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133 – White Horse sword slave


Sword slave?

Waited for me bitterly?

Ye Qingyu was somewhat nonplussed.

Just what is this, do I know this youth from somewhere before?

“Wuwu, my lord, you’ve really come…….” The youth was nonsensical yet again, laughing and crying like a madman. Half a moment later, he seemed to have thought of something, quickly rushing to say, “My lord, please quickly enter. Your subordinate I have ensured that the entire tower was kept clean….”

Ye Qingyu could not laugh or cry, entering the tower.

The interior of the tower was really extremely clean and tidied. There was not the slightest hint of dust. The white floor was as polished as a mirror.

Ye Qingyu carefully observed around him.

The interior of the tower was plain and unadorned. The first floor was used to store various items, such a weapons, spears and blade. Apart from this, there were three or four rooms, that according to the youth, was where the servants of the previous patrolling sword envoy stayed. As you went up the stairs, the decoration of the second storey was somewhat more detailed. The second floor had a fairly large space, and there were weapons hung on the walls. It should be a small scale practice room. And as for the third floor, it was the resting room of the patrolling sword envoy. The furnishings were exquisite, and it possessed some wooden furniture.

The space of the fourth storey was comparatively small, but both the design and furnishing were elegant. With an incense burner, praying mat, emerald green bonsai plants and on the four walls, there were formations used to consolidate yuan qi of heaven and earth. And on all four sides, there were large windows that could be used to survey the surrounding architecture…….YE Qingyu guessed, that the fourth storey should be a place of quiet used to cultivate yuan qi.

“This is some items that the previous superior have left behind. Everything has been arranged by the predecessor.” The skinny youth Bai Yuanxing said respectfully behind him, explaining in a small voice.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

Then this skinny youth said in a probing tone: “I wonder if superior is satisfied with this place, do you need to rearrange anything?”

Ye Qingyu shook his head. “This is fine, I don’t have any special requirements.”

Bai Yuanxing let out a breath of relief, much more relax. “My lord, you are the twenty first master of the White Horse tower. The previous masters all held the position of the patrolling sword envoy. It is only that after the previous master has died in battle, there has not been a new master of White Horse tower for quite a while. As a result, everything in the tower has been somewhat neglected. There were originally ten sword slaves in the tower; some has left, some has died, and there is only me left…..”

“The previous master died?” Ye Qingyu was taken aback. “What happened?”

The sword slave of White Horse Bai Yuanxing was also taken aback: “Could it be that my lord doesn’t know the story behind White Horse tower?”

Ye Qingyu heard this, and knew there must be a long tale involved. Pointing to the chair opposite him, he said: “You are called Bai Yuanxing? That’s right, I don’t know the inner workings of this place. Since it is so, then first sit and tell me all about the story of White Horse tower.”

“I don’t dare.” Bai Yuanxing was exceedingly deferential, bending his waist: “I’ll speak standing up……”

He told the tale without interruption. Ye Qingyu did not know what to feel in his heart as he listened to this.

The White Horse tower, had been founded right at the establishment of Youyan pass. It once belonged to the ten towers of Youyan pass. The first person to enter White Horse tower, was the head of patrolling sword envoys in Youyan pass, Bai Hungyun. He had once possessed the title of the top four experts of Youyan pass. His reputation was not in any way smaller than that of the Battle God Lu Zhaoge in Youyan, but he died at a young age. During one of the battles with the snow ground demon court, he had fallen a long time ago…..

After the death of Bai Hungyun, White Horse tower had experienced twenty masters in total. Everyone of them held the position patrolling sword envoy and these twenty people could be counted as experts of martial path, all  with exceptional backgrounds. Within these twenty, there was a person very well regarded by all. With a similar reputation to  Bai Hungyun, he caused the name  White Horse Tower these three words, to be incomparably resplendent in Youyan pass. Even a little sword slave, as long  as they walked out from White Horse tower, they possessed an exceedingly high status. Normal military officers and nobles, had to treat them with etiquette. They did not dare to be disrespectful in the slightest.

But the curious thing was, that all twenty  of these patrolling sword envoy, did not have a happy ending. Everyone of them perished through different methods…….

This caused the White Horse Tower with a radiant history, to slowly deteriorate.

The White Horse Tower within Youyan pass became known as the Tower of Death, the Cursed tower. It was a place of misfortune recognised by everyone, a place where it would bring ominous matters to its master. There had been extremely capable people invited to survey the reason for this, but they could not discern behind it. Ever since the last master, the patrolling sword envoy Dong Mingzhu,  died suddenly, White Horse tower had always remained empty. From then on, no one dared to live within…….

