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089 – Words reverberating throughout Ascending heaven pavillion

“Aaaah,save me…”

Xia Houwu finally reacted. Like a dog crawling backwards, he screamed like a pig squealing as he was being slaughtered.

From Ye Qingyu’s cold and imposing gaze like that of a blade, Xia Houwu was absolutely sure that he really was going to kill him.

If it was any other person, Xia Houwu would not have been afraid.

Because there were so many higher ups of the academies and different seniors of different years present. Killing him in such an open and evident fashion, was simply looking for their own death. Even an idiot would avoid shooting at the rat to refrain from breaking the vases. Normal people would have some apprehensions about killing someone so openly. But this was Ye Qingyu, a demon king like existence. When he went crazy he was willing to do anything and everything. If there was one person, that really dared to kill someone in this place, this person was definitely Ye Qingyu.

Xia Houwu scrambled backwards in terror. He could not care about the numbness in his face from the strike anymore, quickly crawling away to avoid the next attack.

“You dare!”


Several noble elders shouted loudly at the same time, acting out to block.

A terrifying yuan fluctuation, in a flash surged throughout the entire Ascending heaven pavilion.

Ye Qingyu held his spear across his chest, directly taking such a strike. His entire figure was sent soaring through the air by the impact. A trace of blood was evident in the corner of his lips, but even in mid air, he still cried loudly the spear in his hand flying out. As if it was a weapon that shot out from the siege bow to destroy cities, it streaked towards the terrified Xia Houwu retreating in terror.


Xia Houwu screamed horrendously.

The long spear pierced through his left shoulder then continued flying out. With a boom, it nailed directly on a statue far off.

“Save me…Aaaaaaa, I’m about to die…..Save me!”

Xia Houwu began screeching like the wails of a ghost and the howls of a wolf, pain emitting from the very depths of his bone marrow. He felt as if death had really arrived. This place was different to the [Boundary canyon battlefield]; to die here, represented a true death. There was no way of resurrecting.

“Outrageous, to dare to try to kill someone right in front of us!”

“This is truly unforgivable!”

“Too arrogant!”

The elders who were from the noble organisation, that had already expressed their dissatisfaction with Ye Qingyu, finally found their opportunity. Everyone of them was enraged and shouted to discipline Ye Qingyu, all of them righteously indignant. Especially the elder who led the pack, he was so angry that his figure was quivering.

“Do you see? Does everyone see? This child is vicious to what degree?” The leading noble elder pointed at Ye Qingyu, his face filled with rage. “In Ascending heaven pavilion, such a holy place, you dare attack and injure someone without the slightest trace of regret. Such a rebellious child, what’s the point of teaching him? I advise that we take away his position of White Deer student, and give him to me for severe treatment!”

“Junior brother Ye, you really have taken things too far…”

Jiang Xiaohan slowly walked beside Ye Qingyu, a perfect picture of someone trying to kind heartedly correct someone. She shook her head. “No matter what, we are all students of the White Deer academy. Even if junior brother Xia Houwu was wrong, this should be left for the elders of the academy to manage. Even you do not have the right to meddle with an ordinary student. Not only is that exceeding your place and meddling in the teacher’s affairs, your attack was far too serious!””

Ye Qingyu rotated his head fiercely, looking at Jiang Xiaohan.

Jiang Xiaohan originally wanted to still say something, but facing this cold and disdainful gaze, her heart shivered. The things she wanted to say, she could not speak it out.

Such a gaze, she had never ever seen in Ye Qingyu’s eyes before.

This was a gaze that was for enemies, for people they loathed.

It was not the gaze of someone regarding their childhood friend.

Jiang Xiaohan thought that this teenager in front of her, no matter what the time, would be humble and flatter her.

But currently…

A shiver that came from her soul, made Jiang Xiaohan embarrassed and angry. She hesitated, then opened her mouth to say something again: “I only want the best for you, I …”

“Shut your mouth.” Ye Qingyu coldly broke off her words. He said, word by word: “This has nothing to do with you. Scram!”

Jiang Xiaohan was as if she was struck by lightning.

She could not believe the words she had heard. Such a decisive and abhorrence in his tone, did it really came from the little boy that listened to her every word from when he was small? That little boy, that no matter what she did, would smile graciously at her? He really told her to scram?

At this time, the little loli Song Xiaojun that had recovered, walked over lightly. She pulled on Ye Qingyu’s arm.

She was evidently scared by such a scene, but she still resolutely stood beside Ye Qingyu.

“Xia Houwu attacked me and sister Qingluo from behind in the battlefield.” Her little voice, clear and determined, reverberated throughout the entire Ascending heaven pavilion: “He was the person who was in the wrong. He’s the bad person, you shouldn’t punish senior brother Qingyu!”

After hesitating for a moment, Song Qingluo also took a step forward. “Regarding this situation, I can vouch for it. Xia Houwu feared death, and fled in the face of the enemies, causing us to nearly lose this round. If not for brother Qingyu….”

“Shut your mouth!”

The noble elder loudly roared, his voice like thunder. Yuan qi energy exploded from him, jolting the Song sisters backwards like a little boat in front of a surging wave. Under such a terrifying yuan qi energy, the two girls had trouble even opening their mouths, they completely could not say anything more.

He waved his hand. “There’s nothing here that relates to the two of you. Move aside. The matters regarding Xia Houwu, I will naturally take care of. But what I need to manage right now, is Ye Qingyu this bastard who dares disrespects his teacher….”

