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093 – Bullying to the extreme!

Chapter 93: Bullying to the extreme!  

After escaping from Fowl Crying Lake, Li Muyang and the fat man Gongshu Yuan bought a carriage to travel to Starry Sky Academy.

This journey was full of danger and the air was full of killing intent.

It seems that the news of the death of Cui Zhaoren and the dozen of men of the Monitor Department had already spread across. This was most likely the counterattacks launched by the Cui family or other beneficial parties.

What Li Muyang was most puzzled about was that this fat man had never abandoned him once.

He simply said he owes Li Muyang a big favor but he did not say how he owed Li Muyang.

Li Muyang felt apprehensive; he felt that after he became handsome—-boys suddenly start to like him.

It is said that some nobles of the kingdom like handsome boys. Li Muyang secretly took glimpses of his own face several times in the river, he realised he belonged to that type.

So, along the way although he closely worked together with the fat man but he also deliberately kept a distance.

For example, just now when the fat man gave half of the pill from his mouth for Li Muyang to eat, Li Muyang discovered his ruse—–if he accepted, is that not an indirect kiss with the fat man?

He obviously did not fall for it. His first kiss is for—–

Li Muyang thought seriously for a long time, yet still had no idea who he should give his first kiss to.

“There must be a person.” Li Muyang thought to himself. “That loves me like her life.”

When he thought of this sentence, Li Shinian’s giggling cute face suddenly popped into his mind.

Li Muyang nearly jumped out of his skin, he desperately shook his head to get rid of the image of Li Shinian’s face in his mind. Pah Pah Pah, he spat several times—–

This was his sister, how could he give her his first kiss? What a beast.

No, even worst than a beast.

Li Muyang discovered an even more tragic fact. A woman who loves him like her life but is also a young woman—–besides Li Shinian there really isn’t anyone else.

“We’re nearly there.” Fat man climbed up from the ground, looked at the horse-faced assassin not that far away from him, the fear still lingering in his heart. “How many assassins has it been? ”

“Six?” Li Muyang answered after some thought: “it’s a pity we don’t have our carriage anymore, now we can only travel on our two legs. You and I are both hurt, it may even delay the journey.”

“Hang on a little longer. As long as we arrive at Starry Sky Academy we will be safe. No one can hurt you anymore.” Fat man encouraged Li Muyang but also himself.

“Brother Gongshu, if it wasn’t for you taking care of me, I would have been killed. I wouldn’t have reach this far.”

Gongshu Yuan waved his fat hand and said: “Are you kidding me? Even Cui Zhaoren could not kill you, how could those trash? But we better get out of here fast, the Cui family offered a bounty of one hundred gold coins for your head. Those assassins are coming like crazy. Only unknown assassins have been attacking us but if they asked the top ten assassins of the kingdom, even if you and I work together we would still die. Your skills are only sometimes effective, it really does not give a sense of security, every time we encountered an enemy I don’t know whether to fight or run——”


The two continued the long trudge once again, travelling at a swift pace towards their intended target.

After passing through the gorge of the Red River, there was a pleasing green plain.

Above the plain were large birds swooping down, bucks drinking water, wolves howling, and vultures enjoying a several metres long skeleton of an unknown creature—-

Seeing travelers passing by, they simply looked up and took a glance, and then lowered their head and continued eating. They were not afraid of life and not afraid of people. Watching them devouring carrion in large numbers was enough to send shivers down Li Muyang’s spine.

“This is the Flower Language plain.” Fat man said aloud. “The name is poetic, right? ”

“The name is not bad.” Li Muyang nodded.

“But nevertheless this is one of the top ten places where most people are killed in the entire divine continent. It’s in the sixth place.” Fat man said with an unfathomable face.

Li Muyang instantly glanced around. “No way? These large birds and wolves?”

Fat man rolled his eyes. “Do you know how big is Flower Language plain? It’s ten times larger than the entire Jiangnan. Also, it’s daytime now and we’re walking along the ‘public path’. ”

“Public path?” Li Muyang stared at the slobbering wolves not that far away from him, a look of astonishment appeared on his face: “There isn’t even a road, what public path?”

“That’s why I said it is one of the top ten places where most people die.” Fat man glanced around warily and said: “Be careful.”

Li Muyang also scanned around, the area was entirely empty without a single soul, he asked: “Starry Sky Academy won’t just be enrolling me this year, right? The registration date is approaching, why don’t I see other students?”

Fat man curled his lips and said: “Starry Sky Academy is the most mysterious school in the entire divine continent, the number of students admitted obviously can’t be you alone—–the students come from various regions of the divine continent, some far and some close, some are late and some are early—–Most important of all, which of them is chased all the way here like us?”

