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121 – You better leave!

Chapter 121: You better leave!

Li Shinian’s fiery temper showed itself.

This is the grounds of my house, it’s the entrance to my house, not only was I intercepted on my way home, I was rudely asked who I’m looking for—-

Li Shinian clenched her fist, but realised her body was too weak now; she lacked the strength to gather a breaking fist. Then, the phrase crossed her mind: ‘good women don’t fight with men, one should bide one’s time and wait for the right opportunity to seek vengeance’, the scowl on her face disappeared, transforming into a sweet smile, and her little face reddened in embarrassment: “This is my house—-I want to go home.”

“Miss Shinian, right?” A middle-aged man in a black robe walked out from the front of the carriage, clasping a giant sword and smiling at Li Shinian as he asked.

“I’m Shinian, excuse me who are you?” Li Shinian looked curiously at the black-robed man. So many things have happened today and she encountered too many strange people. Whether these people are her friend or foe, she could not distinguish at all—-but they seemed to be her ‘friends’. After all, the people today who jumped out to protect her also called her ‘Miss Shinian’, only those ugly monsters who wanted to kill her called her ‘hiss hiss’.

“Please come inside Miss, your family is waiting inside.” The black-robed man did not introduce himself, grinned and made an inviting gesture.

Upon seeing this, the youngsters clad in black, hurriedly stepped forward to help open the vermilion door.

The instant the door was pushed open, Li Shinian smelled a fishy stench.

This smell was familiar to her, it was the same smell as when an assassin attacked their house.

It’s the smell of blood.

As expected, several bodies were piled in the corner, while two young men dressed in black with sword strapped to their waist were cleaning up the mess.

It seemed their house was attacked again, but these ‘friends’ suddenly came to the rescue.

Could they also be reinforcements big brother called?

Seeing their exposed wounds, Li Shinian felt nauseous, hastily skipping past the yard.

“Mother—–Mother—-” Li Shinian shouted anxiously. She knew something happened here, and it’s possibly the same as what she encountered outside.

Who did they offend this time? Is it related to big brother?

Otherwise, how could he knew what’s going to happen beforehand despite being thousands of miles away, and also he coincidently found so many skilled masters to protect them?

“Shinian—–” Luo Qi came out of the house.“Did you not say you’re going to the lake with your classmates? How come you’re back so early?”

Li Yan also followed after, looking at Li Shinian strangely without saying a word.

“Mum, I encountered some ugly monsters, they tried to kill me—-” Li Shinian exclaimed hurriedly. “What happened at home? Did someone—-”

Luo Qi did not reply, but pulled Li Shinian into the house by her hand and said: “We have a guest.”

Li Shinian’s already noticed the guest, it was a women dressed in beautiful black clothes with a black robe draped over.

Because she did not wear a hat, Li Shinian saw her head was full of hair.

She is a beautiful woman, the most beautiful woman Li Shinian had ever seen.

Her mother Luo Qi is beautiful too but a different kind of beauty.

Her mother’s beauty is gentle and mild. She’s a pretty daughter from a humble family and is commonly seen.

But this woman’s beauty is noble, graceful and difficult to ignore.

Li Shinian once thought about how her friend Cui Xiaoxin would look like ten years later. She imagined her to look like this woman right now——–

“You’re Shinian?” The woman’s lips curved into a gentle smile as she came over and held Li Shinian’s hand, then glanced at Luo Qi and said brightly: “it’s obvious she’s a clever girl.”

Luo Qi opened her mouth to speak but did not know what to say in the end.

She didn’t even know what Li Shinian should call her.

“Shinian, say Lady—-” Li Yan reminded.

“Say auntie.” The lady in black immediately corrected him. “Luo Qi and I are as close as sisters, don’t make our relationship so distant.”

Although the woman said don’t make the relationship so distant, Li Yan still dare not be too ‘familiar’, and said respectfully: “Yes, Miss.”

He used to be the lady’s driver. Having worked for the lady for so many years. The respect he has towards her and the master and servant relationship that remains=ed in his heart can’t be erased so easily.

“Mum, this is?” Li Shinian stared at the woman with a puzzled expression on her face. Their family does not have many relatives, from what she could remember, they only have a distantly related uncle who came and ask for help. In other times their family were almost in complete isolation.

Sometimes Li Shinian and Li Muyang also found it strange that other people have grandparents and many uncles and aunties, how come they don’t have any relatives? When they were bored, they also wanted to have an uncle or aunt’s house that they could visit.

They have asked Luo Qi this question before. Luo Qi said she’s an orphan who married their father Li Yan who is also an orphan, so they are the children of two orphans.

Li Muyang and Li Shinian felt deep sympathy toward their parents’ life, they thought their parents are so pitiful and hoped they could live happily now.

“How come now I have an ‘auntie’?”

Li Shinian could not bring herself to call this woman ‘auntie’.

“Say auntie.” Luo Qi said aloud, firmly.

Without any other other choice, Li Shinian bellowed: “Auntie.”

“Good girl.” The woman said, her eyes glistening and her voice choked with tears.

Li Shinian was baffled by this woman, I just called you ‘auntie’ but you’re this happy?

All of a sudden, a bolt of lightning flashed to mind. She suddenly had a very bad feeling.

Li Shinian’s body became tense, her heart pounded fast.
She has heard many similar stories before, some parents don’t like to have daughters because in the end they would marry and become someone’s wife, so they thought it’s useless to bring them up and give their daughter away—-Could she also be abandoned, but now her family is here to collect her back.

This woman——she is not my biological mother, right?

Seeing the woman heart-broken and with tears pouring down her face, Li Shinian became more and more terrified, increasingly convinced that her conjecture was right.

“How could you? Back then you did not want me, but now you want to take me back—-What do you want?”

“My father is Li Yan, my mother is Luo Qi, they are my biological parents—–I don’t know you.”

“I will never come with you, I will never go back with you, you did not want me back then, now you can’t come find me—-no matter what you say, I’m not going to listen—–”


Li Shinian felt frustrated.

Li Shinian was extremely upset.

Li Shinian started to sob uncontrollably.

Tears overflowed her red eyes and ran down her cheeks.

The noble woman saw Li Shinian sobbing along with her and felt even more distressed.

She wrapped her arms around Li Shinian and whispered: “Good girl, my good child——-”

Whatever she said was no longer important, Li Shinian was already shocked to the core that her soul almost left her body. At that moment she could not gather her feelings but still forcefully pushed the woman away and yelled: “Leave, you better leave, I don’t want to see you——”

“———” Li Yan and Luo Qi looked at each other, puzzled. Which sad play are they acting out?


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    1. It is incredibly amazing that Shinian is so close to the truth. The only mistake is that it’s her bro and not her who is Lady Lu’s child.

    2. Thanks for the chapter.

    3. Let the “Muyang is not my blood brother” thoughts commence, and spiral to their inevitable conclusion.

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