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113 – The useless words are finished; Go on your way


As an infamous troublemaker in the North city district, Tao Mocheng had performed many bloody atrocities in his life before. He had also experienced many dangerous situations, with many situations that his life was hanging by one thread. But even at the most dangerous of times, he had never been so frightened like he was now.

He felt like his heart had been seized by this infernal evil spirit, infinite terror making him have difficulty breathing.

But the bronze Asura devil did not seem like it any any intentions to strike from the beginning. He did not even give Tao Mocheng a passing glance.

He was only sitting there silently.

The fire in the house flickered and faded incessantly.

As the pale yellow light of the firewood shined on his figure, there was a horrifying shadow behind his shadow.

Time passed second by second.

The two young girls that were kidnapped had never experienced such a situation before. Terrified and frightened, they had long fainted after seeing blood.

Tao Mocheng did not dare to move in the slightest. He felt as if he was in a long lasting nightmare, pain and fear gripping him. Cold sweat dripped down like starch paste, completely drenching his entire body. From his perspective, time passed by exceedingly slowly. As if this everlasting night would never end and dawn would not arrive.

Ten minutes later.

The sound of footsteps came from outside the door.

Tao Mocheng eyes brightened.

He knew that this was definitely Sun Yufu arriving.

The young master of the Registrar office had finally arrived.

In the three days previous to this, Sun Yufu would always apppear. At the time of midnight, this young lord Sun would bring his guards to the stone house, bringing the payment along as well as enquiring about progress. According to the time right, it was about the moment he should appear tonight.

He must have brought experts to accompany him. Was it possible that he would able to defeat the bronze Asura?

Tao Mocheng was finally able to see a glimmer of hope.

As he thought of this, he was about to open his mouth and scream for help.

And at this time, as if the bronze Asura was able to read his mind, the mask turned around and gave him a glance.

Without knowing why, when Tao Mocheng saw the smile that was not a smile behind the bronze Asura mask, he abruptly shivered. He did not dare emit another sound again.


Accompanied by the light noise, the door of the stone house was pushed open.

Three people walked in.

The leading person was namely Sun Yufu.

After a month had passed, the shoulder injury of Sun Yufu had already pretty much completely recovered. Perhaps due to the reason that he had lost so much blood in that incident, his face seemed somewhat weak and pallid compared to his first appearance. The body that was already weak because of alcohol and women seemed even weaker now. But he still had the appearance of someone with a heavily powdered face, a fragrance of orchid lingering on his body. Even in the cold icy night where there was heavy snow, he was still carrying a jade folding fan in his hands.

This rich young master, was namely laughing about something with the people beside him. He had completely recovered his arrogant and despotic disposition.

But as he entered through the door, he saw the scene. Looking at the state of the house, he was dumbfounded.

“Just what has happened?”

The two experts that were like guards standing behind him, immediately went forward and blocked the front of Sun Yufu.

These two people were the two experts that Liu Yuancheng had organised to be placed beside Sun Yufu.

After Sun Yufu had met with mishap last time, Liu Yuancheng because of some other reasons did not take revenge on Ye Qingyu. But he had planned ahead for a rainy day, using a large amount of money to hire two experts of the Spirit spring stage to follow beside Sun Yufu and not leave him unattended at all times. This was all done to protect his adopted son. Liu Lei had already died; if Sun Yufu was to meet with an accident, the descendants of Liu Yuancheng could be said to be completely exterminated.

“Who is it”

The two guards, one left and right , pressed forward with a chilly expression.

As the saying goes, those who came did not have good intentions and people of good intentions would not come. The sensitive instincts of the the two who had experienced hundreds of battles told them that their was a treacherous danger in the stone house.



Fresh blood!

Half naked and unconscious young girls.

Under the light of the fire, the bronze Asura was like nothingness, as if there was nothing there at all. He sat there without breathing, without heart beat, and also without the fluctuation of yuan qi.

If their eyes did not tell them of his existence, they would not be able to realise such an existence was there. Just by using their yuan qi to sense, they really would not have been able to feel such a person. The two bodyguards was overwhelmed with shock, extremely alert and vigilant. With their strength, they were not able to smell the bloody stench in the house, nor sense the yuan qi fluctuation within the house before entering. This was evidence that the power of this bronze Asura was vaguely higher than theirs.

Sun Yufu also at the first instance took several steps backwards in retreat.

At this time, the Bronze Asura slowly stood up.

And the Tao Mocheng lying on the ground, was able to see under the bronze Asura mask. In the apathetic eyes, there was a shred of a strange smiling expression.

This type of feeling was as if .…

The beginning of the feast of massacre!

