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092 – Being chased for the whole journey!

Chapter 92: Being chased for the whole journey!

“Miss——-” The moment the maid heard the sound of porcelain being smashed to pieces, she dashed over and anxiously asked: “Miss, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Cui Xiaoxin said softly, preventing the maid to check the movements of her palm, then in a frail voice she continued: “Please pick up the fragments on the ground, be careful not to cut yourself.”

“Xiaoxin, are you hurt?” Yan Xiangma never thought Cui Xiaoxin would react this strongly, he quickly said: “You don’t have to worry, Li Muyang is fine for the time being—–”

Yan Xiangma thought to himself that when he mentioned Li Muyang’s name, Cui Xiaoxin was worried to the extent she broke the teacup in her hand, which means the feelings between the two of them must be quite strong. It’s unfortunate that charcoal Li Muyang could never be his brother-in-law.

What’s even more unfortunate is that he himself had no way of ever becoming Li Muyang’s brother-in-law.

The Cui and Yan families are one family; when the Cui family is successful, the Yan family is also successful. When the Cui family fails, the Yan family would also fail. Even if he wanted to marry Li Shinian in the future it would be impossible.

“I’m fine.” Cui Xiaoxin shook her head. “I’m well aware of Zhaoren brother’s strength, he’s at the high stage of the free clouds, how many people of the younger generation in Tiandu could win against him? How could Li Muyang—-kill him? How could he die? Where did you hear this? Is it reliable?”

“I also find it strange, when I heard the news I was even more shock than you.” Yan Xiangma’s expression grew more confused. “But I heard it at home, grandpa and others were discussing a strategy to deal with this situation. I wasn’t allowed to attend so I could only eavesdrop—-they said it was not just Zhaoren cousin who met with a mishap, all the men of the Monitor Division died in battle. It did not sound true but they were discussing seriously and the atmosphere was quite miserable. I think——it’s ninety percent real?”

“——-” Cui Xiaoxin’s brow wrinkled with worry, she got up and circled around in the courtyard.

“That Li Muyang is indeed quite strange, if we say he’s strong, most of the time he just looks like he doesn’t even have the energy to tie up a chicken. If we say he’s weak, every now and then he would do or say something amazing that would startle us all. When I investigated him before I found that he was always the last place in the exams at school. With just a few months of studying, he achieved the first place in the imperial exam. If we say his skills are bad, he killed Crow and even Zhaoren cousin——”

What Yan Xiangma puzzled over was the same questions that occurred to Cui Xiaoxin; she was more familiar with Li Muyang than Yan Xiangma and since they were classmates for several years, she was well aware what kind of man he really is.

She practically watched Li Muyang grow and excel and witnessed his never-ending changes and improvements. The speed in which he absorbed knowledge and his strengths were simply astonishing.

Today, she was blown away by him once again.

“Big brother Zhaoren—-where is he now?”

“I don’t know.” Yan Xiangma shook his head. “They say his corpse has not been found yet.”

“Cousin, I feel tired. ”

“Ah? Tired?” Yan Xiangma did not want to leave. “Stay for another minute, I still have other things to discuss with you. Something like this had happened, you and Li Muyang are impossible. It could even be said that whether or not he could live is unknown——–What is our standpoint? Do we help Li Muyang or not——”

“Yan Xiangma.” Cui Xiaoxin said in a stern voice, the biting-cold expression on her face interrupted Yan Xiangma’s words.

Yan Xiangma knew his cousin was really angry right now, he raised his hands in surrender and said: “fine, fine, don’t be angry—–if you want to hit me, I’ll let you.”


Yan Xiangma sighed lightly, looked at Cui Xiaoxin and said: “I know you’re upset. I’m sad too. On one side is one of my life sword brothers, the other side is your brother——Now I can only hope the news I heard is not true. Even if we can’t be friends, there’s no need to become enemies.”

Cui Xiaoxin stood still below the Tiandu’s Sakura tree in the courtyard, stared at the blood-red petals for a long time in silence.

Yan Xiangma let out a deep sigh, turned and walked away.

“Li Muyang——–this is definitely not true, right?” Cui Xiaoxin’s mind was in a whirl.




A heavy object fell from the sky, like a meteorite smashing down.

A horse-faced man was hidden in the gorge of the Red River, waiting for a carriage to pass by to launch a sudden attack.

It happened too quick, giving almost no time for thought.

“Jump off.” The fat man yelled; the incomparably fat body already rolled under the carriage.

The horse-drawn carriage wildly ran forward while his body frantically rolled back.

Li Muyang also reacted sharply, before the fat man yelled he had already sensed the strong killing intent in the atmosphere. He tried to kick the fat man out of the carriage, only to find he was just kicking the air——

The foot he kicked out was made used of by borrowing the force of the carriage to help his body make its way out of the window.


The carriage was smashed to pieces by the tremendous ‘Mother and Son Meteor Hammer’. The wooden boards of the carriage were scattered all over the place.

