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135 – A technique that was invincible in theory


Ye Qingyu was very angry.

He did not know just what has occurred when Bai Yuanxing went to the military supply department. But with Bai Yuanxing’s timid and cautious personality even if he was the one in the right, he would retreat to some degree. Even if he was negligent or in the wrong, the mistakes he made must be unintentional. But what he received was such a heavy punishment.

In truth, he did not want to know what had occurred.

Because it was completely meaningless.

As the saying goes, when you hit a dog, you have to look at who owned the dog.

Bai Yuanxing was the sword slave of White Horse tower, He was a person belong to White Horse tower. Therefore, he was Ye Qingyu’s man. Such an act by the people of the military supply department was tantamount to slapping Ye Qingyu on the face.

He had only arrived to Youyan pass for half a day of time. On some perspective, he had not even stabilised his footing. But in this matter, Ye Qingyu did not want to have any sort of compromise.

Firstly, it was because Wen Wan had once told him, that to flourish in Youyan pass, you have to possess bravery and toughness. Soldiers were belligerent – prestige was the crucial if you wanted their respect. No matter what the situation, you had to be somewhat ferocious. Only then could you gain the acceptance of the soldiers and their respect.

The second reason, was the most important reason.

Ye Qingyu was furious.

Truly furious.

Seeing the youth in front of him that was about to turn into an icicle and his pale, pallid face like he had applied countless layers of face powder, Ye Qingyu could barely control his rage. Although their time together was very short together, but without knowing when, he had already began to treat him as an important comrade.

“Since they want to step on me, then they should make preparations for being stepped on in return…….this is a good opportunity for me to establish respect.”

Ye Qingyu made his decision.

Within White Horse tower.

He incessantly inserted his inner yuan into the body of Bai Yuanxing.

“He really has average talent. His physique is naturally very poor, and he has passed the most opportune period of time for his training. If he does not encounter any sort of opportunity, it is extremely hard for him to be a true expert of the martial path.”

As his inner yuan entered into Bai Yuanxing’s body, Ye Qingyu could sense the rate of the flow of yuan qi in his body. He began to have an understanding of the martial foundations of this sword slave of White Horse tower.

He treated Bai Yuanxing’s injuries for an entire night.

The expenditure on Ye Qingyu’s inner yuan was extremely great.

Very quickly, dawn came. Ye Qingyu finally managed to have expelled all the chilling air within Bai Yuanxing’s body. It made it so that his heartbeat and meridians were gradually becoming stronger, with signs that it would get better. His body finally began to emit a slight warmth.

As he arranged the slumbering form of Bai Yuanxing, Ye Qingyu could finally relax and let out a breath of relief.

This person could be said to have been saved.

But it was likely that he had to be carefully nourished for a period of time before he could recover his vitality.

Ye Qingyu left the White Horse tower, and ate breakfast in the stands on the streets. After thinking, he spent money  in hiring a servant girl, and purchased some herbs and meat that could restore vitality, Bringing her and the items back to White Horse tower, he directed the servant girl to take care of Bai Yuanxing.

During this entire day, the supply department did not send anyone to explain about what had occurred.

It was only during the time of the evening, that a armoured soldier came to White Horse tower. He came to hand back Ye Qingyu’s official seal and his deputy seal —-this official seal was given by Ye Qingyu to the captain of the soldiers on duty. and the deputy seal was taken yesterday when Bai Yuanxing when to request for the stipend to be reinstated but was captured instead.

Ye Qingyu, seeing that the person bringing the seals back was only a ordinary soldier, knew that making things difficult for him was pointless. He did not say anything, stowing away the seals.

As he stared at the retreating solder, a cold light flashed in Ye Qingyu’s eyes under the light of the sun.

“It seems that they intend to completely ignore the new patrolling sword envoy.”

He smiled slightly.

It seems like the words of Wen Wan was not wrong.

The contest and struggles within the military was even more direct than in the academy. Sometimes, you had no way of commanding someone by relying only on your military position. Even the Lu Zhaoge who was revered like a deity, did not begin from high up in the clouds. Only through tens of years of time, could he establish respect like that of a god in Youyan pass.

Ye Qingyu did not imagine that he would encounter such a tricky situation the instant he arrived at Youyan pass.

But perhaps this was also an opportunity?

He returned to the fourth floor, continuing to train.


After the armoured soldier returned to the supply department, he retold everything that had happened to the black robed young man Zhao Ruyun in detail, concealing nothing.

Zhao Ruyun waved his hands, gesturing for the soldier to leave.

He silently sat on his chair, seriously pondering.

After a short while.

He lightly clapped his hand.

A soldier that was his confidant walked in from outside the halls.

“Help me send out invitations. Invite the guerilla officer Lin Lang, the staff officer of the Pass Lord’s office, and also…” Zhao Ruyun listed six or seven names. “Invite them to discuss important matters at the supply department three days later.”

“As your order say.”

The soldier turned around to enact the order.

A sinister colour, flashed bythe face of Zhao Ruyun.


One day later.

White Horse tower.

Bai Yuanxing was still in the midst of unconsciousness.

But the vitality of his heart, was stronger than before.

With the servant girl’s careful attention, Bai Yuanxing’s injures healed at a rapid rate. Ye Qingyu would come treat him three times every day, treating his acupuncture points and temple, not sparing any inner yuan in order to help him heal with his energy. According to Ye Qingyu’s estimate, if no accidents occurred, then in two days time, this White Horse sword slave would awaken.

