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112 – I want to slay dragons!


“Damn pervert.” Lu Qiji was burning with anger.

She has been in this world for so many years, no one ever dared to say something like that to her. The words she said, ‘don’t you dare climb ahead of me’ was referring to their accomplishments, meaning she will absolutely not let Li Muyang be better than herself and tread on her head.

He deliberately distorted her meaning and moved in the direction of men and women.

“Yes. Yan Xiangma is a pervert——” Li Muyang nodded with a serious look on his face. “I also told him that I don’t agree with his remarks. There should be sincere and pure feelings between men and women, only then can the extremely complicated matter can happen. Although I don’t know what it is. His starting point is wrong, as if men and women only interact with each other to climb onto each other——Anyway I don’t think so.”

“I’m going to take your dog life.” Listening to Li Muyang’s long-winded discussion of the difference between ‘head and body’, Lu Qiji could no longer restrain her fury. If it was not for the presence of the other people, she would have long killed him on the spot.

This was not flirting but harassment. He looks honest and simple but underneath he is so despicable.

“Classmate, what you said is wrong. We are both students of Starry Sky Academy and are admitted into the school at the same period, that means we are friends of the same year—–Even if we do not love each other, or support each other, you don’t have to say ‘I will take your dog life. If you frequently resort to violence, how could the teachers tolerate you? Especially because you’re a freshman, people will have this question in mind—-‘A student with that character, how could she be admitted into Starry Sky Academy? It is said Starry Sky Academy was established to train elites? Why is there such a huge difference between what we imagined’—-isn’t that right?”

“Li Muyang—–” Lu Qiji’s chilling, cold eyes glared at Li Muyang, her hand exploding with red lights. She was ready to make her move.

“Brother He An, she’s trying to kill me—– ” Li Muyang turned to He An with a exceedingly pitiful look on his face and cried aloud. Now that he has held onto thick thighs and came to know a big brother, whenever little brother runs into danger it is obviously the time for big brother to step forward. Otherwise what’s the point in getting to know big brother?

He An also felt Lu Qiji went too far, where are we? This is the stargazing building, it is the place where new students register. Also, it is the place where students have their first impression of Starry Sky Academy—-How can there be a murderous atmosphere?

So, He An stepped forward, used his large body to block Li Muyang and said primly: “Student, if you have something to say, you should say it nicely, and not yelling to kill all the time—–Starry Sky has its own set of rules, Starry Sky also have its own system, how can I let you do this kind of thing here?”

Lu Qiji obviously was not afraid He An, said in a cold voice: “He utters indecent words, did you not hear him?”

“I heard it.” He An nodded. “But student Muyang have said it very clearly, those words were said by his friend—-What was he called? Ah, that Yan Xiangma. He already stated he does not agree with his friend’s view. He has expressed his stance, what more do you want him to do?”

“You are biased towards him, is that the rules of Starry Sky?”

“Student, whether or not I have sided with anyone, is decided by the disciplinary hall. They judge all students and staffs who broke the rules. If you are dissatisfied, you can file a complaint to them.” He An stood tall and straight, not afraid of any slanderous attack, arguing strongly for what he felt was right.

“Qiji, what’s wrong?” A young man clad all in black came over; it was Chu Xun whom Li Muyang had met at the bottom of the mountain and had a very unpleasant time with.

Lu Qiji kept silent, staring viciously at Li Muyang, as if she could kill him by doing so.

Chu Xun’s line of sight also shifted over to Li Muyang. “What? This kid bullied you?”

“Let’s go register.” Lu Qiji said aloud.

“What?” With a puzzled look, Chu Xun turned and looked at Lu Qiji. This clearly did not match with Lu Qiji’s temperament. She is the kind of woman who sees everything is not worthwhile. Ordinary people and things she would never pay any attention to; therefore the people and things she attaches importance to are not ordinary at all.

The fact before us is clear, Li Muyang is important, what he did also angered Lu Qiji. But she rather avoids trouble and complicates the situation. Does that mean Lu Qiji’s temperament and fear have been oppressed by the authority of Starry Sky?

However, given Starry Sky Academy’s impressive reputation, he felt Lu Qiji did not do anything wrong.

Thus, Chu Xun nodded, saying: “There’s plenty of time later. We will remember this for now and settle it later.”

Li Muyang whispered to He An: “brother He An listen, they will retaliate later—–If anything was to happen to me, you must report it to the school that they are the culprits. I can’t die in vain, even if I am a ghost I will go find them——-”

He An anxiously watched Lu Qiji and Chu Xun, thinking to himself that if they were really going to retaliate behind, there really isn’t anything he could do. I am just an odd-job worker, what can be done?

However, he still smiled and nodded. “I will do my best, you have to be careful——-if there’s nothing important then stay up the mountains and study, try not to head down the mountain.”

“I understand.” Li Muyang nodded. He would avoid going down the mountain anyway since he has such a powerful enemy outside waiting for him. The Cui family must have lie in ambush down the mountain so he was determined not to head down before he learnt something.

