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114 – Before leaving (2)

He was so frightened he died?

He really was a complete trash.

Seeing this, Ye Qingyu could neither laugh nor cry.

He did not expect that Sun Yufu would act so arrogant and despotic, but was in reality so cowardly. But dying like that was fine too, it saved him the trouble of acting himself.

This time, it could be considered that Sun Yufu’s death ended all trouble. Originally Ye Qingyu was slightly worried that after he left, Sun Yufu would act against Qin Lan and the others in the Ye residence. But at  that moment, he did not have a good method to handle him. Who would have thought that this guy would come and look for his death himself, presenting himself on Ye Qingyu’s doorsteps. Tonight, he had completely severed this calamity and he would not leave any concerns behind in Deer city. As for the other miscellaneous matters, there should not be any major problems with the newly appointed big player Hon Kong looking after the situation.

With a will of his heart, Ye Qingyu beckoned his hand to the corner twenty metres away.

Faint light flickered.

A pole of the [Sentry guard] flew through the air and returned to his hand.

In the page of the bronze book [Titled Fiendgod chart], as long as enough inner yuan was inserted, then four poles of [Sentry guard] could be created. The [Sentry guard] that had returned to Ye Qingyu’s hands had already been placed here for over twenty days.

Only by utilising this [Sentry guard], could Ye Qingyu be well acquainted with the coming and going of this place.

According to his previous surveillance, he knew that tonight Sun Yufu and the others would definitely come and meet up with Tao Mocheng and the others to discuss their strategy after this. Therefore Ye Qingyu had attacked this evening. As the saying goes, to shoot the horse before the man and to capture the leader before the underlings. After he had killed Tao Mocheng and Sun Yufu with a thunder like method, the beggars and ruffians surrounding the Ye residence were only a direction less mob. They would slowly disperse on their own.

The moment he turned around, Ye Qingyu thought of something.

His gaze, fell on the two unconscious young girls.

If he left them here, these two pitiful girls would definitely be brought away by the Registrar office or perhaps the [Capture barracks]. They would be tortured and interrogated. Losing two sons consecutively, one could easily imagine how crazy a state Liu Yuancheng would be. He would absolutely not let go of the two girls.

Ye Qingyu shook his head, bringing the two unconscious girls away.

The colour of the night, became darker and darker.

The heavy snow drifted in the skies.

No one noticed what had happened here.



The second day.

There was fine weather after the snow, the morning sun illuminating the entire city.

It was a clear day that was hard to come by.

Ye Qingyu finished his morning training then went to the front hall to have breakfast along with Qin Lan, Little Grass and Qingqing.

The granddaughter of Li Shizen had already utterly became the best friend of Little Grass, their relationship progressing exceedingly well. They nearly spent every day sleeping and eating together. The two little girls possessing a similar fate, finally got to experience the joys of being around someone of their own age. Last night the little girl had followed Little Grass back to sleep in the Ye residence, and they had already done so previously. This quickly became a custom, and Qingqing was not unfamiliar with this place anymore.

“Young master, Grandfather told me to pass on a message.” After Qingqing had finished breakfast, she abruptly came to in front of Ye Qingyu. Very seriously, she said: “He’s been enlisted to head towards the Youyan pass. It’s possible that he has to leave Taoxuan pavilion.”

“What?” Ye Qingyu was greatly shocked. “There’s such a thing occurring?”

Qingqing nodded her head. “It’s already been decided tens of days ago. Grandfather is going to go to the front lines as a medical officer, and he told me not to tell you. Today all the enlisted men will set off from Deer city. Grandfather instructed me to notify you and to thank you for all the care you have shown these days.”

“But……..” Ye Qingyu did not know what he should say. The news had came too suddenly.

Li Shizen was already over seventy years of age, and he had not practiced martial arts before. The foundation of his body was extremely poor. The Youyan pass, was a place famous for its barren lands saturated with bitter cold. For a old man to go to such a place, could his body and bones really withstand it?

Ye Qingyu was somewhat worried.

Just what were the military thinking, that they would choose such an old person to become the medical officer?

This was just simply ridiculous.

“It’s Grandfather that wants to go.” Qingqing seemed to know what Ye Qingyu was thinking, lowering her head and saying: “Grandfather said that the soldiers’ pay is very high in the front lines. He wants to use the last moment of his life, to earn some of my dowry.”

Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

Qingqing continued to speak: “I’ve tried to persuade him for so long, but it was no use. I wanted to follow my grandfather along, but Grandfather said that if I did not listen to his words, he would immediately die in front of me…….I had no other way. Young master, I heard that you’re also going to the Youyan pass. You…….at that place, could you take care of my Grandfather a little bit?”

The information that Ye Qingyu was preparing to leave Deer city had been privately passed on to Qin Lan, Little Grass and Tang San. It seemed like Qingqing also knew.

