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108 – Cry out against injustice!

Chapter 108: Cry out against injustice!

Li Muyang’s heart became filled with hostility and hatred.

He wanted to explode, he wanted to resort to violence and bloodshed, he wanted to exert his utmost strength to kill these desert bandits who treat people’s lives like dirt.

He must do something for those lives, or it will drive him crazy.

His body was entirely in a state of violence, dark-red blood once again wrapped his pupils.

Scales, not seen for a long time, surfaced on the back of his hand, like pitch black-angled diamonds emitting a brilliant luster.

Above the scales were blinding bolts of lightning, accompanied by booming claps of thunder. They were tiny, and unable to break through the binding of the scales. Just like a miniature black dragon confined into a glass bottle.

Li Muyang unexpectedly caught up with a horse, his body soared into the air and his sword swung down, splitting a bandit into two halves.

The horrified expression of the desert bandit was engraved into Li Muyang’s head, the bandit’s body sitting astride the horse slipped down from both sides of the horse’s back. His feet were still in the stirrups as his body was being dragged by the horse surging forward at a full gallop trying to escape.

Gan Liang turned, his face in shock watching Li Muyang’s bloodied face and body descending from midair.

“You——” Gan Liang pointed to Li Muyang’s face, shocked to even say any words clearly. “You—you—-be careful.”

His pupils suddenly constricted, an expression of sheer terror twisting his features, then he pounced forward from the horse’s back in the direction of Li Muyang.

Behind Li Muyang stood two desert bandits, one left and one right, launching an attack.

With their sabers held high in their hands, roaring hot wind began to wrap around Li Muyang’s neck and back.

This stupid guy, he killed one of their clansmen—–Blood must atone for blood.

You see, desert bandits are also loyal.

Li Muyang did not turn around, from Gan Liang’s pupils he was able to witness everything happening behind him.

Bright red rays of light flashed from the Understand Heaven Sword in his hand, like a fire snake was circling above the blade.

Li Muyang’s body rotated one hundred and eighty degrees, the Understand Heaven Sword in his hand fiercely swung out. The fire snake surged out of the sword, towards the two desert bandits.


The expression of the two bandits became lifeless.

At the same time, their body, still on the back of horses, kept their charging posture.

As the horse galloped, their upper body suddenly dropped to the ground, while their lower body was still sitting atop the horses charging over in the direction of Li Muyang.

From the waist area, they were sectioned into two.

Blood sprouted out like a fountain, spraying in every direction.

Gan Liang’s body finally pounced over.


He pushed Li Muyang to the ground from behind and then his body heavily fell on Li Muyang’s back.

“Li Muyang—–” Gan Liang cried.

Li Muyang suddenly rolled over, trying to free himself. Although his body was still beneath, the Understand Heaven Sword in his hand thrust above into the sky.


The sword swung down by the bandit leader appeared out of nowhere was blocked by Li Muyang.

Not only did it not kill Li Muyang, instead a huge hole was strike into his precious sabre that had fought in hundred battles.

The bandit leader flew into the air, upside down, his face filled with shock watching Li Muyang standing up from the ground in the distance.

“Who are you?” The red-bearded face stared warily at Li Muyang and asked in an extremely weird accent.

Li Muyang’s eyes remained blood red, without a word, he marched towards the bandit leader once again.

“Li Muyang, be careful—–” Gan Liang shouted, lying down on the ground. He knows how powerful the red-bearded man is, the gang of desert bandits led by him had killed countless people before, how many heroes have died in his hands.

He was not aware of Li Muyang’s background but as his friend, at least that’s what he thought in his heart, he did not want anything to happen to Li Muyang.

As if Li Muyang has not heard of his reputation, wielding the Understand Heaven Sword he stepped toward the red-bearded man in large strides.

“Seeking your own death.” The red bearded man was also furious. Having dominated this land for more than ten years, the Valley of the Red Devils was his back garden he used to kill and steal goods from. Which escort guards would not drop to their knees, beg for forgiveness and automatically hand over their goods and women when they encountered them. But this kid not only fiercely resists, he also killed three people of his—-Slashing his head three times is not even enough to compensate for what he did.

The red-bearded man clenched the hilt of his sabre tight, then with an enraged roar, he raced towards Li Muyang.

Li Muyang increased his pace and then thrust out his sword.


The two brushed past each other.

Before the sabre held high into the air dropped to the ground, a bleeding hole was seen in the abdomen of the red-bearded man. Understand Heaven Sword was pierced into his chest, blood gushed out, bringing with the warmth of his body.

Red bearded man’s eyes widen looking at his chest, looking at the sword tainted with his own blood, still in disbelief as he was stabbed to death.

