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116 – A type of belief

“Ahah, hahaha we will wait for you beneath the grounds.” The military officer emitted a hideous laugh, his figure swaying and falling.

The other two also fell at the same time.

The smell of blood permeated the air.

“The dead duck has been cooked, but its beak is still stiff…….But this was still a pity. Their strength could be counted as high. The elite of the army, really became assassins.” Ye Qingyu shook his head in disappointment. He had shown no mercy, because there was not a need to show mercy.

The three people would definitely not spit out the identity of the people standing behind them directing their actions. The opposing party had planned and schemed for so long, that they had even stretched out their hands into the Breakthrough barracks. Their identities were definitely significant. The three people were warriors who did not fear death, chosen very carefully for this mission. Even if they suffered torture and interrogation, they would not utter a word.

But what he could determine, was that the status and power of the person behind the scenes was definitely not simple.

After a slight consideration, he could largely figure out the identity behind this. The number of people in Deer city able to interfere in the business of the country’s breakthrough barracks could be counted in two hands.

The person who wanted to kill himself became even clearer.

There was already an indistinct answer in Ye Qingyu’s heart.

A clear and loud breathing coming from beside his ears.

Ye Qingyu turned his head to look.

The last military officer lay on the ice bed, his snore like thunder. This person’s ability to sleep was really too great; such an event like heaven itself being overthrown had occurred in the ice room, and he as a martial artist did not sense anything. He was still in the midst of his sleep. Perhaps he would not even know how he died if Ye Qingyu had not stopped the assassins.

Ye Qingyu smiled, stowing away his sword and went to shake him awake.

The military officer squinted as he opened his eyes, staring at Ye Qingyu. Seeing Ye Qingyu’s face, he was shocked. He quickly jumped up from the ice bed, rubbing his eyes and and the back of his head: “Eh? What is it? Superior Ye… it dawn? Are we about to set off………could it be that I have overslept?”

Ye Qingyu shook his head, pointing to the three corpses.

The military officer let out a shocked gasp, his sleepiness instantly gone. With a face of shock, he went over and observed for a while, saying: “Sword injuries… extremely fast sword……what happened? There’s enemies attacking? But, superior you……just what is going on?”

Ye Qingyu retold what just just happened briefly to him.

“What? The military officer jumped up: “This is impossible?”

Ye Qingyu had a smile that was not a smile. “Why is it impossible? Do you mean, that I am lying?”

The military officer rushed to say his apologies. “Your subordinate does not dare. But its just that this matter is too bizarre. These three people entered along with me to the Breakthrough barracks, it has been four years already. At the start we enlisted into the military together. I understand them extremely well. To dare to ambush superior you, this is a crime punishable by death, this…….could they have gone crazy?”

The dismayed complexion of the military officer was astonished, evidently finding it hard to receive such news. He did not look like he was lying.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, not saying anything else.

This matter, was really bizarre.

“The truth behind this matter, we will slowly investigate.” Ye Qingyu gradually came in front of the window of the ice room, looking out at the heavy snow outside in the boundless white. Saying in a considering tone: “Don’t worry, I won’t blame you. There will be such a day that the water recedes and the rocks are exposed*. I have a feeling, that our journey will not be too peaceful.”

Hearing this, the military officer was moved. Bowing his thanks: “Thank you sir, for your trust.”

Before he had finished.


Silver weapons, like a toxic snake coming from its den, shot out. In the instant that the military officer lowered his head, these weapons exploded from his nape without sounds or signs, striking towards Ye Qingyu.

The Ye Qingyu who had his back facing him absolutely did not notice such a minuscule movement.

The hidden weapon did not emit any sounds.

This was a sure kill.



Rapid sounds of metal clashing resounded.

Accompanied by the clustered sparks, three silver needles enough to penetrate was sent flying. They landed against the walls of the ice room.

The Little Shang sword was held in Ye Qingyu’s left hand. He had long turned around, grinning mockingly at the military officer.

Seeing that his sneak attack had not been successful, the military officer’s reaction was very quick. Like a snake, he moved from his original position, flashing and widening their distance.  After reaching ten metres away, he had an expression of surprise at Ye Qingyu: “You… you had long make preparations. But, just how did you discover I was also a killer?”

“Haha, a Spirit spring expert, can he enter into such a deep sleep? So deep that he could not even sense such strong yuan qi fluctuations right next to him?” Ye Qingyu held the Little Shang sword with one hand, the autumn water body of the blade glowing and illuminating the ice room. Like moving quicksilver, he pressed forward step by step. “And in such a situation, he would still pretend to be asleep? Are you too stupid or too retarded?”

A streak of embarrassed anger immediately coloured the face of the military officer. “Die!”

The joints of his body moved like a machine.


Countless dim glimmers pierced through space and struck at him.

Everyone of them were hidden weapons.

The hidden weapons swept through the air like a rain shower in a stormy gale, completely covering him.

In such a cramped ice room, to avoid this storm of concealed weapons was really something too hard.

But Ye Qingyu had never thought of evading.

He let out a long peal of laughter, taking a step forward. The Little Shang sword in his hand transformed into a gale of swords, not retreating but advancing forward instead.


There were constant sparks shining in the air.

The torrential rainstorm of concealed weaponry was swept into the storm of swords and was then crushed and destroyed into pieces. Not one single hidden weapon could penetrate within three metres around Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu pressed forward, step by step.

