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116 – The lands where dragons perished!

Chapter 116: The land dragons perished!

What someone lacks is what one wish for the most.

Li Muyang believed that his intelligence was not high so he particularly liked to interact with smart people.

Back then he always listened to Li Shinian; whatever Li Shinian told him to do he would follow without question, he really was rarely wrong—-except when Li Shinian pushed him out to take the blame.

On his way here he met fatty Gongshu Yuan, who he also thinks is a wise person. Li Muyang still do not know when or how he helped Gongshu Yuan that made him feel like he owe Li Muyang something. This wise person told him to grab hold of thick thighs when he reaches Starry Sky Academy—- [TN Note: Thick thighs literally means latching onto someone who will support you]

Li Muyang knows nothing at all about Starry Sky Academy, he even did not know who the thick thighs in Starry Sky Academy are. But there is one thing he was certain of—everyone has thicker thighs than him.

So, at the same time he chose the Slay Dragon course, he did not want to lose the thick thighs Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai—–no, the guidance from these two famous teachers.

So he took this opportunity to suggest himself to cultivate in both Buddhism and Taoism. If he did that, they would have the impression that he is a diligent student——-Don’t teachers like this type of students?

As expected, Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai’s attitude toward Li Muyang drastically changed, one after the other, they expressed their willingness to help Li Muyang solve his family’s safety issue and ease the worry on his mind, so that he could wholeheartedly practice and learn at Starry Sky Academy.

After obtaining Kong Li’s and Xiahou Qianbai’s promise, Li Muyang was moved to tears. Facing the two teachers of Starry Sky Academy, he bowed deeply, crying: “Saving a life is better than building a seven-storey pagoda—–Now that my family is under your protection, I have nothing to worry about. Your kindness, I will never forget it.”

Kong Li looked at him with a sincere expression on his face. “Since you’re admitted into my Starry Sky, then you’re my student. How can we let you be bullied?”

“Exactly. It’s only us who bully people, how could you be bullied like that? Even if you didn’t ask me, I also can’t let them off easily—-Yes, who did you anger? I also have some connections, if it’s someone I know, I could write a letter to them, explain the situation and ask them for a personal favour, that way we can get things done once and for all.

“Tiandu’s Cui family.” Li Muyang said in a low voice.

“So it’s the Cui family——I know them. What did you do to them?”

“The Cui family was going to kill me.”

“Outrageous, the Cui family is abusing their power and connections to bully people—-What happened in the end?”

“I killed the person who bullied me. ”



Li Muyang received the wooden plate with the dragon character and the number three, which meant he would be living next to the annoying purple-haired woman Lu Qiji and a more annoying black-robe youngster Chu Xun.

Li Muyang tried to switch his room but in the end was refused by the registrar, stating that the allocation of rooms is according to the time of arrival and must not be changed as he wishes. Otherwise, if other students also make a request like that then the management would be messed up.

Having finally solved his family’s safety issue, Li Muyang felt refreshed and free of worry, even if he could not change his room he was still fine with it; at the worst he just won’t interact with them.

After Li Muyang said goodbye to the two teachers Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai, He An led him to the building where he would be staying at.

In order to emphasise Li Muyang’s importance to him, Yang Xiaohu personally accompanied him to his residence.

Li Muyang felt warm, like Starry Sky Academy is really a first-class education establishment——although it does not have much of a reputation with ordinary people, and even with a graduation certificate he may not be able to find a good job such as an official.

Li Muyang glanced over at Yang Xiaohu walking beside him, asking: “Teacher Yang, I heard Broken Mountain was slashed off by the first dean of the school——is this true?”

“Of course.” Yang Xiaohu said proudly: “Haven’t you noticed? As we walked here, the top of the mountain is particularly flat——this is the power of the sword.”

Yang Xiaohu had not taught a student in several years but his professionalism informed him that he should encourage the student at this moment. He gently patted Li Muyang’s shoulder and said in a serious tone: “As long as student Muayng work hard, one day you can also slash a mountain in half and become a well-known person——-Teacher believes in you. ”

“———” Li Muyang thought to himself: This chubby man looks simple and honest, but in fact, there are many cunning plots in his stomach. Such empty talk and lies, who would believe him?

The summit of Broken Mountain is too big, when Li Muyang finally reached the student’s residence at the West Cliff, his legs were already very tired.

Quaint small courtyards were built side-by-side, the front gate was made of pine and the inside of tall bamboo. The red lacquer entrance door was tightly secured and on both sides were the head of a qilin.

Although the area of the small courtyard is small, but the surroundings and environment are beautiful.

Yang Xiaohu sighed sorrowfully: “Back then, four students would share one courtyard. Now students can have the whole courtyard to themselves—–It is so empty. Dragon Slayer, mankind’s greatest profession. Now it is in decline. But what can we do?”


The nearer they approached the small courtyard, the more Li Muyang was shuddering with fear.

Like someone was ruthlessly stabbing a sharp sword through his heart, and then, holding the hilt of the sword, stirred vigorously. His heart was broken into pieces, hacked into millions of small bits.

Li Muyang was in immense pain, large beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

“Student Muyang, what’s going on with you?” He An, walking beside Li Muyang, noticed the changes in Li Muyang’s face, hurriedly held onto him and asked.

Hearing the yelling behind him, Yang Xiaohu immediately turned and also supported Li Muyang’s other arm: “Quickly get inside——you would feel better if you lie down in the house. Maybe it’s the residual memories of the four assessments——Several students have been left in torment and distress by the magic mirror after they entered into the school. Some even turned crazy and delusional, and some still have not recovered——-”


He An sped forward, pushed opened the gate of a small courtyard with a wooden sign with the symbol three and helped Li Muyang into the bedroom.

When they entered the bedroom, Yang Xiaohu and He An supported Li Muayng down into his bed to rest.

Yang Xiaohu pushed the window fully open, pointing to the red area in the distance: “That’s Nujiang——also known as the land where dragons perished.” [Nuijang= literally translate to the raging river].

Li Muyang jolted up, sitting up straight in bed.

In his line of sight was a fiery-red ocean that was not masked even with the dense clouds and fog.

Waves upon waves surged up violently.

Thunder rumbled in the distance, sounding like an unwilling roar of a red-fire dragon.

Tears streamed down Li Muyang’s cheeks endlessly, like he had returned to his homeland.


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    1. Thanks for the chapter. I’m guessing that’s where he died then?

    2. Thanks for the chapter.

    3. Damm so sad having to live where those of your kind died

      • Ultra Mega Giga Super Sonic-Booming Ninja Assassin Cake

        April 17, 2018 at 8:59 pm

        Probably how most nativ american feel.

        • Fuck you that’s what

          February 26, 2019 at 1:06 am

          I’m southern Native American, and frankly the thought of them thinking of the past is repulsive.

          Those piece of shits who call themselves leaders, have done nothing for the opioid crisis. They’ve worsened everything with environmental regulations that they use to their advantage for their projects, while then appropriating the funds to their own agendas. Cause they want some stupid un environmental trinket, that loses jobs for everyone else.

          Just as well, the past of each tribe is overblown, many of them were nothing more that warmongers for territory.

          Sure America has issues, and they should’ve taught the natives on how to not be swindled by people. Regardless, they have nothing to cry about today.

          They took the land in war like the others have done.

          Many died to illnes, so fucking what, and the shady shot that happens is a part of all the countries in the world. I’m thankful it doesn’t happen as often now.

          Regardless natives in the US have no fucking reason to cry about the past, especially with what their leaders have decided on doing for themselves in today’s world.

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