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130 – Heart of a Phoenix!

Chapter 130: Heart of a phoenix!

Chu Xun felt he was slapped across the face, and before he could fight back and say it hurts, a knife was stabbed through his chest———-

It was Lu Qiji, the cold-hearted, the Lu Qiji that was blunt and never shew any mercy.

Chu Xun turned around and snapped: “What? In your heart I am not as good as that stupid Li Muyang?”

“You’re below him.” Lu Qiji said without the slightest emotion on her face. Her mood was extremely calm, which makes people believe what she said was was the truth. “He is my opponent, not yours.”

“I don’t understand.” Chu Xun’s face darkened. The woman he likes thinks another man is better than him, it’s hard for any man to accept. “You’ve never seen him before, why is he your opponent?”

“Destiny.” Lu Qiji answered.

“——” Chu Xun felt he was stabbed in the chest once again.

What is destiny?

It can be said to be the enmity of previous life, and also said to be the ill-fated relationship of previous life.

As long as there is a fate, it proves that there are feelings.

Chu Xun could not stand the thought that LI Muyang and Lu Qiji might have feelings for each other in their previous life anymore—–he refused to believe that they knew each other in previous lives.

“What is this explanation? How could there be destiny in this world?” Chu Xun was on the verge of exploding. “It’s the first time I saw him, it’s also the first time you saw him, for no reason at all, how could he be what you just said—-destiny? Even if there is such a thing as destiny, that should be me—-Did you come into contact with him somehow before? Did you see each other before?”

“In this life, no.”

“——” Chu Xun felt he could no longer understand what Lu Qiji was saying. This woman is not insane, right?
He examined Lu Qiji’s expression carefully and very seriously stared into her eyes, realising that she was not crazy and was the same as always.

Then am I crazy? If not, how come I don’t understand these words like a normal person?

Lu Qiji lightly sighed, looked Chu Xun and said: “No need to think too deeply, you won’t understand.”

“If you don’t say it clearly, of course I won’t understand.” Chu Xun retorting, sitting down opposite of Lu Qiji: “Qiji, what is it, tell me. I’ll share the burden with you.”

“You can’t bear the burden.” Lu Qiji said. “This is something between me and him.”

“——-” Chu Xun felt as if he’s been stabbed all over his body. What is ‘between me and him’, I hope there is something between us, okay?

He did not mind, as long there’s still place on his body to be stabbed, he would pluck up the courage and step forward once again. “I will help you kill Li Muyang, is this not something you’ve always wanted to do?”

Lu Qiji remained silent.

“Do you agree?”

“We discussed this question already—–” Lu Qiji finally knew the appropriate words, her tone of speaking also much gentler: “Why bring humiliation to yourself?”


Chu Xun wanted to lie down on the ground.

He felt he had lost excessive just blood now, he was dizzy and needed to recuperate for a year or so to be fine.

Chu Xun left.

In a daze he forgot to close the gate.

But he quickly returned and helped Lu Qiji close the gate before leaving once again.

Lu Qiji stood up, strolled to the backyard, gazed at the blood-red waves of Nujiang surging incessantly and said in a cold tone of voice: “You and I have been fighting for thousands of years. We have seen transformations in the sun, the moon and the stars. My body is shattered but I still hold onto the heart of the phoenix. Your soul have scattered, your skills and wisdom are formed into the tear of the dragon king, and fallen onto a useless boy—–You paved this path, because you feel injustice? Thousands of years ago you committed many evil crimes, now you want to come back and do so once again?”

Lu Qiji’s purple eyes flashed, as if her body was situated in a sea of burning flames.

“That Li Muyang—–can he really inherit your ability and will? The day that he awakens—” Lu Qiji clenched her fist tight.

She said fiercely: “No, I will never let him awaken. You, just give up.”


Li Muyang recalled carefully the time he took off his trousers at the bottom of the mountain, only Lu Qiji and very few people were present, and Qiandu definitely was not around.

So, for this girl to be kind to him was quite bewildering.

This made Li Muyang vigilant.

What does she want? Is she an assassin sent by Tiandu’s Cui family?

Otherwise, why would such a gentle and beautiful girl, and with such an empathetic temperament would take the initiative to be nice to him? This behavior simply overturned student Li Muyang’s more than ten years of outlook on life.

“Muyang classmate, do you have any hobbies?” Qiandu asked softly.

“Sleeping.” Li Muyang said. Back then, he really did liked to sleep.

“Well, that’s a really unique hobby—-do you have any other hobbies? Such as music, painting or something like that.” A gentle and warm smile spread over Qiandu’s face, like she’s always extremely patient with everything.

“Does singing counts?” Li Muyang asked. When Li Shinian could not sleep, she would run to Li Muyang’s room and force Li Muyang to sing her lullabies. After he was forced several times, Li Muyang’s singing voice improved—-This could be said to be his only strong point, right?

“Muyang classmate knows how to sing? That’s amazing. I want to listen when there’s a chance. You can’t keep it all to yourself.” Qiandu looked at Li Muyang and asked with an imploring face.

Li Muyang turned extremely shy, blushing intensely he said: “I can only sing lullabies—–for my little sister.”

“Oh. Is that so.” Qiandu said, a hint of a smile lifted the corner of her lips. “In that case, it’s not suitable for me to listen. My ears are not tha fortunate it seems.”

“Big sister Qiandu, I can sing.” Lin Canghai scampered over and said with a sweet smile: “I can sing Dawu’s famous ballad. Also, I can sing some very passionate fighting songs, it’s songs that warriors like to listen—-if big sister like, I’d love to sing for big sister.”

“That’s very good.” Qiandu nodded repeatedly, reached out her hand and caressed Lin Canghai’s head, like a big sister spoiling her little brother: “I’ll wait patiently.”

“Big sister Qiandu, I won’t let you down.” Lin Canghai laughed.

Qiandu turned to Li Muyang, saying: “Muyang classmate has to come and listen too.”

Lin Canghai thoughtfully looked at Li Muyang and smiled in silence.

“I definitely will come.” Li Muyang nodded. Then, took a glimpse at Lin Canghai, saying: “If it’s not too inconvenient.”

Li Muyang began to worry again, that he would find himself trapped in a love triangle.

Although it was not very apparent from the situation right now.


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      I really hoped the author wouldn’t go this way but I knew it!… now 2 people have something special from birth when appears 3 4 5 to ruin the story… Well let’s see how the author handles this~

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