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101 – Three days

Such a disturbance thus ended just like that.

Some of the students that had abandoned the Taoxuan pavilion were able to observe everything from the outside. Seeing the scene, they were so regretful that they could die. They knew better than anyone that they had missed a golden opportunity. Even though Ye Qingyu said that he would still welcome them back to practice martial arts at the Taoxuan pavilion, but compared to Lin Tian and the two others that did not abandon or leave they were found lacking. From now on, to obtain Ye Qingyu’s complete trust was an impossible matter.

And some people who were not students of Taoxuan pavilion at this time,  could not wait to rush in to become a disciple and learn.

Apart from the Taoxuan pavilion, which martial art dojo in the Northern district was able to do this? Who could casually sit on the steps, drinking wine and only one sentence was needed to force the Capture barracks to retreat?

This was the most naked and real symbol of strength. Entering Taoxuan pavilion was equivalent to finding a great patron. From then on, as long as they said they were the students of Taoxuan pavilion it was very likely that they would be able to walk horizontally* across the entire North city district. Even the normally tyrannical gangs and the little sects, would not dare to harm them in the slightest.
One could easily imagine at what sort of crazy rate the news of what happened here today would spread out at. From now on, Taoxuan pavilion did not need to fret over not making a living.

No matter what the place, for a business like a dojo, the best glittering character signboard was strength and background.

Ye Qingyu seemed to have fully demonstrated these two attributes in the conflict today.

“For today, close the dojo, and find someone to repair the entrance. From tomorrow onwards, the dojo will open like usual.” Ye Qingyu gave Tang San a signal.
Tang San understood tacitly. Coming to the entrance, he greeted the gathering crowd outside by raising his clasped hands in greeting. Then he announced loudly: “Everyone of this neighbourhood, friends of the same way, today Taoxuan pavilion will be closed, and will not receive visitors. Everyone should disperse, from tomorrow the Taoxuan pavilion will reopen officially. If you want to formally become a student and learn, then come tomorrow morning……Disperse, everyone should disperse.”

The crowd gradually left.

Ye Qingyu lowered his head to look at the jar of wine in his hands. There was only a tiny bit left. He was about to lift it up and drink the last drops when the silent Li Shizen that had always sat beside him coughed. “Young man, such a way of drinking alcohol, is not good for your body.”

Ye Qingyu smiled. “I am drowning my sorrows.”

“And what sorrows do you have?” Li Shizen stroked his silver long beard and slapped his own thigh with a laugh. “Young, extraordinary innate talent, success when you are young with no need to worry about your next meal. You don’t know how many people are envious of you. For example, for a rotten old man like me, you don’t know how envious I am of young people like you.”

Ye Qingyu let out a loud laugh. “ Fine, according to this old man’s word, I really shouldn’t be sad.”

Li Shizen also chuckled loudly. “Of course you shouldn’t.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, considering. He turned his head and said to the Tang San beside him: “When we return, send someone to buy more alcohol like this, the taste is not bad. I’ve decided, from now on if someone make’s things difficult for me, then I’ll drink myself drunk before taking care of them. Haha, since at that time I’ll be drunk and don’t know anything, I’ll have a excuse for going crazy.”

Li Shizen and Tang San was speechless for a moment.

“Young master, such a thing, just leave it for me and my brothers. Let us run your errands.” Lin Tian could not bear remaining silent any longer, stepping forwards and volunteering himself.

The young man next to him also quickly nodded his head. “That’s right. Young master, let us do some things for you. Also, my father is the best furniture craftsman nearby. I’ll return right now and ask my father to come and construct for a free a shining and glimmering golden entrance.”

Ye Qingyu could not restrain his smile. “There’s no need for it to be glittering and glimmering with a golden light. Just do it according to what it used to look like and construct another door. For the materials and wages, go find supervisor Tang to pay for your expenditure….” Ye Qingyu paused and looked at the three excited expressions of the three. He said with a laugh. “I am very grateful that you decided to stay behind today. If you are willing , then from this moment onwards Taoxuan pavilion will become your second family. If you have matters in the future, you can go find supervisor Tang for assistance. But do not use the name of Taoxuan pavilion to swindle others outside and use your force to bully others.”

Ye Qingyu’s words were straightforward and brutally honest.
He knew that these were the words that the three young people most wanted to hear so he did not have to be coy.

Ye Qingyu admired these three people very much for their ability to resolutely stay in such a situation. Especially Lin Tian. There was a staunch and bravery about him, he was a good seedling worth raising.

“Thank you young master!”

“We will absolutely not make  you lose face.”

The three men hearing Ye Qingyu’s words, instantly starting cheering and rushed to slap their chest in guarantees.

After the three had left, Ye Qingyu beckoned to Tang San yet again. “Do things according to the previous rules of the Taoxuan pavilion. Don’t raise the fees. Quickly utilise the time and find more martial instructors, master Zhou will be too busy if he is left on his own.  The part time students that left today can return, but the teachers that left along with Nie Yan are not to be accepted if they return.”

Tang San nodded his head to indicate he understood.

As they were speaking, Little Grass and the teacher Zhou had returned from purchasing equipment. On the way, they had already heard of the things that had taken place. Little Grass saw Ye Qingyu and rushed into the embrace of her brother Qingyu in the first instance, excitedly jumping and cheering.

