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119 – Help came from all sides!

Chapter 119: Help came from all sides!

“Li Shinian, hurry run—–” Zhu Jian yelled at the top of his voice.

“Shinian—-ghosts—“ Xu Huawei shouted, a tremble in his voice, as he launched the bamboo flute in his hand at the water spirits with all his power.

But because of his lack of strength, the bamboo flute only flew across a short distance before it sank to the ground. It did not even touch the water spirits, let alone be able to hurt them.

“——” The muscles in Zhao Dafu’s throat moved up and down and his face took on a look of horror. As if he wanted to shout something, his mouth was gaped open, but no sound came forth.


The girls were aghast at the sight. Their eyes were wide as they stood petrified, utterly unable to respond.

A critical moment!

If the fish spear in the water spirits’ hand pierced through Li Shinian’s chest, most likely a beauty would die on the spot. Her dead body would be dragged into the lake by the water spirits and they would enjoy a good meal—-Of course, Li Shinian’s body is too small, given the number of spirits, it is obviously not enough to feed them all.

As their long tongue flicked around in the air, revolting yellow juices splattered all over the place and the stench of rotten fish filled everyone’s nostrils.

The smell lingered in the air was too sickening, Li Shinian all of a sudden snapped awake from her blank state.

She shut her eyes and punched out.


‘Ouch’. With a loud miserable scream, the water spirit that dashed in front was sent flying into the air.

‘The Art of the Breaking Body’ Breaking Fist!

This is the martial technique Li Shinian was most skilled at but also the only technique she could use to protect herself.

Although one water spirit went flying but more water spirits came rushing forth.


The instant they began to tread across the surface of the water, the fish spear in their hands was thrown in the direction of Li Shinian.

More and more water spirits threw the spear in their hands. The spears descended like rainfall and shrouded the area around Li Shinian.


All of a sudden, a large copper shield dropped from the sky, exactly shielding Li Shinian from the shower of spears.

The fish spears jabbed into the copper shield with a couple of loud clangs, but then helplessly plunged into the lake.

A burly figure in a black-robe stood behind the copper shield, with a flick his sleeve, the subsequent incoming spears coming from all directions were all deflected.

The water spirits’ body is extremely slimy, allowing them to swiftly tread across water with ease. They skillfully avoided the spears and raced over to where Li Shinian and the black-robed man were standing behind the copper shield.

“Hiss—hiss, hiss—–”

With their tongue hanging out, they made a sharp screech, the language that only they could understand. It was an encouraging cry to each other.

“Are you okay? The black-robed man turned, looked at Li Shinian and asked aloud.

“I’m fine—–” Li Shinian answered, shaking her head. That moment back then was too dangerous, thousands of spears were flying across in her direction—-Her Breaking Fist was also not up to par, she could only throw out one or two punches at most. Even if she was able to throw out ten punches, when in the face of weapons dropping down like the rain, how could she guard against them all by herself?

So this huge stone, as well as the burly man on the huge stone are her saviour.

“Master Muyang has entrusted me with the task to protect Miss.” The man in black cupped one fist in the other, unwilling to reveal his identity.

“My brother?” Li Shinian said in a surprised tone of voice, as she thought to herself: didn’t my brother go to Starry Sky Academy to study? How can he delegate someone else to protect me? Also, how did he know I would be in danger?

However, thinking that her brother, who was thousand of miles away, still thought to protect her, Li Shinian felt warm, but then the thought that she almost could never see her father and family crossed her mind, tears ran down her cheeks.

“Miss be careful——-” The black-robed man said in a deep voice. With the giant copper shield a similar size to his body in his hand, he stared unsmiling at the water spirits that were flocking together.

They crowded into a large group and then a bright flash emitted from the fish spears.


A shrill sound pierced the air.

One of the water spirits in front went flying. A huge long arrow stabbed accurately through its chest and then darted towards the other water spirit behind, again piercing through the body, then immediately flew across the air in the direction of another water spirit——-


The bodies of the water spirits formed a long line and then plunged into the lake, one after another.

In the center of Xishi Lake was a pool of bright red blood, while their bodies already vanished into the lake without a trace.

Water spirits that passed away are no longer water spirits, they also lost their ability to manipulate water.

On the roof of the pavilion was a man clad in a white hemp garment and a straw hat. In his hand was a giant crossbow and in a quiver slung over his shoulder were arrows just as big.

