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097 – The curses emitting from the Taoxuan pavillion

Nothing else happened today.

The entire Ye family mansion that night was in the midst of celebration. Tang San had arranged the birthday feast very well; although it could not be counted as extravagant, but everyone in the mansion could share in the joy. Everyone was able to sense the special treatment Ye Qingyu lavished upon the Qin mother and daughter, completely treating them as the masters of this mansion.

Lanterns began to be lit.

The people who had celebrated for half the day began to disperse.

In the main hall, there were only Ye Qingyu and Tang San.

Seeing the unhappy expression of the young master, the head supervisor Tang San knew deeply that Ye Qingyu was in a bad mood from being forcefully held behind by him. But as the head supervisor, he knew that there were some matters that needed the personal confirmation of Ye Qingyu before it could be done. He must explain in detail the properties of the Ye family to Ye Qingyu.

Under the oil lamp.

Tang San patiently and earnestly explained.

Ye Qingyu yawned, waving his hand. “I’m really tired, isn’t it just someone causing trouble at the properties. I’ll accompany you tomorrow to have a look. Those people with no eyes, if they’re really looking to die, then I’ll crush them….Fine, are you satisfied now?”

Tang San painfully smiled.

No matter what the group there would be struggles in the beginning. Ye Qingyu when taking back the Murong Shop, Lianfeng smithery and Taoxuan pavilion could be said that these properties were returning to their rightful owner. But without the stabilisation effect of Luo Jin and the others, the surrounding forces began to show indications of acting out. Where there was people, there would be conflict. These properties began to receive the challenge and provocation of others.

Even if it was not a direct confrontation, even if they hid and did things behind the scenes, it would be troublesome. It was enough for a person with zero experience like Tang San to become troubled.

After Ye Qingyu had regained these properties, Tang San had managed to largely sort the business relationships out. But the business of these properties, could not be compared to what they were previously. Apart from the movement of employees, another factor contributing to this was due the sabotage of several other competing companies.

“I’ve also discovered, that the character of Luo Jin and the others did not change. Under the support of some noble families, they are hiding behind them and conducting quite a lot of bad deeds against us. These people were once the managers of these properties and are familiar with the situation. We must prepare to defend ourselves.” Tang San said enigmatically.

Ye Qingyu continuously yawned. “Fine, fine. They are just a couple of clowns, tomorrow I’ll settle them all at once.”

Seeing Ye Qingyu’s absent minded countenance, Tang San felt as if he had punched into cotton, powerless and with no way to exert force.  Experiencing more things meant that he had greater awareness of the whole situation. Tang San currently clearly understood to what extent the waters within Deer city had been muddied. Inwardly the factions and forces were tied together in twisted roots and intertwined joints, forming countless links. Tang San was slightly worried, that Ye Qingyu’s careless attitude would be utilised against him by some craft and cunning old fellows.

“Since young master already has a plan in his heart, then I’ll first leave.” Tang San said helplessly.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, about to say goodnight then suddenly thought of something. Beckoning with his hand: “That’s right, Little San have you heard of the [Mist residence] in the southern district before?”

Tang San thought over this carefully, then shook his head.

“Tomorrow send some people to find out about this place.” Ye Qingyu was planning something.

Tang San nodded, turning to leave.

Ye Qingyu suddenly said again. “Leave it, don’t send people. This matter, just pretend you haven’t heard of it.”

“I understand.” Tang San was taken aback but did not ask why, turning to leave.

Under the pale yellow light of the lamp, Ye Qingyu sat on the chair, holding his chin deep in thought.

Since Wang Yan had warned him to not involve himself into the conflict, then this represented that danger would appear. His relationship with Wang Yan in the academy could not be counted as intimate, but this head teacher of the first year had  time and time again taken care of him. If he entered into this vortex, then perhaps there were some people that were currently secretly observing him.

If he allowed Tang San to investigate the [Mist residence], then there was a possibility of involved the Ye mansion into this matter.

After considering for a bit, Ye Qingyu decided to personally investigate that area by himself.

Returning to the [Determination garden], Ye Qingyu continued to train.

The yuan qi within the courtyard began to converge without any signs or sound.



The second day.

As Ye Qingyu’s dawn training ended, Qin Lan had already prepared the morning meal. She directed a female servant to bring hot water, and after demon king Ye had washed, everyone joyously finished breakfast. Little Grass went to the Taoxuan pavilion to practice martial arts.

There were approximately six months till the next time that White Deer academy would recruit students. The foundation of Little Grass was weak, therefore she must put in an even greater effort than other people. The little girl had experienced hardship before, so she was determined and resolute in becoming a martial artist like brother Qingyu. She was especially enthusiastic. Everyday without the need from a reminder from Qin Lan, she went by herself to train in the Taoxuan pavilion, extremely hard working.

After they had finished breakfast, Tang San arrived.

Ye Qingyu changed into a new pair of clothes. Both of them left the Ye mansion and headed to survey and inspect the Ye properties around them.

After the battle had ended, another layer of snow had landed within the city. Floating snow was still descending from the skies, and the thickness of the snow was enough to swallow someone’s knee. Thankfully on the main road, the accumulated snow had been tidied. The places that had not been cleaned were trodden on till they were like ice. The snow did not melt, making it seem as if the city was much more cleaner.

Everywhere they looked, the scenery was wrapped in a plain unadorned silver white. The city was particularly beautiful.

There were not many people on the streets.