Ye Qingyu after hearing this, apart from feeling apprehensive, he was also thinking something else in his heart.

Since the misfortune of White Horse tower was so well known, then why did Misterr Liu of the Pass Lord’s residence arrange for himself to be here?

As the well experienced advisor of the Pass lord office, it was impossible for him not to know this story. Then for him to assign him here, it must be something done intentionally.

That Mister Liu, why would he do this?

Was it his own intention?

Or was it the Pass Lord, the Lord  of the North that drove away demon ? Was it his idea?

Ye Qingyu lowered his head and pondered for a while, then suddenly laughed. He felt that mulling these questions over was something completely pointless. A military order was like a mountain; for him to change location was something that was impossible. Furthermore, if this was spread out, he would definitely become a laughing stock.

“Perhaps I am thinking too much. The Lord of the North has what kind of position, why would he place his attention on a tiny character like me?”

Ye Qingyu laughed mockingly at himself.

However, there was still something suspicious. Wen Wan had already came to Youyan pass for quite a time already. It was impossible for him not to know the legend of the White Horse tower. It was exceptionally strange for him to not even mention it previously when he saw him off.

Just what kind of medicine was this fellow selling in his gourd?

When he had time, he must question this fellow.

And as the matter lies, Wen Wan still owed him something. The pearls that obtained from the old golden clam, he had handed it to Wen Wan. He said he would bring it for someone to examine it, yet he had never returned it.

As for the legend of the White Horse tower, as a martial artist, Ye Qingyu had far more considerations than the ordinary man.

Firstly he would naturally not be like a normal person and believe that the White Horse tower was really cursed or possessed by a ghost as legend has it. He was not as superstitious as to believe in these intangible and inconceivable matters. But the fact that twenty one martial artists including Bai Hungyun had met with a made end was an indisputable truth. There would not be waves without wind. There must be some sort of secret not known by others hidden within.

As he thought of this, Ye Qingyu’s heart became more and more curious.

Could it be that within White Horse tower, there really was some sort of secret hidden?

He did not say anything, allowing the sword slave Bai Yuanxing to continue with his tale.

Ever since four years ago, and the death of the last master of White Horse tower, the deterioration of White Horse tower could already not be prevented. In these four years of time, there was no one who dared entered into White Horse tower. Originally, there were ten swore slaves of the White Horse tower and their role was serve the master. But as the saying goes, when the tree topples the monkey scatters. Some people met a bad end, some people chose to leave. In these four years, talent scattered everywhere. Ultimately, there was only Bai Yuanxing left.

Because of the deterioration of the White Horse tower, the military had also stopped allocating a stipend.

Bai Yuanxing had bitterly endured alone by himself. He could nearly bear it no longer. He suffered being bullied and humiliated every day. His face was yellow and thin from suffering too much hunger. Even he himself, did not know just how much longer he could endure. Luckily for him,  Ye Qingyu had arrived today. It made the last sword slave of White Horse tower, able to the see the light of hope….

As Ye Qingyu heard this, a slight affection was felt for this skinny youth.

After the sword servant Bai Yuanxing had finished explaining the mysteries behind the tower, he stared at Ye Qingyu in fear and high alert. He could tell, that this new master knew nothing about the legend of the White Horse tower. Now he knew, would he immediately depart from the White Horse tower, and go reside somewhere else?

It was not easy for a master to be assigned here. If he was scared away, then it was definitely a tragic loss.

Therefore, the heart of the youth became restless and worried.

Ye Qingyu looked at this youth, thinking of the words he had previously said. His heart suddenly moved, saying :”You just said, that the first master of White Horse tower was called Bai Hungyun. Your family name is also Bai, could it be…..”

The youth was taken aback, never imagining that the master would be able to connect the dots. Rushing and bending his waist, “Not to hide from my lord, Bai Hungyun was namely my ancestor.”

“What? He’s your ancestor?” Ye Qingyu had casually asked this question. He had not expected it would really be like so. He could not help but ask in surprise: “Bai Hungyun had such a high position. As his descendant, why have you turned into the sword slave of White Horse tower?”

The role Sword servant, had the word slave in it. Evidently, it was not a high position.

Ye Qingyu looked at Bai Yuanxing. His feet was unstable, with no light in his eyes. Evidently, he had never trained in the martial path. In those years, Bai Hungyuan was incomparably glorious. Even if he died in a battle, he should be someone that received great rewards and merits. Why was it that his descendant, would deteriorate to such a state?

