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126 – This person is too hateful!


Chu Xun suddenly pulled his sword out of its sheath. This made Yang Xiaohu jumped up in fright.

If a fight broke out between his students on the first day of his class, he definitely would be ridiculed by Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai, saying that he lacked the ability to discipline these students and that these students were blind- why would they choose dragon slayer, a course of dubious worth, it’s wasting their own time—-

Seeing Lin Canghai leap out to stop the danger, Yang Xiaohu heaved with a sigh of relief before he rushed over and scolded: “Chu Xun, if you have something to say, say it nicely, how could you draw your sword and attack your classmate?”

Chu Xun’s lips twisted into a scornful smile. “Teacher Yang, you also saw what happened now. Li Muyang insulted one of his fellow students for no reason, he went too far. If I don’t release my anger, I can’t calm myself down.”

Yang Xiaohu could not understand why is it that the school session had just started but freshmen are already like fire and water. He stood between them, trying to pacify the situation: “Take a step back and there will be a bigger world in front. It’s just a little quarrel? Is there a need for this? I just said I want you to stand side-by-side, back-to-back, and be good friends, good comrades, but you want to kill each other over a small matter—–”

“Teacher, he raised his sword to stab me, I don’t have a sword nor did I lash out at him—–” Li Muyang argued.

“——” Yang Xiaohu felt these students were hopeless and couldn’t be taught. Each and everyone one of them won’t become successful.

Lin Canghai relaxed his grip on the sword between his fingers, looked at Chu Xun with a bright smile and said: “Big brother Chu Xun, your sword is made by Zhangsun Ji the famous sword master of West Wind Kingdom, and the material is the black stone of Beihai, right?”

“That’s right.” Chu Xun said in a low voice. An ordinary unprepossessing-looking little boy was able to defend his sword; he was too embarrassed.

“It’s top-grade.” Lin Canghai said impressively.

In the divine continent, weapons are ranked into nine different grades. The majority of weapons, being made from ordinary iron and rough workmanship, are not graded. Ones that are slightly better are graded at the bottom three, ones that are much better are in the middle three and the best are in the top three grades. The frightening dragon bow Yang Xiaohu mentioned, which is an historical artefact, is not classified by the grading system.

“Thank you.” Chu Xun’s glance swept across the sword at his waist. “You like this sword?”

“Yes” Lin Canghai nodded repeatedly. “I have always been fond of good swords.”

Chu Xun untied the sheath strapped to his waist and slid the sword back into the sheath. With both hands, he handed the sword to Lin Canghai: “I’ll give it to you.”

“No, no, no—–” Lin Canghai hastily waved his hand, his face turning red as he said: “A gentleman should never take something others love. Besides, I don’t deserve this, I have done nothing to earn it. I can’t accept your sword.”

“You made me understand myself clearly, isn’t that a great merit in itself?” Chu Xun said with a smile.

“Understand yourself?” Lin Canghai remained puzzled, asked aloud.

“I’m from the West West Kingdom, because I am well-known since I was born, I had been flattered ever since. I always told myself not to care but I still felt I was walking on air. Today, you deflected my sword with just your fingers, I was deeply shocked but also extremely touched.

“In the divine continent, brave warriors are abundant as the clouds. People who achieved a little success are still a tiny firefly under the Starry Sky. Even if they try their best, others may not see them—–The sky is endless, there are thousands of people with remarkable powers. We must work even harder and fulfil our reasons for coming to Starry Sky.”

“Time should not be wasted, now is the moment to chase the stars. To a man, is there anything more important than that?” Chu Xun once again offered the sword in his hand. “Please accept it. If this sword was gifted away, it would be much more meaningful. The fact that I lost my sword would remind me that I need to work harder.”

Yang Xiaohu applauded as he said with a smile: “Good, student Chu Xun have this awareness, it is indeed a happy thing——Canghai, since student Chu Xun would like to give you his sword, then you should happily accept his offer. In the future, when both of your names resonate throughout the Starry Sky, what happened today will definitely be spread far and wide.”

“Yes, yes. Accept it, I also like those stories where heroes give away their sword——” Tie Muxin laughed heartily.

Li Muyang also laughed, but something else was hiding beneath that smile.
He looked thoughtfully at Chu Xun, thinking to himself: this guy is not simple at all. It was clearly an embarrassing situation for him, and he was in an unfavourable position, if he lashed out at Lin Canghai, he would look graceless. If he did not get angry, then he would seem weak and cowardly.

He handled the situation perfectly, it shows courage for one to admit fault.

Lin Canghai finally reached out and accepted the sword: “then I’ll take it—-”

Chu Xun vigorously patted Lin Canghai’s shoulders, the two men looked at each other and laughed.

“This is great.” Yang Xiaohu said beaming ear to ear. “Chu Xun, you and Li Muyang should also turn hostility into friendship, an argument can affect the relationship of fellow schoolmates. In the future, there will be many tasks that require both of you to work together——-”

Chu Xun glared coldly at Li Muyang, saying: “Teacher Yang, this would be difficult to do. He is lucky I did not kill him today, it’s impossible for me to be friends with someone who insulted Qiji——-because Teacher Yang is here, this matter I will forget about it for the time being. However, one day I would make him face the consequences of his actions.”

Yang Xiaohu lightly sighed. “You—–You two are making it difficult for teacher. However, now that it has happened, we can’t let it sink to the bottom of our heart, hatred is the same as moss, it can thrive in the corners of our heart. Today we’re going to solve this problem——”

Yang Xiaohu glanced at Li Muyang, asking: “Li Muyang, how can we settle this matter today? What can we do to make you and Chu Xun erase everything in the past, become classmates and friends again—-”

“You ask him.” Li Muyang said, pointing to Chu Xun.

Yang Xiaohu then shifted his attention to Chu Xun, asking: “Chu Xun, how can you forget the animosity between you and Li Muyang classmate?”

“If he was able to take three of my sword attacks.” Chu Xun said in a low voice.

Yang Xiaohu again turned his head back to Li Muyang, asking: “Li Muyang, what do you think?”

Li Muyang’s lips pursed into a smile: “Teacher, being friends should be from the heart, we should treat them with true sincerity——If we could become real friends, go through fire and water, and sacrifice for each other, then Muyang would not hesitate.”

Without even taking a glimpse at Chu Xun, he said firmly, his voice loud and clear: “We all know, a forcefully harvested melon is not sweet, in the same way, a forced friend does not last——Some people are not meant to be friends. In that case, it’s better to maintain a distance.”

“I could withstand thirty of your swords, but the word ‘friend’——is not something that can be traded in a deal.”

“———” Chu Xun wanted to draw his sword again. But it was only when his hand touched his waist that he suddenly remembered his sword was gifted to Lin Canghai.

This person is too hateful!


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    1. Alot of the drama seems forced. but damn if i dont like muyang.

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