Even the two fierce horses pulling the carriage in front also could not bear the sudden force of the hammer, their body lurched forward and took a tumble, turned several times in a row before they came to a halt.

The horses lying on the ground neighed miserably but still could not get back up. As if all the bones in their bodies were broken.

After Li Muyang jumped off the carriage, his body also rolled over several times on the ground.

He rolled and rolled, until he noticed something was advancing in his direction.

It was the assassin’s ‘Mother and Son Meteor’ Hammer.

He threw out his Meteor Hammer as a hidden weapon in the direction of Li Muyang to crush him completely.


The large heavy hammer dragged along the small hammer, the spikes at the front of the hammer constantly digging up fresh red soil, destroying all obstacles in its way like sweeping up withered leaves.

Li Muyang began to worry, his body really can’t compete with such a tremendous weapon.

If this gigantic hammer was to slam against him, not only his body would be flattened, it would pierce countless holes in his body.

Hu Hu Hu—-

There was a loud sound of wind spinning.

He saw the fat man dashed across to remove a loosened wheel from the carriage; the steel wheel was pushed in the direction of the Mother and Son Meteor Hammer.


The wheel bounced away, the Mother and Son Meteor Hammer also rebounded towards another direction.

Li Muyang did not run away, he could not escape at this time.

He got up from the floor, and lunged out with the long sword in his hand at the horse-faced man.

The horse-faced man’s attack failed twice consecutively, he was infuriated.

Seeing that the little reptile Li Muyang actually dares to turn around and counterattack, he flicked his wrist, the gold loop around his hand transformed his right arm into an indestructible ‘golden arm’.


The ‘Understand Heaven’ Sword thrust at his golden arm.

“Ignorant child, seeking your own death. Hurry hand over your head for grandpa to claim the reward.” Horse-faced man used his golden arm to block Li Muyang’s sword, then punched out towards Li Muyang’s face.

He wants to smash Li Muyang’s head.

Li Muyang also threw out his fist at the same time.

Gathering strength in dantian then suddenly release.


The ‘Breaking Fist’ of ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’.

Li Muyang’s body was sent flying.

He felt as if all the bones in his fist had snapped.

Horse-faced assassin trained in brute force like martial arts. His cultivation technique, [Golden metal overthrow] was extremely deep. His palm strikes were like a blade, his fists like a mountain. He could not be underestimated.  

Horse-faced assassin also stumbled back two steps, he laughed loudly: “this kid’s skills are not too bad——”

He could not continue his words anymore.

On his chest, there was a sharp sword dripping with blood.

It was the sword Li Muyang threw out moments ago.

The fat man stood behind the horse-faced assassin, and forcefully yanked out the long sword in his hand.


The Horse-faced assassin took a fall to the ground, disbelief and anger across his face.

The fat man also collapsed to the ground, he glanced over at Li Muyang who was sent flying into the distance and shouted: “are you alright?”

“I’m alright.” Li Muyang climbed up from the ground. By just uttering two words, gulps of blood spurted out of his mouth.

If he knew that the fist of the horse-faced assassin was that solid and strong, he would not have withstood it with his fist alone.

But if he did not throw out his fist at that moment to attract his attention, there was no way he would have coordinated perfectly with the fat man to allow him to stab the man in the chest——-

The saying ‘To kill one thousand but lose eight hundred’ is talking about him right now.

The chubby man fumbled around in his pockets until he located a small grey bottle, he threw it over: “it’s a qi-tonifying pill, there should be one left. If you eat it, it relaxes your muscles, improves blood circulation and also regulates qi along the veins.”

Li Muyang caught the medicine bottle and asked: “what about you?”

“Hey——–” Fat man slapped his chest with some force and shouted: “Fat grandpa’s body——-cough cough————–“

Fat man clutched his throat as he coughed violently, it almost looked like his liver and lung was about to be coughed out.

Li Muyang got up from the ground and walked over to the fatty’s side. He took out the qi-tonifying pill inside the bottle and used his fingernails to break it into two halves. One half was stuffed into the fatty’s mouth while the other half he ate himself: “We’ll split it.

The fat man spat out his half of the pill and placed it into Li Muyang’s palm. “There’s no use in eating half, there wont be any medicinal effect——-you eat my half. ”

Li Muyang watched the half of the black pill dripping with saliva for a long time, he was determined to not feed it into his mouth no matter what.

He returned the pill and said: “when I was a kid, my mother often taught me that I have to share good things with others——-both you and I are injured now, how can I eat the qi-tonifying pill all by myself and you get nothing? This is not the way to get along. Even if there’s no effects with just half of the qi-tonifying pill, I would still like to share it with you.”

Fat man swallowed the half in his hand, emotions welled up in his eyes: “my brother——In the future as long as I take a bite of something, I would also give you a bite. If I have a qi-tonifying pill, you will definitely have half of it. ”

Li Muyang really did not wish to share a qi-tonifying pill with this fat man again; besides the unusual bitterness, it did not seemed to be any useful effects. He changed the subject: “let’s hurry and leave——how far do we still have to go?”


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