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109 – A shy youth

Hearing this, Ye Qingyu was taken back.

That the Azure Phoenix academy would invite him to join…..this, just what was happening??

This was an event that was absolutely outside of his calculations.

“According to my knowledge, senior brother Qingyu is already beginning to feel dissatisfied with White Deer academy due to the previous events. For at least a month, you have not returned to the White Deer academy. If so, why don’t you have a change of environments.” Xu Ge had a faint smile when he spoke. “In truth, I think that the glory of White Deer academy has already faded and old habits are hard to overcome. They are already not fit for such a genius like senior brother Qingyu. Only by becoming a student of Azure Phoenix, can allow you to become a true expert. ”

Ye Qingyu did not give a reply.

He was currently pondering the information contained within Xu Ge’s words.

Xu Ge was not impatient, silently sitting there, waiting.

After a while, Ye Qingyu asked: “I have a question, I am currently a student of White Deer academy. Can I even transfer to the Azure Phoenix academy?”

Xu Ge became overjoyed, thinking that Ye Qingyu was seriously considering his proposal. With a large smile: “Of course this is possible. Students transferring between the ten great academies has many precedents. One such recent example, was the Blue Sky of your academy. Perhaps senior brother Ye does not realise, he was once a person belonging to the divine phoenix academy and only later did he transfer to the white Deer academy. ”

Hearing this, Ye Qingyu could not help but be stunned.


How was this possible??

Blue Sky had transferred from the Divine phoenix academy?

Although he had previously known, Blue Sky was not a student born and bred in White Deer academy and that he possessed a special background. But he absolutely did not imagine that it was special to such an extent. That person, had really came from the divine phoenix academy.

This was slightly unbelievable.

The name of the Divine Phoenix academy, for any martial artist, was equal to thunder piercing through the ears.

For the simple reason that the Divine Phoenix academy was number one in the rankings of the ten great academies.

This academy was the academy with the longest history and the greatest depth of resources. It was said that is was founded by the people who created Snow country. At the start, Divine Phoenix academy would not accept anyone not of the royal family. But then it gradually loosened the requirements, accepting geniuses that were from common and noble background, making it so that anyone could enter Divine Phoenix academy.

For any young boy or girl, entering the Divine Phoenix academy, was no different from ascending to Heaven in one step.

Who knows how many young geniuses cried and wept, wanting to enter the Divine Phoenix academy. How many noble families had expended their entire family wealth to allow their children to enter the Divine Phoenix academy.

But that monster Blue Sky, really left the Divine Phoenix academy to come to the White Deer academy? ?

His brain, was it kicked by someone?

Ye Qingyu had never thought that Blue Sky possessed such a tale.

There must be many stories behind him.

After considering slightly for a while, Ye Qingyu finally shook his head. “Such a matter, I can’t give you an immediate answer. I need to think over this carefully” ”

Xu Ge nodded his head. “Of course. Elder Chen said, the doors of the Azure Phoenix academy will forever be open for geniuses like senior brother Qingyu. We will leave Deer city within three days. In these three days, if you make an decision, you can come find me at any time. You should know where the temporary residence of the Azure Phoenix academy is located, right?” ”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

Xu Ge turned around and bid farewell.

Ye Qingyu did not try to make him stay, seeing him off.

As he was seeing Xu Ge off at the entrance of the Ye mansion, there was a noisy din outside the entrance with short burst of curses mixed in.

Ye Qingyu’s eyebrows knitted together.

When he arrived at the entrance, he could see there were tens of people tensely packed at the door.

“He’s come out, he’s come out, Ye Qingyu has finally came.”

“Hmph, so he came.”

“The person surnamed Ye, since you’ve came, then you should explain to us.”

“That’s right, it’s no use hiding. If you are a man, then explain it full and well to us.” ”

Seeing that Ye Qingyu had came out, the crowd surged violently. They completely pressed close and surrounded him. The people leading the crowd, seemed to be around twenty years of age. They were young and vigorous, anger on their faces. They pointed at Ye Qingyu’s face, saliva sputtering everywhere with several fingers nearly touching Ye Qingyu’s face.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

He did not understand just what these people had came for.

He did not recognise these people, having never seen them before. From their appearance, they were also not people of White Deer academy. Their clothing was very ordinary, and did not seem like it belonged to the nobles in the city. They looked more like local ruffians who idled about. He did not know why they surrounded him here and why they demanded an explanation.

Seeing this scene, Xu Ge was somewhat bewildered.

But he only had a brief smile: “Since senior brother Ye has business to attend to, then I’ll first leave. If senior brother Ye makes a decision, you need only to let me know. I very much hope, that I am able to attend the same academy as a genius like senior brother Ye.”

Finishing saying this, he clasped his hands and left.

Ye Qingyu clasped his hands in farewell.。

After seeing Xu Ge off, Ye Qingyu stood on the steps, staring down from a high position. He remained silent for a while, lowering his head and looking at the unfathomable people filled with righteous indignation. “Fine, who is going to tell me. Just what do I need to explain, make it clear.”

