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110 – A letter coming from the front lines

After the shy youth finished speaking, his face abruptly became red. He seemed at a loss of what else to do, not knowing what to say next. He turned around, his face covered with excitement and ran away.

The silly dog Big Head, after consuming a large tub of food lifted his head to look at the departing figure of the youth. Then he looked at Ye Qingyu. The atmosphere was slightly peculiar.

Ye Qingyu shook his head with a bitter smile, then slapped Big Head who had a strange gaze. He did not say anything.

He pondered in his heart, just what matter Hon Kong wanted him for. Hon Kong was a teacher who had once given him pointers during the examination process of the academy. Ye Qingyu had very good impression of him. Although since entering the academy, he did not have too much interaction with this teacher, but overall within White Deer academy Hon Kong could be counted as one of the teachers he respected.

If he really was going to depart, then he really should notify this teacher that had such high expectations for him.


Ye Qingyu went to the public library of the fourth year to research completely regarding the little problems about his martial cultivation that he had encountered in the past days.

In reality until now, Ye Qingyu had already completely read the variety of tomes and books stored in the four public libraries. This was equal to deeply imprinting the contents of these books deep within his mind due to his eidetic memory.

And as for the secret martial libraries in White Deer academy, these were places that were seriously guarded and possessed tight security. Only teachers of the academy were allowed to enter. Within these martial libraries, there were high class yuan qi techniques contained within. It was nearly impossible for a student to enter. Only if they made a great contribution for the academy or if they ranked top three in the great competitions, would they obtain an opportunity to gain a yuan qi secret technique.

But for Ye Qingyu, this already held no meaning whatsoever.

As he came out from the martial library, the time was already evening.

He stood on the platform of the martial library, surveying the school ground all around.

The White Deer academy shrouded in twilight still had a beautiful scenery. But Ye Qingyu found that he could no longer become immersed into such beauty like he could the first time he took a step into the White Deer academy.

“It’s time to say farewell to great teacher Hon Kong.”

At this moment, Ye Qingyu abruptly made his decision to depart.

Before the sun had set, Ye Qingyu had arrived at the office of great teacher Hon Kong.

As he knocked and enter, the golden light of the setting sun shone through the coloured glass in the depths of the room. Behind the large red wood table, a tall and thin figure stood in front of the window, his hands clasped behind his back and his back facing the room. As if he was in a deep reflection.

This room had a strange tranquillity about it.

“So you’ve come?” The voice of great teacher Hon Kong held a trace of fatigue.

Ye Qingyu was slightly puzzled, then respectfully greeted him. Coming to the front of the large red wood table, he said: “You’re looking for me?”

Hon Kong stood where he was without turning back. After remaining silent for a while, he said: “I’ve heard that the people of Azure Phoenix academy, came to look for you in your mansion?”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

Hon Kong still did not turn around.

“Little fellow, don’t be mistaken. I did not send someone to monitor you but to monitor the people of Azure Phoenix academy. Only through this did I realise, that the people of Azure Phoenix did not seem to follow the rules when staying here.” Hon Kong faced the window displayed the golden setting sun outside, and sighed yet again. “They should have invited you to go to Azure Phoenix academy, is that right?”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head again. “That’s correct.”

“I have always had high expectations for you. From the first moment I laid eyes on you, I was able to see the terrifying potential hidden within your body. And this was proven true. From your cultivation speed afterwards, you did not disappoint me. It’s a pity, a pity……” A tone of regret was within the words of Hon Kong. “It’s a pity that the White Deer academy today, is no longer the White Deer academy of the past. I won’t blame you if you go. A pond cannot raise a dragon, leaving is fine……..Ai!”

Ye Qingyu did not know what to say.

The words of Hon Kong held an unprecedented gloominess and exhaustion. It was completely different from the image of the great teacher that was normally dauntless and ferocious.

“Azure Phoenix academy within the ten great academies, is placed at the third  position but they have always wanted to overtake the second place. They often consider themselves to be the second place, and is sometimes a bit too egoistical. But for you, perhaps this is not a bad choice.” Hon Kong silently stood there, his silhouette emitting a feeling of indescribable melancholy. “But you must be careful of the person leading the party this time, that Elder Chen. He does not have any upright intentions. The moment he came into Deer city, he caused the entire Deer mountain range to be restless and chaotic. He caused chickens to fly and dogs to leap and the wind and rain not to stop ever since coming here. I fear the matter is not as simple as the fact that he has high expectations for you.”

Ye Qingyu smiled slightly.

He understood Hon Kong’s meaning.

After the great competition in the [Boundary canyon battlefield], the news that he might possess a treasure on his body had already spread out all around. There were many people coveting after this ‘treasure’. It was very likely that they would act against him secretly.

“I won’t go to Azure Phoenix academy.” Ye Qingyu said with determination. “Even if I leave white Deer academy, I won’t go to Azure Phoenix.”

“Eh? Why?” Hearing these words, Hon Kong finally turned around. On his face that was like a jade stone, there was a trace of surprise. With a smile, “Could it be that what you are really interested in, is the Divine Phoenix academy? The difficult is very great.”

