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090 – It doesn’t matter

The hearts of the elders and teachers within the ascending heaven pavilion quivered together.

The old Dean today was evidently from normal. Within his words, there contained an obvious warning.

Pausing slightly, the old Dean spoke again: “From today onwards, Xia Houwu is no longer a student of White Deer academy. He is forever forbidden from entering the White Deer academy, and Qin Wushuang is to be confined for three months to reflect on his wrong doings. Even though Ye Qingyu has injured a fellow student and disrespected an elder, but the victory of this grand competition was all thanks to him. The merits and demerits offset each other, so he will take no further responsibility for his action….”

A commotion.

No one would have thought the final judgement of the old Dean would be such a result.

The old Dean who had always remained neutral and kepts things in balance, this time clearly stood on Ye Qingyu’s side.

“The upcoming fifth round of the battle between elites, will be conducted by Elder Zhou Yun. I have some matters so I will depart first.” Finishing speaking, the Old Dean turned and walked towards the exit of the Ascending heaven pavilion.

His ancient figure, quickly disappeared off into the distance.

Silence completely enveloped the Ascending heaven pavilion.

The people left here at this time, did not know what to say.

According to the previous agreement between Azure Phoenix and White Deer, after the first, second, third and fourth years had finished their battles, there would be one extra battle. They would pick the five students who had performed exceptionally and form a new team, to conduct the final battle —according to common sense, the reason why this fifth round was needed was in the case of the previous four rounds reaching a tie.

In the grand competition this time between the two academies, from the previous results, there was no longer a need for the fifth round to continue.

But many people still hoped to obtain the opportunities and rewards within the [Boundary canyon battlefield]. They still wished to participate onwards into the fifth round. Even if they were still absolutely crushed by the Azure Phoenix academy, at least they could in a set amount of time, obtain the rewards of the battlefield. Such a convenient benefit really could not be passed up.

Ye Qingyu had the most exceptional performance in the previous competition.

According to logic, he should possess the chance to continue to remain within the battlefield.

But Ye Qingyu did not want to enter anymore.

The things that he wanted to obtain, he had already managed to obtain.

In truth, he was very disappointed in White Deer academy. He did not want to interfere in the conflict between the two academies anymore, especially within the last round. From Ye Qingyu’s point of view the performance of the Azure Phoenix students were far, far more deserving of admiration and praise than Xia Houwu and Qin Wushaung.

Ye Qingyu with the intention of leaving, slowly turned around.

His gaze, passed through the entire crowd. Suddenly realising something, his heart shuddered. There seemed to be one person missing from the gathering.

“Where’s Xiaojun?” He looked towards Song Qingluo.

Very few people had seen that Wang Yan had attacked and knocked Song Xiaojun unconscious, bringing her away. At that time, Ye Qingyu was receiving the full brunt of the noble elder’s attack, and was concentrating solely on this so he naturally did not perceive what had occurred.

Song Qingluo whispered a few words in Ye Qingyu’s ears.

A confused expression appeared on Ye Qingyu’s face.

What had happened?

Why would Wang Yan knock the little loli unconscious?

Ye Qingyu had a vague feeling, that could it be related to the scarlet red power exploding from the little loli’s body?

He remembered the events in the [Boundary canyon battlefield] during in the last battle, when the little loli was betrayed by Xia Houwu.  Under this stimulation, she exploded with a tyrannical power that was enough to make one shake in terror. At that time Ye Qingyu was able to observe this through the [Sentry guard], and was also greatly taken aback. But right then, he was too enraged by Xia Houwu’s shameless action so did not pay too much thought to it.

But thinking back in detail, Ye Qingyu became slightly worried for the little loli.

But since Wang Yan had acted, it seemed like the situation would not be as serious as he thought. This head teacher of the first years was someone that Ye Qingyu respected very much. From demon king Ye’s perspective, there was not many people worthy of his trust and respect in White Deer academy but Wang Yan was definitely one of them.

“Everyone, let’s discuss the choice of participants for the last round.”

The head elder of the White Deer academy, Zhou Yun finally opened his mouth. He was also a elder with snowy white hair but a rosy complexion. He very rarely appeared in public, but had great contributions towards White Deer academy in the past. He possessed a prestigious status and had high reputation, otherwise the old Dean would not name him to be the person who would manage the following events after he had left.

Instantly, everyone began proposing different student representatives.

Zhou Yun smiled towards Ye Qingyu, and said extremely amiably: “Qingyu, your performance was exceptional. You absolutely have the right to enter the [Boundary canyon battlefield], do you wish to fight for the academy in this last round?”

Ye Qingyu shook his head.

As if Zhou Yun had long seen through Ye Qingyu’s intentions, he did not display any signs of shock. Nodding his head, “That is fine too. A child like you knows how to modestly decline. You’re a good child that wants to give this opportunity to other students. Since it is like this, than return and rest well.”

In his words, he made an excuse for Ye Qingyu.

It seems like this head elder, also admired Ye Qingyu very much.

