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095 – The change within the city

Before Ye Qingyu had even entered the White Deer academy, he had always disliked the winter.

The noble youths could wear warm soft furs and have snowball fights on the snow covered earth, enjoying the joy of the childhood on winter days. But children of the poor, in such a season, faced a test of life and death.

Ye Qingyu had also once been beset by hunger and cold.

He had seen with his own eyes that his little friends that he had made during the summer, in the long lasting winter day becoming icy corpses because of the cold and hunger and the ensuing fighting. All their dreams and visions for the future, was mercilessly buried along with their icy corpse within this field of white snow.

In these long four years of time, Ye Qingyu also did not have it easy. Losing the protection of his parents and being deserted by everyone close to him, Ye Qingyu also passed by this winter season with terrible difficulty. If not for the nameless breathing technique that his father had left behind, allowing Ye Qingyu to withstand the icy cold he would have long froze to death. Further to this, he became someone possessing herculean strength, with very little people willing to incite him.  If not for this, it was likely that Ye Qingyu would become similar to many poor little children, dying in this long winter.

Even if Ye Qingyu had finally became a student of White Deer academy, possessing an even greater strength and could escape from the suffering of this long lasting winter, he still hated the winter.

“Because the winter season, is a season of death!”

Ye Qingyu sighed with sorrow.

Within five minutes of time, the snowflakes in the air that were floating down became more and more, larger and larger. Very quickly, this chaotic white began to shroud the Earth. Every near and far scenery, was as if it was covered by a layer of white moonlight, an indescribable chill in the air.

Ye Qingyu suddenly wanted to return to the Ye mansion to have a look.

He did not know if Qin Lan, Tang San and the others had prepared well for this long lasting winter.

After having such an intention, he did not tarry any longer.

After going to the second year administration area for a leave of absence, he headed straight outside of the White Deer academy.

As he passed by the first year area, Ye Qingyu went in search of Wang Yan again, wanting to enquire about the matters about the little  loli Song Xiaojun. But there was still nothing to be gained. After the last round between the two academies had ended, four days had already passed. As expected, within the fifth and final round, White Deer academy completely and utterly lost. The Azure Phoenix people, who had lost in the fourth round, released all their rage and anger in the final round of the grand competition. White Deer academy lost tragically, not even able to obtain a single kill.

And from that day onwards, the head teacher of the first year Wang Yan did not appear within the academy again.

Ye Qingyu asked several first year teachers that could be counted as familiar, but the teachers still did not know where Wang Yan was nor how to contact her. And as for the matters regarding Song Xiaojun, after asking several people, he still did not find out anything.

In such a situation, worry began to sprout from Ye Qingyu’s heart.

As he was turning things over in his mind, he came to the gate of the White Deer academy. As he handed over his absent nameplate, after confirming and walking outside of the gate, a person slowly walked towards him. If it was not the head teacher of the first year Wang Yan, who else could it be?

Ye Qingyu did not expect, that he would bump into Wang Yan in such a location

This was really travelling far and wide to look for something but finding it simply in the end.

Within the snowy wind, this head teacher of the first year seemed to be in a haste. Smoke and dust covered her body.

Her face was somewhat pale and pallid, making Ye Qingyu become curious.

With Wang Yan’s strength, she had long reached the stage where dust could not come near her. Not to mention White Deer academy, even if in the entire Deer city, her strength was enough to rank in the top ten. She was a absolute expert, her inner yuan deep and profound, vigorous vitality and a bubbling bloodline. Even if she continuously battled for ten days and ten nights, she would not display any signs of tiredness. But in this short five days of time, she had obviously became tired and drained. Just what had occurred?

At the same time, Wang Yan also suddenly saw Ye Qingyu.

But she only exchanged a glance, and brushed past his shoulder.

