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100 – Go back and ask

The body of the quivered and vibrated in the air.

Sun Yu was nailed alive to the wall.

Thankfully for him, this spear did not hit any of his vitals. It only pierced through his left shoulder without reaping his life away.

But the pain originating from his shoulder, made Sun Yuhu squeal  in a high pitch, like a pig being slaughtered. Subconsciously, he crazily struggled and tore the wound open even further causing fresh blood to streak out. His eyes rolled over, the whites showing and fainting directly.

Huge shock was within the hearts of the soldiers of the capture barracks when they witnessed this scene.

The first row of the spear soldiers, already had the spears ready in their hands.  They held the spears above their heads. This was a sign that they were about to be thrown. Once the long spears was thrown, the soldiers of the Capture barracks would be like a well oiled machine, beginning to do battle.

“Don’t act!”

The black armoured towering commander lifted his hand, shouting.

The movement of the soldiers instantly froze, as if they had became orderly statues.

Seeing this scene, Ye Qingyu could not help but sigh in admiration.

The capture barracks was the elite army of Deer city. This type of military discipline, really caused someone to feel a whole new level of respect for this group of soldiers. Swift like the wind, gentle like the forest, motionless like a mountain. It was a pity that such an squadron, would become thugs that nobles could casually deploy as they pleased.

“Who is your distinguished self?”

Zhang Heng stared at Ye Qingyu, his tone becoming much more mild.

Being in the army for so many years, he had experienced many turbulent situations before. Zhang Heng was absolutely a man with keen insight, able to determine whether a person was a true Buddha or a scarecrow. He could indistinctly sense, that the  youth sitting on the steps of the stage was calm and composed, every movement expressing a heavy self confidence. This teenager was even more complicated than what his imagination.

Ye Qingyu laughed. “You followed Sun Yuhu to smash my property aggressively. The moment you came, you did not attach any importance to me, beliving that you could definitely gobble me up. Before this, did you not ask who I am?”

Zhang Hen hesitated, not saying anything.

“My young master, comes from the White Deer academy. His name is Ye Qingyu.” Tang San suppressed the fear in his heart, stepping forward to answer this question.

Ye Qingyu?

Zhang Hen paused, faintly feeling that this name was somewhat familiar. After pondering for a while, he abruptly understood. Shock in his heart, he carefully evaluated Ye Qingyu from head to toe.

“That Ye Qingyu of White Deer academy?” Zhang Heng briefly nodded his head, his tone much warmer. “Your name has been known to me for a long time. So you really are Ye Qingyu. Fine, the things that happened today, was my mistake. I did not understand the reason thoroughly before coming here. I ask for  young lord Ye not to take offense. From now on,  I won’t get involved again, but….One soldier of the capture barracks had died. I fear that the Northern military office will come and investigate. Young lord Ye, be careful.”

Finishing what he had to say, he turned and left.

“Let’s go.”

Zhang Heng waved his hands. Hundreds of soldiers orderly retrieved their weapons. As if they were one entity, they turned and left like the tide, gradually disappearing.

Sun Yuhu like a dead dog that was supported by other people.  Plucking out the long spear stabbed into his body, the surrounding soldiers placed him onto a stretcher. The moment the spear was pulled out, pain caused him to regain consciousness. He struggled, groaning and whining, “Where is he? Where is that damn trash? Have you captured him? I need to kill him, I need to kill his entire family….”

Ye Qingyu lifted his hands. “Wait a moment.”

The footsteps of Zhang Heng stopped. He turned his head backwards: “what is it?”

And at this time, Sun Yuhu finally understood what the situation was like. The soldiers beside him was desperately restraining him. He instinctively turned backwards, seeing Ye Qingyu’s gaze like that of a blade. His heart instantly quivered. A hard to describe fear and terror overcame him. His mouth opened and a spurt of blood flew out, fainting again.

Ye Qingyu looked at the Sun Yuhu being carried away, his face filled with malevolence. Deep in his eyes, there was an unnoticed killing intent that flashed by.

Ye Qingyu pointed to the broken willow entrance: “Who smashed the doors? Compensate me.”

Zhang Heng suddenly felt like there were black lines on his else. He thought it was for some other reason that he had been stopped. Letting out a breath of relief, he took out an inter dimensional pouch and threw it into the hands of Tang San. “There is ten thousand gold here, to repay young lord Ye’s dojo door.”

The corners of Tang San’s mouth twitched, turning his head to look at Ye Qingyu.

Ten thousand gold was enough to repair and replace a willow door ten thousand times over. This was a huge sum, far exceeding the value of the entrance. Holding this sum in his hand, was somewhat scalding for Tang San.

But Ye Qingyu’s eyelids did not even move.

Tang San instantly became calm, accepting naturally and storing away the inter dimensional pouch.

Zhang Heng smiled, turning to leave again.

Who would have guessed that at this time, Ye Qingyu would open his mouth yet again. “Wait a moment.”

Zhang Heng stopped his footsteps, his eyebrows frowning slightly. In his tiger like eyes there was a hint of anger, but he ultimately controlled his emotions. He turned around yet again and smiled: “What is it? Could it be that young lord Ye feels that ten thousand gold is not enough to repair the doors? If it is like this, then young lord Ye just say a price. I’ll see if I, Zhang Heng and the brothers of the capture barracks can afford to compensate you for the entrance.”

