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134 – Calabash brothers!


Starry Sky Academy were filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers; you could never know if the classmates with you all the time was a dragon or a tiger.

This was a phrase a dragon slayer senior said before and has been treated as a sacred phrase by dragon slayer students ever since.

After all, it’s embarrassing to blow your own trumpet all the time, but it’s fine for others to do so.

Zhong Feng stared at Qiandu with an incisive glare, like his gaze was scanning up and down Qiandu’s body thousand of times.

Zhong Yu was dumbstruck by Qiandu’s beautiful looks, and had been thinking of how to get this little woman onto his bed all along but watching her smiling sweetly while mentioning the secret that only few people of Changbai sword sect knew, he cast away his dirty thoughts.

This woman is very crafty, if they used force then it’s possible their bones might get broken. The same outcome as what happened shark elder who they respected greatly.

Not only did the Seven Sons of Changbai size up Qiandu, Li Muyang also looked warily at Qiandu.

Who is this girl?

Why would Changbai Seven Sons be this frightened by a few simple words?

Of course, Li Muyang student interpreted the seven sons ‘serious faces’ as an expression of fear.

Also, the shark elder she mentioned, who is he? Why would anyone have such an embarrassing name?

Li Muyang thought if he has a nickname there must be the word ‘cool’ in it.

For example, he really likes a novel called ‘the legend of Chu Liuxiang’, the nickname of the leading man is ‘sweet handsome’. Even hearing this nickname it’s obviously a romantic and elegant handsome man without any sense of shame.

What someone lacks, is what he desires.

Li Muyang hopes to be that kind of man.

“What are you doing?” A man clad in a Starry Sky robe came trotting over, he was one of the librarians at the entrance, Li Muyang met him when he passed by the door. He scolded angrily: “no fighting in the library, if you want to fight go to the practice grounds. If you’re not afraid of death go to Starry Sky battlefield—-if you damage the sacred books in the library, even your broken bones are not enough to compensate for it.”

“Big brother—–” Zhong Shan slid the sword back in its sheath, smiled and said: “there’s plenty of time in the future, let’s teach them a lesson later.”

Zhong Feng nodded, slowly slipping the sword back into the sheath.

Then, he swept his gaze thoughtfully over Qiandu and together with the other Changbai seven calabash turned and left.

“You guys are not leaving? If you cause trouble in the library again, I will take away your eligibility for permanent access to the library.” The senior did not have a favourable impression of Li Muyang and Lin Canghai. The library is the blood and sweat of numerous predecessors, it’s a sacred place for many students. These students don’t know how to appreciate it and dared to play with swords here. He doesn’t know how it happens but the quality of students goes down year by year.

“Senior, really sorry, we’ll leave.” Lin Canghai smiled to the administrator, bowed as he apologized sincerely.

Seeing Lin Canghai’s adorable smile, his tone of voice became much softer and gentler: “Don’t do it again.”

“I won’t.” Lin Canghai nodded: “Today I was being bullied. Otherwise we would have not caused so much noise that would bother other students in the library. This was very rude behaviour of us.”

Lin Canghai also apologised to the crowd of students gathered around: “Really sorry everyone. I’m sorry about everything.”

His kind of actions easily created a good impression, there were even girls coming over asking for his address and said they would study sword techniques with him later.

The three of them walked out of the library together, bathing in sunlight and exchanging smiles with each other.

This feeling of sharing joys and sorrows felt good; Li Muyang loved it. He thought of his fatty friend Gongshu Yuan again, just what is he doing now.
He says he hoped that one day they could meet at Starry Sky, Li Muyang thought in his mind: even people like the Changbai Seven Calabash could enter Starry Sky, how could the adorable fatty not?

As expected, darkness is everywhere. Starry Sky Academy was no exception.

“Thank you.” Lin Canghai said aloud, beaming from ear to ear.

“You’re welcome.” Li Muyang patted him on the shoulder. “We’re all students, we should help each other and take care of each other.”

“Not everyone thinks like that.” Lin Canghai smiled as he shook his head. “So, I have to say thank you to you.”

Li Muyang smiled and waved dismissively: “I did nothing. You should thank Qiandu. Qiandu classmate scared them away——Yes Qiandu classmate, when you said those words to them what do you mean? Why did they have such a big reaction?”

Qiandu smiled and said: “I just heard about it from an elder, so I threw it out to scare them. I didn’t think they would really be fooled.”

This answer sounded very half-hearted and Qiandu also seemed unwilling to continue with this topic, looking at Lin Canghai she said: “Changbai Seven Sons all have different characters, the eldest Zhong Feng represents change, the second oldest Zhong Yu represents concentration, the third oldest Zhong Lei represents bravery, the fourth oldest Zhong Ming represents interference, the fifth oldest Zhong Chang represents persistence, the sixth oldest Zhong Bai represents absolute killing and the youngest Zhong Shan represents continuity, he is also the wisdom and brain of the seven brothers, the eye of the Changbai seven killing formation—–Everyone of them possess unique skills, do not be deceived by their appearance.”