But the words of elder Zhou Yun were not false; Ye Qingyu really was slightly tired and wanted to rest well, wanted to sleep. Of course, he was still extremely concerned over the little loli’s situation. He decided that straight after he would go and find Wang Yan and ask about her situation, and to find out everything. Ye Qingyu nodded his head slightly, about to turn and leave.

At this time ——-

“Huchi Huchi….Wu Wu!”

A strange and peculiar sound, came from within Ye Qingyu’s chest.

The furry head of Big Head poked out and exposed himself from the clothes on Ye Qingyu’s chest. His glistening large eyes curiously examined every person present, then agilely snaked out from Ye Qingyu’s embrace, landing on his shoulder and intimately rubbing his head against Ye Qingyu and licking his ear.

The gazes of everyone focused on this little thing.

A white and adorable little puppy?

Ye Qingyu really had brought such a little pet with him?

Some people could not help but giggle. No one had thought that demon king Ye that killed people so decisively would raise such a cute pet, could it be that even he had softness within his heart?

And some people eyes brightened, realising something.

The rage and anger in Ye Qingyu’s heart slowly subsided. Seeing the silly Big Head incessantly pretending to be cute on his shoulder, after a slight fright he also realised something.

In general, regarding the life forms within the [Boundary canyon battlefield], there was no way it could be taken out. After the competitors were forcibly ejected from the battlefield, apart from the yuan qi rewards and some spoils of battle like [Blood of the Flame devil beast] and the [Blood of the yuan qi giant], there was no way to transport the living creatures away from that realm.

Previously when Ye Qingyu had brought along Big Head, he only felt that he could keep him beside him during the battlefield with no way of bringing Big Head out from  the [Boundary canyon battlefield]. But right now, seeing the little fellow licking his ear in joy, Ye Qingyu finally realised that he had brought this little dog out of the battlefield.

This was in all of history, the first creature that was brought out from the [Boundary canyon battlefield]!

“I never thought that I would really manage to bring this little fellow out.” Ye Qingyu noticed the gazes of the people around him and the emotions behind these eyes: curiosity, shock, greed and lust. He smiled, silently stuffing the little fellow back into the place on his chest.

“Wu Wu… Huchi Huchi!”

The little fellow expressed his dissatisfaction, barking in objection.

He forcefully squeezed his head through the clothes, leaving his head out in the open, with his pink little tongue sticking out. On one hand, he was trying to curry favour with Ye Qingyu and on the other hand he was like an inquisitive baby, inspecting everything all around.

“A very cute little puppy.” Jiang Xiaohan smiled.

This girl acted as if she had repaired the relationship between her and Ye Qingyu. She smiled authentically, and said very casually: “It really is too cute. Junior brother Ye, is this the pet you’ve raised? I remember that before entering the [Boundary canyon battlefield], you did not bring a little puppy….” Speaking to here Jiang Xiaohan seemed as if she had only just appreciated something, her fall full of shock. “Ah, could it be that this little puppy, was brought out from within the battlefield? This is too impossible, I have never heard of someone able to bring out a living creature from within the battlefield. This little puppy must be something special, could it be that he is a Spirit beast or a Divine beast?”

As these words were said, the hearts of countless people instantly pulsated madly.

Now even the insensitive people who were not able to at the first moment understand what the big headed dog represented, at this moment instantly comprehended the specialness of this adorable little puppy.

After finishing her words, Jiang Xiaohan quivered violently. She looked at Ye Qingyu, then immediately covered her own mouth, as if she had only just realised something. With an embarrassed and apologetic expression, she quickly rushed to say: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Little brother Qingyu, I really wasn’t…I should have said so much, this really wasn’t intentional……”

Ye Qingyu only smiled.

“It doesn’t matter.” He looked at Jiang Xiaohan with a smile.

Jiang Xiaohan’s heart was delighted.

But Ye Qingyu continued on: “That’s right, please don’t call me little brother Qingyu in the future. If I remember correctly, when you always followed behind me, you have always called me big brother Qingyu…Of course, what I want to point out is that me saying ‘it doesn’t matter’, is not because of your clumsy acting has really fooled me nor does it mean that someone like you deserves forgiveness for plotting time after time against me. It’s only just that, to bicker with a woman that thinks herself so clever, that always plays with schemes and factions, is really something that is far, far too pointless.”

The complexion of Jiang Xiaohan’s face instantly grew deathly pale.

Ye Qingyu continued on: “Your words are correct. This little fellow, is really something that I’ve managed to obtain from the [Boundary canyon battlefield] and is even something that I’ve managed to obtain from the dragon’s den in the middle of the wilderness. It’s incredible, your words are not wrong, it very possibly could be a Spirit beast, En, or perhaps it is even an even rarer Divine beast….I had never thought that I would be able to bring it out from within the battlefield. How about it, isn’t my luck good?”

The eyes of the surrounding  people instantly began burning.

With Ye Qingyu’s honest and direct admittance it instantly made the cute and foolish Big head, in the eyes of everyone here, became holy and mysterious. Even if it was only a Spirit beast, it was absolutely a treasure given from the Heavens. No matter what the faction or group, to obtain this big headed dog , their status would instantly surge and their power explosively grow.




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