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122 – Human pill

“First let him go.”

Ye Qingyu pointed towards the armoured sentry next to him.

The black robed figure gave an indifferent gesture.:”Sure.” Again to the armoured sentry. “Fine, you can scram now.

The armoured sentry hesitated, looking towards Ye Qingyu.

“Go.” Ye Qingyu let out a bitter chuckle. “Brother, you must live on to let the others know, just what has happened in the fifty sixth watch post. Proclaim the fearless deeds of brother Yan Fan and the others to everyone. Make them know, just what is the dignity and honour of the sentries. ”

The gaze of the armoured sentinel, hesitated for a brief moment.

But in the next split second, his gaze once again became determined yet again.

“No, I cannot go.” The armoured sentry straightened his body, unsheathing the standard long blade at his waist. Blocking in front of Ye Qingyu, he said in a determined voice: “Big brother Yan told me to protect superior. Even if I die, I cannot even retreat one step. And as for the dignity and honour of the sentries, this is fought for using blades and spears and not by announcing. As long as we are able to achieve it, even if no one else knows, we can have a clear conscience.”

Ye Qingyu immediately had no words to say.

The black robed figure remained quiet as he watched this scene.

He was not impatient, nor did he hurry them.

Evidently from his perspective, everything was already in his control and within his grasp. After waiting for so many days, he was not impatient about this little delay.

“Just what kind of treasure do you want?” Ye Qingyu looked at the black robed figure. After thinking, he summoned the Little Shang sword, the autumn water of the blade brightening up the dim environment of the cave. There was a strange chill. Ye Qingyu took a step forward. “This sword? Fine, I’ll give it to you.”

The black robed man let out a short laugh. “A poor Spirit weapon. How could it enter my eyes?”

Ye Qingyu thought for a while, then brought out the glutton Big Head from within his chest. “Could it be him?”

The silly dog silently lay on Ye Qingyu’s palm. It seemed as if Big Head had eaten too much. He seemed to have entered a state of deep hibernation.

The black robed man remained silent for a short time.

Then in his voice, became somewhat angered. “Ye Qingyu, my patience is extremely limited. Don’t use such a stupid method, to provoke my bottom line time and time again.”

Ye Qingyu stuffed Big Head back into his chest.

After thinking for a while, he finally understood just what the black robed man had came for.

After hesitating for a brief second , he summoned the bronze book, [Titled Fiendgod chart] from his sea of consciousness. Placing it in his hand, “Fine, this should be what you have been wanting. Take it away, but, I need you to save him.” Ye Qingyu pointed at the armoured sentry beside him.

He very much did not want to part with it.

But there was no other way.

Ye Qingyu knew the full value of this bronze book, [Titled Fiendgod chart] – it held practically no difference from a legendary martial storehouse.  Ye Qingyu had already benefited greatly by only unlocking a tiny part of the contents. By handing over this bronze book, perhaps it was tantamount to giving up the opportunity to become a peerless expert.

Because of his situation, even if Ye Qingyu would die, he needed to fight for it.

Even if he died, he would absolutely not hand over the Bronze book.

But right now, next to him, there was still the armoured sentry.

The sentries had already sacrificed too much for him. Ye Qingyu did not wish for anyone else to die for him.


“Hahaha, are you pretending to be crazy.” The black robed figure began to shake with a low laugh. Within the laughter, there was type of omen contained with that seemed to signal the eruption of the volcano. “It seems like my manner was too friendly, that you would dare to act so recklessly. This is the last time I will ask. Will you hand it over or not?”

Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

Could it be this black robed figure did not come for the bronze book [Titled Fiendgod chart]?

However apart from these items, on his body, could there be any other objects that could be counted as ‘treasures’?

The armoured sentry also stared with shock at Ye Qingyu.

He did not understand why he would tell the other party to take away his treasure when he was obviously empty handed.

Could he be intentionally playing with and teasing the black robed figure?

But no matter in what situation, superior Ye was the one in the right. Since he was the owner of the heroic military medal, then even if he sacrificed his life to protect him, it was worth it. Because every soldier understood what the military medal represented. To be able to obtain a military medal, at the very least they had done a great deed like saving an army of tens of thousands in number and turning the tide of battlefield. Just for this point alone, was enough for any soldier to feel that it was worth dying for.

And at this time, the armoured sentry did not feel nervous anymore.

He deeply breathed in, gathering energy, making preparations for his last battle.

“Just what kind of treasure do you want?” Ye Qingyu waved the bronze book [Titled Fiendgod chart ] in his hand, angrily saying.

The black robed man did not reply.

A shred of black yuan qi fluctuation, began to surge out from within his body.

A terrifying aura, made Ye Qingyu and the armoured sentry sense suffocation. They could not gather the intention to resist at all。

“It seems like you won’t cry until you see the coffin. ” The black robed man advanced step by step.

Ye Qingyu was enraged, about to say something, when a ray of light flashed in his mind. He turned to look over at the armoured sentry, then looked at the expression of the black robed figure, suddenly realising an inconceivable fact———-

They could not see the bronze book.

No wonder.

The moment Ye Qingyu had summoned the bronze book, he had already made the preparations to let it go. He did not imagine that such a result would occur.

The secrets on the [Titled Fiendgod chart] were really far too many. It seems right now, only he was able to see it. Apart from himself, even experts like the black robed man apart from not seeing it, he could not even sense its existence.

This should have been a great and positive discovery.

