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117 – Snow ground dragon ape


It was another horrifying strike, descending from the heavens.

The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

Accompanied by the huge noise of something rupturing, the icy peak behind the watch post began to feel the pressure. Finally under such a onslaught, an enormous crack appeared. The icy layers constantly broke apart, and piece after piece of icy rocks weighing over thousands of pounds fell. Beside the peak, the several ice rooms were also smashed apart. Before the sentries in the rooms had the chance to escape, they were swallowed by the ice and snow.

“Quickly go, leave this place.”

Ye Qingyu’s complexion greatly changed, loudly screaming orders.

Fissure after huge fissure appeared on the wall of the ice room they were in. The top layer of ice curved incessantly above them, about to collapse.

“No…….” Yan Fan gave off an despairing and painful howl.

Because he saw with his own eyes, ice room after ice room collapsing. Along with the destruction, he saw his comrades of these four or five years, being mercilessly swallowed by the ice. One person within having just ran to the entrance was crushed underneath a huge piece of ice descending from the skies. He instantly dyed the snow with blood, one hand extended outside from underneath the boulder.

The difference between life and death, was only one instant.

The previous instant, was life.

The next instant, was death.


In the terrifying bellow of rage, a enormous snow ground demon beast, extended his large malevolent head from behind the collapsed icy peak.

This was the originator of this disaster. A monster that looked like a ape but was not an ape.

Amidst the collapsed ice rocks and white snow, this beast had a white face and large mouth, scarlet eyes, the pupil of its eyes just like a blood reservoir. One metre long fierce teeth was extended outside his mouth. Fifty metres tall, the body was exceedingly. Covered with long white fur, it had four arms. In its huge hands it was holding the snapped off ice peak, using it as a weapon, constantly striking it on the collapsed icy layer.

Snow ground demon beast.

And it was even a snow ground demon beast that had a relatively pure bloodline.

“It’s a [Snow ground heaven ape]……Heavens, why would such a demon beast appear here? This is impossible?”

A sentry screamed tragically, having already lost all hope.

The Snow ground dragon ape was a high class demonic beast. Legend has it that they were the descendants of the ancient silver dragon, possessing an endless power in its body. It was once used as the most optimal tool for carrying heavy weights by both the God and Devil race and had participated in many large scale battles during the God and Devil age. Although that era was far, far away, and the bloodline was completely different nowadays but it still possessed a certain intelligence. The power of gods was not something an normal Spirit spring expert could withstand.

The Snow ground dragon ape should be a demon beast that only appeared within the Youyan area. Why would it appear here all of a sudden?

Although the sentries of the military were resolute but they could not withstand the strike of such a demon beast.

A calamity had descended.


The [Snow ground dragon ape] swung the icy peak in its hands, treating it as if it was a massive staff. Holding it within it’s four arms, it constantly smashed it against the icy layer.

Under the terrifying force of this beast, an earthquake was undergoing everywhere. The icy rocks broke apart, and crack after crack fissured on the ground!

A piece of ice boulder tens of metres wide, fell from above their heads.

“Leave! First leave here then speak!”

Ye Qingyu roared loudly. From his inter dimensional pouch took out the Inexorable spear, striking out.


The spear met with the enormous boulder. The inexorable spear bent with a curve that was enough to shock one’s eyes.

“Scram off!”

Ye Qingyu loudly screamed, his arm exploding with force. With a boom, he rebounded away the descending ice boulder. The rock carrying with it over a hundred thousand pound of force in the impact, was directly sent flying by his spear.

The huge beast was not only creature possessing great physical strength. This was also Ye Qingyu’s special battle method.

Yan Fan and the others recovered, wiping their tears. Biting their teeth, they rushed out from behind Ye Qingyu.


The room that was cut into the icy peak crumbled behind their heels.

If they were later by a second or two, they would have been completely covered under.

Ye Qingyu swung his spear, the spear dancing like a dragon in his hands.


The momentum of the force emitted was like thunder, ice and rock shattering.

Yan Fan and the others, only felt a roiling thunder booming from beside theirs ears. Icy fragments scattered, The falling icy rocks from above them, was met with and sent soaring away.

After several breaths, the six people finally came to a outside area where there were not any icy rocks collapsing from above them anymore.

But at this time, the entire sentry post was collapsed. The watch post was constructing relying on the mountain, the back of it facing a naturally formed enormous icy peak. At this time, the [Snow ground dragon ape] had crushed apart the icy peak. Apart from Ye Qingyu and the other five people escaping fortunately from this disaster, the other tens of people had all perished.

Fan Yan and the others looked with amazement towards Ye Qingyu.

They had never thought that the inheritor of the military medal would be this powerful. He looked young, but his strength was so great and his aura so valiant. No wonder that he was able to become a military officer at such an young age.

“First I’ll slaughter that beast, to avenge our brothers!”

Ye Qingyu looked at the rubble of the sentry post and the dead soldiers buried under. His rage could not help but soar into the heavens. Amidst the shocked exhalations of Yan Fan and the others, he flew through the sky, his spear piercing out like lighting.

The fierce dragon pierce of the golden armoured king.

The [Snow ground dragon ape] roared with rage and the icy peak in his hand struck out like a long cudgel.


The ice peak shattered.

The enormous figure of the [Snow ground demon beast] was forced to retreat a step backwards by this impact.

