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091 – He can eat more than me

“However, the moment I left the battlefield, I could faintly hear his imperial highness, Formation Emperor Luoso’s voice from beside my ear. His highness said, that whoever forcefully seizes this little fellow, will inherit his curse and fury. Their family will break apart and die, eternally crushed by the curse of his formation.”

At this point, Ye Qingyu laughed. Looking at the crowd, he said indifferently: “I don’t know whether this is true or false, but at least I believe it. Whoever doesn’t believe in this, can try for themselves and see if the Formation Emperor Luoso is just scaring people and playing around.”

The burning gaze of everyone, finally awakened a little.

Regarding the legend and curse of the Formation Emperor Luoso, it had spread throughout the entire Heaven Wasteland domain.

In history, there had been several world shaking events that had occurred regarding the formation curse. There was once a royal member not of this generation that did not believe in this, and insulted the Formation Emperor Luoso through his actions. The curse that he provoked ultimately caused his royal court to be annihilated and he himself vanished. There was a nearly invincible demon with an insolent mouth,arrogant and wilful. He directly offended a religious altar of the Formation Emperor. As a result, he was struck by formation lightning descending from the skies, turning into ashes…

The martial artists of the Heaven Wasteland domain what they trained and cultivated in was originally from the formation martial path. The origins of their power and battle techniques was intimately related to the formation martial path. They treated the Formation Emperor Luoso like a religion, revering and venerating it to the extreme, treating him like a god. Therefore the words from Ye Qingyu mouth caused many people to shiver in fear. It could not help but make people think twice before acting.

Moreover Ye Qingyu’s performance was too amazing, making him seem mysterious. Even the formation projection had no way of capturing his figure within the [Boundary canyon battlefield],  causing him to be painted in an enigmatic colour. Creating miracle after miracle, there were many things that could not be explained simply by common logic. It was as if the Formation Emperor himself was really protecting and aiding him.

Such words, in the mouths of other people, would be a ridiculous joke. But when spoken from the mouth of Ye Qingyu, it added to the trustworthiness of such a statement. It could not help but make people evaluate his words carefully before acting.

Finishing saying these words, Ye Qingyu became much more relaxed.

His gaze, once again returned to Jiang Xiaohan’s face.

“A woman like you, petty and vain, chasing after wealth and glory. Time and time again, you have plotted against me, attempting to humiliate me. You rely on the fact that you were once my childhood friend so I won’t become angry at you, won’t retaliate at you. Then I will tell you, from today onwards, everything that has happened between us is now smoke disappearing in thin air. I have nothing to do with you anymore….if you dare try to scheme against me again, to plot against my friends, then you will become my personal enemy.”

Jiang Xiaohan’s figure was tottering, on the verge of collapse.

In a daze, she looked at Ye Qingyu. Abruptly, she felt as is something special and beautiful had finally left her.

Such a Ye Qingyu was really too unfamiliar to her.

“From now on, if you act against me, then don’t blame me for being merciless.” Ye Qingyu said decisively. He looked at the deathly pale face of Jiang Xiaohan. Pausing for a bit, “It seems I’ve hurt you…En, I originally wanted to say many callous and ruthless words, and wanted to rip my robe as a sign to repudiate our friendship and draw a line on the ground, to break off all ties with you.  But my robe is very expensive, and this ground here is hard so this is somewhat impractical. Seeing your wretched appearance…forget it, look after yourself from today onwards.”

Jiang Xiaohan’s entire body began shaking.

The far away Song Qingluo witnessing this scene, could not help but feel a pity that could not be suppressed for Jiang Xiaohan.

This senior sister that she had once talked and laughed with, was in truth a tremendous character within White Deer academy. No matter considering her strength or her schemes, within the entire academy she could be ranked in the top ten. She basked in the limelight for a lot of things, but at this time, facing Ye Qingyu, she was placed in a completely disadvantageous position. Like a candle in the wind, helpless and without power.

Not only did demon king Ye possessed fierce techniques, his mouth was also really poisonous.

Song Qingluo sighed in her heart.

“Fine, what I should say, I’ve finished saying…….I’m leaving.” Ye Qingyu waved his arm, turning and heading outside the Ascending heaven pavilion.

Jiang Xiaohan lowered her head and in her beautiful eyes, endless fury and hatred simmering.

Her body was quivering, her hands tightly clenched into fists. She was like a volcano that was about to erupt. She asked herself again and again in her heart, why would he dare to say such words? This boy that must have a crush on her, why would he dare speak such words, for what reason?

Did he wanted to use such a method to attract her attention?

He must want to use such a method so she would forever remember him.

It must be so.

Jiang Xiaohan’s heart was fill of bitterness. Lifting her head, she opened her mouth, wanting to say something more. But for some unknown reason, seeing the back of this youth, despite her strength evidently being higher than him, ultimately not even one word was said.

“Hmph!”The injured noble elder coldly snorted. In his eyes was a chilling killing intent: “A ridiculous mad student. I’ll see how long you can be arrogant for, you’re just a clumsy clown.”

Hearing this, Ye Qingyu turned around with a grin.

“Old bastard, you have so many useless words. Don’t pretend to be hunting just because you have several dead rats in your pockets. Let me ask you one question, do you dare kill me right now? If you don’t dare, then shut your mouth….Since we have lost all pretense of cordiality, what’s the use of insults? Haha, old bastard, I’m waiting for you to kill me, if you have the guts then come.”

