin Wushuang as if they had made a tacit agreement long ago, also roared loudly. Exploding with the strongest possible power he could muster, the Great Zhou sword struck fiercely on the enormous staff. Using the rebounding force of this strike, Qin Wushuang floated backwards hundreds of metres in the direction of of the protector statue. Like two thrown balls, both of them entered into the defensive radius of the protector statue.

The two noble students, in an instant had escaped from their dire straits.

At this moment, the battlefield was deathly silent.

After a short time of shock, Lin Nuo and the others looked at each other. On their face were expression of incredulity.

This…what had just happened?

As a great academy that ranked in the upper ranks of the ten great academies, the students from Azure Phoenix had participated in great competitions like the [Boundary canyon battlefield before]. Therefore previously, they had met many different kinds of opponents and encountered different kinds of strategies. But they had never ever witnessed such a evident and open betrayal of their comrades.

The students of Azure Phoenix was well aware that everything that happened here would be seen by the higher ups of the academy.

The White Deer student far off in the distance performed such a betrayal without the slightest trace of fear. After he jumped under the protective statue, he suddenly smiled joyously, as if he had really won. Could this fellow really be a mentally disabled retard?

He really dared to perform such a betrayal that was equal to murder?

Did he really not fear, that after the end of the great competition, he would receive the punishment of the White Deer academy?

Or did this mean that the White Deer academy would not punish such an action?

Lin Nuo retrieved his fist blade, retreating with a peculiar expression on his face. He knew the power of his own fist blade clearly; after being injured to such an extent, this little girl would be unable to turn around a desperate situation. She could not live for much longer.


A stream of blood from the injury suffered in Song Xiaojun’s abdomen spurted out like a fountain.

The little loli’s figure, trembled slightly.

As if she was using all her energy to remain upright, she did not fall over. With great difficulty, her petite body remained standing and shaking, as if she was a willow branch in the face of a tempest. Bright red blood dyed the earth around her. In her pure and beautiful eyes, her expression displayed bewilderment and anger. She looked at the Xia Houwu who had jumped away towards the protector statue. She asked: “You…why?”

Xia Houwu only smiled maliciously.

“You…brother Qingyu, will not let you get away.”

As she said this name, the eyes of the little loli brightened with an inexplicable glimmer.

But Xia Houwu only casually smiled: “Before the end of this grand competition, he won’t know anything that happened here. And after the grand competition is over, everything it too late…Hehe, furthermore, you died at the hands of the enemies, and it wasn’t I that kill you…you are only an illegitimate child and Song Qingluo is only a daughter of the president of a commerce company. It doesn’t matter if you die or not, and besides, this isn’t a real death anyway.”

“You…bad person…scoundrel….”  A pale blood colour, slowly appeared and spread throughout the little loli’s originally clear eyes. Her petite little body began quivering, as if this was the reaction from her heavy injury and losing too much blood or as if within a body, a strange transformation was currently undergoing. She cursed with the what the little loli thought was the most grave and severe profanity: “You’re despicable!”

“Despicable?”Xia Houwu coldly smiled. “Fine, insult me all you want. You’re about to die, I won’t hold grudges with a dead person.”

“I….” The figure of the little loli, began trembling even more violently.



Rage and hatred that she had never experienced before, completely submerged the little loli’s heart.

She was possessed by a desire she could barely control. She wanted in this instant to rush over and make this despicable scoundrel pay, tearing him into pieces. Bit by bit, she wanted to ground him into waste. In her heart there was something occurring. As if there was a scorching flame that was blazing, as if there was something that was about to explode in her chest.

Then, the change came.

Her eyes, was completely covered with a scarlet red.

It was a concentrated blood red.

A colour that represented destruction and death.

Her eyes did not have either whites or pupils. From her eyes, two rays of red light shone as if the Death God had come to reap apart all life. Such a terrifying aura emitted from her red eyes. As if there was a monster that was being slowly awakened from within the body of the little loli. Even through such a slight release of this destructive power, it could not help but make one shiver in fear.


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