Ye Qingyu let off a low grunt, his body being sent flying backwards and striking on a icy boulder far off. The ice cracked apart, and his figure was buried by the collapsing ice and snow.

“Superior……..” Fan Yan and the others screamed in panic.


The long spear exploded from the ice

The Ye Qingyu who was holding the spear with one arm, followed behind the spear and soared into the skies yet again.

“I am fine. You guys first go find a place to hide.” Ye Qingyu’s voice reverberated throughout the dark and icy night. “Beast, today I will definitely slaughter you!”


【Banner of Heaven and Earth】!

A part of the Inexorable spear descended from the heavens, quick as lightning. Bringing with it a force that was like thunder and faster than the speed of sound, the spear was nailed onto the shoulder of the [Snow ground dragon ape].


The [Snow ground dragon ape] let out a painful roar, pale silver blood spurting out from his injury. It’s vicious nature was completely provoked. The other three arms grabbed towards Ye Qingyu.

“Beast, I’ll ram you to death….Fierce dragon pierce!”

Ye Qingyu’s crazy nature was similarly invoked. He did not evade or dodge, the other half of the Inexorable spear stabbing out. Once again,  he performed the [Fierce dragon pierce] of the four moves of the golden armoured king. Under the explosion of this technique, it headed madly like a mountain landside towards the [Snow ground dragon ape].


One man and one ape violently struck against each other.

Fan Yan and the others hid behind a comparatively safe ice boulder, completely dumbfounded.

They had experienced countless fierce battles in the life before, but they had never seen that the human race would use such a crude and brutal battle method to fight directly against the [Snow ground dragon ape] possessing divine strength. It was a hard object striking against a hard object. The Ye Qingyu that was burning with a will to do battle was even more like a vicious beast than the [Snow ground dragon ape].


A large and small humanoid shape exploded apart.

Ye Qingyu was once again struck against the icy ground resulting in the creation of a human shaped crevice.

[The Snow ground dragon ape] body that was huge like a hill was also forced back, stumbling tens of steps. Its blood was like a fountain that shot out from the three or four injuries in it’s chest. His entire chest was sunken in, with a human shaped indent. Who knew how many parts the bones inside had broken into…..


The beast completely went mad.

He possessed some rough intelligence, and was able to sense the terror of the person in front of him. But to be provoked by such a tiny life form made him unable to contain his rage and anger. He struggled to scramble up, bellowing and charging towards the place that Ye Qingyu had just fallen. ……


The ground started quaking.

“Protect our superior!”

Fan Yan and the other held their weapons, preparing to rush out.

“Step backwards, let me handle this beast.””

A noise sounded. Once again, Ye Qingyu’s spear was like a dragon, breaking apart the ice and soaring out.

【Protection of Heaven and Earth】!

Inner yuan activated and yuan qi spurted out from Ye Qingyu’s body. It was as if golden dragons was entwined around his body. From far away, it seemed that his entire figure was enshrouded by a golden light, inner yuan forming a protective field five metres from around him that greatly increased Ye Qingyu’s defensive abilities.


A man and a ape once again rammed against each other.

This was once again an absolutely berserk and mad battle.

In front of the enormous [Snow ground dragon ape], Ye Qingyu was like an ant facing an elephant. But the force he emitted, was absolutely not tiny. It was completely enough to fight against the huge beast in front of him. The man and the beast was sharply opposed to each other, with neither party wiling to give an inch. It was a meeting between the copper pan and the iron brush. The surrounding ice layer broke into who knows how many parts, crack after crack appearing on the ground……

Fan Yan and the others witnessed this scene with their mouths open and eyes wide.

“This superior……is somewhat  brutal.” A sentry mumbled.

“Not only brutal, he is ferocious.” Another sentry said with his mouth open. “Too violent, this is really too violent.”

Fan Yan could not hold back a smile, stowing away the shock in his heart. Giving them a glare, “If you still have the mind to chat, then quickly make the preparations to depart. Given that the [Snow ground dragon ape] has appeared in such an area, I fear that this matter will not be simple……”

Before he had finished.

“AoAo……” The [Snow ground dragon ape] gave off a tragic howl.


A bloody and huge arm, was directly torn from it’s giant like body.

The wrist of the torn apart arm was held in Ye Qingyu’s embrace.

“Aaaaaaa, Die, die die”

Ye Qingyu was completely in some sort of berserk state. The arm he had torn apart, he treated it as if it was a weapon. Striking using his makeshift cudgel, he fiercely struck the body of the [Snow ground dragon ape].

The dragon ape also went berserk.


Ye Qingyu was slapped away, landing on a icy rock far off.

The clothes on his body was shattered into scraps, piece after piece flying away like butterflies. His muscular body was exposed. The berserk Ye Qingyu’s muscles were heavily contracted. As if carved with blade and axe, his figure possessed a violent beauty.

And the silly dog Big Head that was originally sleeping in Ye Qingyu’s chest, jumped out shivering.

The him that had just awoken, still was not entirely clear on just what the situation was. With confusion in his heart, he surveyed the surroundings, not knowing what had happened.

But in the next instant, his nose suddenly smelled something. Nose sniffing, his gaze converged very quickly on the enormous arm of the dragon ape in Ye Qingyu’s embrace. The fresh and faintly moving meat along with the fragrance of the meat and silver blood, made the silly dog’s gaze begin to glint with a light.

In that instant, he was not confused anymore.

The little fellow let out an excited yelp, not able to restrain his saliva. He panted and charged over……



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