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136 – Choose to believe!

“Shinian, stop talking nonsense.” Luo Qi snapped, she knew her daughter was not going to behave.

As expected, she’s bullying the young master of the Lu family. He was only a little child, poor him.

“I’m talking nonsense? Did Li Muyang and me not sleep together from a young age? A month ago he still often spent the night in in my room.” Li Shinian retorted.

“When did your brother sleep in your room? You played in your brother’s room and would not move back because you’re too sleepy, no matter how noisy you’re brother was you still wouldn’t move back—-” Luo Qi habitually started to ‘quarrel’ with her precious daughter. Then, the thought that they were not in Jiangnan crossed her mind, she realised it was not an appropriate time to talk about the personal matters of her son or daughter in front of outsiders.

She looked at Lu Tianyu, smiled and said: “this is young master Tianyu, right?”

“Auntie, you can call me Tianyu.” Lu Tianyu ran in front of Luo Qi and bowed. “I often heard my mother talking about you.”

“Such a good kid.” Luo Qi said with a smile. She fumbled in her pockets, trying to find a gift for the young master. Although she searched for some time, still could not find anything presentable. If it was an ordinary child, she could have given bits of silver or gold coins directly, the problem is that he’s the Lu family’s young master, if you give something tacky other people would laugh, right?

Li Yan came over, took out a dagger inlaid with precious stones from his pocket and handed it to Luo Qi, saying: “This is a present from an elder, I have carried it with me for many years. I hereby gift it to young master.”

“Li Yan—-Luo Qi, you two don’t have to be so polite. We’re family. He does not need this.” Gongsun Yu knew the husband and wife were in a difficult position and tried to stop their actions. But after seeing their awkward expression she immediately changed her attitude and said with a smile: “Tianyu, since it’s a present from your aunt and uncle, then accept it. You must cherish it. Understood?”

Lu Tianyu was quick-witted; he received the gift with both hands, bowed and expressed his gratitude: “Thank you uncle, thank you aunt—-I like this gift very much, I will treasure it.”

Gongsun Yu was satisfied, looking at Luo Qi she said: “Luo Qi, the journey was exhausting, today is not the time to catch up. You will be living in Tiandu from now on, we have many chances to talk. You should go wash and rest now. We’ll discuss tomorrow—–We have to decide where Shinian will be studying. This is an important matter, it cannot be delayed.”

“Lady—–Sister, you should also rest earlier. Thank you for all your trouble, you came all the way to Jiangnan to collect us.” Luo Qi was still not used to using such familiar terms.

“Rest early. If there’s anything you need don’t hesitate to let the servants know, don’t compromise yourself.” Gongsun Yu reminded.

And then took Li Shinian’s hand, saying: “Shinian, spend these two days resting up. In a few days I will take you to attend some party in Tiandy and very soon you will become familiar with the other young master and ladies. Young people have to move around more, you can’t always stay at home alone.”

“Aunt, that’s very kind of you.” Li Shinian said, holding Gongsun Yu’s hand.

As they were leaving, Li Shinian rubbed Lu Tianyu’s chubby face and said with a smile: “Little brother, you are so cute, I like you very much.”

“Haha——-” Lu Tianyu gave a goofy laugh.

After the time the servants led Luo Qi and Li Yan into their room to rest, Gongsun Yu turned to look at Lu Tianyu, asking: “Where is your father?”

“Father was in his study.” Lu Tianyu said, smiling.

Gongsun Yu nodded. “I have something to say to your father, go rest in your room.” 公孫瑜點了
A little servant walking in front with a lit candle and Gongsun Yu, holding her own umbrella, headed for her husband’s study. 一個小丫鬟在前面撐燈,公孫瑜自己撐傘,朝著丈夫工作的書房走了過去。

She secretly ran to Jiangnan to collect Luo Qi and her family. But eventually would have to give an explanation to the Lu family.

Since what she set out to do has been done, she did not care just what consequences was waiting for her.

Lu Tianyu stood in the corridor, watching his mother’s figure disappear in the fish net screens, the foolish smile on his face forming into a meaningful smile.

Touching his own chubby face he whispered: “The house is becoming more and more lively——–Li Muyang, just what kind of person are you? I’m really curious.”

After a pause he continued: “And then there’s that big sister Shinian——she seems hostile to me. She doesn’t like me? How’s that possible? I’ve been acting very cute towards her.”

He shook his head, his small and short figure heading into the brightly lit backyard.


“Finally it’s settled.” Luo Qi sat herself down on a wooden chair in the living room, reached out and gently caressed the side of the coffee table, saying: “This is really good. It’s the same as when I left.”

“Yes. It hasn’t changed a bit. Lady is kind.” Li Yan said gratefully.

“Mum, you’ve lived here before?” Li Shinian is exceptionally intelligent, her eyes rolled around in circles.

Luo Qi took a glimpse at Li Yan and Li Yan immediately turned away: “I’m going get some water for you two to wash your face.”

With that, he turned and ran out of the house.

Luo Qi pulled Li Shinian over by her hand and seated her down, saying: “Shinian, there’s something I should have told you but never had the chance——–I also do not know how to tell you.”

Looking uneasy she explained: “Many years ago, me and your father both worked for the Lu family. Lady——I managed some commercial affairs for your aunt Yu, your dad was responsible for driving aunt Yu. We met at that time too. ”

“Ah. Secretary and driver, having seen each other every day for a long period, developed feelings for each other.” Li Shinian said, grinning. “It sounds quite romantic.”

“Then, something happened——Me and your dad felt Tiandu was not for us, so we took your brother back to Jiangnan. Later I gave birth to you.”

“Ah.” Li Shinian nodded.

“Recently, a lot of things happened in our house, I wrote a letter to your aunt Yu. Originally, I wanted to ask her to help find a good school for your brother, but your brother depended on his own ability to get into Starry Sky Academy. After that, we were attacked by assassins, your aunt Yu was worried about our safety so she came all the way to Jiangnan to collect us——-” Luo Qi tried her best to explain; to her it really is a very painful thing.

Some things are the secrets of the Lu family, but if she does not explain it well it would make her story unconvincing. It indeed is difficult for her.

“And then what?” Li Shinian asked with her chin cupped in her hands and a look of curiosity on her face.

“Then? Then we went to Tiandu and we are now staying at the Lu family’s mansion.” Luo Qi replied. This story ended far too soon and too abrupt, it sounded incomplete.

Li Shinian blinked, looking at Luo Qi as she asked: “Do you expect me to believe that?”

“What?” Luo Qi looked slightly startled.

“Because my mother was once aunt Yu’s secretary and my father was her driver, so aunt Yu, after receiving a letter from my mother for help, travelled a long distance to Jiangnan to personally bring us back with her? Instead of choosing someone to deliver a letter or send someone to collect us?”


“Father and mother came from Tiandu’s Lu mansion, but brother and I have never heard you talk about the past before. Adding to this, we don’t even know you’ve been to Tiandu——-” “


“Along the way, aunt Yu has been asking about my brother. Although she disguised it very well, but her line of sight was often focused on me——-However, she should have never seen my brother before, right? Why is it that every time my brother was mentioned her emotions seemed very agitated?”


“Mother.” Li Shinian held her mother’s hand tight. “I have a lot of questions in my heart. However, since you’ve given me an explanation——I will just choose to believe in your words.”



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  1. That smart brat…she told them I know this is bullshit, but I’ll believe you if you insist. No wonder she’s so good at guilting Li Muyang

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