Ye Qingyu shook his head. “It’s not the Divine Phoenix academy. The reason I don’t want to go to the Azure Phoenix is because I do not like what they have done during their stay in White Deer academy. As the saying goes, a master for one day is a father for the rest of you life. Even if I depart from here, I will forever remember the fact that I walked out from the White Deer academy.”

Hon Kong after hearing this, began to chuckle loudly.

“Good!  Well said. Little fellow, I am beginning to appreciate you more and more…..Then have you thought about where you want to go?”

Ye Qingyu hearing this, lightly shook his head. “I have not yet made my decision regarding this matter.”

Hon Kong looked at the youth that he himself had allowed to enter the White Deer academy, his mood unprecedentedly turning for the better. “As the new Dean of the White Deer academy, I am really gratified to hear such words. Little kid, you are the most exceptional student I have ever seen. I suddenly want to say these words: Today you might be proud because you came from White Deer academy, but perhaps one day, White Deer academy will be proud because of you.”

Even with Ye Qingyu’s thick skin and vanity, he felt embarrassed after receiving such praise. He began laughing: “I’m not as great as you make me out to be……..oh, that’s right, from what you just said, you are the Dean of the White Deer academy right now?” As he said, Ye Qingyu’s jaw could not help but drop.

“En, you’ve guessed right. A change has occurred within the academy. The decree of the Emperor of the country has already been passed down. Three days later, I will become the fourth Dean of this academy.” Hon Kong nodded his head.

Ye Qingyu’s heart was extremely shaken.

Then Hon Kong continued: “Fine, lets not speak of such messy things. Let’s speak instead about things regarding you. In truth, there’s a letter for you that I received half a month ago. I have always hesitated whether I should hand it over to you, but from the current situation, this does not seem like a bad choice.”

As he said this, a golden ray flashed by.

Ye Qingyu’s hand stretched through the air, grabbing that streak of golden light.

It was a pale yellow letter written in the military style.

On the letter, in the recipient’s position, there was Ye Qingyu’s name written on it.

“A letter coming from the army? That’s strange. When did I have friends within the army?” Ye Qingyu was slightly confused, but he thought of a name in the next instant. He abruptly became overjoyed, his heart could not help but be emotionally moved.

Wen Wan!

It must be Wen Wan!

Wen Wan was stationed at the Youyan pass, he must be a military officer by now.

This letter, must be written by that conceited and vane person, that crude fellow.

Ye Qingyu could not wait to tear open the letter. Under the light of the setting sun, he began to read it.

After ten breaths, Ye Qingyu had finished reading the letter. His expression became strange.

“Old Wen is really trying to sway me to enlist in the army in the letter?”

Although this fellow talked about many things without getting to the point in the letter, but there was only one central meaning. It was to invite Ye Qingyu to give up learning from the White Deer academy and to head towards the Youyan pass, to defend the borders along with him. The letter had many enticements and temptations, firmly believing that if Ye Qingyu headed towards the border he would receive far more opportunities to temper and grow.

“What about it, have you finished reading?” Hon Kong had a smile on his face. “Little fellow, what is your thinking?”

Ye Qingyu thought for a while, then nodded his head. “I want to go.”

“You really want to go?”

“I really want to go.”

“You have to consider carefully. Once you enter the Youyan pass, without any incidents, you cannot leave without serving for at least eight or ten years.” Hon Kong said with a serious expression.

Contrary to expectations , Ye Qingyu was unprecedentedly calm and tranquil. “I’ve already decided.”

Wen Wan’s letter, had allowed Ye Qingyu to suddenly feel that the path before him had brightened up.

He believed that this was absolutely a good choice.

Seeing Ye Qingyu’s gaze was becoming more and more determined, Hon Kong knew that the youth had in such a brief moment, already made his decision.

Hon Kong began chuckling loudly. “Half a month ago, when I received this letter that came from the borders, I had already guessed what Wen Wan wanted to do. At that time, I felt that the Youyan pass was not a very good choice for you. So I have always kept this letter stored away without handing it to you. But things change with the passage of time. From the situation right now, perhaps Wen Wan’s way of doing things is correct. Your martial heart, is the path of the Asura. In your life, you will experience much killing and slaughter. Perhaps going to the army, is a good choice.”

Ye Qingyu was able to sense a dense care for him contained in the words of Hon Kong. With appreciation in his heart, he bowed in thanks.

Hon Kong smiled. “No need to thank me. Since you have decided to go within the military, then this matter is settled. In recent times with the war occurring the way it is, the Youyan pass is hard pressed. The country wants to enlist more and more men to serve in the army. The first batch of enlistees should leave in approximately ten days. I will help you manage all procedures. You should return and prepare well, and also settle the matters within your house. Ten days later, you will be setting off.”

After Ye Qingyu said another round of thanks, he left the room.

He stood at the steps of the entrance, surveying in the distance. The setting sun of the horizon had finally sunk into the endless darkness, with the last of the faint dark red still able to be seen. The age of intersection between darkness and light, was about to descend.


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