The gaze of the military officer became fiercer and fiercer, struggling like a confined beast.

The unceasing piercing sounds continued. There were constantly all varieties of concealed weapons exploding from his hands, shoulders, waist, chest, knee and feet, all sorts of strange locations, making one unable to guard against it.

But no matter what the weapon, it could not pose as any sort of threat for Ye Qingyu.

Holding the Little Shang sword, Ye Qingyu was like a warrior holding an umbrella in the turbulent rain. No matter how fierce the rain was, the water could not get near his body.

Seeing that Ye Qingyu was already three metres close from him, the military officer realised that he had already lost the most ideal distance to launch his hidden weapons. His body shimmered, wanting to move away and continue to battle…………

Ye qingyu did not give him the chance.

““Storm of swords!”

The [Storm of swords], one of the four moves of the unmatched general was used. The power completely exploded.

Ye Qingyu’s body transformed into a flow of light, one man and one sword moving at great speed. In a moments time, he had completely covered the distance between the figure of the military officer and himself.

The wind of blades passed by.

Then it stopped.

Ye Qingyu halted his intertwined footsteps.

The Little Shang sword in his hand, was not dyed with a hint of blood, still as clear as water.

Behind him.

The military officer had a sinister expression, his mouth opened wide. His figure was frozen, not able to throw his hidden weapons anymore. There was a strange whimpering emitting from his throat, and in these gurgles, five or six jets of blood spat out. His body fell over like toy building blocks, transforming into six or seven irregular pieces.

Ye Qingyu turned around.

He turned and saw the hacked up corpse by his foot, shocking even he himself.

After being speechless, Demon king Ye had an apologetic expression: “Aiya, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. My apologies, today is the first time that I used the [Storm of swords] in real combat and I am not completely familiar with it. I did not think its power would be so great, that it would hack you apart into pieces. I will definitely take notice for next time, and leave you with a whole corpse. ”

The door of the ice room.

The head of the guards and the other sentinels had finally arrived. hearing of the commotion, they finally rushed over. Shock was in their expressions as they looked at Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu gave them a smile, and attempted to explain himself. “It has nothing to do with me, they wanted to kill me first.”

“This……” The leader and the soldiers still had hearts filled with caution and suspicion.

Ye Qingyu could only say: “When I was in deer city, I managed to offend some people, therefore they decided to act against me in secret. These four officers, are the assassins that these people have arranged……How about it, if I say it like this, can you guys understand?”

The head and the sentries still had gazes holding caution as they looked towards Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu stowed away the Little Shang sword back into the dantian world in the Spirit spring to nourish, and helplessly rubbed his jaw. To add to his persuasive power, he took out the brass heroic medal, placing it into his palm and displaying it.

This was Ye Qingyu’s attempt at adding to his trustworthiness.

He did not think, that in the instant they saw the military medal, all the suspicious contained in the eyes of the sentries completely vanished. It was replaced by an hard to describe admiration and worship. Their bodies even started quivering. The head of the sentries was especially moved, emotions in his eyes.

““Youyan pass [Return Point camp] sixteen year old veteran, head of the fifty fifth sentry post Yan Fan, pays respect to his superior!”

“We pay respect to our superior!”

“We pay respect to our superior!”

The head and the sentinels bent their bodies, doing the most standard imperial military salute.

Ye Qingyu was taken back.

He did not know whether it was a mistaken sensation, but in this instant he suddenly saw in the normal bodies of the old veterans, a radiance that even experts like Wang Jianru and the others did not possess. A feeling that was hard to describe using language completely enveloped Ye Qingyu in this moment.  Ye Qingyu’s impression of the old veterans greatly raised.

Ye Qingyu returned the military salute.

It was the his first military salute in his life.

His movements were somewhat stiff, but it was very correct.

Evidently, the medal that Ye Qingyu thought the greatest use was to threaten the nobles had caused the suspicions of the sentinels to completely extinguish. The military medal had a nearly holy power, a power that was akin to religion. The moment they saw this military badge, they chose to trust Ye Qingyu without any reservations.

To exaggerate even more, with this military medal in his hand, even if the real killer was Ye Qingyu, the others would still determinedly stand on Ye Qingyu’s side.

Ye Qingyu felt that he had previously underestimated the power of this military medal.

“Sir, let us take care of the corpses…..” Yan Fan already began to consider matters from Ye Qingyu’s perspective. “

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

Yan Fan and the others began to clean the ice room.

This head of the soldiers personally inspected the four corpses of the military officers in detail, doing a detailed record for future investigation. On the record, he signed his name personally demonstrating that he was willing to be a witness in the future, and asked for Ye Qingyu’s further opinion.

“Can the formation start conveying now?” Ye Qingyu was still concerned about this matter.

The head shook his head, shame on his face.

“Try it again more, I’m not in that a hurry…..” Ye Qingyu said: “You don’t need to have that much pressure….”

Before he had finished.


A terrifying energy, struck against the formation on the outer of this watch post. Nearly in a split second, it destroyed and annihilated the formation that was enough to receive the full power strike of someone at the twenty Spirit springs stage.

The icy rocks around the sentry post was completely broken apart.

Within the ice room, the earth began trembling and quaking.

“Just what is happening?” Ye Qingyu said blankly.

“Ambush!An enemy is attacking! Quickly send out the signal of attack!” The expression of the head and the sentries, instantly became serious.



*Truth comes to light


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