Saying this, he dragged his hand across his neck, in an action similar to cutting his throat than walked out, laughing loudly.

The noble elder was so angry that his body began trembling.

Such an action, such a laughter, was like razor sharp blades, being sliced again and again into his face.

At this instant, he hated that he was unable to slap to death this trash that dared to provoke his authority. But remembering the icy warning of the old Dean and sensing the disordered inner yuan that was within his heavily injured body, he ultimately managed to endure Ye Qingyu’s taunt. A mouthful of involuntary blood was nearly spat out  from his mouth.

He had never met such an arrogant and senseless student before.

The people within the Ascending heaven pavilion, was once again stunned by the arrogant and domineering words of demon king Ye.

This noble elder was normally harsh and had a tendency to use his power to bully others. He often utilised his status to suppress others and was easily provoked to make someone’s life to difficult for them. But until this moment, no one had really dared to directly confront him. There were many people dissatisfied by this tyrannical noble elder, including even some of the teachers. But they could only secretly curse at this noble elder.

Ye Qingyu was the first person who would argue so openly against him and tear his face in such a public manner.

In this instant, this teenager proudly laughing, possessed a courage that was hard to describe using language alone.

Until the figure of Ye Qingyu was gone in the exit far off, the Ascending heaven pavilion was  filled with a serious silence.

For many students, the things that had happened here today was like a dream passing by.

“Fine, if there is no more private matters, then lets select the competitors for the last round.” The grand elder Zhou Yun opened his closed eyes that had always been shut, as if not he had not noticed anything. Saying slowly and politely; “If anyone have any good proposals, then just say it!”



“Such a disturbing competition has finally ended. The leftover affairs, has nothing to do with me.”

Both Ye Qingyu’s  hands was placed behind his neck, and on his shoulder was Big Head. They walked out of the Ascending heaven pavilion.

The sunlight shone through the cloud layers. The golden radiant light, made Ye Qingyu squint his eyes slightly.

Long winter was slowly arriving in Deer city. The air became icier by the day. These days, gloomy clouds nearly always covered the sky. Only occasionally , when strong gusts blew past, would the sky brighten up. But very quickly, it would once again be replaced by the heavy clouds. The cold currents that came from the North of the Deer mountain range made the air thousands of miles around colder by the day.

As expected, the sunlight only shone through for a short time. Before Ye Qingyu had returned to the second year area, it was once again replaced by a heavy grey cloud layer.

Without knowing why, Ye Qingyu’s mood was not that good.

Big Head was whimpering on his shoulder, suddenly becoming impatient.

Ye Qingyu abruptly missed the first year canteen that he had spent a majority of his time within.

Therefore he did not directly return to the dormitories of the second year, but went straight towards the first year area.

There were still countless first years crazily converging towards the practice grounds. The victory in the grand competition, had caused an explosion in the moods of the first year students. The atmosphere was saturated with the taste of excitement and joy.

There were two first year students in high spirits, that were bragging loudly about how close their relationship was with demon king Ye. They passed straight by Ye Qingyu, but did not recognise him at all.

“Eh? How could this possibly be……I’m Ye Qingyu, I’m the great hero. You guys would really ignore me…..”Ye Qingyu thought indignantly, intensely criticising these two in his heart.

I am so famous, why is it that these two scoundrels did not recognise me, and come idolise me?

With such a limited perception, how did they manage to become students of White Deer academy ?

Originally Ye Qingyu felt that he should have disguised himself a little bit, to prevent himself from attracting an ocean of spectators that would surround him. But from the present situation there was no such a need. Because the attention of everyone, was still focused upon the ranking stone mirror, waiting until the completion of the last round. There were absolutely no one who recognised that the person walking by with a dog on his shoulder, was the hero in their hearts, Ye Qingyu.

The demon king Ye who had not managed to satisfy his vanity, arrived with a bellyful of complaints at the canteen.

“Let’s just ferociously eat for a while.”

He greeted the chefs of the canteen, then like a carriage on a familiar and trodden path, brought large bowl of rice and two little dishes to the place where he always sat. He placed Big Head on the chair beside him and turned to fill up on soup —-Demon king Ye always felt that before partaking in a meal, one should always drink soup before. He insisted that this was a extremely good practice when eating.

But when he came back holding a large bowl of meat soup…….

“Eh? Eh Eh Eh? What’s happening? Where’s my rice? Where’s my dishes?” Ye Qingyu looked speechless at the empty containers and then looked at the stupidly panting Big Head. He was wagging his tail and had jumped onto the table. At this moment, Ye Qingyu could still not figured out what exactly had occurred.

“Wu Wu….Huchi Huchi!” Big Head’s tail bobbed up and down affectionately.

He eagerly looked at Ye Qingyu.

No, what was correct that he was looking at the meat soup Ye Qingyu was carrying.

Ye Qingyu looked at him, taken back: “Big Head, don’t tell me that all the food was completely devoured by you……my heavens, are you a pig, how could you eat so much and in such a short time…..You stupid dog, shouldn’t you be a divine beast that doesn’t partake in mortal food? Why can you eat more than me?”


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