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088 – He wants to murder someone

Ascending heaven pavilion.

When the scene of Ye Qingyu, like a dragon soaring through the heavens, slaughtering the students of Azure Phoenix students appeared in the formation projection, the cheers that had been suppressed for a long time finally sounded. Everyone understood, that the death of Xu Ge, signified the complete defeat of the Azure Phoenix academy. Because at this time, only Xu Ge had a chance to resurrect. The other four people had already died three times, and had already been forcibly ejected from the [Boundary canyon battlefield].

And Ye Qingyu had already defeated Xu Ge in a one versus one direct battle, so even if Xu Ge was resurrected, he could no longer cause anymore waves.

A large number of second, third and even fourth year student representatives, also could not suppress their cheers and screams.

Even if they did not manage to obtain victory personally, but the honour and glory from winning one round belonged to the entire White Deer academy. And they were a part of the White Deer academy.

Bai Yuqing had a complicated expression on her face, but even she could not help but applaud.

She must admit, that this teenager called Ye Qingyu, had given her too much shock and astonishment. She must also acknowledge that her previous evaluation was too hasty and she had misjudged this teenager. At the same time, the girl that was in the eyes of many male students of White Deer academy a goddess, began to become curious towards Ye Qingyu.

In the places where the formation projection did not show his figure, just what had occurred?

This youth that had originated from the commoners displayed a battle technique that was bursting with explosive power. It seemed extremely simple, but the strength was absolutely frightening…just where had he learned such a battle technique from?

From within the crowd, Jiang Xiaohan and Han Xiaofei exchanged a glance.

Both of them could see the other’s shock and unease.

Especially at the moment when Ye Qingyu had performed his last technique. A violent and direct dive as if a dragon was descending, like a star was falling, simply nothing could match him. In a moment of time, he had completely changed the terrain, causing a miniature mountain range to appear. The two asked themselves this question: if it was me on the receiving end of such a strike, what chances of victory do I have?

The person that they had treated like a loach, that commoner student that they thought was impossible for him to rise to prominence ever again, caused them to be uneasy. It made them who regarded themselves as the favoured children of heaven to sense a huge threat.

The large majority of the teachers were also elated.

“Haha, that child is really the lucky star of our White Deer academy.”

“I haven’t accepted a disciple in over ten years. This Ye Qingyu, suits my taste very much. From now on, let me teach him personally, I’ll accept him as my disciple!” An elder with snowy white hair said laughingly.

“That can’t be, this Ye Qingyu is the perfect inheritor that I’ve bitterly searched for to learn my skills. I want to pass on [The will of Heaven sword style] to him. Old fellow, don’t  fight with me over him…” Another elder with snowy white hair said with a glare.

“Hehe, Elder Liu, Elder Zhu, does that mean both of you have the intention to accept a disciple? Haha, but to tell you the truth, before Wen Wan had left the academy, he had personally given Ye Qingyu for me to take care of. Haha, then this Ye Qingyu could be counted as half my personal disciple, why don’t you guys stop trying to steal my fortune?” A middle aged teacher said with a beaming smile.

“No matter what, the academy from now on will heavily nourish this child.”

“Perhaps in the glorious battle of the ten academies a year later, this child will give us an even greater surprise.”

A large majority of the teachers had faint smiles on the faces, discussing the events joyously. Unexpectedly winning the fourth round had given the entire White Deer academy a cardiac stimulant.

Of course, not everyone regarded Ye Qingyu with favourable intentions.

Some old elders that came from a noble background, emitted several snorts.

“Could it be that everyone has forgotten, before defeating the Azure Phoenix academy, Ye Qingyu personally killed two students of White Deer academy? This person cannot be tamed, with a traitorous bone in his body, and heavy murderous intent….” This noble elder shook his head with a cold laugh, “Such a person, is he really worth us heavily investing resources to nourish him? I fear this is equal to nurturing a tiger and inviting calamity!”



The practice grounds of the White Deer academy.

In front of the ranking stone mirror.

Vast crowds were present on every single practice grounds and had been long simmering. The excited people were like a bubbling current, with more and more people rushing to join.

“We won?We’ve really won??”

“Ye Qingyu managed to save a desperate crisis.”

“This is absolutely all due to the effort of demon King Ye. Look at the change on the stone mirror. Haha, I can imagine what exactly has happened on the battlefield—-both parties had a direct battle. Qin Wushaung, Xia Houwu, Song Qingluo and Song Xiaojun first died in battle, but demon king Ye fought against the crazy tide alone, turning around the situation. Hahaha, this is too satisfying.”

“Demon king Ye is really too strong, strong!”

“I completely can’t believe what my eyes are telling me.”

“Haha, let me see what that group of Azure Phoenix can still say. Hehe, lets go to the arena and rip the two banners that are erected there..”

“Eh? Where is the people of Azure Phoenix? When exactly did they slink away?”

The crowd was boiling with triumph.

The situation was filled with so much excitement and bustle that it was like a grand festival.

Especially the first year students. Everyone held their head high with pride and joy. Some people bragged, bringing up the fact that they had attended lessons with Ye Qingyu before. Some people told the story of Ye Qingyu’s shocking training speed when he was body refining and the powerful effects of this training. And some people were like story tellers, retelling the incident when Ye Qingyu had used a single punch to disperse the Azure Phoenix student in front of the library, exaggerating it and repeating the tale….