Ye Qingyu did not what to say.

Since the matter was already decided, he was too late to change anything at this moment.

Ye Qingyu did not know what Li Shizen was thinking at all. If he stayed in Deer city, the Ye residence would definitely not mistreat him. Staying in the Taoxuan pavilion as a doctor would definitely hold many benefits for him. He would be able to stay beside his granddaughter, and enjoy the joys of family bonds. If he needed money, then Ye Qingyu would have absolutely supported him. But if he went to the front lines at Youyan pass with his body condition, he would definitely be in a situation that he would most likely die in. This would absolutely make Qingqing feel pain so great she would not want to live anymore.

It was a pity that nothing could be changed anymore.

From the simple description of Qingqing, Ye Qingyu was able to feel that Li Shizen had already made up his mind and determination. Even if he went to persuade him right now, there would absolutely be no effect.

A strange old man.

A stubborn old man.

“Rest assured, I will do my utmost to take care of him.” Ye Qingyu could only say such words  to Qingqing.

Qingqing seriously and deeply bowed.


At noon time, the city began to heat with excitement.

The first batch of reinforcements heading towards the front lines of Youyan pass were setting off.

A crowd was completely packed In the main road of the Northern urban area, seeing the soldiers off.

The military and the city leader office had organised an activity to see them off, as well as some age old ceremonies.

The entire Deer city attached extreme important to the enlistment ——-in truth, according to the historical traditions of Snow country, the soldiers heading towards the front lines would receive the greatest possible respect. Because no one knew whether these people would have the opportunity to return alive. Many people understood, that the people headed towards the dangerous areas in order to protect the right of survival for their race, were heroes. They were the true warriors of this race.

Ye Qingyu was also present during the seeing off ceremonies on the street.

He brought along Qingqing to see Li Shizen off.

The old man was wearing a light chain mail, carrying a walking stick. It seemed his vitality was not bad.

After embracing his granddaughter and giving her a kiss, Li Shizen looked towards Ye Qingyu and smiled. “Young master, from now on I will have to trouble Qingqing with you. If possible, please could you take care of this little child…..”

Ye Qingyu did not wait for him to finish. Saying straightforwardly: ” Don’t worry, from now on Qingqing will be as my sister.”

Li Shizen gave a small smile. His ancient eyes containing wisdom became much more tranquil. He patted Qingqing on her head, reluctant to part with her at all but ultimately leaving. His figured entered the flow of the army departing the city, holding his staff and setting foot on his long journey.

Such a scene of departure was occurring at every moment on both sides of the street.

The composition of the reinforcement army was slightly disordered. Not only commoners and wandering martial artists were recruited, many noble members were also enlisted.

Even though noble families had many special privileges, but when facing the recruitment of the country’s military they could not escape. According to the traditional thinking of the country, the nobles who enjoyed much more rights and power than the commoners should also accept much more responsibility. Therefore, there was a even greater reason for them to answer the call of enlistment, to head to the front lines and kill the enemy.

When the yuan qi bomb on the city gate rang three times, the seeing off ceremony had officially finished.

Under the gazes of everyone, a army that had been constructed hastily set off. No more than three thousand people, they majestically walked out the city gates of Deer city. Stepping on the vast and thick accumulated snow, they disappeared in the white horizon.

No one knew, just how many of the three thousand would be able to return.

Perhaps they would never come back.

Such scenes occurred not only in snow country, not only in the Heaven Wasteland domain. In the countless domains of the three thousand worlds to obtain their right to survive, to obtain space to live and resources, the human race had to fight. Every moment was spent in battle, every moment they were bleeding. At all times, there were countless people dying. No matter how many internal strife and conflicts there were in the history of the human race, they were always able to unite together for this purpose.

Qingqing stood next to Ye Qingyu, staring and seeing off till the army disappeared.

She did not say anything. She did not cry。

Ye Qingyu was able to feel that this little girl, had a frightening tranquillity and staunchness.


The next few days, the entire Deer city was immersed in a rare peaceful state of affairs.

Ye Qingyu also undertook his last preparations to leave.

He heard that a great matter had occurred with the Registrar office. Liu Yuancheng had gone crazy and beaten to death his two most loved concubines. He was so angry after this that he had spat blood and fainted. The entire Registrar office was consumed by a mood of mourning and urgency. The reason for this was that the adopted son of Liu Yuancheng had mysteriously died.

There were all sorts of rumours in the city; that the bad deeds performed by Liu Yuancheng were too many and he had therefore received his karmic punishment. He was punished with the fate of all his descendants being exterminated.

Such rumours, made Liu Yuancheng greatly lose face within the noble families. He was somewhat not able to lift up his head in front of the nobles.

