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129 – Sand covers the eyes!


Biting-cold mountain wind blew and clouds rolled across the sky.

Standing on a huge boulder on the cliff, it was much harder to see the vast green Flower Language Plains at the foot of the mountain.

The wind was too strong; the fog was too dense.

With the heart in the sky and the body in the midst of fog and clouds, the distance the eyes could see was limited.

The petite old man was wearing the school’s white uniform, the same style as the school teachers but without clouds on his lapel. Instead there were a row of seven stars. The stars were arranged in a spoon shape, it’s the Big Dipper.

Starry Sky’s battle robe!

In the entire Starry Sky Academy, only he was allowed to wear the Starry Sky battle robe.

Originally there was also a woman, unfortunately the woman had disappeared for a long time and even now there’s still no signs of her whereabouts.

No one knew where she was; this little old man has been very tight-lipped about this matter.

Because the Starry Sky battle robe was a relaxed fit, so his petite figure looked even thinner and smaller. His waist and back were slightly bent, like an old bow with its string pulled back, it seems the weight he carried was out of proportion to his body size.

His face looks like a kind little old man, but when you look closely into his eyes, his eyes are as deep as the ocean bed, yet at the same time as clear as rays of sunshine.

Anyone who sees this pair of eyes would feel that this is a kind little old man.

Yang Xiaohu respectfully stood in front of the old man and answered his question seriously: “Li Muyang is very good, he was the first student to climb Broken Mountain, he’s one of the best among the hundreds of freshmen this term—–Dean really have great eyes like a torch. He was personally signed and admitted by you. Although Li Muyang haven’t shown any amazing talent for the time being, but with a little coaching, hard work, this pearl will let off a dazzling radiance.”

With a kind smile, the old man said: “Coaching is a must, but it also depends on the person’s nature and insights—–”

“Dean, student does not understand.” A puzzled expression crossed Yang Xiaohu’s face, like a primary school student seeking help from a teacher. The old man was indeed his teacher back then, when he first started at Starry Sky Academy, this old man taught him [Dragon Language] and [Dragon Nature]. Although dragon slayer is not as popular as before, and many people often proposed to abolish the dragon slayer course, the old man stood his ground and went against the opinion of the masses, and retained not just the dragon slayer course but also set aside the best resources for them.

It’s also because of the teacher in front that Yang Xiaohu could persist till now and never doubted or lost faith.

He believes there must be a reason for his teacher to continue supporting Dragon Slaying; therefore, he was convinced that dragons exist in this world.

Exactly as the Dean also believed that dragons still existed.

“What do you not understand?”

“Student does not understand why you are treating Li Muyang so differently? This year, there are students that are the members of the royal family, outstanding youngsters of the tycoons of the nine nations, gifted disciples of Mt Lung fu and Sound of Heaven Temple, and also talented youngsters from several prestigious families—-There’s also talents recruited through various special tests from the desert, prairie and other prefectures. Which of these young people would not have a chance to become strong? Which of them is not likely to become a famous person of Starry Sky? The future of the divine continent is in Starry Sky Academy. However, student doesn’t understand why Dean only care about Li Muyang?”

The old man turned around, facing the pine and fir trees and the snowy-white ocean, as well as the more distant, unknown world.

“What do you see?” The little old man asked, pointing to the distance.

Yang Xiaohu looked carefully before he answered: “Nujiang.”

“What do you hear?”

“The anger of Nujiang.”

“Why would Nujiang be angry?”


“It endured thousand years of unjust treatment, how would Nujiang not be angry?” The old man sighed heavily. “Besides Nujiang, I also see the deep swamp outside of Nujiang. Besides the wrath of Nujiang, I also hear the unwilling bellow of the demons and the bloodthirsty roar of the evil spirits. You all know about the legend of Starry Sky Academy, know that a dragon slayer immortal traveled here and because he liked the atmosphere, slashed off the top of the mountain with his sword and gathered the strength of the nine nations to build Starry Sky Academy on this cliff. Have you ever thought about whether the dragon slayer immortal really just slashed off Broken Mountain because he likes it here? The royal family of the nine nations really used all their riches to build an academy here because they were afraid of the dragon slayer immortal?”

“Dean—–” Yang Xiaohu looked aghast. What dean whispered was the same as lifting open the world’s real and the most frightening page.

This world, it really is not as it’s written in the history books.

Yes, why was Starry Sky Academy built here? Was it just simply because the dragon slayer immortal liked the atmosphere here?

The royal family of the nine nations are not weak, why would they be willing to build an academy with all their power in such a remote place?

Just what kind of secrets were hiding beneath the surface?

Also what are the demons and the evil spirits in the deep swamp that dean mentioned? Could they also pose a risk to them?

“Tens of thousands of years of sand can cover our eyes but cannot hide our hearts.”

Yang Xiaohu became more and more shocked. Just as he was about to ask more, he found out the dean had already disappeared without him knowing. Just like when he had arrived.

“Dean——” Yang Xiaohu muttered to himself. “What you said to me——–What does it have to do with Li Muyang?”



Lu Qiji entered into her own courtyard and after she walked into the living room, lifted the teapot, poured a cup of herbal tea and sipped gently.

There were no servants in Starry Sky Academy, the prince and princesses also have to take care of themselves. Even if Lu Qiji comes from the noble Lu family of the West Wind Kingdom, she was no exception.

Chu Xun followed her into the courtyard, sat directly opposite her and watched Lu Qiji with a look of wanting to say something but then hesitated.

“What do you want to ask?” Lu Qiji glanced at him as she asked aloud.

“Qiji——” Chu Xun made up his mind to ask out what’s puzzling him, if not, his thoughts would run wild and he would tire himself out. “You and Li Muyang know each other?”

Lu Qiji looked at Chu Xun without any expression, asking: “Why do you ask?”

“I feel you two know each other.” Chu Xun said seriously: “I know you, I know what kind of person you are——if it was an ordinary person, you won’t even care about them. However, when facing Li Muyang you get angered so easily——-”

“Do I?” The corner of Lu Qiji’s mouth rose slightly as she said indifferently.

“What’s even more hard to understand for me is that you were obviously dissatisfied with him and seemed very angry but you never hit him——-When we were in Tiandu, when did you ever controlled your temper and endured silently? Whatever was not pleasing to your eyes, you would draw out your whip. When were you ever afraid like you were today?”

“Is it because this is Starry Sky Academy? Are you worried about the school’s punishment? Qiji, I understand you——you’re doing this because that damn guy did something that hurt you. In that case, you don’t need to have mercy. If you’re worried about the school’s punishment, then I will receive punishment with you. If you’re worried about the school expelling you, then we can go back to West Wind University——–I hope you can keep your frank and sincere personality, and is still the girl that stands up against injustice. Now you are not like the original you.”

After a pause, Chu Xun said aloud: “If there is anything you’re not willing to do, then leave it to me——I’ll do it for you. I have no scruples.”

“Would you do it?”

“I would.”

“Good. Then kill Li Muyang.”


Chu Xun carefully studied Lu Qiji’s face, the expression in her eyes was serious.

Chu Xun placed down the cup in his hand, immediately turned and walked away.

“Come back.” Lu Qiji shouted.

“What?” Chu Xun asked. “Don’t kill?”

“You can’t kill him.” Lu Qiji said in a calm voice.



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    1. Thanks for the chapter.
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