A bandit who dominated these lands half his life, a demon who killed countless people, his life came to such a tragic end?

He refused to accept this!

“Leader.” A heavily built bandit intercepting other escort guards caught sight of the tragic death of Red Beard. With a loud roar he came sprinting towards Li Muyang.

His horse neighed madly, a bright light flashing from his sabre.

Li Muyang stood motionless, until the sabre was about to scratch his head, he suddenly punched out.

The Art of the Breaking Body ‘Breaking Fist’!

His fist directly hit against the horse’s stomach, the horse let out a tragic neigh before its body along with the bandit flew into the air.



The horse dropped to the ground with a loud crash, the bandits clad in black also vomited blood and died. His internal organs have been shattered.

The other black-robe bandits brandishing their blade and attacking other guards finally shifted their attention onto Li Muyang, they saw Red Beard drowned in blood behind and Li Muyang sending a horse and a clansman flying with his fist, their eyes suddenly became filled with fear.

They took a brief glimpse at each other before they bolted into a full speed dash.

They tried to escape.

Li Muyang’s gaze wandered across the ground full of corpses, how would he just let them run away?

He yanked out the Understand Heaven Sword from Red Beard, ignoring the blood flooding into all directions. He soared into the air, giving chase to those bandits who were desperately pressing the spurs into the horse’s side wanting to escape.

The sword in his hand flashed repeatedly, then one after the other, heads dropped to the ground.

As the horse galloped away, heads lined up in a straight line across the red sand.


The bandit fleeing in the most front position took a fall to the ground from his horse. His body uncontrollably trembled and was unable to utter a single word.

The black cloth on his head was torn off, revealing a man as young as Gan Liang but with a darker face.

He knelt on the ground kowtow to Li Muyang, his head banging loudly against the sandy ground as he cried in a tremulous voice: “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me—–please, don’t kill me, I’ll do anything, I’m willing to be your slave——–”

Li Muyang displayed no emotion on his face, his blood-red eyes stared at the young bandit without blinking.

The young bandit became even more afraid, knocked his head against the ground more frantically, his head was mangled beyond recognition. He said imploringly: “I didn’t kill anyone, I just followed people over—–looking for some food. My mother is ill, I need money to buy medicine for her. I didn’t kill anyone, please let me off, I don’t know anything——–”

“So is he.” Li Muyang said in a hoarse voice.

Gan Liang too, his father was killed by desert bandits and his mother is ill, so he came with the grown-ups to escort goods at a young age.

In order to support his family, to treat his mother. However, this was not a reason that should be used to justify his killing.

Li Muyang’s sword that was clenched in his hand flashed. The young bandit’s head was thrown into the air.
Even until now, he still found it difficult to accept the fact: they just wanted to support their family—–that’s all. Why did they kill people?

By the time Li Muyang returned, corpses were piled all over the ground. The bodies of escorting guards and also bandits.

Some heads were severed off, some arms hacked off, some people cut in half, and some people dismembered into many pieces—–

Almost everyone had died!

Li Muyang opened his eyes only to see the team, the vigorous yet kind-hearted escort guards and some management staffs who only greeted him with kind glances, were almost all dead. 李

Gan Liang was the only left alive.

He sat there hugging Gan Yang’s head, no sobbing, no sorrowful yell. Just silent tears.

Even in his sorrow he could not cry.

Blood gushed from his back, drenching his clothes in red. The knife pierced deep into his back was long and extremely lethal.

Li Muyang fumbled around the corpse and found some medicine and gauze. He knew escorting guards take these with them anywhere and anytime.

He walked up behind Gan Liang and without saying a word, bandaged up his wounds. He poured the entire medicine bottle of MIlitary medicinal powder onto his wound, but it still could not stop the blood pouring out.

“I won’t live.” Gan Liang cried, looking at Li Muyang.

“You will. ” Li Muyang said.

“I won’t.”

“You will.”

“I know——-” Gan Liang looked at Li Muyang’s eyes and replied with a serious expression on his face: “I know I won’t survive. I am going to die. But I’m not afraid, uncle Gan is with me, there are also other uncles and brothers with me, I am not afraid, I grew up with them——”

“I’m just worried about my mum, what would she do when I’m not with her? She is also not well, rheumatoid arthritis, body pain, she can’t get out of bed——what would she eat? What would she do? She would die.”

“I also have an auntie, she’s blind. She relies on uncle’s monthly salary to survive. Also uncle Genzi, his legs were cut off, he depends on brother Genzi to give him money to buy food——but if we can’t return, how would they survive?”

A gust of wind came, drowning the teenager’s sorrowful voice.



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