The sword slave Bai Yuanxing lowered his head. “When my ancestor died in battle, he left his last words. He wanted his descendants to protect White Horse tower for generations after, not allowing them to become officers. In these years, the Bai family has gradually deteriorated all the way until my generation. My talent is exceptionally poor, and my success is limited in the martial path. To follow the wishes of my ancestor, I can only sell myself as a sword slave, and guard this place.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

If this Bai Yuanxing had not lied, then there were definitely some parts of him that could be admired. His loyalty was excellent. In the future, Ye Qingyu could use him with reassurance.

“Fine, I know. Thank you.” Ye Qingyu patted him on the shoulder with a smile.

The figure of Bai Yuanxing quivered. “I don’t dare, this is something I should do.”

After this conversation, Ye Qingyu became greatly interested in the matters regarding Youyan pass. “Since you have remained in the Youyan pass for generations, I believe that you must understand very well the matters in the pass?”

Bai Yuanxing said respectuflly: “I have heard many rumours , but I cannot discern whether they are true or false. Because my body is too weak, I rarely leave White Horse tower.”

“Haha, relax, I’m only asking you about matters that are common knowledge.” Ye Qingyu looked at Bai Yuanxing’s careful and cautious manner and knew that he must have suffered hardship in these years. He always lowered his head to others and had hence created a timid disposition. Reassuring him, he then said: “There should be ten patrolling sword envoys in the city. Before my appointment, there should have been nine. According to logic, as the sword slave of White Deer tower, you should also be a person belonging to the patrolling sword envoy group. Why don’t you seek aid and protection from them?”

Bai Yuanxing let out another sigh. “This is something that you cannot know. The relationship between patrolling sword envoys are special. They cannot be counted as comrades. One of their duties is to monitor each other. From the beginning, the other patrolling sword envoys has never been amiable with each other.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

This was his first time hearing all of these.

“Superior, your military uniform and weapons, are in the tower. Do you need to go inspect it?” Bai Yuanxing asked. “After the previous master has perished, the military supply department has halted the distribution of the stipend. Since superior you has finally come, then I will immediately request for the stipend to be reinstated.

“Good.” Ye Qingyu nodded his head. “Then I’ll first have a look at the uniform and the weapons.

The military occupied a decisive role in Snow country. It could be said that it was the pillar of the country. Hence, their supplies were utterly faultless and of superior quality. Especially for the front lines like Youyan pass, the treatment they received was especially generous.

Within White Horse tower, there were the uniform of the patrolling sword envoy and the weapons associated with the position.

The so called uniform, was really a set of armour. It was called the [White Horse armour].

The workmanship of this armour as well as the materials was exceedingly exquisite. The silver helmet and armour was luminous and dazzling, with the shape like a white horse, two wings on the back of the armour. It combined beauty with functional capability. It could be counted as a great product created by the military of Snow country. Even if it was hung on a frame, it seemed very artistic, like a flying white horse in the heavens.

When Ye Qingyu saw the [White Horse armour] his eyes brightened.

” A Good treasure!”

He could not help but praise it.

After carefully observing, Ye Qingyu discovered many particulars in different locations. The defensive ability of this armour was astonishing. On the war armour, there were countless formations inscribed. After entering one’s inner yuan inside, one could activate the power of the formations. It could withstand consecutive heavy strikes, and it was also possible for it block spears and hidden arrows. It’s class was only slightly less than that of a Spirit armour, and it was unquestionably the best choice for protection on the battlefield.

And what was even more rare, were the the two wings on the back. It was not just for decoration. On it, two profound formations were inscribed that could reduce the weight of the wearer and give them the  power of flight. After wearing the [White Horse armour], and inserting your inner yuan into the formations, one could control the wings, soaring into the skies.

The experts of the Spirit spring stage could also fly through the air.  But this was  typically far too great an expenditure for their inner yuan. But if one relied on this heaven horse wings, and borrowed the power of the formation, the expenditure on their inner yuan would be greatly lessened. By fighting against opponents in the skies through this tool, one could definitely gain a great advantage.

The more Ye Qingyu looked at it, the more he liked it.

Even though this war armour could not be counted as a Spirit weapon class armour,  but after considering just how hard it is to obtain a complete set of defensive armour like this, it was definitely something special. Furthermore if the abilities it had in battle was calculated, then its value was not in anyway less than a Spirit weapon. It was even higher than a typical Spirit weapon.

Who would have thought becoming an officer in the military would have such great benefits.

Apart from this armour, there were many weapons left by the previous owners. There were all eighteen types of weapons there. Blades, spears, hatchets, battle axe, hooks, prongs, there was everything that one could name. Most of the work were elites products from the hands of a grandmaster, made from extraordinary material. One look was enough to tell that they were the sharp tools used to kill in the battlefield.

