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099 – A spear

Ye Qingyu gave him a glance. Wasn’t this the old doctor, Li Shizen?

Previously in the Ye mansion when he had found someone to treat Qin Lan’s injuries, this doctor had left a deep impression with Ye Qingyu. He did not expect that they would meet again today. They really had been brought together again by fate.

“Where’s the injured person?”

It seems that Li Shizen had hurried here and  ran. After standing straight for several breaths of time to recover and pant, he finally managed to calm his breathing down. Wiping away his sweat, he saw the six soldiers of the Capture barracks lying on the ground. This did not cause too much shock in his face and a calm expression was present throughout.

Tang San quickly rushed over and greeted him, bringing him to the Wang Ying lying on the stretcher.

The little girl with braided hair also panted after him carrying the medicinal box.

Ye Qingyu silently sat on the snow covered steps.

Tang San came over beside Ye Qingyu’s ear. He went over the background of Sun Yufu with a suppressed voice.

So the powdered face of that pretty boy, was the foster son of the Liu Yuancheng of the government office. Together with the Liu Lei that had already died in Ye Qingyu’s hand, they used to get up to all sorts of evil within the city.  Using their position to bully others, they did small things from oppressing others tyrannically to murder and arson. Within the city, they were known as ‘one wolf and one Bei*’. They had done far too many actions that offended Heaven and reason.

After Liu Lei had died at Ye Qingyu’s hands, Liu Yuancheng had lost his only son. Under his sorrow, he brought Sun Yufu to be raised within his residence, adopting him and doting on him even more. As a result of this, Sun Yufu became even more arrogant and wilful and was one of the calamities of this city.

During these past days, for some reason, Sun Yufu had arrived at the Northern district and schemed together with several camps of the Northern military office. He incited and provoked trouble at every opportunity. Who knows what kind of wind was blowing today, that he had come to the Taoxuan pavilion.

After hearing everything, Ye Qingyu still did not open his mouth.

He grabbed a jar of wine, unplugging the cover and the fragrant wine instantly wafted out. His inner yuan activated and with a slight suction, the aquamarine water became a jet stream, shooting out from the jar of wine into his mouth. This caused the smell of alcohol to permeate the air.

The wine that Tang San had sent people to buy was definitely good alcohol.

Ye Qingyu fiercely drank a large gulp.

A fiery spiciness entered into his body, and he could feel a hotness in his chest. It was as if if he only needed to open his mouth to breath fire.

And at this time, there were the sounds of ordered footsteps resounding from outside.


Waves after waves of footsteps, as if they were ordered drum beats, sounded in an extreme rhythm. As if the earth was shaking, as if they was a terrifying huge beast rushing towards them. It got nearer and nearer, and they could even hear the clink of the metallic armour. A fierce  atmosphere was heading towards them.

Within the air, there was an aura of tenseness.

Worry could not help but appear on Tang San’s face.

Lin Tian and his two comrades only felt their throats drying up and their calf muscles beginning to cramp up.

Undoubtedly, this was Sun Yufu bringing people here for revenge. Very possibly, these were the elite soldiers of the capture barracks, true killing machines. They were different from normal mercenaries and gangs, once the machinery of soldiers operate, it could completely crush everything in its path.

Very quickly, the flood of footsteps stopped in front of the door.


The black willow door exploded, wood flying chaotically everywhere.

A neat ordered row of long spears under the protection of wooden shields gradually neared, and behind them were the soldiers wielding these spears. Red armour, red masks, an endless icy glare emitting from their pupils. Without the slightest trace of fluctuations or shakiness, as if they were just icy machines. Each soldier held a spear with one hand and a round shield with the other, forming a neat orderly squadron. They slowly neared, like a scarlet red city wall. Slow but unstoppable, they advanced crushingly towards them.

The metallic bloody killing aura overwhelmed them in an instant.

In an moment’s time, beads of sweat dripped down from Tang San’s forehead.

Ye Qingyu did not even lift his glance up a single bit.

He opened his mouth and sucked.

The beautiful wine in the jar, again transformed into an aquamarine jet of water, gushing into his mouth.

In one breath, he had drank half the jar.

“Drinking wine like that, will hurt your body and waste the wine.” A voice came out from beside him. It was the white haired Li Shizen. After inspecting Wang Ying’s injuries, and taking care of the wounds, he came to the steps and spoke to Ye Qingyu.

“How are the injuries?” Ye Qingyu asked.

“You’ve already seen for yourself. You should be extremely clear on what the situation is like.” Li Shizen shook his head. “His organs are all injured and it is impossible to recover. You’ve already used your inner yuan to extend his last breath, but it cannot last longer than three days.”

“Even you can’t save him?” Ye Qingyu sighed in sorrow.

“Medicine and doctors cannot heal a death sickness. Only those fated can be saved.” Li Shizen stroked his white beard, “When a doctor treats a sickness, such is always so. When their life has snapped, I am powerless. I can only allow Qingqing to treat him simply. I guarantee that in these three days, he will die painlessly.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, and retreated back into his silent state.

When faced with the fierce and ominous soldiers of the capture barracks, this old doctor did not display the slightest trace of fear. In reverse to this, he had a calm and serene smile. This could not help but make Ye Qingyu evaluate him even more highly. This doctor Li really had the manner of an old man that had separated himself from worldly affairs.