But that fellow Wen Wan, still had not appeared.

Ye Qingyu guessed, that perhaps something had occurred in the camps. Since Wen Wan could not leave temporarily, he did not rush to go out and find him.

Apart from helping Bai Yuanxing, Ye Qingyu did not travel about the city. Instead, he spent all his time training.

He needed to quickly truly control the power of fifteen Spirit springs, making it truly belong to himself. At the same time, Ye Qingyu finally had time to quietly comprehend the unlocked parts of the [Titled Fiendgod chart].

He sat peacefully of the quiet fourth floor of White Horse tower. He summoned the bronze book, [Titled Fiendgod chart].

Due to the incident previously with the [Pill king of Azure Phoenix[ Chen Moyun, Ye Qingyu knew that others had no way of discovering the existence of the Bronze book. Therefore, there was not a need for any concealment. After washing, he sat on the prayer mat facing the window. Lifting the bronze book, he began to read.

An hour later.

“So the ten pages of information unlocked in the ancient bronze book, are not ten different kinds of techniques. There is only one, called, [Limitless Divine way]. This is really too astonishing, the entire contents of these ten pages, is just concerning one technique……”

After reading the entire content of the ten pages, Ye Qingyu was very shocked.

He had originally thought, that the situation would be the same as what had occurred previously. He had cultivated another eleven Spirit springs in one breath, and apart from the [Flash] formation, he should  have also unlocked another ten parts of the bronze book. In theory, he should have obtained objects like the [Sentry guard] or techniques like the [Four moves of the divine armoured king].

But what made him astonished, was that the contents of all ten of the unsealed pages, were all pertaining to one technique.

[Limitless Divine way].

“Since all ten pages of the bronze book is about one technique, this technique called the [Limitless divine way] is absolutely not simple.“

Ye Qingyu mind was shaken. He was even more expectant in his heart. He continued to comprehend the mysteries contained within the pages.

Gradually, he was finally able to understand some of the secrets within.

“The so called [Limitless divine way], should not be a battle technique. Instead, it is a type of battle state where your power is increased. By entering this state, not only your power and speed will multiply, your reaction speed and your senses, because of the flow of inner yuan speed, can also multiply…..Heavens, this technique, is slightly too terrifying.”

After Ye qingyu finished, he was so shocked that he could not emit a sound.

In this world, why would there be such an incredible and tyrannical technique?

Once he entered into the state of [Limitless divine way], it was equal to multiplying your strength. In nearly an instant of time, you could completely slaughter opponents at the same level as you.

Ye Qingyu was at the fifteen Spirit springs stage right now. Increasing his strength by a factor of one, this would be the thirty Spirit springs of strength. Two times would be the forty five Spirit springs. If he was able to activate seven times, then would he be able fight against experts of the Bitter Sea stage?


Even the legendary sutras, compared to this technique, was only average?

Ye Qingyu could not believe his eyes. Such a method, was not something that humans should be able to possess.

Fiercely suppressing his scream of excitement, he continued to read on.

Finally, he discovered some information.

“So the [Limitless divine way] is a technique for your power to rapidly rise. The highest it can reach, is an increase of ten times your original strength. This is called [Ten Limits]. And it is not that everyone can perfectly use the power of ‘Ten limits’; they must possess a perfect and powerful flesh body. Only then, can they withstand exploding with a power that exceeds their original. Otherwise, once their power was multiplied, before even injuring the enemy they had a danger of perishing from not being able to withstand the energy and fracture.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

If it was really like so, then this fitted in with common reason.

According to the record in the bronze book, normal people practicing in the [Limitless Divine way] at the most could only explode with a power one or two times greater than their original power. Only body cultivators of the God and devil age, with their powerful flesh body, could withstand even greater limits. But body cultivators had a natural born disadvantage in yuan qi cultivation. Therefore in these countless years of time, the [Limitless Divine way] should have been extremely powerful, but very little people could completely control it in real battle. A tiny number of people could unleash the true power of the the [Limitless divine way].

At the same time, even if one reached the state where their power multiplied, this was only a short term enhancement.

According to the record of the bronze book, the person who created this technique, the prodigy of the Divine race, could only multiply his strength by a factor of eight and could not withstand sustaining it for more than fifteen minutes. As such , this was nearly the limits of the geniuses in history who cultivated in the [Limitless divine way].

The [Limitless divine way], was a technique that was invincible in theory.

And what decided its upper limits, was only one thing.

The power of the flesh body of it’s user.

“The power of my flesh body, is much tougher than martial artists at the same level as me. Perhaps this in theory invincible martial path, is one that is suitable for me?”

Ye Qingyu laughed.

Not considering anymore, he began to be immersed in the technique, cultivating in the [Limitless divine way].

Time passed minute by minute.

Ye Qingyu attempted  to enter into that state, according to the method outlined in the [Limitless divine way]. Fluctuating his inner yuan, activating his potential, he tried to enter the state of multiplication but was not successful.

“To want to truly enter the [Limitless Divine way], it needs the soul, flesh, blood, spirit, thoughts, will and qi to be at a peak state. Then one must enter into an state of coordination with all these factors. Only then, can it be successfully be activated….”


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