And at the same time, the beggars and ruffians gathered outside the Ye mansion began to disperse. Without the financial support and directions of Tao Mocheng and the others, the poor beggars had to spend every day in a busy state just to survive on. Just where did they have the time and effort to waste on surrounding the Ye residence……

Contrary to expectations, the Ye residence forgot past enmities and began offering food relief outside the residence. They helped the needy, winning a large amount of public praise. The refugees who had once threw the corpses of animals over the wall, began weeping bitter tears and admitting their mistakes. In this period of time, the prestige and reputation of the Ye family rose and grew sharply among the common people. And as for the rumours that Ye Qingyu had relations with the girl of Darkness, these gradually ceased.

“This is a good thing. The money to used to hand out food relief, were all taken from the bodies of Sun Yufu and Tao Mocheng that night. This can be considered as making the most of everything. The rumours had been suppressed and the Ye residence could be said as having completely stabilised, firmly planting its roots within the city.

Ye Qingyu could begin to feel assured.

And at this time, Hon Kong sent over someone  to give news that the matters regarding Ye Qingyu had been arranged.

Different from the recruited commoners and normal nobles who headed to the front lines, Ye Qingyu was the inheritor of the heroic military medal of the country. He had a special status, and had some abnormal privileges that even nobles did not possess. Without even heading to the front lines, he was appointed as the patrolling sword envoy.

Such news, was completely outside of Ye Qingyu’s calculations.

Without heading to the front lines, he was already an officer ?

Demon King Ye began laughing excitedly.

This was a good incident, a great incident.

The heroic brass badge really had such a status. This also greatly exceeded Ye Qingyu’s imagination.

But as to just what kind of position the patrolling sword envoy was, or the power it possessed, Ye Qingyu was not too clear.

The second day, the official appointment of the royal court of the country arrived at Deer city.

Ye Qingyu received this appointment within White Deer academy, and finally became a person truly belonging to the country’s military.

According to the instructions of the royal court, Ye Qingyu had one day to arrange things within his family. He was to set off the day after that onto his journey.

The next two days, Ye Qingyu could not be counted as too busy. The matters in the Ye residence had already been utterly arranged already. He strolled and visited all parts of the city, and again went to the White Deer academy to see teacher Hon Kong, reminiscing about former times, Hon Kong nagged and repeatedly urged about many matters. Only after that, would he let Ye Qingyu go.

And at the time he walked out from the office of Hon Kong, he coincidentally bumped into Song Qingluo. He conversed with her for a while.

After the matter regarding the little loli, there was a significant impact on the Qingluo merchant company. The business fell by a thousand metres. Because of the troubles of her family, Song Qingluo did not have the graceful bearing of she previously possessed. Her entire person became much more stable and reserved.

By the time he returned to the residence, evening had already descended.

Qin Lan had prepared a small scale midnight feast, something to see Ye Qingyu off.

All around the residence, everyone did not wish to part with this amiable young master. There were several female servants that secretly wiped away their tears. The appearance of Ye Qingyu had changed the fates of everyone. For this, he received the gratitude of everyone in the mansion.

Including the two pitiful girls that Ye Qingyu had brought back.

That night if not for Ye Qingyu’s appearance, the two would definitely suffer under the poisonous hands of Tao Mocheng and the others. Their ends would have been incomparably miserable. After Ye Qingyu came, they fainted from fear and did not realise what had occurred. Ye Qingyu brought the two of them back. Qin Lan said that the residence was coincidentally lacking in people, and their appearance could be counted as a fortune, taking them in. After the two had awakened, using a little trickery and explanation, they managed to make both of them stay.

The two girls did not know that Ye Qingyu was the bronze Asura ghost shadow. They thought that it was really as Qin Lan had told them, that they had fainted in front of the entrance of the Ye residence and were rescued. With utmost gratitude, they naturally wished to stay within the Ye residence out of their own will.

After considering for a while, Ye Qingyu also agreed.

He was able to tell, that the two girls were not normal ruffians off the street. Perhaps they had some other background, and had never suffered hardship before. Their living ability was extremely poor, as if they were young ladies from a wealthy family. But they did not know any martial hearts, and was really pitiful. If he did not let them stay, they would most likely be devoured by the other ruffians until not even a scrap remained.

Time quickly passed.

The evening feast ended.

The Qingqing who had returned along with Little Grass, suddenly went in search of Ye Qingyu. 。

“This is something my grandfather told me to hand to you.” Qingqing passed over a half metre long dark red wooden box. “He said the things inside will be useful to you.”

“What is inside?” After slight surprise, Ye Qingyu took the box and asked with a grin.

Qingqing shook her head. “I also don’t know.”

This made Ye Qingyu feel that something strange was up.

As Qingqing finished, she turned and left just like a little adult.

Ye Qingyu shook his head with a faint smile, lightly opening the wooden box.

A peculiar fragrance emitted from the wooden box, accompanied by a faint golden radiance.



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