“The next time you meet them, try to avoid confrontation with them. If you’re not careful and entered into their formation, you must first find a way to break through the eye of their formation. Otherwise, their Falling Snow Sword will continuously destroy you into foam——-They are dangerous opponents. Otherwise, Changbai sword sect wouldn’t have sent them to Starry Sky Academy. Starry Sky Academy also would not accept seven students from Changbai sword sect, it would cause issues with other sects——–”

“Thank you big sister Qiandu.” Lin Canghai bowed deeply to Qiandu, smiled and said: “I’ll be careful.”

“Good.” Qiandu nodded, then looked at Li Muyang, saying: “Muyang classmate, was there any gains for you today?”

“There is.” Li Muyang took out the scroll in his arms [Weapons documented by an unknown person] and said with a smile: “I found this book. I’ll take it back to pass time.”

Qiandu took a brief glimpse at the cover of the book before she said with a smile: “It seems like a very good book.”

Then, she glanced up at the sky: “I’m hungry, Lin Canghai classmate did you wanted to treat us to a good meal?”
“Of course.” Lin Canghai smiled and nodded. “We will eat at Jade Creek today.”

Starry Sky Academy has ‘clear kitchens’ that provides meals for students; with their registration plate students can receive meals the school provides. Of course, Clear Kitchen is the same as all the other colleges that provides big communal pot for everyone to eat from, in that it’s exceptionally unpalatable.

Therefore, in order to satisfy some peoples’ appetite and desire for good food, high-end food places have been built inside and outside of the school.

Of course, one needed gold for such facilities.

The Jade Creek Lin Canghai mentioned was a high-end food place in the school, which Li Muyang had never been since coming to Starry Sky Academy. He has always been eating the free school meals.

“It is said Jade Creek have Tianshan fruit dew.” Qiandu said with a smile. “This time we must try it.”

“As long as big sister likes——-” Lin Canghai said smilingly: “Even if we go everyday it’s not a problem.”



Tiandu. Heavy rain.

Several horse-drawn carriages, covered in black cloth, speedily headed into the back yard of the Lu mansion before coming to a halt at where young swordsmen in black lined up, then they guarded on both sides of the carriage. A large black umbrella opened, shading above the door.

Gongsun Yu was first to step down the carriage, followed by Luo Qi looking strangely and Li Shinian looking confused, constantly glancing around the surroundings.
Li Yan sat in one of the horse-drawn carriages behind; he used his own umbrella to shield the rain as he jumped off the carriage.

The servants inside came bustling over, an old servant with drops of rain sliding down her cheeks stood respectfully in front of Gongsun Yu and said respectfully: “Madam, following your orders, the courtyard has been tidied. All the furniture are complete, we will buy more if the guests require.”

“Ah.” Gongsun Yu took Luo Qi’s and Li Shinian’s hand as she hurriedly walked towards the corridor: “hurry get inside, don’t get wet.”

Then, she commanded the servants: “prepare some ginger soup and bring a bowl to each of the guards outside. Then prepare something for them to eat, they’ve been running around without a decent meal.”

“Yes, Madam. We know madam’s kind heart, we’ve already prepared everything.” A little servant said with a smile.” Ginger soup is done, meat soup with rice is also prepared.”

Gongsun Yu laughed: “these girls——-”

Her face filled with joy as she looked over at Luo Qi: “Luo Qi, you once lived in this courtyard, I ordered people to tidy it for you, all of the furniture all new. You’ll live in the same house as before, whatever you need just tell the servants——I have swapped a lot of people here, I’m afraid there aren’t the people you’re familiar with anymore.”

“I’ll follow Lady’s arrangements.” Luo Qi said aloud.

Gongsun Yu held Luo Qi’s hand, saying: “I told you along the way, we are sisters, no need to be polite——Shinian, you have to treat this place as your home. I’ll introduce you to a little brother; this child is a little naughty, if he dares to bully you. Don’t be polite with him. If you can’t beat him then tell me, I’ll take care of him—”

“How could it be?” Li Shinian smiled shyly as she said: “boys are cute when they’re naughty. As the big sister I will take care of him——I used to look after my big brother too.”

“Shinian is a good girl.” Gongsun Yu stared affectionately at Li Shinian. Thinking to herself: this kid is smart, sensible and sweet-mouth. Qiji is good but a little too cool. Even if you want to be close with her it’s not easy.

Standing nearby watching, Luo Qi was inwardly worried, she understood her little girl’s personality too well.

As if Li Shinian understood her mother’s mind, she said with a smile: “Mum, don’t worry, I will take ‘good care’ of this little brother.”


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