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106 – Enemies on a narrow road

The sudden change within the city immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

Including the elite soldiers that were currently blocking Ye Qingyu.

At this time, Ye Qingyu’s thoughts cleared. He promptly realised that he was still immersed in the negative emotions that had been caused by bidding the little loli farewell. In that brief moment, he really had the intent to kill them. Thinking back, instantly made cold sweat drip from all over his body.

These soldiers were the elite army that protected the Snow county. They only listened to orders, without distinguishing from good or evil and was the main force when resisting the demon race. These soldiers should not die in his hands. Furthermore, there were so many martial experts in the air. Once he made a move, it could not help but attract the notice of these people. Once the criminal charge of killing a soldier was placed on him, this was not something he could laugh about.

With a brief thought, Ye Qingyu’s figure flashed, disappearing from where he stood.

Once the leading soldier had recovered from the scene in the skies and turned to look back, Ye Qingyu was already gone.

“What’s happened? Where is he?” Another soldier was deeply shocked. “Can this fellow really be the comrade of that demonic girl? It’s a pity, we got distracted and let him get away otherwise it would be a great merit.”

The leading soldier shook his head. “This person is strange and is definitely not weak. We may not be his opponent. It doesn’t matter if we let him escape, layers of barriers has already been placed within the city. If that person is really the henchman of that demonic girl, he will be executed sooner or later…..”

As he spoke, a tightly clustered meteor like light without any signs appeared in the skies. Then it ruptured apart. In a split second, it made the entire Deer city seem as if it was in a dream, with an indescribable magnificence and bizarreness to radiance.
“The signal to attack! Lets charge in.”

The leading soldier loudly roared, taking out the long sword in his waist. Leading his subordinates, he charged towards the Mist Residence.

And nearly at the same time, around all directions of the Mist Residence there were large numbers of soldiers from the [Black Mountain barracks] that appeared. As if they were a black avalanche, they advanced and rushed towards the Mist residence.
Countless walls of the streets and alley were destroyed by the martial experts, dust and smoke rising to the sky. When the machine of the orderly army began functioning, it was extremely cold and merciless.

Without any prior signs, hundreds of people wearing night skin tight clothing appeared in the originally empty and silent streets.  Their pace was vigorous and their figures agile. Evidently they were experts of the martial path. As if they were a nest of grey snakes, they blocked the path of the charging [Black mountain barracks] army coming from all directions.

A brief exchange between the forces.

The clash of metallic weapons striking each other constantly emitted.

What accompanied this clash was the grievous screams that occurred just before a person died.

White snowflakes danced, red blood spurted.

An abrupt and unexpected battle, broke out this afternoon in the Southern district.

“Haha, no wonder you hid the demonic girl here. So you had long hidden your forces here. Hmph, a evil doer will forever be a evil doer. They are fated to die, can they overturn this fate?” Within the air, the Chen Jiuxing wearing black armour laughed loudly. With a flick of his hand, a incomparably huge hatchet appeared in his hands.

He casually swiped.

A yuan qi formation was able to be seen on the huge black hatchet.

Originally the hatchet was only around half a metre large but the moment it struck through the air, it suddenly transformed into a weapon hundreds of metres long. Glorious black light came from this weapon. As it neared the ground, the power of this yuan qi hatchet became stronger and stronger. From far away, the impact of this scene made it seem as if even the sky was being chopped apart by this hatchet.

“You are looking to die!”

In that clear and cold voice, a vast sword light shot into the sky from the Mist Residence.


The sword light crushed apart the yuan qi hatchet.

The terrifying residual forces from this impact travelled all around.

At first glance, it was as if a hurricane broke out twenty metres from the ground that radiated in all directions. The air rapidly circulated. The terrifying force, was enough to make all the architecture within a hundred metre collapse like paper falling with a crash. Hundreds of pounds of rubble and smashed walls flew through the air in chaotic trajectories. Dust and white snow completely enveloped the sky in an instant!

In such a chaotic commotion, a white figure soared into the sky.

Her sword was like lightning.

It was namely the female sword immortal, Wang Jianru.

Her figure was like electricity, advancing towards Chen Jiuxing.

The time had finally arrived for the battle between true experts.

A thousand metres radius from the Mist Residence was instantly transformed into an
Asura battleground,  incomparably chaotic.

Ye Qingyu was a like a black spirit, piercing throughout this chaotic battlefield. He carefully avoided both parties, observing in detail everything that occurred around him.

The grey clothed warriors that had suddenly appeared around him, seemed Wang Jianru’s men. It was only that when Ye Qingyu entered the Mist Residence, he did not see a hint of these people so he had no way of confirming whether this assumption was correct. But recalling the way Wang Jianru handled matters this was not such a great leap to make. She was mysterious, dealing with every matter using meticulous planning and foresight. She hid herself within White Deer academy for ten years without being discovered. To privately raise a group of warriors that were loyal and willing to die for her was not a problem.

But in such a situation, where it seemed that the entire Deer city encircled them and wanted to annihilate them, would they be able to handle it? Even if Wang Jianru’s strength was even more profound, would she be able to bring the little loli safely away?

Furthermore, the enemy at this time was not only the army stationed at Deer city.

There was also the person that previously battled with Wang Jianru, the person that always hid after being defeated by the Splitting Heaven sword will. That terrifying expert that controlled the black clouds permeating the air….

In his heart, Ye Qingyu was extremely worried.

That was the reason why he secretly returned and had risked coming back into the battlefield.