The leading young man was around twenty seven or eight years old, wearing ragged and coarse clothing. Crossing his arms across his chest, he coldly laughed: “Of course what you need to explain is the situation regarding the girl of darkness. I hear that your relationship with her is the best at White Deer academy. Even if you are not her comrade, you are linked together in countless ways. Say it, just where has that demonic girl escaped to?”

Ye Qingyu was shocked, then a trace of killing intent appeared on his face.

So it was for this.

His gaze, passed by the crowd, remembering every single face in the crowd. Then he nodded his head without saying anything, heading back towards the entrance.。

“Eh? Stand there!” The young man panicked, a trace of maliciousness appearing within his eyes. He jumped and grabbed Ye Qingyu’s shoulder. “To leave is not so easy. First you must make an explanation for yourself.”

Ye Qingyu did not turn back, his shoulder jolting slightly.

“Ah….” The young man could only feel a pain in his arm, as if it had broken. Then his body flew backwards and knocked into the crowd, causing a loud crashing sound.


The entrance of the Ye mansion was firmly locked.

“If you make me see you guys near the entrance again, then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Ye Qingyu’s voice seeped out from the crack of the doors, bringing with it a icy chill that permeated their bones.

Outside the doors.

The young man and the people behind him stared blankly.

This was not the result that they had expected.

After remaining stunned for a moment, a malicious expression appeared on the face of the young man. “I don’t believe, that he dares to make the entire city as his enemy. If wants to kill someone, haha, just who is he threatening?”



After returning to the Determination garden, Ye Qingyu’s mood was not positive in the slightest.

Even an idiot could tell, that this group of people were just idle ruffians from the streets. He did not know just whose instructions they had received to make an issue out of this. This kind of method was really too insidious.

The little loli Song Xiaojun, was a untouchable dragon’s scale on Ye Qingyu’s heart.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu’s will to kill was invoked.

But he managed to barely suppress it. 。

Only after practising in the nameless breathing technique, did Ye Qingyu’s heart gradually settle down.

Training until night fell, Ye Qingyu then came towards the entrance to have a look. He discovered that this group still had not departed. But they were not as noisy as before. It seemed like the threat he had made in the day proved to be somewhat effective. He did not pay attention to this matter anymore. After returning to the mansion to eat dinner, he returned to his room and began to seriously consider the proposal that Xu Ge had made to him during the day.

In truth, Ye Qingyu had really began to consider leaving the White Deer academy.

Wen Wan and Wang Jianru had both left the White Deer academy and such a matter had occurred on the body of Song Xiaojun. Ye Qingyu felt that his sense of belonging towards the White Deer academy had already became indistinct. Especially after obtaining the bronze book [Titled Fiendgod chart], Ye Qingyu felt that to stay at White Deer academy to continue to compete with people such as Han Xiaofei and Qin Wushuang was already meaningless.

Going to the Azure Phoenix academy?

Perhaps that was a choice.

But Ye Qingyu did not know the atmosphere of the Azure Phoenix academy, and just what it was like.

Perhaps it was only the difference between a mud pit with another mud pit?

Thankfully during this time, he did not need to rush to make a decision.

The entire night, was spent in training.


The second day.

Ye Qingyu appeared in the school grounds of the White Deer academy.

He did not know why he suddenly wanted to have a look at the school grounds.

Could it really be that the time for a decision to be made had arrived?

After making a complete loop around the school grounds, Ye Qingyu only just discovered, that the most familiar place he was in White Deer academy was not the demonstration martial grounds, practice grounds nor was it the dormitories. It was the public libraries and the canteen. And the students of the academy were evidently extremely unfamiliar with Ye Qingyu.

In such a large academy ground, Ye Qingyu discovered that he did not have any friends here.

The intention to leave, became even stronger.

By noon, Ye Qingyu still went to the canteen like old times.

Because of the stupid dog Big Head, Ye Qingyu could not help but greatly spend money once again. One man and one dog nearly managed to completely consume two thirds of the entire food provided by the canteen for the students. Thankfully there were not many students in a canteen where food was freely provided, otherwise it would cause a scene where people lined up and protested.

Seeing Big Head devour tub after tub of food like a cyclone passing through the clouds, swallowing it into his endless hole of a stomach, Ye Qingyu did not react, From the initial stunned shock, Ye Qingyu had now gotten numb to such a sight.

After finishing, he was about to leave when a figure appeared next to the table.

Ye Qingyu lifted his head to have a look.

A young White Deer student, seemingly around eleven or twelve stood next to the table. He should be a first year student. With clear facial features, and bringing with him a faint shyness as if he was a girl, there was a spiritualness about him between his eyebrows.

“You are senior brother Ye Qingyu?” The White Deer student said with some reservations.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. “You are?”

The young boy laughed. “You might not recognise me, but great teacher Hon Kong told me to pass a message on. He said before you leave the academy, you should go see him. ”

Great teacher Hon Kong?

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. “Fine, thank you.”

“No need, no need for thanks, I am only passing on a message. It’s what I should do.” The shy youth quickly waved his hands. “Senior brother Ye, you are my hero, I admire you very much.””


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