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095 – Get lost!

Chapter 95: Get lost!

If he was his previous self then wouldn’t his life be much easier and relaxing now?

Along the way, Li Muyang could not help but think about this question.

If that fight by Sunset Lake did not happen, if he did not have that conversation with Cui Xiaoxin, if he did not kill Crow and if he did not achieve first place in the imperial exam—-

He would still be that weak and cowardly charcoal teenager who would fall asleep every lesson, then go home and listen to Li Shinian sing and throw tantrums, eat and wait to die, without accomplishing anything in his life.

The greatest accomplishment in his life would be taking over his family business to become the owner of a small shop—–That was a life he would be extremely satisfied with, right?

This period of time Li Muyang felt his life was very tiring. It was the first time he realised that it is incredibly difficult to just stay alive.

Along the way, he and the fat man fought off a total of six groups of assassins. After much difficulty they finally arrived at the bottom of Starry Sky but he had no idea they would be encircled by enemies like this.

Li Muyang felt indignant and furious.

In all those heroic novels he read, all the skilled masters have their own character and pride. When they kill they never allowed other people to help them.

The skilled masters would each throw out a white glove and then draw out their swords together. Both equally matched in skill and strength, it would a fair and close battle.

Li Muyang looked up at swordsman Gu Mo riding on the tremendous horse that was landing in his direction, then glanced over at the two monks, one holding a shovel and the other a ceremonial tool, rushing towards him from both sides, and the seven idiotic middle-aged men in gorgeous dresses and with pigtails swinging from side to side dashing towards him——What the hell? Do they not know about Jianghu’s morality and righteousness?

Those stories were all lies.

“Hahaha, Li Muyang————eat my shovel.” The fat monk wielding the shovel was the first to arrive despite being the last to take action, he leaped out brandishing his thousand-kilogram crescent-moon shovel with the vigour of a tiger. The shovel able to shatter gold and break stones, and even split mountains in half.

The fat monk wanted to snatch the bounty of one hundred thousand gold coins so the shovel was aimed at Li Muyang’s head.

As the shovel was swung down, Li Muyang’s head was raised high up. The one hundred thousand gold coins are his.

The skinny monk with the ceremonial tl in his hand slightly slowed down his pace and avoided running straight towards Li Muyang, rather he circled around the crowd. In the course of running he pounded a wooden hammer against the ceremonial tool.





With every hit, Li Muyang felt dizzy.

His body felt weak and he was unable to stand perfectly straight.

“Li Muyang, this is the wooden fish drum——-it’s a strong attack of sound waves, hurry block your ears.” Fat man Gongshu Yuan sharply avoided Ghost Widow’s snake walking stick, and without delay warned his little companion to not be confused by the noise.

The seven idiotic middle-aged men came screaming over, because there were too many of them, it was impossible for them to spread out in an orderly fashion so instead they lined up in a queue.

The eldest wielding a double sword was the first to attack Li Muyang. His attack failed and he immediately dodged out of the way, the double sword of the second eldest was already thrusting over

Their pace was bizarre and their sword skills were piercingly cold but they were perfectly coordinated.

No place to hide and no time to avoid.

Li Muyang’s only choice was to attack head-on——-

Li Muyang clenched his teeth and punched out.


The fist that had accumulated power for some time was punched out at the horse’s stomach.


A thud echoed throughout.

Where the stomach of the red horse directly suffered the blow, a large hole was ripped out of the leather protecting its body and scarlet-red blood began to seep out of the hole.

Li Muyang threw out that fist with all his strength; he actually punched a hole in Gu Mo’s saddle.


The horse felt the pain and cried miserably like crazy.

Its body struggled desperately, trying to escape the battlefield to a safer place.

But its body was clamped by Gu Mo’s legs, and attached to the horse’s bit was the rein that was controlling its destiny. Even if it wanted to escape, it couldn’t move a single step.

Gu Mo firmly attached himself to the saddle so that it would become a part of his body.

He used the large horse as his shield and controlled the horse’s body to land in the direction of Li Muyang’s head while the giant sword in his hand began to buzz and the surrounding red flames headed over to harvest Li Muyang’s head.

He and the fat monk’s target was the same: to snatch the head——-

Of course, his sword was strike down diagonally from high up, if it did slash Li Muyang, the loss would be more than just a head, his body would also be severed in half.

“Die.” Gu Mo’s eyes were like lightning and his voice was bitingly-cold.

He was raised by the Cui family and received training from the Cui family. He is the bodyguard of the old grandfather of the Cui family, Cui Xichen.