The spears drummed on the shields, the clash of metal enough to make people’s hearts palpitate.

The first three rows of the spears moved aside and a passage way appeared that allowed a person to walk through. The Sun Yufu who had swapped his clothing for armour stepped through and a two metre tall burly man followed behind him. He had black metal armour on, like a steel tower, and a killing aura swirling around him. He was like a towering divine statue coming closer step by step.

The moment this black tower burly man appeared, a pressure was evident on the grounds.

“It’s him, its that little trash, that dared to kill people of the Capture barracks……..” The sharp pitched voice of Sun Yufu’s throat sounded, pointed at Ye Qingyu and screeching.

The black armoured burly man coldly glanced at Ye Qingyu, then look towards the soldiers struggling to get up on the ground. He lightly waved his arm.

There were spear soldiers that came to support the six soldiers unconscious on the ground, bringing them away.

The towering burly man’s palm moved, and a black steel shackle appeared within his hands.

This shackle was approximately three metres long, and was coiled around the hands of the burly man like a black python. The steel body of the shackle had dried bloodstains painted on the surface. And on the two ends of this chain, there were two sharp barbs, like the tongue from a poisonous stake. It caused one to shake with dread when seeing this.


The towering black armoured man threw the shackles next to Ye Qingyu’s foot.

“Do it yourself, and bind the soul stealing shackles behind your back and your hands. Then follow me to the Capture barracks.” The towering man’s words were as if he was announcing judgement. Pausing for a moment, he coldly said again: “Don’t feel lucky. As long as you obediently follow us, I can let go of your family and friends. If you dare resist, then I’ll exterminate everyone that you know.”

A explosive rage and killing intent, permeated the air.

Ye Qingyu fiercely drank a mouthful of the beautiful wine and laughed. His palm sucked the black chain into his hands, and he touched it all over with his hands. Shaking his head, he said : “What kind of toy is this, that you would bring it out to threaten people….”

He clenched the shackles with both of his hand, not seeming exerting that much force, and then this terrifying steel chain instantly transformed into scrap metal. As if an craftsman was kneading dough, he easily destroyed the chain then threw it on the stage. Landing with a bang, it suddenly made the hearts of everyone shake madly.

The colour of this towering man drastically changed. In his tiger like eyes, cold light exploded.

“When was it, that the kingdom’s soldiers defending the city, became the dogs that were privately raised by the nobles? That every dog and cat like character, could deploy as they want?When was it that they became thugs?” Ye Qingyu leaned against the platform, hugging the jar of wine, saying his words clearly and slowly.

“You little trash, you dare to be so arrogant in front of commander Zhang and dare act so recklessly.” Sun Yuhu hid beside the towering man, stamping his foot. Pointing at Ye Qingyu, he began to loudly curse at Ye Qingyu: “I’m telling you this, today you are dead for sure. Wait until you’ve been dragged into the Capture barracks, I will definitely make sport of you, making you unable to even beg for life and death!”

“Liu Yuancheng really is an idiot. His son that stirred up trouble everywhere died.  Then he really adopted such a son that would invite disaster everywhere.” Ye Qingyu grabbed through the air.

A soldier of the capture barracks exhaled in shock. He could hold the scarlet red spear in his hands no longer, the spear flying out.

Ye Qingyu held the spear slightly. Without aiming or looking, he casually threw it out.

The long spear formed a long trajectory, with not a very fast speed that sailed towards Sun Yuhu.

Sun Yuhu was shocked, and instinctively wanted to retreat backwards. But then he realised he was under the many layers of protection of the soldiers of the capture barracks and the commander Zhang next to him was a expert of the martial way. There was completely no need to be afraid. Such a soft and weak spear throw definitely could not injure him.

Thinking of this, Sun Yuhu conversely did not retreat backwards anymore but rather took a step forwards to indicate his fearsomeness.

The towering commander coldly snorted and grabbed towards the incoming spear.

In his heart, he could already not determine Ye Qingyu’s background anymore.

To casually knead the steel chain like dough, then this indicated that the strength of this youth was extremely strong. But this did not hold any threat towards him, because Zhang Hen had seen too many strong people in his life before. Even if he was not his opponent he was not afraid, because the people standing  beside him were not only the capture barracks, but also the entire defending army of Deer city. But right now, this teenager, would dare to insult and abuse the Liu Yuancheng of the government office. This was a sign of many problems to come.

At this instant, Zhang Heng slightly regretted that he would bring people to help Sun Yuhu here inorder to gain the favour of Liu Yuancheng.

But at this moment, since Sun Yuhu was in danger, he could not abandon him.

As his hand stretched out, he had already managed to grab the icy cold spear.

Zhang Heng had confidence in his strength.

He had already planned, after receiving the spear strike of this youth, how he would handle the situation afterwards. But at this time, something that he had never thought would have happened occurred. The scarlet red spear suddenly rapidly rotated, as if inside it was a strong force that was currently exploding. It instantly shook off his hand.


Zheng Hen shouted loudly in his heart.

The next instant—–


He could see Sun Yu with wide open eyes, convulsing in fear. The scarlet red spear had pierced through his left shoulder. The enormous force the spear brought sent him sailing backwards. After knocking over several soldiers, the spear finally landed with a boom, nailed Sun Yu on an earthen wall tens of metres away.


*legendary wolf like creature, kind of like a hyena


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