Everyone felt their vision blurring. 。

The bronze Asura took a step and arrived in front of the two body guards, simply punching out both his fists.

Such an attack, simply could not be counted as any sort of technique. Because when the bronze Asura attacked, he did not have any intentions of defending, his entire body open to counter attacks. There were weak points present all around his body.

“Looking to die!!”


The two body guards roared in rage at the same time.

Such a method of attacking, was far too conceited.

Yuan qi activated and fluctuated around the two of them, lights flickering. A powerful force exploded, strong winds whistled in the stone house. Long blades unsheathed from their waists and in the dreadful friction sound of the blade and the scabbard, the tips of the cold blade shot through the air like electricity, instantly twisting apart the dim light of the fire.

The house was completely covered with the light of the chilling blades.

And what met them was only a pair of fists made from flesh.


The long blades and the fist impacted against each other without any techniques to speak of.


The silver tips cracked.

The two blades that had been tempered over a hundred times were shattered.

As the fragments of the blade shattered in the air, there was a beautiful scenery like that a silver firework bursting apart.

The fist was not injured in the slightest, and did not even pause at all, striking the chest of the two bodyguards.

Kala! Kala!

It was the sounds of ribs cracking.

The two bodyguards gave a grunt, only able to sense a vast power exploding from their chest. In an instant they were sent soaring backwards, landing on the stone wall behind them, breaking apart the wall and continuing to soar outside. Who knew how many bones had been broken in their bodies.

“How is this possible. I…..have already entered into the second Spirit spring stage, you can use one punch… defeat me……just who are you?”

“You are [Two fists striking the Heaven] Lin Yilong? Within Deer city, only Li Yilong has such a power contained within their fists. It must be you!””

The two guards sank to the floor.

The bodyguard on the left spurted blood madly, struggling to look towards the Bronze Asura. He and his comrade’s power had long entered the realm of the two Spirit springs. Within the entire Deer city, apart from those experts that were long famous, who would be able to so easily defeat them with just one step and one fist?

Within the list of famous experts, only Lin Yilong had such a strength contained in his fists.

The bronze Asura did not make any sort of response.

His gaze, gradually moved and ultimately fell on Sun Yufu’s body.

The light of the gaze was ruthless, like a cat catching a mouse.

“You…….” Sun Yufu was not an idiot. Seeing that the situation was not going well, he turned to run.

An invisible huge suction came from behind him, stopping in his tracks and dragging him backwards through the air. As he struck the half broken wall with a crash, it was unknown how many pieces his bones were broken into in that instant. He was so scared that he was nearly driven mad, not even feeling the pain. Screaming madly, “No, don’t kill me. I am the son of Liu Yuancheng, don’t kill me….There must be some mistake, a mistake, we are not acquainted……””


A icy mocking tone sounded.

The was the first sound that had came from the mouth of the bronze Asura. 。

“Hush!” He performed a gesture that told them not to speak. A very special sound came from behind the mask, as if it was a voice used to coax little children. Lightly said, “Be obedient. First don’t speak, let me speak. When I finish, you can speak.””

Tao Mocheng in this instant, had a strange sensation. As if the bronze Asura had suddenly dropped his killing aura, completely changing into a different person. From a ferocious ghost of slaughter, he became a ruffian. Within his words, there was a similar sense of pride from a crafty prank succeeding.

“No, no…….don’t kill me, don’t………Save me!” Sun Yufu was scared witless, beginning to scream nonsense.

The bravery of this wealthy young lord, was so small that it was pitiful.

“You are really not obedient in the slightest. The bronze Asura mumbled in dissatisfaction, then casually kicked out.


In the sharp piercing sound of air being broken, a little rock shot out, shooting directly into the mouth of Sun Yufu.

Sun Yufu let out a wretched cry, feeling his mouth going numb, then completely lost all sensation. He wanted to speak, but the sounds coming from his mouth were meaningless low and hoarse syllables. He absolutely could not say any complete words.

“I’ve already said, don’t speak. Listen to me. Why are you not obedient in the slightest?” The bronze Asura seemed to be angry.

Sun Yufu wanted to scream but he could not.

Tao Mocheng was even worse, his entire body quivering, not even daring to let out a fart.

The bronze Asura walked over, towards the two bodyguards that had fainted. After observing for a moment, he supplemented them each with a strike on their foreheads, confirming that both of them were unconscious and would not hear his words right after. Then he picked up a broken blade discarded on the ground, adding a extra slice on the corpses of Chen Er and the other ruffians, confirming that they were completely dead. He then threw away the broken blade.