This was a common sense of public glory.

Ye Qingyu used his own strength and actions, to win the glory of the academy, therefore the students also managed to obtain glory. Ye Qingyu did not only obtain victory but he also won the heart felt respect and acceptance of the majority of the students.

Cheers and screams like that of the thunder’s roar, sounded from every practice ground.

The news also spread out from the ranking stone mirror. The leaders of various interest groups and factions that had always been paying attention to the competition between the two academies in Deer city, also received such information.

The reaction of them differed.

But everyone at the first moment, thought of the prediction of the previous Dean?

Could it really be that a peerless genius would be born within Deer city?

Very quickly, the final result was announced on the stone mirror. The judgement of the [Boundary canyon battlefield] announced that the White Deer academy had obtained the final victory. From the little characters on the stone mirror, the Xu Ge who had just resurrected chose to directly surrender, and did not struggle till the bitter end.

It seemed like Xu Ge realised, that even if he was given another opportunity, there was no way he would be able to prevail against Ye Qingyu directly.

In the heart of the Azure Phoenix genius, a psychological shadow that he was inferior to Ye Qingyu had already been planted.

Within the White Deer academy, the cheers became even louder.



In Ascending heaven pavilion.

A heated debate was still in the midsts of discussion.

“Peh! You have the nerve to say such things. Then what about Xia Houwu attacking his own comrades, what about that?” Hearing the accusation of the noble elder, a short tempered teacher could not help but angrily shout.

“Xia Houwu will naturally receive the punishment he deserves. But Ye Qingyu should also pay the price for his actions.” The noble elder said neutrally.  “Besides, Xia Houwu did not personally kill his comrades by his own hand. But this tyrannical Ye Qingyu, I think that his punishment should be even greater.”


“Completely shameless”

“Everything has cause and effect!”

Various types of shouts resounded throughout the Ascending heaven pavilion.

In this time, the victory of the round did not seem that important anymore. Many teachers that came from a noble background, finally opened their mouths. After all, the seed of victory were already in their hands and many people subconsciously began scheming for the distribution of the rewards. Different factions also began plotting. Just what exactly did this victory represent in the ongoing battle between the commoners and the nobles?

“Enough, stop arguing.” The old dean finally spoke.

“Dean, Ye Qingyu slaughtered his own comrades, we must teach him a lesson otherwise…” This noble elder would still not let this matter go.

“Am I the Dean, or are you the Dean?” The tone of the Dean became severe, and a light like the sheen of blade came from his eyes: “How I do things, could it be that I need you to teach me?”

This noble elder was dumbfounded. He shivered in his heart, quickly saying: “I don’t dare, I only wanted…”

But he could not speak on, his face turning red.

The people around him, also did not know what to say.

In their memories, this amiable and gentle Dean, had never raised his voice. This was his first time being so severe when he spoke. In this very long time period of time, this number one person of the White Deer academy had always treated things with one eye  closed and one eye opened. There were many incidents in the academy that he simply did not manage, and in the end only had a casual smile when these were reported back to him. He had never lost his composure and become so enraged before.

The old Dean at this time, was like a fierce slumbering dragon suddenly opening his eyes. The inner yuan deep like a ravine began activating, vibrating and humming. The entire Ascending heaven pavilion seeming to be shaking. Everyone became silent, not daring to say anything more.

And at this time —


Above the sculpture of the Formation Emperor Luoso, golden lights flickered. Lines upon lines of runes began activating, and the five first year students that were transferred into the [Boundary canyon battlefield] were ejected out.

The eyes of everyone, all focused on the figures of these five people.

Especially Ye Qingyu.

He was the person that managed to turn a desperate situation around, and created a miracle. He received the attention of many.

Xia Houwu lowered his head and looked down at both of his hands. He was able to sense the greatly increased quantity of inner yuan in him, and could help but be excited.

This was the yuan qi rewards that would persist for ever through killing the demon rune soldiers in the battlefield.

Carefully calculating, he had slaughtered over a thousand demon rune soldiers. The reward that he managed to obtain was equal to him bitterly training for half a year in the real world. The inner yuan within his body was vibrating, showing signs that it was about to break through to the next stage.

A faint smile appeared on his face, and he was about to say something when he felt a blur in his vision…


In an instant, Ye Qingyu appeared in front of him. His steel like fist moved, striking out directly in his face.

Half the face of Xia Houwu, visibly caved in through such a force. White teeth and scarlet red blood water jetted out, and the muscles on his face shivered like ripples. His entire person had gone dumb, like a massive axe chopping a tree, sent rolling and flying away!


Xia Houwu could only feel that everything in his vision was rotating. A buzz was in his ears and golden stars flickered in his vision.

He was completely beaten to a daze by such a strike.

Everywhere, there were gasps of shock.

No one would have thought, that in the instant they departed from the [Boundary canyon battlefield], Ye Qingyu would attack. He used the most simple, most direct, and most violent way to indicate his perspective and stance.

After this punch, Ye Qingyu still did not stop.


The spear tore through space.

The cold light of the spear was like lightning, directly stabbing towards Xia Houwu’s heart.

The intention to kill was evident.

He really would, in the midst of the Ascending heaven pavilion, in front of the elite of the students of every year, in front of the higher ups of the Academy, lift his spear and kill someone.


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