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092 – I admit defeat

“Huchi Huchi…….Wu Wu!”

This little fellow did not pay the slightest attention to the fact that he was currently being scolded by his master. He jumped towards Ye Qingyu’s arm. Ye Qingyu only felt his vision blurring, then his hand was abruptly lighter. When he looked down, he discovered that the meat soup in the bowl had completely disappeared.

“Hachi Hachi!”

The big head licked his lips appreciatively, and a drop of clear soup was still dripping from the corner of his mouth.

My God!

Ye Qingyu did not dare to believe what he had just witnessed.

Even if it was an expert at the six Spirit springs stage that had acted in front of him, it was not possible to  suck away the entire bowl of soup without even a drop left in an instant. This big headed stupid dog, just what was it’s background that it’s speed could be so quick?

Could it be that he was mistaken?

Ye Qingyu once again filled up on a big bowl of meat soup, placing it in front of the stupid big headed dog, then widened his eyes to observe carefully.

It must a mistaken sensation, it must be a mistaken sensation.

Ye Qingyu widely opened his eyes.

The silly big headed dog hopped up and down excitedly as if springs had been installed in his hind legs. He leapt onto Ye Qingyu;’s shoulder, affectionately licking Ye Qingyu’s face and then instantly whooshed onto the table.


A faint sound like lightning. The big bowl of soup instantly disappeared.

Ye Qingyu’s eyes was glazed with shock.

This time he was able to see what had happened more clearly than last time. The pink little tongue of the big headed dog could extend and shrink. In an instant, it had stretched over half a metre, like a suction rod. Quick as lightning, with a faint suction, this big bowl that was enough to feed four or five burly men disappeared in a instant.


Big Head had a countenance that he was still not satisfied.

The little fellow wagged his tail to gain Ye Qingyu’s favour, his saliva nearly dripping out.

It still wasn’t enough?

Ye Qingyu’s chin had nearly dropped to the ground.

The things that this foolish dog had eaten, was enough to last Ye Qingyu himself for three days. How could he still not be full? And his little body, was not even the size of that large bowl of meat soup. His little belly could definitely not contain such an amount. After eating so many things. his little belly had still not expanded in the slightest. The consumed meat soup, just where had it gone?

Could it be that his stomach was something like an inter dimensional pouch?

“Huchi Huchi?”

The Big head licked Ye Qingyu, then opened his mouth and jumped about, biting his tail and glancing at Ye Qingyu meaningfully. Expressing that he was still not full, he wondered why Ye Qingyu did not continue to feed him.

Ye Qingyu grinded his teeth.

“Fine, lets see how much you are able to eat. I won’t admit that it’s impossible to feed you till you’re full!”

Demon king Ye became ruthless, coming back and carrying a tub of meat soup a metre tall. The tub of meat soup thumped onto the ground. It was placed right in front of the big headed dog, foolish and adorable at the same time. The container emitted the rich fragrance of meat.

This foolish and adorable big headed dog began barking excitedly. After rubbing his white furry head onto Ye Qingyu to express his thanks, his hind legs moved. He jumped above the massive tub, and his tongue once again forming the shape of a suction rod and sticking into the soup. Panting, he appreciatively began sucking. No two breaths had passed before the giant tub of meat soup was entirely gone.

“Hachi Hachi?”

The little fellow eagerly looked at Ye Qingyu.

“You still want to eat?” Ye Qingyu became interested. “Fine lets see just how much you can eat. If I can’t gorge you to death, I won’t accept it…”


Another giant tub of meat soup was brought over.

“Hachi Hachi….Wu Wu?”

The little fellow once again to pant excitedly.

“You still want more? Hmph, I don’t believe that you can eat so much!” Ye Qingyu pulled up his sleeves.


There third tub.

“Hachi Hachi….Wu Wu?”

The little fellow still did not reject what was placed in front of him.

“You can still eat? I still don’t accept…”


The fourth tub.

“Chi Liu Chi Liu…..”

“Shit, I can see the bottom again…..I still won’t accept!”


The fifth tub.

“Chi Liu Chi Liu…Hachi?”

“You can still eat? I …..I really can’t accept……”


The sixth tub arrived with a bang.

“Hachi Hachi…….Chi Liu?”

“Fuck, you can really eat so much. I stil won’t accept……” Ye Qingyu was about to go crazy.


The seventh tub had arrived.

“Hachi Hachi ……Chi Liu?”

Ye Qingyu was dumbfounded. He felt like the stomach of this foolishly cute dog, was really an endless hole. It absolutely could not be filled.

“You can really motherfucking eat, but I still won’t accept…….Fine, I accept defeat. What kind of thing did you transform from, to be able to eat so much. I accept defeat, but if you continue to eat so much, I really don’t have the resources to raise you, you’ll eat me poor!”

Ye Qingyu dragged the silly big headed dog away. In the shocked gazes of everyone, as if they were looking at a monster, they left the public canteen.



After departing from the canteen, Ye Qingyu went to the first year teaching house to find Wang Yan.

He wanted to find out clearly, just what had happened on the little loli’s body.

But only when he arrived, did he find out that Wang Yan had still not returned. After asking the other teachers, Ye Qingyu discovered they also did not know where the head teacher went. With no other methods, Ye Qingyu could only temporarily return to the dormitory of the second year.

“You can really eat too much. Just what type of monster did I pick up.”

After returning to the dormitory, Ye Qingyu investigated the big headed dog thoroughly.

But he still could not see any abnormalities.

Ye Qingyu had no way of explaining, that something the size of his palm, just how was he able to consume so many things. Ye Qingyu was possessed by a strong curiosity have an urge to dissect the stomach of this foolish dog to see what his belly was made of.