Ye Qingyu was about to turn around and say something, when he heard Wang Yan’s voice clearly sounding beside his ear: “I know what you want to ask. Xiaojun is fine, it’s just that a little condition has appeared within her body. In the near future, something big is going to happen within the city. Remember, no matter what happens, you must remain outside from this and not get involved…..if you want to see the little loli, then three days later, come to the [Mist Residence] in the southern district.”

Secret sound transfer.

Using a vast inner yuan, and following a secret method of formation, it allowed one  to compress their voice into a straight line. This could controlled freely and could be used to enter in someone’s ear, with the people beside the target none the wiser —-this was only something that experts with great inner yuan could do. At the very least, with Ye Qingyu’s current three Spirit springs, it was not something he could achieve.

As the voice finished speaking, Wang Yan had already disappeared within the entrance of the academy.

In the vast and obscure snowy wind, her shadow was gone.

Ye Qingyu paused slightly, but did not turn back in the end. Not displaying any signs of abnormality, his footsteps did not stop but continued onwards within the snowy wind, heading to the Northern city district. His body covered in a snowy layer, he was no different from the other people walking in the streets.

But in reality, in his heart, he was completely shaken.

Wang Yan’s words were short, but it exposed a tremendous amount of information. Firstly, she seemed to be under the surveillance of some sort of faction so she could not stop and speak with him.  And a problem had occurred on the little loli’s body so that was the reason she did not appear in these past days. And lastly, Wang Yan said that there would very quickly be something big going on…..

This seemed to be the most important piece of information.

What kind of major event?

That even Wang Yan would be afraid of the consequences?

Ye Qingyu’s heart was full of questions, but he did not say anything at all and arrived at the Ye mansion within the Northern district.

Very quickly, the servants passed on the message that he had arrived. By the time Ye Qingyu had reached the anteroom, Qin Lan and Little Grass with faces filled with joy were there to welcome him. Their complexions compared to what they were like previously was so much better, the entire atmosphere in the mansion especially cheerful and light hearted.

“Brother Qingyu, you’ve returned. Little Grass have missed you.”

The little girl came bounding into Ye Qingyu’s embrace.

Ye Qingyu intimately patted the forehead of the little girl. With a laugh: “Haha, our little princess is becoming more and more beautiful. But why have you not gone to the Taoxuan pavilion to practice martial arts? Has Little Grass been slacking off?”

“I haven’t. The masters have complimented on me on my talent with rapid advancement. Today I have specially asked for an absence from the masters, to come and celebrate mother’s birthday.” Little Grass stuck out her tongue and said laughingly: “Brother Qingyu, you must have came back here specially to come and pass mother’s birthday with her, isn’t that right? Hehe, where’s your birthday present?”

Ye Qingyu was taken back and suddenly realised, that today was Qin Lan’s birthday.

“That’s enough Little Grass, don’t annoy your brother Qingyu. You are a big girl now, you should be a little more ladylike…..” A blessed smile was on Qin Lan’s face. In these days, even in her dreams she would smile. Her life had completely turned on its head. Seeing that Little Grass could live on carefree and without troubles, as a mother, this made her happier than anything else.

After entering the main hall and speaking a few words, a person arriving from outside could be heard.

It was the head supervisor Tang San. He had returned.

“Young master, you’ve returned.” Tang San said laughingly and paying his respects. “I was at the [Lianfeng smithery] taking stock, when Qin Lan sent people to find me, saying old man Ye have returned, I was hurrying to come back….”

Ye Qingyu gave this person a light kick. “What old man Ye? I’m only fourteen years old, you say it like I’m seventy or eighty. You little kid, your mouth is becoming more and more slippery. It seems like I have to consider carefully, whether my decision to make you the head supervisor was correct.”

Tang San quickly had an expression of someone begging for forgiveness. “Young master, I was wrong.”

Everyone in the main hall began laughing.

In these days, everyone began to understand Tang San’s personality. Apart from having a slippery mouth, his character was extremely good. The way he did things was fair and serious, with definite ideas. He was someone with ability.

