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130 – Lu Zhaoge


Ye Qingyu greedily sucked in large mouthful after large mouthful of fresh air.

A short moment later, he descended back to the ground, standing alone on top of a snowy peak.

Looking downwards, the surrounding snowy white peaks were standing in great numbers. One could largely judge, that this location was still within the hundred broken mountains. But evidently, there was still an extremely great distance from here to the nearest watch post. Ye Qingyu did not posess the routes of the military. At this time, he did not know exactly what direction to travel.

“Youyan pass is directly North. If I just head North, I should reach it sooner or later?”

Ye Qingyu bitterly smiled. It seems like that he could only use such an idiotic method.

He was above to soar through the skies and head towards the North, when an unexpected change occurred.

“Who is that person loudly screaming?”

A loud shout, like the rumble of thunder in the summer, incessantly sounded from far away, spreading everywhere. The sounds waves where so strong, that it began to shake the sea of clouds, and even the strong gusts in the skies were faintly moved.。

As the  sound of the shout had not yet finished, another sound came piercing through the skies.


A great fissure was torn apart in the cloud layers.

A figure like an electric arrow, drew a trajectory through the heavens. He arrived in an instant, descending fifty metres before Ye Qingyu.

“Was it you who was screaming crazily just now? You…..Eh? So it was you……” The tone of the silhouette was originally cold, but as his gaze landed on Ye Qingyu’s face, he suddenly became emotionally moved. “Motherfucker, you little brat, just where have you died to in these days. You made your father I, afraid and alarmed searching for you.”

As he said this, the silhouette flashed, arriving before Ye Qingyu in an instant.


The person lifted his hand and punched Ye Qingyu in the chest.

Ye Qingyu looked downwards, then was overjoyed at the unexpected fortunate occurrence. Exclaiming, “Old Wen? You, you…….why are you here?”

The person that suddenly appeared, was really astonishingly Wen Wan.

Ye Qingyu did not imagine that he would bump into Wen Wan at such a place.

“Why am I here? That’s all due to your fault, you stinky little brat. Once I heard there was a problem in the watch post, your father I rushed over from Youyan pass overnight. Motherfucker, did you know, I’ve already spent over a month of time searching for you in the hundred broken mountains? I’ve nearly dug ups these mountains looking for you…….” Wen Wan said with anger but with laughter hidden within. “Just what has happened? The sentry post has collapsed, what did you guys encounter?”

“It’s a long story.” Ye Qingyu bitterly smiled, retelling everything that had happened.

He hid away those comparatively secret matters concerning the bronze book and the [Cloud top cauldron].

“So it was those two old dogs.” After Wen Wan had finished hearing the story, he grinded his teeth. “Luckily for them, they have died quickly. Otherwise, I would definitely make them suffer……haha, but to bring back the subject, you little kid really have gained fortune from calamity. Your strength has risen so fast. If it is like so, then I can drill you with reassurance in Youyan pass.”

As he said this, in the far off skies, more yuan qi fluctuations could be seen.

Several more figures, came from far away.


The leading person had silver armour, a muscular figure, with a clearly defined face that was somewhat heroic. The several people around him were all wearing silver helmet and silver armour, evidently from the military. They surrounded Wen Wan, seemingly his subordinates.

Wen Wan flicked his hands with a laugh. “Fine, the person has been found. Wu Guanlong, go and tell the others of the army, to tell them to return. I will send someone to report on what has roughly happened shortly after.

This heroic faced military officer, respectfully gave off a sound of agreement. Transforming in a ray of light, he headed towards the South.

“Fine, let’s go. Lets go to Youyan pass, then we’ll speak.”

Wen Wan slapped Ye Qingyu on the shoulder as he smiled a wide grin.

The other subordinates, evaluated Ye Qingyu with a curious glance.

Their own superior was a military officer famed for his violence throughout Youyan pass. Ever since taking up the official appointment, he would not give face to anyone at all apart from military order. It was unknown just how many nobles of the younger generation he had taken care of. Wen Wan had all punished those whose work was detrimental, shirking responsibilities and scrambling for merit. They had never seen, military officer Wen Wan would display so much care towards someone of the younger generation. In this month, he had nearly flipped the entire hundred broken mountains over. This young man called Ye Qingyu, just what was his background, that he would make the violent officer care so much about him?

“Everyone, it has been hard.”

Ye Qingyu clasped his hands to express his thanks.



Three days later.

Ye Qingyu finally arrived in Youyan pass.

The location that was known as the pass was the front line between Snow country and the Snow ground demon court. It already possessed nearly a hundred years of history. After several generations of the country’s men bitter construction, it already began to emit a vast unfathomable atmosphere. One of the three main peaks of Deer mountain range, Youyan peak, was cut apart to construct the pass. Aside from that, there was a fort outside the mountain and tunnels and dwellings within. There were countless holes dug hundreds of miles east and west from here, a large majority of the rocky ground and cliff transforming into dents. There were countless formation arrays as well as various military installations arranged in these holes. It was like a forest, numerous and densely packed.

It was covered and shrouded in ice and snow throughout the year. The entire Youyan pass was like a cold city of ice.

Because of the traces left behind by the traces of human activity, there were the even present thick clouds and mist in the skies. Like it was a land of ghosts*. It was said that this was how Youyan pass got its name from.

The first moment he saw Youyan pass, Ye Qingyu’s was completely shocked and stunned.

He stood from the air thousands of metres high, surveying down. The entire Youyan pass was like a slumbering blue dragon, towering and majestic, imposing, Firmly guarding the Northern gates of Snow country, it utterly blocked the demons of the Snow ground demon court from entering.

Because this was a important location to the military, the security was incomparably strict.

