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122 – Cut flesh with a blunt knife!

Chapter 122: Cut flesh with a blunt knife! 第一百二十二章、那是割肉!

“You better leave, I will never go back with you. You don’t need to say anything, I won’t listen, I won’t listen——”

Li Shinian burst into tears and cried uncontrollably.

The world is too cruel, that it makes people give up all hope.

Why did something like this happen?

Why did I have to know the truth after it happened?

Why can’t they let me live a simple and happy life?

Those elders, they are so selfish—-how could they have the nerve to come and acknowledge me now?

“Shinian, what are you talking about?” Luo Qi scolded quietly. “How could you talk to MIss—-auntie like that?”

Li Shinian pushed the noble woman forcefully, ran to Luo Qi and hugged her tightly: “Mum, I’m not leaving, I won’t go with her——”

Luo Qi was startled, stuttered a reply: “you—know?”

She still haven’t decided yet but Li Shinian was able to guess what’s on her own mind——how could her child be this smart?

“Mum——” Li Shinian cried even harder. “I will not go with her. I don’t care who she is. I don’t care where she’s going to take me. I will not go with her. I’m your daughter, I used to be, and I always will be. I’m not going, I’m not going anywhere, I will always stay here by your side——”

Luo Qi tightly wrapped her arms around her daughter, then let out a long sigh: “silly girl, you’re not the only one going, all of us are going—–”

“Together?” Li Shinian looked at her mother, her eyes wide with surprise: “you and father——will come with me?”

“Yes.” Luo Qi nodded. “We came from that place, in the end we have to go back—-we can’t live in Jiangnan city anymore.”

“Mum what’s going on?” Li Shinian’s eyes were wide open and her mouth slightly hanging open, like a curious baby waiting for her mother’s explanation.

Luo Qi’s eyes shifted over to Li Yan. “You explain to our child.”

Li Yan said awkwardly: “this kind of thing, it’s better if you explain it. I’m stupid, I’m afraid I will explain it badly.”


Without choice, Luo Qi looked at Li Shinian and carefully explained: “you also know that recently a lot of things have happened. Last time an assassin attacked us we were all wounded. If it weren’t for that young master Yan Xiangma, our family would have died. Today, some people appeared suddenly in our house and aimed their sword at your father and me. If these people did not arrive in time, we would have been slashed to death and you wouldn’t see us when you came back—– ”

“Lady knows we’re having a difficult time in Jiangnan, so she came to collect us back to Tiandu. Your father and I originally had some hesitation, after all, we’ve lived in Jiangnan for so many years, we have deep feelings to everything around us. But you came back and said you encountered some ugly monsters at the lake and they tried to kill you—-We can’t live in Jiangnan any longer. I thought about it, this time we will go back to Tiandu with Lady.”

The woman in black exclaimed joyfully: “Luo Qi, you promise?”

“MIss——” Luo Qi said with a complicated expression on her face. “I kindly ask for Miss’s protection.”

The woman in black held Luo Qi’s hand, her eyes welled with tears: “what are you saying? You and I are like sisters, also—-also I owe you a lot. No matter what I will protect you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have travelled such a long distance to Jiangnan. I know your temper, I know other people won’t be able to ask you to come back, so I personally came here—-This time those people were not fully prepared but next time it would be different. Jiangnan is dangerous now, the sooner you leave the better. We could take care of you in Tiandu. You shall live in the Liu mansion, no one can hurt you there.”

“We put ourselves completely in your hand.” Luo Qi nodded.

“Good. You should pack now, we will set out immediately.” The woman in black said.

“Mum, I am—-your daughter?” Li Shinian’s glance swept over to the woman in black then back at mother Luo Qi as she asked aloud.

Luo Qi smacked Li Shinian’s head and scolded loudly: “what are you thinking? Hurry, go pack.”


Inside the room, Li Yan and Luo Qi were busy packing.

They have been in Jiangnan for over ten years now and have lived in this house for more than ten years. Now, all of a sudden, they have to leave, they were not mentally prepared at all. They felt sad and emotional.