After the incident in Heavenly fragrance restaurant, all the properties such as Heavenly fragrance restaurant, Taoxuan pavilion, Lianfen smithery, and Murong shop once again returned to the Ye family. There were over a thousand things to do. Even a well experienced supervisor needed to spend an immense amount of effort to put everything back into business. Tang San was only a young man, without much previous experience. But after withstanding several days without sleep, he could be said to have settled everything down correctly.

In reality, only someone like Ye Qingyu who took a off hand approach in managing things, would be so ridiculous as to give the right to handle every matter to someone like Tang San with zero experience. If it was another person they would definitely spend a large amount of money to recruit a old person with rich experiences to handle such matters.

Tang San was a extremely determined youth with ambition.

He knew such an opportunity did not come easily. In these days, he nearly did not rest or sleep. Everyday he would only take a break for a short amount of time, with the rest of his time dedicated to rushing about between these properties. After expending a great deal of mental and physical effort, he finally mange to put everything back into shape. Today, he was just checking the stock of [Lianfeng smithery] distinguishing between the old stock and the bad stock. Then Qin Lan had sent people to tell him that Ye Qingyu had returned.

“Young master, the book of accounts is here. Last time, this account was not complete. But this time, I have managed to sort everything properly. There is the list of employees of the different businesses and I’ve also marked down the places that needs your personal directions….” After joking around, Tang San became serious.

Ye Qingyu had a headache once again.

“Eh, in future, you don’t need to report such things to me.” Ye Qingyu massaged his head, distressed. After pausing, he said again: “In the areas that you need my instructions, just pass it to Aunt Lan, or you could even give it to Little Grass to have a look.”

Tang San had a even greater headache. “This…..”

“Fine, fine, lets not speak about this. Today is Aunt Lan’s birthday, we should celebrate well.” Ye Qingyu waved his hand, very quickly diverting the subject. “Speaking about this, this is my first time celebrating Aunt Lan’s birthday, I must treat it importantly. Little San, do you have any good ideas?”

Tang San began to beam with joy: “Originally I wanted to arrange this matter in a grand fashion. But Aunt Lan did not allow it, saying that the matters in the mansion had just settled down and that young master was still studying at the White Deer academy with a large expenditure. She wanted to restrict our spending and did not allow us to make a fuss over this. But since young master has spoken then rest assured, Little San I will definitely handle this matter beautifully.”

Qin Lan said in a rush: “Xiaoyu, I really don’t need it. The mansion has only just stabilised….”

Ye Qingyu waved his hands. “Don’t refuse it anymore. It is namely because our mansion has just stabilised, that we need such a joyful event to allow everyone to relax. I think that for the entire Ye mansion, this is a good thing….Haha, listen to me, this matter is settled.”

“Wooooo, brother Xiaoyu is the best.” Little Grass hopped up and down in joy.

Qin Lan could not say anything more, and could only stand by the side and constantly pester Tang San to not spend too much.

There was an excited smile on Ye Qingyu’s face.

Perhaps this was one of the reason that he had suddenly wished to return to the Ye mansion. Only here, could he experience and sense the care of a family. Only here could he experience that warm affection. For the Ye Qingyu where both his parents had died, such an experience was far too rare for him.

Tang San rushed out with a smile to take care of matters.

And at this time, suddenly a clap of thunder sounded from outside the main hall. Silver radiance brightened the entire Deer city, and the gloomy clouds instantly disappeared. An indescribable energy undulated and engulfed the space between Heaven and Earth.

Then, the Ye family mansion began quaking and shaking.

“What’s happening? Could it be the Earth dragon turning over?”

“Quickly go to the courtyard, this building is about to collapse……”

Everyone had pale faces. The main hall began violently shaking. Tiles began falling and cracks appeared on a pillar to the west.

In the first instant, ye Qingyu transformed into a shadow, his inner yuan activated. Everyone in the main hall, including Qin Lan, Little Grass, and several dumbfounded female servants was brought outside by him.


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