“Wu Wu!”

The silly big headed dog affectionately licked at Ye Qingyu’s palm.

The little fellow from the beginning had an countenance that he was extremely familiar with Ye Qingyu’s abode. He jumped onto the bed, lying down down with his tongue sticking out. Closing his eyes, he had a tired appearance.

After thinking of the bizarre background of this little fellow, and remembering the peculiar things that happened to him within the blood pool in the dragons den, Ye Qingyu regarded this little fellow more importantly. Today at Ascending heaven pavilion, his departing words were not entirely just a story that he had made up to threaten them. In reality, within the depths of his heart, Ye Qingyu really had some expectations. He wished that this little fellow was really some kind of Spirit beast or Divine beast.

Today since Jiang Xiaohan had intentionally pointed out the background of the silly big headed dog, Ye Qingyu could be said to have attracted some trouble.

“You are able to eat so much, I can’t afford to raise you. If some noble factions really want to rob me from you, then I’ll just let them take you. Then you can do whatever you wish, isn’t that good?” Ye Qingyu began joking.

The big headed dog gave him a supercilious look.

Ye Qingyu chuckled loudly. Taking off all his clothes apart from his underwear, he went to take a wash. After spending time in battle in the [Boundary canyon battlefield] for so long, and being bathed in the viscous pool of blood for who knows how long, his entire body emitted a bloody odour. He could not wait to wash himself thoroughly.

After he returned from his wash, he discovered the big headed dog had already curled up on his bed in the midst of slumber.

Ye Qingyu dropped a piece of clothing over the little fellow. A faint smile could not help but be shown on the corner of his lips.

The little fellow in the midst of his dreams, subconsciously rubbed his head against Ye Qingyu’s palm. The warm and fuzzy feeling of this contact, caused a itchy feeling to be born within Ye Qingyu’s heart.

After resting for a while, he activated the formation within his room, isolating himself and closing himself from the outside.

This time, the rewards he obtained  from the [Boundary canyon battlefield] was plentiful. Not only did he obtain the [Blood of the Flame devil beast] and the [Blood of the yuan qi giant], he also obtained a large quantity of yuan qi rewards. Ye Qingyu sat in a meditative position, activating his nameless breathing technique. The yuan qi within his body began circulating rapidly. Around his entire body, there was an invisible forcefield that slowly swirled. As if it was a streaming fog barrier, it enveloped him within.

In his dantian word, another change had occurred.

He had already successfully excavated two Spirit springs. With a roar, clear Spring waters shout out, soaring hundreds of metres into the sky. Hundreds of metres around the Spring, a small lake had already been formed that was so clear, one was able to see the very bottom. It unceasingly nourished the dead Desert world within his Dantian, bringing with it surging vitality.

Of course, for the boundless and endless desert in his dantian, these two Springs was like a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood. It could not fundamentally change anything.

Apart from the number of Spirit springs deciding the future success of the martial artist, there was another theory in the yuan qi martial way. It was said that the greater the potential of the martial artist, the larger would the desert world in their dantian be. And furthermore, the desert in their dantian world would continue to grow along with the increase in strength of the martial artists. From this perspective, the common saying of the White Deer teachers ‘There is no limits to the martial way’ was completely correct.

From the moment he could observe inside him through inner vision, there was no way Ye Qingyu could clearly discern, exactly how large his desert dantian world was exactly.

But he did not think too deeply about such things.

At this time, during the fighting within the [Boundary canyon battlefield], Ye Qingyu had already planted the third [Yuan qi kindling] within his Dantian world. The crystal was already translucent, buried deeply within the Dantian desert. After Ye Qingyu concentrated and entered into the state of inner vision, he could begin to excavate his third Spirit spring.

As he progressed, the difficulty of excavating the Spirit spring would increase.

Ye Qingyu did not dare delay. He took out a drop of the [Blood of the yuan qi giant]. Placing the blood that had already been consolidated into clear pearls, he kept it under his tongue. Then he activated his nameless breathing technique, beginning to absorb the yuan qi of Heaven and Earth. Coordinating with his inner yuan, he began agitating the third [yuan qi kindling], excavating the Spirit spring.

With the two previous experiences, this time around he was extremely familiar and clear about what he had to do.

With Ye Qingyu’s dormitory at the centre, all the yuan qi in a radius of a thousand metres rapidly gathered together. The mist vapour took shape, visible to the naked eye, just like a violently rotating mist funnel, rapidly compressing and ultimately entering into Ye Qingyu’s body. Passing through his four limbs and hundreds of bones, his internal organs. Finally it transformed into a hurricane, taking shape within the desert dantian world. It caused flashes of lightning and the roar of thunder throughout the desert dantian world, as if this magnificent world was being newly created.

The hurricane finally stabilised above the third [yuan qi kindling], congealing there without dispersing.

Ye Qingyu gradually entered into a blank state of mind, able to sense every minute change happening within his body.

“That can’t do, a little bit is still lacking……there is not enough yuan qi from Heaven and Earth!” Ye Qingyu could clearly sense the difficulty of excavating a high number of Spirit springs. The entire Deer mountain range and Deer city was an area concentrated in yuan qi, but at this time the yuan qi gathering from the outside world was ultimately lacking.

Having no other choice, Ye Qingyu diverted the yuan qi waters from his two other Spirit springs that had already taken shape.

A little bit was still lacking.

“I can only rely on the drop of yuan qi liquid then!”

The back of Ye Qingyu’s tongue moved, and swallowed the pearl shaped blob of yuan qi blood into his stomach.


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