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094 – Swordsman Gu Mo!

Chapter 94: Swordsman Gu Mo!

A brave warrior prefers death to humiliation.

Li Muyang sympathises with the fat man’s situation. They were both at the lower levels, how could his head be worth one hundred thousand when the fat man’s head was only worth fifty thousand gold coins?

Moreover, if it’s determined by size, then the fat man’s head is larger than Li Muyang’s by more than half—-this is simply bullying people to death.

Li Muyang patted the fat man on the shoulder and comforted him: “don’t take it to heart, someday they will understand what you’re worth.”

“I’m going to let them know now.” Fat man stared fiercely at the assassins who crowded around them and growled: “Fat grandpa does not display his power so you take him as a sick cat. We just got rid of the previous six groups, so obviously we could get rid of you four groups——”

Li Muyang quietly reminded him: “Those six came one at a time, this time these four groups are here all at once——is it really not a problem?”

Like a balloon been pricked, the fat man said in a weak voice: “Can you not transform now? Just like when you killed Cui Zhaoren—–”

“How many times have I explained to you, I didn’t kill Cui Zhaoren—-” Li Muyang was very sensitive to this matter. Why did the fat man always say he killed Cui Zhaoren? There must be some misunderstanding, a big misunderstanding——-

“I know, I know. You’re afraid of bearing the responsibility, if I were you I would also try my best to distance myself with this matter—but this is not something that we could act like nothing happened because you don’t admit it. Counting on my fingers, everyone should know of this matter already, right?”


This time it was the fat man’s turn to comfort Li Muyang, he patted him on the shoulder. “It’s okay. If you killed, you killed there’s no use in regretting anyway—–whether you admit it or not, they are still going to kill you.”


“That kid is Li Muyang, right?” The ugly woman asked, smiling and staring at Li Muyang, whose robe had turned from a pure white colour into a black robe. Her voice was as hoarse as a crow’s caw: “I want to borrow something from you.”

Li Muyang felt this line was extremely familiar, as if he had seen it in some bizarre novels.

Then, staring at that woman in disdain he said: “You just want my head?”

“That’s right. I just want to borrow your head for something.”

“I only have one head——give me a price.” Li Muyang said. “If the price is appropriate, I’ll buy it myself.”

“Hahaha, is that so? Someone offered one hundred thousand gold coins, if you can pay a higher price, I wouldn’t mind letting you off today—-”

“You see.” Li Muyang turned to face the fat man: “Money makes the world go around, ancient people truly did not deceive me. People could do anything for money, they don’t have any moral integrity.”

He then said to the ugly old woman: “I only have ninety seven gold coins.”

“Interesting. Really interesting.” The smile on the ugly woman’s face froze, she vehemently said: “In so many years no one ever dared to tease me, the Ghost Widow. Boy, the head on your shoulder is mine.”

“Even though you’re ugly but you have good taste—-this nickname is also not bad, it really suits your appearance.” Li Muyang said with a smile: “People don’t dare to joke with you because your face is too scary—–”

“She is Ghost Widow—–” The fat man grabbed Li Muyang’s shoulders and reminded him quietly: “She is the disciple of the Tang Clan of Chuan province, her whole body is covered with poison, she kills without a trace. No one dares to offend her.”

“So what?” Li Muyang said snappily. “If she let me go, I can even call her mum—-If I did not offend her, would she not kill me?”

The fat man paused for a moment and nodded in agreement: “Right, we’re going to die anyway, we must insult them—–you ugly old witch, pigs are better looking than you, calling you a pig is insulting the pigs. Do you not look in the mirror? If you did look in the mirror, how would you shamelessly come out to kill? No wonder your name is Ghost Widow—-definitely no one would want to marry you. Your husband must not want to see your ugly face so he chose to commit suicide. I respect your husband who was brave enough to commit suicide, even though he was blind but he was courageous. You must have lived miserably, if I were you I would have knock my head against a boulder and die early, hurry go knock your head.”

“You fat pig—-you fat pig—-” Ghost widow was stamping with rage. Panting heavily, she glared at the fat man and shouted in an angry voice: “Even if I die, I would bring you along with me—–”

As she spoke, her body suddenly flew over in the fat man’s direction.

Although it seemed like she moved, she actually shrank into few inches.

More than ten meters of distance between them instantly shortened, the frightening snake’s head on the walking stick in her hand suddenly pounced towards the fat man’s head.

The fat man did not care about his image, he immediately fell to the ground and rolled away.

Being round has an advantage, at least when he rolls he is much faster than others.

Ghost widow was furious, would she let off someone who insulted her so much?

Her two feet scurried along, only her silhouette and not her footsteps could be seen.

The snake’s head on the walking stick continually pounced towards the fat man rolling away the ground.

