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126 – I’ll take revenge for them

The alarm of Chen Moyun was no small matter.

The amount of inner yuan within his body was as deep and as vast as the ocean. But during this nine days and nine nights, he had nearly completely spent it through maintaining the cauldron. After seeing the apparition of the cauldron, he was so excited that he lost his composure. Furthermore he had placed many defences and safeguards around his surroundings, and was hence lulled into a sense of security. He did not defend against an attack in the least. He had never thought someone would appear from behind him.

Therefore this kick struck him solidly on the backside.

When he had recovered, his figure was already wedged within the cauldron.

“Who is it?”

Chen Moyun screamed in shock. His reaction was very rapid. At the very first moment, he activated his inner yuan and struck his palm against the copper lid. He wanted to break free from the cauldron.



The copper lid only shook a few times, without being knocked aside

A vast and endless sealing energy, pressured Chen Moyun from all directions of the [Cloud top cauldron]. He was trapped within.

The [Cloud top cauldron] was activated?

How was this possible?

Chen Moyun had cold sweat all over his body.

His brain was completely blank.

The [Cloud top cauldron] was a secret that belonged solely to him. The way to activate it was special, only he was able to do it. Now, someone had really activated it. Chen Moyun was so greatly shaken that he nearly vomited out his internal organs……

“Who? Who is it that ambushed me?”

Chen Moyun bellowed.

And at this time, an unbridled laughter came from outside the cauldron.

“Hahaha, hahahaha……who else could it be? Of course it is your grandfather I. Old bastard, weren’t you going to refine me to death? Now the tables have turned. I am outside, you are kicked within the cauldron, we’ll see who will refine whom to death!”

“Ye Qingyu……….how are you outside?”

Chen Moyun was dumbfounded.

He was really seeing a ghost.

But the voice he heard, was evidently Ye Qingyu’s laughter.

“Impossible…..absolutely impossible……just what mother fucking trick is this? You’ve already been refined into a pill, you……..why are you still alive?” Chen Moyun nearly completely self destructed. He assumed that he had been ambushed by someone, but he had never thought it would be a person that had no possibility of appearing.


He madly struck the cauldron, wanting to escape.

But the vast and endless sealing power of the cauldron, became more and more evident.

The previous punch, had shaken and trembled the cauldron. But after that, the copper cauldron was as stable as a boulder, not moving in the slightest.

“Hahaha, even the heavens itself is bequeathing onto me. I, Ye Qingyu, can finally change my fate. Ahahahahaha………..” From outside came the mad and loud laughter of Ye Qingyu, not disguised in the slightest: “Chen Moyun, this is your fate. After calculating so much, ultimately you are to be used by me. Thank you for your generosity, Haha, the hundred grass divine liquid and the Origin crystal. Ahaha, to maintain the cauldron for days and nights, but not manage to refine me. But you conversely allowed me to excavate another six Spirit springs in my dantian in one breath. Right now, I am already at the ten Spirit spring stage……”

Hearing this, Chen Moyun spat out a jet of blood.

He was about to be driven crazy with anger.

Such words, he had just said to Ye Qingyu. Now Ye Qingyu had returned his words to him.

“Impossible…..absolutely impossible…….” He was about to go mad.

To have broken through in the cauldron and in these nine days and nine nights of time, from a three Spirit spring expert to grow to a ten Spirit spring expert?

“You are lying to me, you must be lying to me!” Chen Moyun had no way of accepting such a result. He could not believe Ye Qingyu’s words.


Ye Qingyu stood outside the pill cauldron.

He was completely naked, his skin blistered red. His entire figure was swollen, as if he had grown fatter by several inches.

Both his hair and eyebrows had completely gone ——–it had been completely singed off by the scorching heat of the cauldron.

At his current level, his power could not yet be focused to within his hairs. Therefore there way no way for any of the the hairs on his body to be spared.

Ye Qingyu’s current state was incomparably sorry.

But the Demon king Ye who had just escaped from death, possessed a very good mood. He did not care at all about the fact that his current appearance that did not resemble a human at all.

Ye Qingyu did his utmost to activate his inner yuan, both hands forming seals. He could not suppress his crazy laughter.

“Hahaha, why would I deceive you? Look at me right now, I am using your cauldron in such a familiar fashion, as if I am playing with my own son. Thank you for gifting it to me. The title of the [Pill king of Azure Phoenix] is really not in vain. Hahaha, you have helped me so much. Both the hundred grass divine liquid and the Origin crystal, you have given me so many treasures, I really don’t know how to thank you.”

Boom! Boom!Boom!

There was the continued sounds of fierce struggles coming from inside the cauldron.

“I don’t believe, I don’t believe. I don’t accept this, I don’t accept……”

Chen Moyun could feel his descending doom. He madly struggled like a confined beast.

Ye Qingyu had a pleased expression. “This is fate. Old bastard, I hope that after you die you won’t blame me. But even if you blame me, it is no use. Thanks to your help, my strength has risen rapidly. You should just honestly stay under the yellow river, and watch with wide eyes as I soar to the heavens!”


The strikes within the cauldron continued.

It was a pity that no matter how much Chen Moyun struggled, he could not escape.

“I don’t accept this, how did you get out? It is impossible for you to come out from the cauldron………Tell me, just how did you escape?” He was like a trapped beast, screaming and bellowing his heart out.

For the situation to change in the blink of an eye. It made the [Pill king of Azure Phoenix] unable to accept it.

Ye Qingyu did not waste his words anymore.

He madly activated his inner yuan, using it to to refine the cauldron.

The mantra that he had previously discovered was called the [Sole Will of the Heaven Earth cauldron]. Ultimately, Ye Qingyu had managed to solve the secret behind six of the ancient characters out of the hundred and eight. This was the heart mantra needed to activate the [Cloud top cauldron].