“Did Shinian have any misunderstanding?” Luo Qi asked aloud.

“Perhaps.” Li Yan was a little unsettled. “She asks if she’s your daughter—-Is she doubting whether she’s your daughter or not?”

“This girl always likes to think about all sorts of strange things.” Luo Qi snappily said. “But her words touched me. Used to be my child and always will be—-If Muyang encountered the same situation as today, what would he do?”

Li Yan sighed: “Don’t think about it too much, Muyang would do the same as Shinian—-”

“If Muyang said those few words to me, even if I die, it’s worth it.” Luo Qi’s eyes were glistening with unshed tears as she fought the urge to burst into sobs.

Deep down she knew clearly, once they returned to Tiandu, once they entered the Lu family, the two families could no longer remain separate anymore. Her son, Muyang, she also can’t keep forever.

The thought of going through that kind of scene, she felt her heart aching badly.

Like a blunt knife cutting her flesh!




The wooden door of the first room was pushed open.

Chu Xun angrily stomped in. “That idiot actually lives next door to us, he also chose the dragon slayer course. What dragon is he going to slay? What does he have to be a dragon slayer?”

Standing in the backyard watching the cloud rolling across the sky, Lu Qiji did not turn around and said in a muffled voice: “He chose the dragon slayer course—-isn’t that the right choice?”

Chu Xun thought for a brief moment before he answered: “that’s true. He’s good at nothing anyway, other choices would be just as bad. Anyway, there are no dragons in this world, which means he won’t have to put himself in danger—-it is a wise choice.”

“What about you?” Lu Qiji asked abruptly: “Why did you choose the dragon slayer course?”

“Because you chose dragon slayer.” Chu Xun looked at Lu Qiji, affection beamed from his eyes.

Of course, Lu Qiji did not see the expression in his eyes. Because from the start her back was facing Chu Xun.

Lu Qiji did not answer. She dislikes these topics of conversation.

Chu Xun knew that she didn’t like it, quickly explained with a smile: “My father is a carefree prince, so I was also destined to be a carefree prince—-I don’t dare to choose the way to authority, if I major in that my father will immediately send someone up here to take me back. I also cannot choose courses to do with military affairs or my cousin would ask whether I have any thoughts or ambitions on the affairs of West Wind Kingdom. Buddhism and Taoism also means nothing to me, the martial techniques passed down the Chu family is enough for me to practice——Apart from these, if I have chosen painting or music, what’s the difference to dragon slayer?”

“Chu Xun——”


“We’re not the same kind of people.” Lu Qiji said in a serious tone of voice.

“I know that.” Chu Xun said smilingly. “We’re not the same kind of people. You’re better than me, smarter than me. But I believe one day you will come to realise that there was one person who stood by your side all along and never left you, that kind of reassuring feeling——you would think: it’s him. Even if it’s because I’m someone you’re used to or I am someone you’re settling for, I would still happily accept that feeling.”

“That is your choice.” Lu Qiji remained indifferent and uncaring. “I will not take responsibility for your life.”


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    1. Thanks for the chapters.
      Love this story. The comedy is gold, the action nicely described and the mystery of the MC hands over head like a storm cloud.

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        … …… Wow. WOW. Your comment is so very elegantly evocative that I had to read it twice and then pause and admire it! And, of course, your comment is also so very true.

        • geekdivaherself

          October 11, 2017 at 1:09 am

          … …… Wow. WOW. Your comment is so very elegantly evocative that I had to read it twice and then pause and admire it! And, of course, your comment is also so very true.

          … It’s so elegant and true that, when I first posted this reply, I did not notice that I had misread the word “hands” as the word “hangs” that you intended it to be. 🐰😀🐰

          • geekdivaherself

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            Annnd then I didn’t notice that I had been sent back for a duplicate reply and thought that somehow I was editing my initial comment like you can do at Wuxiaworld! Heh. 🐇😏🐇

    2. Thanks for the chapter.

    3. Thanks for the chapter.

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