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135 – Rumours!


Luo Qi felt extremely helpless with her daughter’s situation but she could not explain to her their predicament.

Although Miss had already said to call her sister but can they really be sisters?

Not only was she the lady of the Lu family and the wife of a governor, her father-in-law was also important and powerful. He is fighting for the lofty position of the left government minister, who is second in position only to the emperor. The Gongsun family was already one of the strongest noble clan of the West Wind Kingdom; the land and wealth they possessed exceeded that of the Lu family. There is a saying in Tiandu: First emperor, Second Jia, but they are all inferior to Gongsun.

In other words, the richest in Tiandu is the royal family and the second is the Jia family. But both the royal family and the Jia family were inferior to the Gongsun family.

Otherwise, back then they would not have formed a marriage alliance with the Lu family.

What about them?

Regardless whether she’s a bakery shop owner or a servant of the Lu family, in front of the lady she’s still small and insignificant no matter what.

It’s not that she could not accept the difference in their status. After all, the Gongsun family saved her father; she was determined to serve the Gongsun family ever since.

However, fate just likes to torment her, making her become Li Muyang’s mother——

In other words, from the standpoint of mothers, she and Gongsun Yu are equal.

She did not want Li Muyang to know that his biological mother is a wealthy and noble heiress in the kingdom and she’s just a little servant of the heiress——-

She’s worried that would make her son have no self-respect.

Just as every child wants to be the best in their parents’ eyes, she wants to be one of the most outstanding mothers in her son’s eye.

But very evidently, she can’t.

Everything in front of her now can easily destroy her self-confidence.

And to make matters worse, she understands Li Shinian’s personality very well. She is someone who would rather die than lose. If things were peaceful she would take the initiative and stir up trouble; if there’s trouble, she will not be afraid of getting involved.

If Li Shinian and the young master of the Lu family really were to get into a conflict, I’m afraid things would become quite problematic—-this little master was not the same as Li Muyang.

Having her daughter’s assurance, Luo Qi nodded and said earnestly and sincerely: “Shinian, you’ve grown up, you can no longer stir up trouble—-this is Tiandu, not Jiangnan. We’re unfamiliar with the place and the people, we must be aware of our safety.”

Gongsun Yu grasped Luo Qi’s hand, saying: “Since we’re sisters, your child is my child and my child is your child. Now that Shinian is in Tiandu, just treat here like you’re back at home. Do you think our Lu family would let outsiders bully our children?”

“Lady—–” A wry smile tugged at the corner of Luo Qi’s mouth.

Without knowing exactly why, but the moment she returned to the Lu family, a feeling of losing something important has been troubling her ever since. It was as if the Lu family only needed to extend their arm, then the son she had raised all these years would be taken away.

The scenery back then still felt familiar but that feeling of home was not present anymore.

After all, this was not their home.

That child, was someone she most likely could not keep with her forever.

“I said don’t call me Lady.” Gongsun Yu gazed at Luo Qi with wise-looking eyes as she said sincerely: “Call me sister—–sister is really grateful to you. Thanks to you, otherwise—-”

Gongsun Yu’s eyes reddened and could not continue anymore.

But Luo Qi understood, Li Yan also understood.

“Mother, I heard you say bad things about me.” A cute little boy scurried over.

He stood at the doorway watching Li Shinian admiring the rain outside, his eyes can’t help but lit up as he exclaimed: “Wow, fairy sister——you’re more good-looking than my real sister.”

Li Shinian turned around to look at the little boy. “You’re aunt’s little son, right? Little brother, what’s your name?”

“Fairy sister, my name is Lu Tianyu.” Lu Tianyu politely greeted Li Shinian, looking as cute as the lotus youth in paintings.

“Little brother Tianyu, how cute.” Li Shinian said, smiling. “Don’t call me fairy sister. My name is Li Shinian, you can call me big sister Shinian—-”

“Okay, then I’ll call you big sister Shinian.” Lu Tianyu said with an innocent smile. “Big sister Shinian, where did you come from?”

“I’m from Jiangnan.”

“Jiangnan? That’s a good place, unfortunately I haven’t been before.” Lu Tianyu said with a regretful look on his face: “You will live in our house from now on?”

“Yes.” Li Shinian nodded and replied: “But it’s not certain. If little brother Tianyu doesn’t like it, we will also consider moving out.”

“Like. Of course I like it.” Lu Tianyu reached out to grasp Li Shinian’s hand as he said: “I also have a big sister and she’s very nice to me. But she moved away for school recently, I felt empty after she left. I didn’t expect that after sister Qiji left, I have a sister Shinian—-I’m very happy.”

Li Shinian avoided Lu Tianyu’s hand and pinched his delicate white cheeks, pulling a cute funny face. “That’s good. Big sister likes you too.”

Gongsun Yu took Luo Qi’s hand, looking pleased as she said: “Look, they are getting along very well.”

“Yes.” Luo Qi replied with a smile but was inwardly worried. She knew that the closer Li Shinian pretended to be with someone, the more wary she was in reality with that person. When she first arrived here she constantly glanced around the surroundings and had a skeptical attitude to everything. It was most likely that the young master of the Lu family would be placed in an unfavourable situtation.

“Big sister—–big sister—-” Lu Tianyu’s face was pinched like a stuffed bun and his words were unclear. “Big sister, do you know Li Muyang?”

Li Shinian giggled: “Little brother, why did you ask about him? Do you know about him?”

“Of course I know him.” Lu Tianyu said proudly. “He was first in the imperial exam of West Wind Kingdom and was admitted into Starry Sky Academy, people in Tiandu have been discussing about him —-he’s also from Jiangnan, sister you must know him, right?”

“Of course sister knows him. He is the angel of poor families, the embodiment of beauty and wisdom. He is very handsome and extraordinary. He is smart and hardworking, diligent and studious. He’s righteous; his eyebrows look like swords. He is the teacher’s model student, the students’ model example. Millions of girls are crazy about him and millions of boys see him as an idol. He is my prince charming.”

Lu Tianyu widened his eyes, asking in surprise: “Is he really that amazing? Was he not—–did he not used to be a trash?”

“The wind destroys the tallest tree in the forest.” Li Shinian said firmly: “All rumours. What you’ve heard are just rumours.”

“But a lot of people say that. They say that he did not like to study before and sleeps all day in class. He’s thin and black, almost look like a sick patient——”

“They are jealous. Those losers just want to defame him—–”

“Many people from the same city as him also feel the same way about him, those students who came to Tiandu to study——Big sister, why are using so much strength, my face hurts——”

Li Shinian let go of the squishy skin in her hands, and used her palm to gently pat his face. She smiled sweetly and said: “You know, where there are people, there’s jianghu. Those students are not as good as him in learning, not as good as him with girls, not as good-looking as him, after coming to Tiandu they obviously would say bad things about him to slander him——”

“Big sister is close with him?”

“That’s for sure.” Li Shinian said proudly: “We’ve slept together since we were small.”



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  1. lol, that last line

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    I love how the author will throw the apple cart upside down in the last sentence or two of a chapter. Of course, Li Shinian is the best at it!

  3. Ultra Mega Giga Super Sonic-Booming Ninja Assassin Cake

    April 18, 2018 at 12:28 pm

    All the girls in this series can’t compare to Li Shinian… Marry her dude, Marry her.

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