“Admitted into Starry Sky Academy but being bullied like this—–Li Muyang, you must be the most pitiful freshmen in the history of Starry Sky? ”


They continued to chat and hasten on with their journey but they did not encounter any danger or assassination on their way.

Just as they were sleeping peacefully at night, a pack of wolves came over. The fat man was sleeping soundly when the howling noise disturbed him, he rushed out for a while, when he returned the sound had stopped. But there were two wolf’s legs slowly roasting above the fire. The next day they woke up, it became his and Li Muyang’s delicious breakfast.

They trekked across the Flower Language plain for another two days, the terrain became more and more steep and a cloud-capped mountain covered by mist could be seen in the distance.。

Li Muyang turn pale with fear: “did we went the wrong way? Why is it more desolate and colder?”

As he spoke, Li Muyang had already took out the map to Starry Sky Academy from his pockets. This was gifted to him by the senior travelled down on a crane. The map was drawn on ancient brocade, so it was not damaged when he plunged into the river.

“Nearly there.” Fat man said pointing in front. “See the highest mountain over there? It’s there.”

“—–Starry Sky Academy is not a school?” Li Muyang felt uneasy. Where is the school? Is this not the place where celestial beings train?”

“If they did not establish a school here, how could they be called Starry Sky Academy? Where is their impressiveness? Where is their unique characteristic? And how would they differ from other schools? ”


Hearing the fat man refute his words, Li Muyang was secretly quite happy.

After all, Starry Sky Academy is the school he is about to enter. He was able to enrol into such a prestigious school; this means he must be quite outstanding, right?

What’s most critical is that Li Muyang’s current situation is grim, assassins came in droves and his head may be taken at any time to exchange for money.

A school like that gives him a sense of security

The only trouble is: the journey back home is difficult and far.

However, if this could keep his parents and sister safe, even if he would never return he was still willing—–

Li Muyang finally understood what it means to be ‘so close yet so far’—before he always thought this sentence was to describe girls that he likes, such as Cui Xiaoxin .

He knows now, he understood the meaning of these words itself.

They had already seen this high mountain early on but Li Muyang had no idea he has to walk for another two days.

He felt that during all this time the distance his feet had walked was more than how much he had walked in ten years.

The further he advanced, the more he felt a surge of cold air.

When he walked to the bottom of the mountain that was towering into the clouds, there was already a bone-chilling coldness.

Li Muyang felt the coldness.

There wasn’t any cold wind; the coldness was not from the outside to the inside but from the inside to the outside.

First was coldness in his heart, then the coldness penetrated into the bones, and finally felt on the skin of his face and body.

The fat man also felt cold, the fat on his body uncontrollably shivering: “a place like this—–I’m glad Starry Sky Academy did not recruit me. Even if they did I wouldn’t come.”


Fat man pointed at the tall mountain and said: “This mountain is known as nameless mountain, Starry Sky Academy is above. Here, we’re safe—–“

Before the sound of his voice had died away, groups of people walked out from the midst of the clouds and fog.

First was an ugly old woman dressed in a black robe and holding a walking stick with the head of a snake.

The second group were two monks. There were nine ring scars on each of their heads, one monk was holding a shovel and the other holding a ceremonial tool

The third group were seven men clenching tightly onto double swords, some tall and some short, some fat and some thin, their hair were full of braids and they were wearing brightly-coloured clothes.

Fourth was a man in a green shirt, all by himself, holding a broad sword.


Fat man’s body trembled more severely, he yelled without restraint: “They disappeared like mice these past days, I thought we escaped from them—–so they actually ran ahead of us to completely kill us off. ”

Li Muyang’s heart sank, but he cannot escape at this time, there’s also no chance for him to turn back.

Blocking the road in front were four groups of people, but how many came behind them because of the smell of blood?

Li Muyang bravely took one step forward, shielding the fat man in front. “Brother Gongshu, the saying goes: sending Buddha to the west; you have already helped me reach the bottom of the school, we should part here——-

Fat man snarled: “Li Muyang, who do you think fat grandpa is? At such a critical time, how could I leave my brother by himself and escape?”

“———” Li Muyang’s eyes were brimming with tears, he was deeply touched. At the critical moment of life and death, he did not leave; fatty really is a good brother.

“Besides, even if I tried to escape, they won’t let me—-your head is worth one hundred thousand gold coins—-my head is also worth fifty thousand gold coins, okay? Fifty thousand gold coins is also money, how would they not want money after seeing it? ”

Li Muyang was stunned: “your head was also offered a bounty, too? Why did you not mention this before?”

Fatty’s face became crimson red from anger, he hissed: “I did not want to say it—–your head is worth one hundred thousand but my head is only worth fifty thousand? Is this not looking down on me?”

Li Muyang’s mouth opened wide and he nodded in agreement: “This is looking down upon you to the extreme.”


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