He An felt Li Muyang is also very pitiful, how did he anger the pupils with powerful backing the very instant he arrived at the school?

He patted Li Muyang’s shoulder comfortingly: “But you don’t have to worry about it, nothing will happen. If you feel you’re in danger, then you can also tell your teacher—-I think they can come up with a better solution.”

With his face filled with gratitude, Li Muyang said: “Thank you big brother He An.”

“Go register now.” He An said with a smile. “Select a good discipline, put in extra effort and one day you will become a strong person of Starry Sky.”

Li Muyang nodded, then headed back to the elder before, asking: “What can I choose to major in? ””

“Take a look.” The elder shoved a bamboo filament paper in front of Li Muyang. “There’s Buddhist scripture taught by senior monks, there is Taoist sutra teaching, there’s also sorcery, astrology, classes about war and conflicts, economics, music, painting, and ancient literature——Also, there’s the operations of the kings but only a very few people are able to learn the operations of the kings. Oh, and dragon slayer, a famous teacher teaches ‘Dragon Language, ‘the Descendants of the Mysterious Dragons’, and ‘the one hundred and twenty seven possibilities of slaying dragons’——-you can select one or select many. If you are enthusiastic you can even choose all the selected rows. However, don’t bite off more than you can chew. The majority of the students choose a subject of interest to major in and then minor in the others. They only need to attend lectures once in a while. It won’t need too much work or time.”

“Refining pill in front of Mount Lung Fu, six days are enough to make the demon’s blood run cold. Ever since the crane return to the mysterious province, the Tao way is thriving around the world.” A handsome man in an outfit whiter than snow pushed open the door and entered, his loud and clear voice resounded across the hall. “What is happy? What is freedom? Tao begets One, One begets Two, Two begets Three, Three begets the myriad of living things. Their techniques take emptiness as the foundation and adaptation as the application. The have no regular forms nor are disintegrated, and so are able to penetrate to the true basis of living things. Because they neither take credit for nor rule over myriad things, they are able to become the masters of all living things. Taoism is mysterious and wonderful. Once learned, there are endless uses and you can enjoy its benefit all your life.”

“I don’t agree with you.” A man crowned with a tall hat marched in, exclaiming: “As we all know, the scriptures of the world came from Buddhism. It is said: The dharma of condition arising is called emptiness, also called name of unreal or the essence of the middle way. It is also said there is no one single dharma that does not arise because of dependent co-arising. Thus, among all dharmas, there is no one that is not empty——-Who you are? Where do you come from? Where will you go? Don’t tell me you are not a bit curious of these issues? Don’t tell me you do not want to get know the origin and development?”

“The Tao system was torn into fragments for the world. Insight meditation, remain in silence, keeping thoughts, abstain from eating cereals, sacred teachings, the law of repentance, abstain from meat and wine, rituals, spells, curses, reclusion, expel demons and devils, subdue monsters, remove misfortunes, pray for calamities, bedroom arts, and immortal technique—–The three thousand collected Taoist scriptures are wide-ranging and profound. Even by learning little knowledge one can roam the Starry Sky, becoming immortal——–”

“Who is immortal? Which Taoist can’t die? Tell me one of them——”

“There’s so many immortals on your side, but I haven’t seen you drink tea and discuss scriptures with them before——-”


Xiahou Qianbai and Kong Li, the two rivals are brought into a fight once again.

A simple- and honest-looking bookworm stood at the door. Because he looked too common, except from Lu Qiji who swept her eyes over him, the other people did not even notice his presence.

The fight was too intense, attracting all eyes of the hall.

It wasn’t until they gasped for breath, did that Bookworm finally have the chance to talk.

He did not look into both of their eyes, instead in a timid voice said: “teachers——-we must not interfere with the student’s choice of course, this is the school rule.”

“Who interfered with who?” Xiahou Qianbai glowered at him, saying: “did I point the sword at the student’s neck and forced them to choose Taoism?”

“Exactly, us Buddhist sees utmost importance in fate, can the predestined relationship be forced?” Kong Li held his head high.

Bookworm simply smiled foolishly. “Both teachers—–are right.”

“Bookworm, what did you come here for? Don’t tell me you think someone would be stupid enough to choose that subject you teach? Why don’t you think about how many years you have not received a student to teach?”

Bookworm’s face flushed with embarrassment. “I just came to see——-the lively atmosphere. “

“Hmm.” Xiahou Qianbai arrogantly turned away.

Lu Qiji walked over to the elder and said in a loud and strong voice: “I want to slay dragons.”




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    1. author just made her Li Muyang’s enemy

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        In early chapter she was just biased againts Mc cause he is real son.
        From that chapter is clear she will find any excuses to kill or punish Mc, even Mc does nothing to her.
        I like this novel but i get very bad vibes…. its time author stop bully mc ….
        in other histories like AG or MGR …. Mc kills all family only for a wrong word….
        Here any small fry think he can bully out Mc…. stop that please….

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