Perhaps it was the battle in the skies that had caused too great a shock. Normal people did not dare to appear on the various paths. On the contrary to this, the soldiers of the army patrols were often seen. Their numbers seemed much more greater than usual. On the way, Ye Qingyu and Tang San, in less than half an hour of time, had already passed five or six squadrons. Their blades and spears were glimmering with light, heavily armoured, as if they were about to face their greatest foe.

Ye Qingyu was also interrogated by several of these patrols.

Thankfully due to the nameplate of the White Deer academy, it was easily solved.

In the entire afternoon, Ye Qingyu under the direction of Tang San, first went to inspect Murong shop, Heavenly fragrance restaurant and the Miaoyu temple.  He finally had a clear understanding of these properties.

The Murong shop mainly operated in the business of tea leaves, Dim Sum and fabric. He did not know what his father was thinking, the areas of this business was disorganised and chaotic. It seemed more like a general store. Heavenly fragrance was a wine shop and a restaurant. And as for the Miaoyu temple, it mainly operated in jade tools and jade accessories. These three average sized shops, each of them had around five employees to look after it.  Although the business could not be counted as spectacular, as the land was owned by the Ye family, there was no need to pay rent. They could barely manage to maintain a situation where they made neither a profit nor a loss.

Ye Qingyu was completely ignorant in regards to these businesses. He only showed himself to heighten morale.

After an entire morning of watching flowers from horseback*, they had only managed to go through three properties.

During the time of noon, finally more and more people began appearing on the streets.

After eating something in the Heavenly fragrance restaurant, Tang San brought Ye Qingyu to the Taoxuan pavilion.

Taoxuan pavilion was a martial arts dojo. In the past, Ye Qingyu’s mother had personally taught and accepted students and this establishment was exceptionally prosperous. It was enough for it to place in the top three of the Northern district. It was said that there were quite a few who had come to challenge the dojo and every single one of them was beaten till they returned from where they came from. The fame of the [Hundred flower sword] also expanded as a result of this.

It could be said that this dojo was crystallised effort of Ye Qingyu’s mother.

It was a pity that after Ye Qignyu’s parents had died in the battle to safeguard the city, without the stabilisation effect of an expert, the business of the dojo fell over a thousand metres. Afterwards, Nie Yan extorted and schemed the business away and managed to occupy the Taoxuan pavilion. But although he was crafty, his strength could not be compared at all to Ye Qingyu’s mother. Taoxuan pavilion did not regain its former radiance.

Ye Qingyu stood at the entrance to the Taoxuan pavilion.

He slowly lifted his head to look.

The willow doors nailed up by the copper nails were brushed black, dignified and solemn. The personally written words of Ye Qingyu’s father ‘Taoxuan pavilion’were hung on a board above. After experiencing so many years of wind and rain, the sign already emitted an atmosphere where great changes had occurred and was mottled in appearance. And on both sides of the gate, was a low wall that was said to be personally constructed by Ye Qingyu’s father. In the time of summer, it was crawling with moss but now it was covered in white snow.

The location of the martial arts dojo was in the outskirts, but it occupied nearly thirty acres of space. The little practice grounds was surrounded by clay walls, around twenty acres. Behind that, was the martial hall of the Taoxuan pavilion and several other buildings.

Out of all the properties that he owned, Ye Qingyu was most sentimental towards the Taoxuan pavilion.

Because when he was small, his mother had often brought him here.

Every grass and wood here, every stone and tile, would make Ye Qingyu remember the joyous days where his parents were beside him.

But namely for this reason, Ye Qingyu very rarely appeared here.

He did not want to recall the memories of his parents’ death.

In this short period of time, Ye Qingyu was silently standing in front of the entrance of the Taoxuan pavilion. After participating in the grand competition in the [Boundary canyon battlefield], he had always felt a stifling pressure in his mood. Perhaps it was the despicable actions Xia Houwu, perhaps it was the academy’s reaction that made him disappointed, perhaps it was the worry over the little loli, or perhaps it was seeing this scenery that made him remember his passed away parents……

In the end, Ye Qingyu could not discern why he felt this way.

Ye Qingyu felt like he was a volcano about to erupt.

And at this time, Ye Qingyu could hear, behind the black doors there was sounds of intense fighting, indistinct curses and cries….

The colour of Tang San’s face, instantly changed.

Ye Qingyu did not say anything, entering.

Behind the wall on the brick little practice grounds, two groups of people were facing off。

There were around five or six people in one group, wearing red coloured armour and posturing in an imposing and violent manner. They had an aggressive appearance and should be people of respectable strength. The person leading them was a sixteen or seventeen young man. Oily head and a powdered face, the smell of cosmetics enough to assault someone’s nostrils. He had a jade folding fan in his hand, extreme arrogance between his eyebrows and a cold smile on his face.


The other crowd was evidently much shabbier, with disorganised clothing and the majority with patches.

“Sun Yuhu, just what is t he meaning of this? Why have you allowed people to injure junior brother Wang?” A young man with coarse clothing loudly shouted in rage.

Next to him, several young people was supporting an injured man around twenty  years of age. His chest had been struck, the palm print evident. His chest had directly sunken in, and blood flowed from his nose and mouth. His injuries were not light, and he had already fainted with a weak vitality.

“Haha, it was decided it was a spar so one must therefore use their full efforts. Within battle, blades and spears have no eyes. Since my people have injured Wang Ying by mistake, this can only be blamed on the fact that his skills are no enough.” The powdered face of the young man, Sun Yuhu had contempt, not caring in the slightest.

“You….we agreed we would stop at first contact. You intentionally did this, this is too much.” The coarse clothed young man’s face turned red.


*Observing but not doing anything


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