He dragged Tao Mocheng up, throwing him beside Sun Yufu.

Afterwards, he crouched in front of the two. Ye Qingyu saying slowly and orderly: “Someone once said, that when the times is right to act, you should just act, and you must not delay foolishly for no purpose. So I originally didn’t want to speak these foolish words, and just crisply slaughter you with one strike. But after considering, I spent so much effort dressing up as a god and playing the devil for half the day that seems such a waste. Without being able to see your regretful and suffering expression, and enjoying the pleasure of my plan succeeding, how meaningless is this…….So lets speak, let us discuss the entire process of development.”

Sun Yufu whimpered and struggled madly, as if he had something he wanted to say. But it was a pity that his mouth of teeth and tongue was crippled, not able to form words.

“No, no, no, you must have recognised the wrong people, we did not offend you before……” Tao Mocheng was so frightened that snot and tears flowed down together from the front of his face.

The bronze Asura began chuckling grimly. “Recognise the wrong people? How is this possible, I remembered your face very well on the first day. Things that act recklessly, you’ve already surrounded my residence for over twenty days, would I be mistaken?”

The colour of Tao Mocheng’s face completely changed.

De finally realised who the person in front of him was.

“What about it? Are you scared? Do you think that i am still threatening you with empty word?” The Ye Qingyu wearing the mask began to laugh out loud. “Hahaha, look at your face, you are so scared that you are crying. Weren’t you very arrogant beforehand…..this is too invigorating, such a feeling is really too invigorating.”

“I……..I ……….I………” Tao Mocheng was so frightened that he bowed down, his head kowtowing like pounding garlic, not even able to utter another word.

At this time Tao Mocheng was so regretful that he could die. He hated the fact that he could not hack Sun Yufu into pieces for dragging him into this.

Was it not said that the most important thing for wealthy people was face?

Was it not said that a little child like Ye Qingyu, that brute was very easy to handle?

Was it not say that this plan was absolutely safe with no possibility of failure?

Was it not said……….

He did not think, that Ye Qingyu would use such a direct method to solve the problem.

“In truth, from the start, I did not really want to kill you.” Ye Qingyu waved his hands. “I orginally thought, a ruffian like you, is everywhere in the city. Receiving money and acting for someone, thinking nothing but personal gain, that is your way of living. Even if this is wrong, you do not deserve to die…….”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes. What you said is right, absolutely right. I am only a ruffian, please be magnanimous, spare me……” Tao Mocheng felt delight in his heart after hearing such words. Following the flow, he started kowtowing like grinding garlic.

Ye Qingyu patted him on the shoulder. “Wait, don’t be so happy so quickly. Wait until I finish speaking. If bowing is any use, then Snow country would have been long peaceful……..I originally didn’t want to take your life, but when I saw them……” Ye Qingyu pointed at the two pitiful young girls that were fainted on the ground. He continued: “And hearing your words, I suddenly felt that scum like you, is better dead than alive.””

“Don’t, I don’t want to die, I…….” Tao Mocheng was horrified, his mouth opened wanting to protest…….

“And those girls that were sold into a living hell, they all said they don’t want to. Just how did you treat with them?” Ye Qingyu smiled, lightly saying. “Look, I’ve already said so much. Do you now understand why you’re going to die? Be obedient, listen to my words and go on your way in peace.”

Before he had finished.

With a strike of his palm, he struck the trembling Tao Mocheng. Like a nail, he was firmly and deeply embedded like a nail onto the soil.

This time, he thoroughly and completely stopped breathing.

Then Ye Qingyu turned his head to look towards the terror stricken Sun Yufu, taking off the bronze Asura mask from his face. Slowly walking over, with a type of smile that Sun Yufu thought was even more frightening than the devil: “It’s you turn…….En, I’ve already said so much useless words. I don’t want to make any more explanations. Seeing my face, I guess you can already die in peace.”

White foam vomited from Sun Yufu’s mouth, his eyes filled with pleading.

“The man has no intention to hurt the tiger, but the tiger has the mind to injure the man.” Ye Qingyu slowly wore his mask again. “The matter previously, I originally did not want to pursue it anymore. But who would have thought you would look for your death by yourself and personally came to my doorsteps. I am about to leave Deer city. To leave a tumour like you behind, it will very likely affect my friends and family………Haha, then please go on your way!”

Ye qingyu slowly lifted his hand.

At this time——


A light noise, then an indescribable stench emitted from Sun Yufu’s crotch.

He loudly spurted white foam, a shred of green liquid at the corner of his lips. Unexpectedly, he had taken his last breath. His courage had broken down. He was scared to his own death.


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