Master Zhou was a martial instructor around fifty years of age, called Zhou Xiang. His left leg was somewhat disabled, and he had a limp when he walked. His strength was around the fourth stage of the ordinary martial level and his appearance seemed honest and straightforward. Tang San had already given an introduction to Ye Qingyu regarding him. Zhou Xiang was originally an escort at an armed escort company in the city. After one of his missions where he had to protect a person, he wounded his leg in the midst of battle and created a recurring injury. His strength greatly fell and he could not help but leave the armed escort company, finding a living at Taoxuan pavilion. He had already been working here for three years of time, but he was  not the confidant of Nie Yan so had never received his trust. Therefore Zhou Xiang did not follow him when he left.

Ye Qingyu smiled at him and greeted him, thanking him for not departing at such a critical time.

Such a attitude, made Zhou Xiang both embarrassed and joyous. His facial expression became conflicted and confused. This middle aged martial instructor was really a straightforward and honest man.

Ye Qingyu also had a look around the dojo.

Compared to four years ago, Taoxuan pavilion had not change much. Many items were old antiques and items belonging from the generation of Ye Qingyu’s parents. After Nie Yan had taken away the Taoxuan pavilion, he did not heavily invest into this establishment. Nie Yan must have thought that there was a not a great future for this martial art dojo, so he had always remained a blood sucker, drinking away the blood of the dojo. He was waiting for the day when the business became so bad it could not continue, and planned to sell the land away and leave with his purse in such a situation.

When he walked out from the hall of the Taoxuan pavilion, Li Shizen still remained.

The little girl called Qingqing, had finally placed the heavy medicinal box down. Right now, she was sitting on the platform, speaking and laughing with Little Grass about something. The two little girls were of a similar age, and was very easily able to play together with each other. They seemed to get on together very harmoniously.

An idea was born in Ye Qingyu’s heart. He sat beside the old doctor: “Doctor Li, do you have any interest, in coming to Taoxuan pavilion to become our in house medical consultant?”

Li Shizen looked at him.

Ye Qingyu: “When students are training, light wounds and injuries often appear.Some students don’t really notice too much and pay proper attention to it. This can often leave a recurring injury that if harmful for their bodies. If there is an experienced doctor acting as an in house medical consultant and is willing to treat the injuries, I think that such a scenario can be prevented to its fullest.”

Hearing this, Li Shizen smiled. Under his eyebrows, there was a piercing gaze that could completely discern Ye Qingyu’s intention. “Master Ye must have seen that it is not easy for a poor old man and his granddaughter to survive in this chaotic human society, and that we can only struggle and rely on each other. You must be pitying a poor old man like me and want to help us? That’s why you offered.”

Ye Qingyu coughed. “I do have such an intention. Don’t blame me for being presumptuous but I see that Qingqing and Little Grass is getting along so well. That’s the reason I had such and idea. Little Grass that little girl, has had a bitter life. She lost her father at a young age and does not have any playmate whatsoever. I rarely see her be so happy when she plays with other people. If we let them play and practice martial arts together, is that not a good thing for both of the girls?”
Li Shizen nodded his head in agreement. “Then I’ll thank master Ye.”

Ye Qingyu was overjoyed.

Li Shizen accepted much more easily then in his imagination.

Without knowing why, Ye Qingyu felt this white haired old man had an aura of like that of someone regaining their natural state. His pair of eyes was as if it was able to see through all worldly affairs. There was a quality about him that stood apart from this world, different from other people. He was an old man with a story.

The two conversed for a while.

Their topic quickly changed to Spirit herbs and medicine.

Ye Qingyu was surprised to discover Li Shizen cursory words was extremely knowledgeable and had clearly researched in depth regarding different Spirit herbs and medicines. Screeening, usage, dosage, quality so on and so forth, he was very familiar with all aspects of medicine. He knew very many things, that was hard to see even within the mysterious tomes of the public libraries of White Deer academy.

He was an old man well versed in medicine.

That was the evaluation in Ye Qingyu’s heart.

At this time, there was a familiar searching sound from beside him.

Ye Qingyu turned to look beside him, and black lines could not help but appear on his forehead. Without knowing the exact time, the silly dog Big Head had wriggled free from his grip and jumped into the jar of wine. Sneakily, he had licked clean the beautiful wine left inside. Big Head was now shaking the earthen jar, a perfect picture of someone not yet satisfied.

Time quickly passed to the evening.

Lamps began to be lighted within Taoxuan pavilion.

The young man really brought his skilled craftsman father over along with several of other workers. Through their work, the entrance of Taoxuan pavilion was once again constructed and established. Like what it used to be, it was still made from willow and was inky black in colour.

Ye Qingyu directed Tang San to host a feast, to thank the craftsmans for their work.

Li Shizen and the others also stayed for dinner.
The stupid dog Big Head was the thing that was able to attract the most attention in this banquet. There was only one reason for this —-this creature was really able to eat too much. No matter what was placed in front of him, he would completely finish devouring it in less than three breaths of time.  If this little fellow did not have a tiny and cute outer appearance, the others could not help but be suspicious whether the ravenous appetite of this silly dog would activate and treat everyone here as food and consume them!

Ye Qingyu was completely speechless when facing Big Head.

Too able to eat.

The key point was that he could never be satisfied.

Demon King Ye looked at the constantly disappearing food and rubbed his somewhat painful chest. He began to seriously consider, if this continued on, whether there was really a possibility that he would be eaten poor by this stupid dog. Should he just find a location and throw this good for nothing but eating dog away? A dog without any shred of martial power and only possessed a cute appearance, should he just chuck him somewhere far away?

At night, Ye Qingyu left Taoxuan pavilion.

In the leftover two days of time, Ye Qingyu remained within the Ye mansion to concentrate on his training.

The third day.

Ye Qingyu stealthily left alone from the Ye mansion, towards the Southern district.

He needed to see Wang Yan, to clear everything up.

The promised time, had finally arrived.



*domineering, without fear of consequences.


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