The meaning of his words, evidently hinted that Ye Qingyu was being slightly too greedy.

Tang San also sweated, feeling that his young master had really gone slightly too far.

Under the gaze of countless eyes, Ye Qingyu lightly shook his head.

“Then what is young lord Ye’s intention?” Zhang Heng opened his mouth.

Ye Qingyu took a large mouthful of alcohol, casually rubbing away the droplets of wine near his lips. He lightly tapped the jar of wine, as if he was pondering something. After a short while, he slowly exhaled an murky breath filled with the smell of alcohol.

He looked at Zhang Heng, a faint smile on his face. Slowly, “From the moment I’ve returned to the Ye mansion, I’ve already had several contact with the people of the Northern military office. It was not particularly cheerful. Our fate together is really not light. Therefore, could I trouble you to bring a message to your superior in the military office? Go ask him, does he really want to go against the widows and orphans of the Ye family? Is the heroic brass badge, really in the eyes of the lord of the military office, scrap metal?”

Zhang Heng hesitated.

His expression, instantly became extremely embarrassed.

Zheng Heng looked at the indifferent calmness of this youth. He suddenly felt, that everything that Ye Qingyu did before, compared to this expression of tranquillity and calmness, did not count as anything. Only at this moment could he sense the intensity of this youth from White Deer academy, could he sense the depths of this youth.

Zhang Heng abruptly felt, that he really shouldn’t have came today.

He did not feel Ye Qingyu was that arrogant.

As if everything that occurred today was a matter of course for Ye Qingyu.

In truth, the moment he heard the name of this teenager, he had came to a realisation. Even if he was a commander of the capture barracks, even if his military position was not low, he did not possess the requirements to face this youth. In the entire Northern district, perhaps only the military general had the right to speak face to face with this youth.

An unyielding brass military badge. A grand competition that had spread out throughout the entire Deer city and even the entire mountain range. Without signs or sounds, it had already completely changed everything.

The wings of this youth had already been formed.

“I know, I will convey this to the military leader.”

Zhang Heng clasped his hands, retreating several steps. Then he turned around abruptly ,and with a wave of his hands, the hundreds of soldiers of the Capture barracks under his command retreated like the tide, disappearing in a distant corner far off in the street.

Within the air, the permeating tenseness and mutual hostility gradually dispersed.

Only until the last of the soldiers of the Capture barracks disappeared from his view, did Tang San let out a sigh of relief. He wiped the vast quantity of sweat from his brows while his heart drummed madly. Only after a while could he regain his composure.

Lin Tian and his two comrades, panted roughly and unevenly as if they were about to collapse. Excitement and stimulation they had never experienced before enveloped these three people. They stealthily looked towards the back of Ye Qingyu. The hearts of these three people were submerged with respect and curiosity towards the young master of the Taoxuan pavilion. One name was enough to make the Zhang Heng of the capture barracks lead his troops to retreat, what kind of power was this ?

Lin Tian clearly understood, that his choice today to stay behind was really too correct.

And at this time, around the short earthen walls of the Taoxuan pavilion, there were already quite a number of people gathered.

Every face, fat and slim, had every kind of marvellous and different expression. Curiosity and respect towards the teenager holding a jar of wine on the stage. The moment the conflict began, this news transferred through the district at the speed of a tornado. Coming from different areas all kinds of people gathered here, each holding a different aim, to see the commotion.

Nearly everyone felt that the Taoxuan pavilion could not escape from this predicament.

In these years, the power of the army had been deeply imprinted within the hearts of everyone in Deer city. By and large, even if it was someone from an average noble family, they would not dare to offend the officers within the city. Especially for elite troops like the capture barracks, they could nearly go on a rampage without fearing the consequences.

At the instant the doors were broken down, some people laughed.

A group of people had already stealthily calculated and planned what would occur if the Taoxuan pavilion fell. Just what kind of benefits would they be able to gain? Such as from what kind of contact with the capture barracks could they use to repossess the land of the Taoxuan pavilion, using it for some other purpose. After all, the area that this land covered was not small. It had been a fatty piece of meat in the eyes of many people for a long time…..

They had never thought……

One phrase and one name.

That the capture barracks would retreat just like that.

Sun Yuhu was beaten till he was like a dead dog. The commander was reprimanded in front of everyone….All of this was not enough to make the capture barracks act in furious anger.

How many years had it been since the army admitted defeat so easily and quickly?

The muscular commander Zhang Heng was someone very many people recognised. He was the famous martial madman of this area, a pain in the neck for many people. The way he did things was vicious and merciless. If he fell out with you, he would not recognise anyone. If he went insane, he would not even recognise his own family. Even some small nobles, would be somewhat afraid of the consequences of angering him. But this time, when facing the young master of the Taoxuan pavilion, he apologised and paid for the damages.

What did this represent?

Thinking of the power behind the young master of the Taoxuan pavilion, everyone was completely shaken.

The hearts of the people that was scheming to gain some small benefits had already turned icy cold. They did not dare to have the slightest intention to covet the Taoxuan pavilion anymore.

And the people who had some grievances with Taoxuan pavilion, who had secretly directed people to make things difficult for Taoxuan pavilion and the other properties of Ye family, could not help but be worried. They hurried to send people to cancel their prepared plans, and began to think of methods on how to repair the relationship between them and Ye Qingyu.


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