“My life is over—–you ugly woman, you wicked woman, go take a look in the mirror———after looking in the mirror you would also commit suicide!”

The fat man rolled away while yelling insults. Although he is no match for this malicious widow, at least his mouth won’t let her off easily.

The fat man used suicidal taunting to attract the attention of the old wicked woman, the line of sight of the other three groups was fixed on Li Muyang all along.

“Merciful Buddha! Buddhism is destitute but honest, we must borrow Li Muyang’s head.” The monk with a shovel said as he bowed to Li Muayng with one hand in front.

“That’s right. No wine, no meat, we could not even afford lamp-oil——If Muyang could donate your head to us, the rest of our lives would be much better.” The monk holding the ceremonial tool added: “Buddha once said that if he does not enter hell who would? Muyang looks like someone with great wisdom, you would grant us your head, right?”

“Monks don’t steal. This head belongs to us seven demons of the Chong Valley—–If you want to take that head to exchange for lamp-oil money, you have to ask permission from the double swords of us seven brothers.” The big demon with pigtails and dressed gorgeously yelled proudly.

“Where did this bunch of clowns come from?” The monk holding the shovel snapped.

“Brothers, make those monks bleed—–I want to try the monk’s blood and see if there’s any difference with ordinary people——-”

Li Muyang stood there in silence.

He thought to himself: fight, fight, it would be best if you guys fight to death.

Now Li Muyang was the same as the Tang dynasty Buddhist monk in the story ‘Journey to the West’; countless demons and ghosts wanted his head.

However, he and the Buddhist monk of the Tang dynasty were different. The Buddhist monk was long-winded throughout the whole journey like an old man not afraid of demons and immortals and he frequently drove away his strong disciple Sun Wukong—–Li Muyang was much smarter than him, he did not help old people and did not touch any women. He also often pleased and flattered his only brother, fatty, along the journey to avoid saying harsh words that could make him leave.

“Brave warriors stay calm.” The man wearing the green shirt riding the red horse finally spoke up. He looked at the two fake monks and seven transvestites. “We must not underestimate this child’s power, we have to work together. We must not let him escape or head up the mountains——- this is the moment to shine. Those who cut off an arm would be rewarded thirty thousand gold coins. Those who sever his head would be rewarded with one hundred thousand gold coins. ”

The price!

The price is being revealed now!

Before boarding the passenger ship, Li Muyang never thought his head would be that valuable——

“Who are you?” Li Muyang stared at the swordsman in green shirt and asked.

Although he remained silent from the beginning till now and only coldly watched everything happening in front of him, Li Muyang could feel he is the most dangerous person here.

A barking dog does not bite, a dog that doesn’t bark is the most vicious.

This green shirt swordsman did not carry any killing intent, did not display any anger, yet still sends a chill down Li Muyang’s spine, like he was being watched by a poisonous snake or ferocious beast.

“Swordsman Gu Mo.” The man with the green shirt said without any emotion.

The horse’s mouth was spewing out large amounts of hot air and the horse’s legs were shivering from the coldness.

Because its internal strength was being controlled, although the horse was terrified of this place it still could not escape.

“I don’t know you.” Li Muyang said while shaking his head. He could see the man was glaring at him with hatred and was not like the other people, where only joy could be seen—–like they were looking at a golden mountain.

“Could it be he is of Cui Zhaoren’s family?” Li Muyang thought to himself.

“Li Muyang, today you must die.” As Gu Mo spoke, he applied gentle inward pressure with both his feet, both him and the horse soared into the sky.

The fine horse was startled, all four of its hooves were waving chaotically in the air.

The horse’s abdomen was squashing down in the direction of Li Muyang’s head, at the same time, the long sword in Gu Mo’s hand, which was as long as three metres, was unsheathed to behead Li Muyang.

The heavy sword did not have a sharp tip. Although Gu Mo’s long sword was not sharp but the edge of the blade was flashing with red lights, like blazing red flames.


Sounds of crackling fire echoed from the air.

The heat from the heavy sword ignited some flammable gases in the air.

Li Muyang’s whole body began to sweat heavily, his clothes nearly drenched.

He stood still at his original position and did not dare to budge in the slightest, but also because he was unable to move.

He would die whether he advanced or retreated.

Escape was even more impossible for him.

Let alone it was impossible from him to evade the strong hooves of the heavy horse, the giant sword attack was also within the range of a few metres.

No matter how Li Muyang maneuvers out of the way, he still could not evade the force of the sword.

What made him even more desperate was that the two Buddhist monks and the seven demons of the Chong Valley saw the man with the green shirt to be the first to make a move so they were worried that he would snatch the arm and head first so they immediately unleashed their brilliant skills and began to attack Li Muyang one after the other.

Surrounded on all sides, it was a life or death crisis.



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