“Hahahaha…” Ye Qingyu abruptly began laughing.

“Impudent. Rebellious student, what are you laughing at?” The noble elder shouted.

Ye Qingyu was like a blade making a judgement, his eyes icy cold. “I’m laughing at a old dog like yourself. Unable to distinguish between right and wrong, not understanding gratitude and grudges, using one’s position to bully others, distorting the truth deliberately. I don’t believe that you did not see the things that happened in the battlefield through the formation projection. What about it? To protect a scum like like Xia Houwu, you don’t even need your old face anymore? Really pitiful and lamentable, you have lived so long in vain, have you lived to turn into a dog?  Such an old dog like yourself, relying on your age to do what you want, to be able to become an elder of White Deer academy, is really one of the legends of this world!”

Every word was clear and distinct, like a sword or a blade. It had the power to quiver one’s heart.

After  finishing, Ye Qingyu did not take a step back in the slightest. His pair of eyes was flickering with electricity, furiously glaring at the elder.

Such words resounded for a long time throughout the Ascending heaven pavilion.

Once these words were said, numerous people were dumbfounded.

He was only a tiny little student…how could he dare…to speak to an elder of the academy like this…he had gone mad!

Bai Yuqing lowered her head in shame.

Even she felt disdain for the shamelessness and biased stance of these noble elders. But such words, even she would not dare  to speak it out in such a way.

“You……you..” this noble elder face was filled with shock, so angry that his entire body was shaking.

He did not expect at all, that a student who in his eyes was a pig that he could slaughter at any time, really dared in front of so many people, to speak such words. In this moment in time, he was so angry that he could not formulate a word. After spluttering ‘you’ for a long period, finally killing intent appeared sinisterly on his face. “You are looking to die!”

Before he had finished.

His palm struck out

A saffron yellow enormous palm formed from yuan qi advanced crushingly towards Ye Qingyu.

This was the enraged strike of someone at the Bitter sea stage, possessing a terrifying aura. Once the palm struck out, the majority of the people within the Ascending heaven pavilion felt as if they were ants being thrown into the ocean. They could sense a suffocating pressure that made them  unable to stand stably.

Ye Qingyu stood at the very front and bore the full brunt of this attack, engulfed by this gale.

He laughed madly, snapping but not bending. Contempt in his face, he would rather die than take a step back.

Seeing the humongous palm about to crush Ye Qingyu, at this time, the little loli Song Xiaojun being suppressed reacted. Extreme worry and panic appeared on her face. She wanted to struggle from the restraints of several of the noble elders, but was not able to do. Without realising, an abnormal change began to happen within her body. Her body suddenly began shaking, a shred of scarlet red air, began to leak. It was so tiny and minuscule that it could not be seen from her petite body …

The Wang Yan who had not spoken all along, suddenly noticed something. Her figure flashed, instantly appearing beside the little loli.

Her palm light like a blade, slicing the back of the little loli’s head…

The figure of the little loli quivered, but she did not stop shaking. In fact, a ray of scarlet red light, began growing from within her clear and bright eyes, taking a very strange shape…

Wang Yan’s palm was bounced off.

Shock and worry appeared on Wang Yan’s face. However, her hand did not hesitate in the slightest, striking at t he back of the little loli’s head again. This time, one could distinctly see the Wang Yan’s palm was wrapped by a green aura. Very evidently, this was the sign that she had activated an extremely powerful yuan qi.

The little loli’s figure only fell then, the scarlet red aura disappearing in the air. Slowly, she sank into the embrace of Wang Yan.

Song Qingluo was shocked and was about to say something, but Wang Yan shook her head slightly.

The other side.

As the noble elder’s yuan qi giant palm was about to completely crush Ye Qingyu, the old Dean who had remained silent finally acted. Everyone only felt their vision blur, before the figure of the old Dean shockingly appeared in front of Ye Qingyu.

This old man’s palm filled with wrinkles slowly stretched out, pushing lightly in the air.

There was no fluctuation or aura….

But this crushing giant yuan qi palm, like a sand statue within the wind, when it was less than one inch from the old Dean, disappeared!


This noble elder’s figure quivered, opening his mouth and spurting out a mouthful of blood.

His entire body staggered backwards, his face instantly turning deathly pale. Within his eyes, it flickered with both rage and fear.

He had never thought, the old Dean who had always concealed his strength and bided his time, would act and protect Ye Qingyu at such a time.

What he did not imagine even more, was that the old Dean had not just simply protected Ye Qingyu. He had secretly punished himself—-while it may seem that the old Dean had just resolved his attack, but this noble elder was clear, that a hidden force had emitted from the palm of the old Dean. Soundlessly and without any signs, it had entered into his body. Without three or four months of rest, such a wound could not recover!

“Enough, the things today shall end here.” The tone of the old Dean was icy and dominating, glaring at the noble elders. “Lin Weifeng, even if you don’t need your face, our White Deer academy needs our face. The things that happened here today, who’s wrong and who’s right, everyone knows clearly within their hearts. Don’t pester endlessly…” Saying to here, he looked at the other elders and teachers, his tone severe: “Recently a lot has been happening within the city. I hope that everyone can fulfil their own duties and roles, and don’t disrupt order, nor to see profit and forget morality. The affairs that has nothing to do with you, there is no need to care about it. Wanting to act for someone else and inciting trouble, the White Deer academy will not be responsible for it.”


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