He did not have to worry about the bronze book being stolen away in the future.

But right now, this was absolutely a great misfortune.

The black robed figure could not see the bronze book, and thought Ye Qingyu was playing with him. Under his rage, he was about to rise and attack.

What should he do?

Ye Qingyu began to panic.

The next instant , the armoured sentry had already made Ye Qingyu’s choice for him.


This sentry let out a low bellow, both hands gripping his long blade. Like a cheetah that slunk out, he charged towards the black robed man.

“Superior, quickly run.” The sentry madly screamed.

Ye Qingyu did not run.

Because the strength of the black robed was far too powerful. He could not escape at all.

“Jie Jie Jie Jie……” A gloomy owl like hoot of laughter sounded. The black robed figure only lightly flicked his sleeve, then the armoured sentry was as if he was struck by an battering ram. He spurted with blood as he soared backwards. Every inch of the long blade had shattered, and there were constant sounds of bones fracturing and breaking within his body. In his entire skeleton, there was already likely not to be one intact bone within.

Ye Qingyu loudly exhaled, stretching his hand out and catching the armoured sentry.

“Superior……” The sentry was having his last moment of lucidity prior to his death. A faint and calm smile was on his face. “I did not lose the face of brother Yan and the others. I protected ……..the dignity of the sentries and……….and glory.”

Ye Qingyu hissed through his teeth with sorrow, hatred and madness.

He hated that the fact that this sentry was on the cusp of his death, but he did not possess the power to change anything.

“Superior……I……I have a little brother, in Youyan pass……..called……called…….Ye Congyun, He…….he………” As the sentry said this, two jets of blood suddenly spat from his mouth. The inner organs in disarray was shattering, and his body began twitching.

Ye Qingyu understood the meaning in his words.

“Rest assured, when I reach Youyan pass, I will definitely find him. I will definitely protect him. You can rest assured…….I swear.” Ye Qingyu made an oath, fighting against the mourning in his heart.

The armoured sentry passed away.

He was the youngest sentry in the group.

To do his duty, to protect his honour, he had died.

Ye Qingyu embraced the young corpse, speechless for a while. Then he abruptly howled to the heavens. Black hair badly standing up, the inner yuan flowing in his body madly activated. Withstanding the pain like being stabbed by ten thousand needles, he madly charged towards the black robed figure…….

The black robed figure flicked his hands.


An explosion sounded to his ears.

Ye Qingyu could feel a burst at the pit of his stomach and a sweetness at the back of his throat. His entire body flew out.

This was his last conscious thought.

Then he fainted.



Who knows how long after.

Ye Qingyu gradually awakened.

His body was as if it was bathed in hot spring, a warm sensation constantly able to be felt. There was a hard to describe comfortable feeling, as if he had once again returned to the amniotic fluids of his mother. This was a natural sensation, profound and mysterious. At this moment, Ye Qingyu could hardly describe it.

He struggled to shake his head, to allow his thoughts to become clearer.

What had happened?

Just where was this place?

Was I not killed by the black robed man?

Ye Qingyu was filled with questions.

The surroundings was completely dark, and he himself was as if was immersed in some sort of liquid. This feeling was extremely bizarre.

I did not die?

Could I be saved by someone?

What made him even more shocked, was that his injuries seemed to be almost fully recovered. His inner organs was not painful anymore, and his inner yuan flowed much more smoothly.

At this time——

“Haha, you’ve awakened?”

A familiar voice, was transmitted into his ears.

It was the voice of the black robed man.

Ye Qingyu shivered, suddenly realising that he had oversimplified matters.

“Just where I am?” Ye Qingyu loudly screamed.

He discovered, that his hands and feet could not move in the slightest.

The liquid in this space, had a bizarre and horrifying pressure, that fixed him stably in this place. There was a sensation like sitting and meditating.

“Don’t be afraid, you are in a very safe place right now.” In the voice of the black robed man, there was a ridicule that made one quiver. “A little mouse like you, is not honest in the slightest. Since you won’t hand over the treasure on you, then I can only switch to a different method to deal with you.”

Ye Qingyu felt his blood run cold.

“I did not think, I did not think, I really did not think that a little brat like you has the rare [Holy body of the dragon’s blood]. In your body, there is the blood of the holy dragon flowing within. Hahaha, the [Holy body of the dragon’s blood], has already been extinguished for thousands of years, to be found by me. This is really an unexpected and pleasant surprise.” The voice of the black robed man had excitement and delight contained within.

“Holy body of the dragon’s blood? Just what it this? In my body, just why would there be the blood of the holy dragon?”

Ye Qingyu suddenly felt somewhat nonplussed and confused.

He continued to hear the mad laughter of the black robed man as he continued speaking: “As the saying goes, ‘to lose at sunrise, but gain at sunset’*. Haha, heavens is not treating me too badly. Haha, not being able to obtain the treasure is fine. After I have refined you into a [Human pill] and ingest this pill, this can add five hundred years to my longevity. It will be enough for me to recover my youthful vigour. Haha, this is an opportunity that is even rarer than any treasure!

The delighted chuckle of the black robed man resounded from all directions.

Then Ye Qingyu suddenly felt a brightness above his head.

Light shined in.

The excited and sinister smile of the black robed man, appeared from above him.

Borrowing the light, Ye Qingyu carefully observed. He discovered that he was confined within a two person tall copper ancient cauldron.


*compensated for his earlier loss



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