As Ye Qingyu and the others got within ten miles to Youyan pass, they had already received the interrogation of four  waves of little patrols. Formation airships patrolled all around. Thankfully with the famed violent officer Wen Wan beside him, the various questioning procedures became much simpler.

After passing twenty covert watch posts, Ye Qingyu’s feet finally stepped on the ground of Youyan pass.

It was a city in the mountain.

A mountain city that was in ice and snow.

It was the winter season. The air here was even harsher compared to Deer city. Many of the architecture in the outside city was constructed using cold ice. The people on the streets, largely wore leather coats and cotton padded clothes. But they would not cower and huddle for warmth, evidently having adapted to the cold environment. Instead, they seemed very vigorous and energetic.

“You first go to the Pass Lord’s residence, and report for duty to Pass Lord Lu…..then go to the military camps to obtain your armour and your badge.”

Wen Wan brought Ye Qingyu along. Sitting on a snow dragon chariot, they headed towards the Pass Lord’s residence at a rapid speed.

A snow dragon was the special Spirit beast that belonged to Youyan pass. With an extremely powerful ability to bear weight, it was said to be a descendant branch of the ancient dragon. It’s head was like a dragon, the horn sharp like blades or swords. It’s hind legs were developed and sturdy,  able to shoot through the snowy ground. The forelegs was like claws, able to hold weapons. High class snow dragons could spit out lightning and also fly.

But this snow dragon chariot that they travelled in, was a somewhat low class.

On the way, Wen Wan took great pains to introduce Ye Qingyu to the situation regarding Youyan pass, especially the organisational structure of the military and what forces composed the power base of Youyan pass. Attentively telling him on what he should pay attention to, what people he could not pay attention to, what people he must pay respect to and distance himself from, what matters he could do as he pleased, and what situations where he must not interfere etc……

“How come you have only came for a year to the front lines, and become so womanish?” Ye Qingyu laughed.

In the end, he had missed the time where they had not seen each other.

After they had met, they were especially close. But his mouth could not help but insult him several times.

Perhaps this was the friendship between men.

“You little brat is really living in plenty without appreciating it.” Wen Wan sighed with sorrow. “Thinking back, when your father I came here, I was not familiar with the situation or people. I was played around with people who looked down on me, causing quite a few laughable situation to happen. I nearly had my head chopped off by breaking the rules of the army…..Right now you have me following you everywhere and pointing out a clear path for a little brat like you. Yet you’re still not satisfied.”

Ye Qingyu laughed uproariously.

Wen Wan said resentfully, “I finally discovered, that I came here to pave the path for you.”

On the way, they once again encountered many heavily armed patrols.

This was different from Deer city. Every structure in Youyan pass, was constructed with the foremost consideration of sturdiness and suitability for battle. Even civilian houses, were constructed like forts. The roads were wide and straight, nearly every building square. The large majority of citizens living here were soldiers, or the family of military officers. There were merchants and normal civilians, but these people were very few in numbers.

It was said that there was an army two hundred thousand strong in Youyan pass stationed by the Snow country, but the true elite should only number around a hundred thousand.

The closer they got to the Pass Lord’s residence, the stricter the security was.

The snow dragon chariot passed over a total of twenty one formation fences, entering into the inner city. And after travelling for another twenty minutes, they could finally see their destination. Far off in the distance, the completely white building was like a divine palace in the clouds. It was the residence of the Pass Lord.

“Within a thousand metres from the Pass Lord residence, all civilian court officials dismount and all military officers must get off from their vehicles. ”

The silver armoured guards loudly shouted.

“Dismount. ”

Wen Wan gave a signal, bringing Ye Qingyu down the chariot. Fixing his clothes, he continued to walk forward.

The lord of Youyan pass, was known as Lu Zhaoge. He was one of the only princes of country that had a different surname. Receiving the title as the Lord of the North that drove away the demons, he was a legendary person.

Rumour had it that Lu Zhaoge was the playmate of the Emperor of Snow country, and had a exceedingly great relationship with the Emperor. He was a true martial artist standing at the peak. He had once, one man and his blade alone, entered deeply into enemy territory, invading a thousand miles into the Snow Ground demon court. He annihilated ten thousand elite demon soldiers, and beheaded the head of a status at the entrance to the demon court, bringing it back. He shook the entire Snow ground demon court with his might. He had ruled and defended Youyan pass for over thirty years, with the army of the demon court  not even able to take a step past the peak of Youyan. His contribution was outstanding.

Within Youyan pass, Lu Zhaoge held two roles simultaneously. He was both the Lord of the pass and the Commander in Chief. Holding authority over administrative and military affairs, his words held enormous weight.

In the eyes of countless soldiers in Youyan, this Northern lord that drove away the demons was an existence akin to a deity.

He held prestige and respect that could not be compared to anything. Every soldier and military officer, was willing to die for such a commander of the army.

Even Wen Wan, a brute like military officer who could not be tamed, could not but become more solemn when he appeared in front of the Pass Lord’s residence. First he tidied up his armour, then walked step by step inside.

On the gates of the Pass Lord’s residence, there were silver armoured guards defending the structure.

Ye Qingyu handed over his identity nameplate and the official appointment. Only then was he allowed in.

Wen Wan waited outside, in a courtyard within the residence.

A silver armoured captain brought Ye Qingyu passing through many lookout posts on the way. They headed towards main hall where official business were discussed.

Wen Wan seemed to have long gotten used to everything here. He casually selected a pavilion to enter, reclining on a chair. He held his two hands behind his head as he stared into the skies, waiting for Ye Qingyu to come out.


*place of Youlin — Where Youyan pass gets its name from


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