The hundred and eight ancient characters were carved inside  the [Cloud top cauldron]. It was very hard for people to discover these characters normally.

In the beginning when Chen Moyun had obtained the [Cloud top cauldron], he had examined and researched it to the utmost. But all his attention was placed towards the four depiction of the divine beasts outside the cauldron. Until even now, he had not even fully understood the four diagrams of the mythical beasts fully.

Furthermore, the most crucial point was that according to a pill master, the outside of the cauldron was the auspicious location, but inside the cauldron was a ominous place. It was an area used to refine dead objects or living creature to their death. The interior of a cauldron represented misfortune. Chen Moyun was a very traditional pill master; he had always followed the teachings of the pill mantra to the dot. He would not investigate into the ominous place. He had never jumped inside of the [Cloud top cauldron] to check before.

Therefore until now, he had never discovered the [Sole Will of the Heaven Earth cauldron].

Ye Qingyu only managed to discover the hundred and eight characters through chance alone.

According to the method outlined in these six ancient characters, ye Qingyu madly activated the [Cloud top cauldron].

“If not for the fact that I am already an expert of the ten Spirit springs stage, I would really have no way of activating the cauldron. You helped me breakthrough, and will ultimately die within the cauldron. Haha, this is Heaven’s will.” Ye Qingyu laughed loudly, repeating everything that Chen Moyun had said to him.

“No, no, it shouldn’t be like this. I should be the final victor…..aaaaaahhhhh…” Chen Moyun screamed. “Just how did you get out? How did you escape from the cauldron? Tell me, tell me……”

Ye Qingyu did not say anything more.

He only chuckled loudly.

But as he laughed, a hot tear streaked down from his face.

Within the hovering tear, the smiles of the armoured sentry flashed by his eyes.

Yes, he had lived on.

But his brothers, were already eternally resting within the glacier.

He once said, that he would avenge them.

Right now, he would fulfil that promise.

“No, listen to me. Ye Qingyu, quickly stop, we can discuss and negotiate . If you release me, I can give you very rich rewards… should know, that I am the famous pill king in Azure Phoenix. There are countless treasures on me, as well as tens of Spirit weapons and also all sorts of precious herbs and medicines……”

Chen Moyun could barely withstand being in the cauldron any longer, fiercely struggling.

“I can accept you as my disciple. I swear, if you become my disciple, your status will immediately rise. I can help you achieve all your dreams, really, aaaaaaahhhhh, quickly stop……”

This Pill king made promises after promises.

Ye Qingyu only laughed lightly.

“Ahah, compared to those dog fart precious herbs and medicines, right now what I want most, is to avenge my brothers, the sentries…..Therefore, old bastard, just go die obediently!”

Ye Qingyu bellowed.

The [Cloud top cauldron] immediately began to be activated crazily.

Within there was like the crash of thunder. Chen Moyun was madly struggling, emitting roars and growls like that of a wild beast

But ultimately, everything went silent and disappeared.

A short while later, the pill cauldron was completely silent.

This ambitious Azure Phoenix elder possessing prestigious status and devious methods perished. Finally under the scorching refining flame of the cauldron, he could not withstand any longer. He transformed into green ash, completely disappearing from this world.

Ye Qingyu stopped the refinement.

At this time, he gradually calmed down.

Ye Qingyu began to evaluate his surroundings.

“So I am still at that underground cave…….”

The surroundings was still the ice walls that was translucent and cold. The area he was in was a comparatively large space.

It should be that after Chen Moyun had captured Ye Qingyu, he was too excited and could not wait to obtain the treasure. He had not left the underground labyrinth like ice cave at all and chose to hide in a somewhat hidden ice room. After arranging a formation to hide his presence, he began the process of refining the pill.

Ye Qingyu sat dumbly where he was, wanting to find clothes to cover his naked body.

But the dimensional pouch had already been completely smelted smelted down. The alcohol and meat rations had completely transformed into ashes. Even the Inexorable spear made from black cold steel was completely smelted into scraps.

In this situation, he did not even possess a single thing anymore.

As for the blood that he had obtained from the Boundary canyon battlefield from the two devils, they were luckily preserved. They had been placed in a jade bottle and nourished within his Spirit spring in his dantian. Hence these objects managed to evade this disaster.

Ye Qingyu carefully evaluated this ice room, and very quickly discovered the sealing formation placed by Chen Moyun around his surroundings.

There were three of four layers of this formation. The general use of it should be for concealment and alerting Chen Moyun of any dangers. It could not be classed as any profound formation. It seems like that Chen Moyun was an expert in the aspect of pill making, but was very average in terms of formations. Although Ye Qingyu did not understand the formation arts very much, but after probing it several times, he discovered that with his current strength, he should be able to break out. That made him much more confident and reassured.

Then he saw, in the corner of the ice room, there was the stupid dog Big Head that was snoring in his sleep.

“This animal that has no conscience. I was nearly thrown in the cauldron and smelted to my death, and this glutton was really still snoring away!” Ye Qingyu could not cry or laugh.

Big Head should had been knocked unconscious by Chen Moyun on that day. Afterwards Ye Qingyu was not too clear on the events that happened afterwards. Within the cauldron, he had not discovered Big Head and had assumed that this fellow was thrown away. He had not thought that this fellow had followed them all the way here.

But he was blocked outside of the formation.

Ye Qingyu whistled.

The ears of the big headed dog suddenly perked up in the midst of slumber. He shook his head, then opened his eyes.

The next instant, he saw the Ye Qingyu that was in the ice room.

“Huchi Huchi………” Big Head transformed into a ray of lightning that rushed over.



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