But they were all not Spirit weapons.

Ye Qingyu did not mind too much, storing every weapon away.

“That’s right, which of these weapons do you like?” Ye Qingyu smiled at the Bai Yuanxing who had always remained next to him. “Come pick one.”

“Ah?” Bai Yuanxing jumped in shock, then quickly shook his head “This…,no,no, my position is too low, how would I dare covet these divine weapons….”

Ye Qingyu did not say anything. With a faint smile, he handed over a set a sharp flying blades.

There were six sections to this set of sharp flying blade, with each section having six blades. In total, there were thirty six blades, with each blade bringing it a silver but slightly blue colour inside. They were slightly curved, with rivets for blood that could be clearly seen. One side sharp, the other side blunt, the tip of the blade extremely sharp. One look at it was enough for cold shivers to be born.

These thirty six flying blades, was stored in a pale blue strange sheath made from the skin of beasts.

The workmanship of the sheath was exquisite, with a girdle, that could be fixed onto the back of someone. It completely covered the thirty six blades so that a normal person had no way of noticing the blades on the wearer’s body. It was definitely a sharp weapon made for killing. The person who created these blades, was absolutely a master of assassination.

“This, this, this……”

Bai Yuanxing held the blade sheath with both hands, both nervous and flabbergasted,  but holding a very well disguised delight. He did not know what to say.

“Take it away. From now on, train with effort. Talent alone cannot decide anything.” Ye Qingyu had long noticed, that Bai Yuanxing liked this set of blade the most. His gaze had lingered on these blades the longest. When he looked at it his pupils would glow with a light, so he had just gifted it to him.

After all, it was something his predecessors had left behind. Ye Qingyu had just blindly picked it up himself. Casually handing one or two pieces to others for a favour, was something he could do and not feel pained in the slightest.

After a slight hesitation, Bai Yuanxing gratefully accepted this set of flying blades known as [Flowing light of the stars].

Ye Qingyu returned to the storey above, slightly arranging his residence and adjusting to the new environment.

Bai Yuanxing took away Ye Qingyu’s deputy seal, heading towards the military supply department to request for the reinstatement of the stipend. For the White Horse tower to reopen again, the meaning it held for the last White Horse sword slave, was absolutely not in any way less than being reborn. His entire person was resplendent, in much higher spirits.

As he stood in the clean room of the fourth story and watched Bai Yuanxing disappear in the end of the far off street, ye Qingyu faintly smiled.

This person, he could trust to carry out his orders.

But his background, was definitely was not as simple as he had said.

Although he had only came to the Youyan pass for a short time, Ye Qingyu could already sense a sensation like a storm encroaching. The atmosphere in this military frontier was even more complicated than in his imagination.

Ye Qingyu stood on the fourth floor, surveying the surroundings.

Everything miles away, could be seen in his eyes.

As he silently surveyed the surroundings, Ye Qingyu’s mod gradually calmed down.

He suddenly liked this sensation overlooking everything.  From this height, the people on the roads were like ants, and he could see the structures and building silently standing in the snow. To stare down from the White Horse tower gave him a sensation akin to a monarch or deity controlling everything around them, possessing absolute authority.

From far away, in the falling white snow, a crimson red gradually sunk into the ice mountain to the west.

The time of the sunset.

For the first time, Ye Qingyu felt that the sunset was magnificent.

In that split second, he began to comprehend something in his heart. Ye Qingyu sat in a meditative position, on the praying mat. Activating the nameless heart sutra, he began to train.

Ray after ray of silver yuan qi dragons soared out from within Ye Qingyu’s body, encircling around his body.

Ye Qingyu did not stop activating his inner yuan. Controlling the roiling yuan qi dragons, he constantly deepened his ability to control his own energy.

His strength had grown explosively. What he lacked the most right now, was the needed minute control over his power.

Like a young child holding a sharp knife, Ye Qingyu must first increase the control he had over his new power. Only then, could be emit the true power of fifteen Spirit springs. He did not want to be like the young child cut by the sharp blade in his hands, suffering a injury because he had no way of handling this new power.

Time passed minute by minute.

The sun had already sunk below the horizon.

Darkness began enveloping Youyan pass.

The fifteen yuan qi silver dragons lingering on Ye Qingyu became increasingly more concise, their actions more agile and nimble. From the beginning where it was somewhat stiff and shaky, it was already many times more fine and controlled.

Accompanied by the vague roars of dragons, the fifteen yuan qi silver dragons once again entered back into Ye Qingyu’s body.

He deeply exhaled a murky breath of air, slowly standing up.

“Two hours have already passed, why has Bai Yuanxing not yet returned?”



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