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108 – An unexpected invitation

The splendour around the four military leaders completely shattered. Each of them gave a low grunt, then like a giant hammer striking a straw man, they were sent flying through the air. At the same time, the tens of experts attacking in concert was in an even more dismal state. They lost control of their bodies and fell with a crack from the sky.

Splitting Heaven sword will!

It was Splitting Heaven sword will yet again!

Ye Qingyu nearly started cheering out loud.

This sword, was namely the sword that had sliced apart the black clouds permeating the skies and defeated the mysterious expert. Once Splitting Heaven sword will came out, just who could compete?

In front of this sword, the four military leaders could not even withstand one single strike. The tens of experts that aided them could not even be counted as side characters.

Silence completely covered this world at this very moment.

Everyone had their state of mind completely taken away by this sword that could reap heaven and earth. They stared dumbly into the sky.

“I gave you a chance, but you have made me disappointed. You are just a group of retards being used by other people.” Wang Jianru stood independently in the skies, black hair fluttering like a divine woman surveying everything beneath her. “Qin Ying, if you don’t act, them I’m going to leave.”

Qin Ying!

This two words, was the name of the greatest ruler at this time in Deer city. A second class noble of Snow country, one of the four big players of the Deer mountain range, the name of the city leader.

The two words from Wang Jianru’s mouth, held an undisguised provocation.

But in the direction of the city leader office, there were nothing to be seen. From the start till now, it was completely silent.

The city leader whose words held enormous weight in Deer city, his existence like that of a feudal overlord, remained silent from beginning to end. He did not have the intention of acting in the slightest. Even though all the attention of the city was closely focused on the city leader office but there was not a sound to be heard in the vast architecture.

Wang Jianru stood alone in the blue dome of heaven, overlooking the entire city.

After ten breaths of time, a strange and faint smile appeared on the face of the female sword immortal.

“So you are intelligent. ”

The female sword immortal gave the entire Deer city a glance, then shot into the air.


Using the power of her physical flesh, using brute force, she broke open a crack on the legendary formation [Million knots of Earth and Glass]. Her figure transformed into a ray of light, winking away and disappearing in the South West direction from Deer city. !

This scene made the four military leaders who witnessed this completely shaken. The faces of the four people instantly showed expressions of shock and disbelief.

Using merely the power of her physical body to break past the great formation created using the entire power of the city, this was too universally shocking. The four military leaders were clear, that if it was they themselves, even if they used all their power along with treasures to strike this great formation, it would be useless. They would be like a watermelon hitting the city wall. Their attacks would completely shatter into pieces in an instant, with absolutely no possibility of shaking such a formation.

In this instant, the four dripped cold sweat, a burst of lingering fear.

They only comprehended just now, just what kind of person that they had been fighting with.

Especially Chen Jiuxing, he realised how dangerous he was previously. He had just taken a loop around the Gates of Hell. If not for Wang Jianru showing mercy for some reason, he would be dead right now. She could slaughter him in an instant — not only slaughter him, even if the four military leaders teamed up, there was a possibility that they would all be slaughtered in a split second.

This woman, was far more powerful and terrifying then what they originally imagined.

The four military leaders had all previously seen the battle in the skies. They saw the sword light that appeared in the sky, slicing apart the black clouds permeating the air. But they only thought that the clouds had naturally dispersed. Even if they were chopped apart, this did not represent anything. In the eyes of these people, the fluctuations coming from this sword light was not that intense so the four of them therefore had the confidence to challenge this female sword immortal.

But from what it seemed like the distance between their realms was far, far too great. Therefore at that time they were not able to sense the intricacies lying behind that sword. Only when facing her personally, could they sense that frightening Splitting heaven sword will that ravaged everything before it’s path.

Within Deer city, every force was shaken.

No one had expected that such a large and widespread encirclement and annihilation would ultimately become a farce. The so called four military leaders teaming up to fight against the enemy, right now seemed more like a joke. The four great characters of the city with serious power and prestige, was played with like monkeys. In the final moment, they even lost the courage to attempt to regain their face.。

One could imagine, in a long time after, this white dressed woman holding a sword like a immortal, would become the unforgettable monster that would appear in the dreams of everyone in the city.

Ye Qingyu finished watching, then gradually retreated and disappeared within the crowd.

There were many things that he could not think through.

Wang Jianru’s strength was so powerful, then why did she need to sacrifice those grey clothed warriors? She absolutely could bring them away before the four military leaders and the [Black mountain barracks] arrived. Just who could block her path??

But questions he did not manage understand, did not always need an answer.

Seeing Wang Jianru carrying the little loli disappearing in the horizon, Ye Qingyu’s felt relaxed in his heart but also as if he had lost something in his life, somewhat regretful and disappointed. 。

By the time the sun had set, he had returned to the Ye mansion.

Qin Lan and the others anxiously waited for Ye Qingyu. Today the city was complete chaos. They were worried that Ye Qingyu would be affected. Only seeing him safely return, could Qin Lan rest assured.

Nothing happened during the night.

In the next few days, Ye Qingyu remained in the Ye mansion without returning to the White Deer academy.

Gradually, there were all sorts of information and news that circulated.

Within these news, the one regarding how Xia Houwu died in battle during the to encircle the demonic girl attracted Ye Qingyu’s attention the most.

According to the news coming from the neighbourhood, Xia Houwu had died in battle fighting against the henchmen of the demonic girl. He received the commendation of the [Black mountain barracks]. It was said that the Southern military leader Chen Jiuxing went personally to offer his condolences to the Xiahou family, expressing an apology for the fact that he failed to take good care of Xia Houwu.