Even though his strength could absolutely not alter anything, but there was no way he could just leave the little loli and depart in peace.

At this time, the entire area had already became a disordered huddle. The grey clothed warriors crazily delayed the advance of the enemy. Evidently there was no way for them top come out alive of this situation so they could only fight to the death. Their resistance was grievous and critical. From the perspective of individual strength, their power was higher than the elites of the [Black mountain barracks]. But due to the absolute numbers advantage, injuries and death began to appear and the area they defended constantly shrunk…..

Within a collapsed house, there were tragic screams resounding.

It was obviously a normal citizen within the house that had not yet left and was dragged into such a battle. They suffered a calamity that had nothing to do with them.
The leader of the [Black mountain barracks], obviously did not want to rustle the grass and alert the snake so he did not move the people of Mist residence away completely before the battle. Therefore from the start, he did not want to evacuate the people a thousand metres around the Mist residence prior to attacking. In other words, the normal citizens within this area would be needless sacrifices for this plan. Only those with true luck, would perhaps be able to retain their life in the midst of such a chaotic battle.

Ye Qingyu saw with his own eyes, the tragedies that were occurring. In a collapsed house within the battlefield, a young husband and wife was crushed to death by the shattered stone wall. From their appearance they had not yet been wedded for long, and there were still red celebratory characters in the room. An endless desolateness and pity….

Facing such a scene, Ye Qingyu could only sigh.

As he passed by more collapsed structures, if there were people injured, Ye Qingyu would drag them away from the destroyed structures and stop their bleeding.

He did his utmost to get near the Mist residence, wanting to find where the little loli was exactly. But he kept failing. The grey clothed warriors defence was extremely frantic, as long as he was not someone that belonged to their group they would strike to kill. And as for the people of the [Black mountain barracks] they thought that Ye Qingyu was an enemy, attacking him whenever they saw him.


Ye Qingyu’s fist shot out, sending a soldier of the Black mountain barracks flying.

“Continuing in such a way, is not a good method. Before I can find the little loli, I will become the enemy of everyone.” Ye Qingyu dodged a whistling long sword, ducking and leaning, entering into the embrace of the grey clothed warrior holding the sword.
He then knocked him flying, his figure flashing and concealing within a collapsed stone house nearby.

After attempting several times, Ye Qingyu finally managed to hide himself under a stone bridge a hundred metres away from the Mist Residence.

From this position, he could see the destroyed entrance of the Mist Residence. In the previous exchange between Wang Jianru and Chen Jiuxing, the residual force from this exchange had nearly completely flattened this location. Without the obstruction of high walls and passageways, he could largely see everything within the Mist Residence clearly. But right now, he still had not yet discovered the figures of the little loli and the others….

“I can only hope that Wang Jianru has already arranged everything.”

Ye Qingyu thought in his heart.

And at this time, a black figure abruptly crawled from the rubbles of the Mist residence. Shaking off the dirt and dust on his body, like a agile cat, he slowly and carefully began to act…..

It was that black clothed person.

Ye Qingyu’s heart pulsated. Seeing this figure, it was the person who had recognised him with just glance in the mist residence, the black clothed person that had brought him to see Wang Jianru.

Should he call out to him?

Ye Qingyu hesitated for a moment, then heard a series of footsteps running towards them.

“Who’s that? Stand there!”

“Escape? You dare escape? He must be a person working for that demonic girl. Everyone charge, the commander has an order, capturing people alive will have a heavy reward!”

Several loud shouts sounded and the urgent footsteps brought with it the clank of armour. Evidently it was the elite soldiers of the [Black mountain barracks]. They had discovered the black clothed man and charged towards him. What followed after was the sounds of swords clashing, and very quickly a grunt. With a plop someone fell, and the battle stopped…….

“Motherfucker, who let you escape, you have killed the people on our side. Little kid, you have guts. Tear his black cloth from his face, I need to see his appearance……” A arrogant and poisonous voice was able to be heard extremely clearly.

Evidently the black clothed person could not win against the soldiers alone, and was ultimately captured.

What followed after was the sounds of flesh striking flesh. It should be the black clothed man being fiercely slapped.

Ye Qingyu originally wanted to act to save him, but hearing this familiar voice, he paused.

This voice, was really too familiar for him.

It was the voice of Xia Houwu.

Because of the matter that had occurred within the [Boundary canyon battlefield], Xia Houwu had been expelled from Whtie Deer academy. His name was erased from the register without anyone knowing where he went. Originally Ye Qingyu wanted to find Xia Houwu to settle their debts, but he did not think that he would come across him today. This was somewhat queer.

But as he thought deeper about this matter it was not so strange. The Xiahou family was one  of the top noble families in the city.

Through the accumulation of generations, they possessed influence and wealth. No matter what, Xia Houwu was the son of the first wife of the head of family. Even though he was expelled from the academy, to rely on relations to enter the [Black Mountain barracks] in order to gain some experience was very possible. After all, for many nobles, an army was a passable destination to train and perfect one’s skills.

“Who, who are you? Where did you hide the demonic girl?”

On the bridge, the soldiers was currently interrogating the black clothed man.

Ye Qingyu evaluated all around him. Within a hundred metres dust and snow was thick in the air, without signs of many people nearby.

Such an opportunity was hard to come by.

He prepared to act.

This time Xia Houwu was really unlucky, to appear at such a place. Last time, after he had targetted the little loli, Ye Qingyu could barely control his killing intent. This time, Ye Qingyu would absolutely not let him go.



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