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132 – Changbai Sword Sect


Li Muyang hastily speeded forward, while peering over the bookshelves trying to see the source of quarrelling.

Lin Canghai, with his eyes blazing with fury stared at a group of students dressed in Starry Sky cloud robes, said angrily: “I was the first person to take [The autumn wind three-sword technique], why should I give you it? Anyone can read the books in this library as much as they like but we have to pay attention to the order of arrival, right?”

“You reached it first but I saw it first.” A young, tall man dressed in a cloud robe said. The corner of his mouth twitched with an arrogant, cold smirk: “I was just going to pick up this book but you took it first, don’t you think—–I should see this book first?”

“Insolence.” Lin Canghai snapped, pointing to the young man.

“Boy, do not use fingers to point at someone or else it might be cut off——Since you say I’m insolent, then I’m insolent, so what? Do you want to fight?” The tall man did not attach any importance to the small, adorable-looking Lin Canghai.

“Starry Sky Academy, how could it tolerate this atrocious behaviour?”

“Starry Sky Academy does not oppose students learning from one another, right? Then, how about we fight at Starry Sky battlefield?” The threat was evident in the man’s words.

Staring at Lin Canghai with a penetrating stare he continued: “Boy, Starry Sky Academy is a place that speak reason. When we give you time to reason, you also have to give us time to reason. When we don’t give you time to reason, then you should just listen to out reason—-With your porcelain face, you must have not suffered much, right? If I slash my sword across your face or cut off your arm, you most likely can’t bear the pain, right?”

He reached out his hand in front of Lin Canghai, a smile forming on his lips: “Give me [The autumn wind three-sword technique], you go find something else—-the less trouble the better, don’t you think? Broken hands and broken legs can’t practice the sword anymore.”

“No.” Lin Canghai came to realise there’s no way to reason with these people, the anger in his heart faded and his trademark sweet smile surfaced again. “What can you do to me?”

The tall man’s face darkened. “You refuse a toast to drink a punishing drink.”

“An illiterate person like you, how did you enter Starry Sky Academy? What is a toast? Respectfully raising your glass in front of me is called toast—–you forcefully grabbed the book, was there any form of respect in such an action?”

“If we talk to you nicely, it’s a toast. If we do not speak to you, it’s a punishing drink.” A horse-faced youngster sneered.

“Well, since you think of it in such a way—–I have had the toast just now and it tasted pretty bad. Give me a cup of punishing drink to taste——” Lin Canghai said proudly, looking fearless. His smile wider and more vibrant than usual, like a sweet, naive boy who did not know the immediate danger in front of him.

Qiandu stood behind Lin Canghai, looking calm. She was not far away nor near, and showed no intention of stepping in.

While Li Muyang stood next to Qiandu, whispering: “Should we help?”

“Watch a little more.” Qiandu said in a soft voice.

Because they were too close, Li Muyang could clearly smell her scent. It was a faint sweet scent, kind of like jasmine. But the fragrance was more elegant and persistent than Jasmine.

Li Muyang no longer talked, concentrated on smelling and awaiting the development of the situation.

“You have no idea of death.” The tall youngster said looking at Lin Canghai. “Since you’re seeking death, then don’t blame us for being ruthless.””

Standing behind him were six other people, all clad in Starry Sky cloud robes, with cloud boots on their feet. Everyone had long hair that was left loose, looking free and foolish.

They came from Changbai Mountain and belong to the Changbai sword sect. Changbai sword sect is split into twelve sub-sects, with three up on Changbai Mountain and the other nine standing independently among the nine countries. With inner disciples greater than tens of thousands and outside disciples more than hundreds of thousands, they have immense influence throughout the divine continent.

This also led to the outrageously arrogant and egoistical temper of the disciples of Changbai sword sect, who never paid any attention to ordinary people.

Changbai sword sect specialises in swordplay, so they placed extreme importance in sword skills and techniques as if it’s their life. As it turns out, Lin Canghai is also a guy crazy for sword. Being in a dispute over [The autumn wind three-sword technique] is normal for such people.

The seven sons of Changbai were named Feng, Yu, Lei, Ming, Chang, Bai and Shan, and have the surname Zhong, which is the surname of the head of the sect Zhong Hangyuan.
Zhong Feng looked at Lin Canghai, asking: “what’s your name?”

“Lin Canghai.”

“Majoring in what?”

“Dragon slaying.”

“Dragon slayer?” Zhong Lei was taken back, then burst into laughter. He pointed at Lin Canghai as he sneered: “Did you hear? This pretty boy is majoring in Dragon slayer?”

“There’s actually an idiot who majors in dragon slayer—-there are still dragons in this world?”

“Because there aren’t any dragons, hence we have idiots learning how to slay a dragon——if there aren’t any dragons, then they don’t have to go slay them. This is the safest course in the entire world, right?”


Lin Canghai curled his lips, saying: “Shamelessness is pitiful, ignorance is pathetic. You’re shameless and ignorant, I’m ashamed that you’re Starry Sky students like me.”

Zhong Feng laughed coldly, his gaze fixed on Lin Canghai as he said: “Your time of death is not far, yet you’re still reluctant to admit your mistake. When we cut off your legs, let’s see what you have to say——-”


Zhong Feng drew his sword.


The six people behind also drew their sword simultaneously.

“The Seven Sons of Changbai are one, we advance together and retreat together. You may be one person but we’re a group of people. As you wish.” Standing in front, Zhong Feng said, pinning a fierce glare at Lin Canghai.

The other people dispersed, adopting the battle formation ‘Changbai wind thunder formation’.


It’s really too shameless!

While these people were in a conflict with Lin Canghai, Li Muyang was looking at them in dissatisfaction.

Seizing what they want by force, this is the act of bandits. Any good or kind person would not tolerate something like this.

Moreover, just before, during the dragon slayer class when Chu Xun thrust his sword at him, Lin Canghai intercepted the attack. This kindness Li Muyang had always kept in his mind.

Now this group of people began slandering the dragon slayer major students as idiots——although deep inside Li Muyang wanted to agree with them. There are so many good courses, why must you come here to learn dragon slaying?

However, the righteousness deep inside refused to let Li Muyang act like so.

Li Muyang could not bear it anymore; he decided to stand up.

For the flame of righteousness!

For his boiling blood that would not die down!

Li Muyang patted Qiandu’s arm: “People are bullying our classmate, do we help or not?”


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