In reality in this matter both Xiahou family and Chen Jiuxing was extremely aggravated. Originally Xia Houwu was to be placed in the back lines, with no need to enter the battlefield and in extremely safe position. When the moment came, they could just add a few embellishments on his military achievements and give him a military medal. In less than one or two years, he would have propitious wind throughout his journey and his career would advance. Who would have guessed that such a matter would occur. However, even if the Xiahou family felt grief and indignation, they did not dare to criticise the military leader of a district.

But a crack appeared in the relationship between the two parties.

Reportedly, the six other soldiers of the Black mountain barracks that entered along with Xia Houwu into the field of battle were all noble children of various families in the city. The six of them had only sustained light injuries. Afterwards when the Xiahou family investigated for several days, they could not discover, just who had killed Xia Houwu……..

Apart from this, there were various kinds of rumours regarding the demonic girl of darkness.。

It had already been confirmed that the so called demonic girl, was born from a common woman in the Qingluo merchant company and that she was a student of Whtie Deer academy. Facing the questioning of all parties, both the Qingluo merchant company and the White Deer academy, maintained a strange silence.

There were also rumours that this demonic girl had a very good relationship with a student called Ye Qingyu when she was at the academy. The direction of the wind gradually showed a tendency to blow towards Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu remained motionless from beginning to end.

He stayed within the [Determination garden] in the Ye mansion, continuing to train.

In order to find the little loli one day, to make her once again remember him, he needed absolute strength. Because Wang Jianru had once said, the strength of the little loli would grow by leaps and bounds. Even if she did not train, she would step into the ranks of the strongest of the world. Ye Qingyu did not have the bloodline or body like that of the little loli, so he could only train bitterly hard.

The strength that Wang Jianru demonstrated had completely stimulated Ye Qingyu.

The battle of the four military leaders in the skies, made Ye Qingyu realise that even the famous experts of Deer city, compared to the vast and boundless Heaven Wasteland domain, was still only ants. He was not satisfied with the current growth of his strength.

With the nameless breathing technique and the bronze book [Titled Fiendgod chart], Ye Qingyu had the confidence to one day soar into the skies.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed.

Qin Lan carefully prepared Ye Qingyu’s three meals a day, rarely disturbing him. Every couple of days, Tang San would report back to him regarding the different situations of the properties.

Ever since the day that Ye Qingyu had taken care of Sun Yufu in the Taoxuan pavillion, Liu Yuancheng had not made a move. As a result, the business of Taoxuan pavilion flourished. After the rumours of the Taoxuan incident spread, it led the related businesses of the Ye family to stabilise, going on the right track day after day.

Such a situation did not interest Ye Qingyu too much, so he only dealt with it a little bit. Seeing this, Tang San could only feel helpless in his heart.

That day.

Ye Qingyu was namely practicing the four moves of the unmatched general.。

Ye Qingyu had already began to grasp the basics of the four move. The last move, [Sword of judgement] really had endless mysteries. At the moment, the most Ye Qingyu could do under the direction of his inner yuan was to activate a divine sword the width of his palm. The power it displayed was enough to completely crush an opponent at the same stage of him.

At t his time, the sound of knocking was heard.

Qin Lan entered with a strange expression. “Little Yu, someone wants to see you outside the mansion.”

“Me? Who is it?” Ye Qingyu casually asked. He knew that the identity of the person wanting to see him must be special. Because otherwise, if it was the pointless people that wanted to gain information regarding the girl of darkness, or little noble families and merchants wanting to give gifts to him, Qin Lan would definitely prevent them from disturbing him.,

“It’s a young man.” Qin Lan said. “He said his name is Xu Ge. He said if you heard his name, you would definitely want to see him.”

Xu Ge? ?

Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

The Xu Ge of Azure Phoenix academy? ?

What did he want from him that he would come to the Ye mansion to find him?

Ye Qingyu felt somewhat peculiar. After considering, he allowed Qin Lan to let him enter the Ye mansion. Changing into new clothing, and taking a quick wash, he headed towards the front hall. 。

As he went to the front hall, he could see the Xu Ge clothed in white, wearing a faint smile and speaking about something to Qin Lan. It seemed that the atmosphere was not bad.

Ye Qingyu could not deny, that if one was to take away the identity that they were enemies in the Boundary canyon battlefield, Xu Ge was a young man that one could easily like. Cultured and refined, possessing extraordinary talent, he knew when to advance or retreat. With a distinguished way of conversing, he was a talented person that was resplendent like a precious jade.

“That senior brother Xu would come to my place, is really unexpected.”

Ye Qingyu greeted him, questioning him openly.

Xu Ge had a faint smile, clasping his hands together. “On the first day that I saw senior brother Qingyu, I knew I would face a great enemy. Within the boundary canyon battlefield, senior brother Qingyu really displayed his divine might, making my junior brothers and I dejected and depressed.”

Ye Qingyu smiled, not saying anything.。

Qin Lan smiled and said her greetings, then left the front hall.

Xu Ge had a smile: “Senior brother Qingyu is a person that is straight and to the point. Then I won’t beat around the bush. The expedition party of the Azure Phoenix academy will leave White Deer city three days later and return to the Azure Phoenix city. Me and Elder Chen admires the performance you had very much in the Boundary canyon battlefield. We want to ask senior brother Yu, that whether you had any interest to join our Azure Phoenix academy?”


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