Because he was always by Cui Xichen’s side, so he knew what important position Cui Zhaoren had in the Cui family. Cui Zhaoren had always played a pivotal role, particularly in the fight for the key position of Left Minister—-He was the vanguard of the army to assassinate Lu Xingkong, he was the signal to defeat the Lu family.

Once Xu Da was transported back to Tiandu and successfully accused Lu Xingkong.  It would be fine even if did not speak up as long as he commits suicide and leave behind a written testimony, their strategy would still go to plan. Thereby, directly sending the Lu family to the bottom of the abyss

The ‘eye of the starry sky’ of the Song family also does not like Lu Xingkong, when the time comes for the Cui family to launch an attack, surely other families would not just sit at the side and do nothing, right?

What was the result?

The Tiandu’s Lu family did not have to do anything but Cui Zhaoren, an important person of the Cui family, was killed by the kid in front of him.

The situation has changed; the result has changed.

Now the Lu family made a false countercharge. Lu Xingkong brought an accusation against the Cui family before the emperor. The Cui family has to pay a double penalty and also have no choice but to suffer in silence. After seeing the emperor, the old grandfather of the Cui family returned home and smashed various rare and valuable porcelains and jewels———

Even the emperor was violently slapped in the face by Li Muyang. Several men of his Monitor Division had been killed. Let alone he can’t find who to be held responsible, he could not say any cruel words.

Being a monarch, how could he not be choking with resentment?

Therefore, no matter whether its for his clan or for the West Wind royal family, he needs to kill Li Muyang.

This was the main reason the old grandfather of the Cui family sent him here to be in charge of this attack.

Li Muyang knows he’s in imminent danger but during all this time he had already participated consecutively in several strenuous battle. His body is tired and injured, that one punch just now has already exhausted all his physical strength.

Next to him was also the loud beat of the wooden fish drum, each sound drilling deep into his head, like an awl piercing into his brain.

Li Muyang felt his head splitting and his eyes reddened; he was about to pass out.

“I need to transform.” Li Muyang shouted in his mind.

Black dragon brother, you should come out——–hurry back here, I can’t fight by myself——-

When to transform or how to transform was a completely unknown territory to Li Muyang.

He exerted all his strength to transform but at this critical situation of life and dead——–why was there no reaction at all?

Li Muyang did not want to die.

He did not want to leave his parents or his little sister.

The world is so big, he wants to explore even more.

Starry Sky Academy is so cool, he wants to experience it for himself.

He wants to live.

“You guys go and die.”

Li Muyang once again clenched his fist, the painful and even trembling fist.

He forged towards those assassins like he was unafraid of death.

No matter who wants to take his head, he will make them pay.

To the limits of his ability!


A gust of wind swept across.

Dust swirled in the air, the colour of the sky began to change.

Everyone was unable to see clearly.


And then the sharp and loud cry of a crane was heard.

The gale came to a stop, the dust dispersed, light once again resumed in front of their eyes.

All these skilled masters have only came to realise that Li Muyang who was closely surrounded by them had disappeared under their nose.

“Li Muyang? Where did Li Muyang go?”

“Li Muyang is gone? That little thief knows teleporting magic?”

“Boss, do we give chase——–”


Because of the vast movement over there, Ghost Window, who was in the act of hunting down the fat man, was also blinded by the strong gale blowing over.

She stopped, her eyes looking puzzled as they swept over to the other side. She immediately asked in a hoarse voice: “Li Muyang? Where did that Li Muyang go? You bunch of famous skilled masters actually let a nameless boy escape from your hands——-Do you not feel ashamed to stay in this business?”

Ghost Widow was furious.

Everyone is here to take the head to exchange for money but in the end the side supplying the head had disappeared out of sight.

Without his head, what do they use to exchange for money?

But then her eyes shifted away, the head of this fat man who she has been chasing around also has a bounty of fifty thousand gold coins. She quickly turned back around, her eyes glaring intently.

Thinking to herself that although this guy is not worth as much but fifty thousand gold coins could easily be obtained with his head. In any case, this fifty thousand gold coins is hers. No others could snatch it from her.


A huge white crane swooped down from the highest of the heavens, then temporarily stopped over in front of everyone.

The target of everybody, Li Muyang, was riding on the crane’s back.

No one spoke, their attention was entirely fixed on the handsome man wearing a beautiful robe with a white cloud pattern standing still on the back of the crane.

The man on the crane’s back showed no intention to come to the ground. His clothes were elegant and beautiful, and his shoes were untainted by even a speck of dust, he looked like a celestial being descended to the world.

“Get lost.” The man looked up at the sky and said without any expression.


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