The tail of the arrows was feather-free and the arrows were made of iron.

Every one of his arrows precisely pierced through the chest of a group of water spirits and sent them flying.

With the three arrows he fired consecutively, three groups of water spirits were shot dead without any resistance.

His attacks struck fear into the water spirits, in panic they scattered in all directions, afraid that his long arrows would also skewer them.

The power of the three arrows frightened the entire group.

The look of sheer terror was across their face as they stared at the master archer standing on the top of the pavilion. They clutched tight onto their fish spears but did not dare to come close to him.

Even the burly man wielding the giant shield in front of Li Shinian stared warily at the archer, from the way the archer launched his arrows it was clear he’s here to help them——However, he does not know him; what if he shot an arrow at him?

He could easily withstand the water spirits, but he did not have full confidence to block the arrows of the extremely skilled archer.

Therefore, the giant shield of the black-clad man shifted in the direction of the skilled archer as he shouted: “Brother, what is your name?”

“I’m just a nobody, no need to remember me.” The master archer said solemnly: “I am entrusted by master Muyang to come here to protect Miss Shinian.”

“It’s really busy here today.” A young man clad in a blue Taoist robe walked over from the woods, a smile on his face. As he began to spoke he was still hundreds of metres away but before he finished one word, he already reached the edge of Xishi Lake.

Shrinking the earth into a distance of inches, the mysterious technique of Taoism.

Once practiced to a certain state, thousands of miles can be completed with one step.

The man in the Taoist robe walked to the edge of Xishi Lake but did not come to a stop instead continued walking into the lake.

Only one foot was seen stepping forward but his body suddenly appeared in front of a water spirit.

He pushed out his palm, his hand glowing with a golden light.


The water spirit was directly incinerated by the power of his palm, turning into an untouchable and invisible puddle of water and air.

As he once again took one step forward, he, all of a sudden, appeared in front of another water spirit.

The water spirit thrust its spear, while the Taoist man threw out his palm. The water spirit and its spear both vanished at the same time.

“I didn’t know old Taoist Zhiji would be here, if I did, I wouldn’t have come here to join in the fun——” The voice of a tough man echoed above their heads.

A blue-robed man came over, riding on the wind. He shouted loudly: “Where is Miss Shinian? I was asked by master Muyang to protect her.”

As he pushed out his palm, a huge ball of light descended from the sky.


A giant, deep hole emerged in the center of Xishi Lake, in the deep hole there was neither water nor fish, and even the water spirits that stacked together also vanished from sight.



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    1. What a good brother.

    2. Thanks for the chapters.

    3. Thanks for the chapters.

    4. the other day I was thinking… aren’t lu qiji and li shinian blood sisters?

      other than lu qiji’s purple hair & eyes, they should look somewhat alike, right? but li muyang has never thought of them as similar. well, siblings don’t always look too alike, but still. other than both being stunningly pretty, nothing has been said on this matter.

      anyway, thanks for the chapters!!

      and here we can see the results of all the thick tighs muyang held onto

      • Aran

        January 10, 2017 at 6:48 am

        Very well observed. The difference between the two sisters will be explained later in the story 😀

      • They are blood sisters but remember that they have had completely different upbringings. Shinian has been raised and loved by a commoner family without the air and expectation placed onto one of nobility (and the large pride/arrogance it brings). Also, note that Qigi has been intensely trained in cultivation since probably before she could even walk. Cultivation can bring many benefits and changes to a person, from extending one’s lifespan, improving the body (great exercise), and perhaps even changing hair color (assuming it’s not dyed)? Plus, Qigi is super cold and super arrogant, and part of a person’s “charm” and charisma comes from the way they hold themselves. Not to mention that Muyang has no reason to suspect any connection to Shinian (beyond that Qigi is also pretty, but not quite his type) and Qigi and so it could be one of those things that can only be seen if you look for it. All and all, the super different environments between the two makes any possible physical similarities between the two non-existent, or negligible to a degree where you think it a coincidence.
        Great that so many came to the party to save the day. Too many thick thighs is much better than too little (Cui family probably stirred up these spirits).

    5. lmao just how many thighs did Li Muyang grab. I can’t wait for the Cui family’s reaction to the news

    6. a lot of thighs….lol!!also,is IDS now the main project of the site??

    7. Thanks for the chapter.

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