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138 – Hang him for six hours


Zhao Ruyun stared at Ye Qingyu in fear.

Both his hands were nearly crippled. The skin on it had broken apart and the flesh were lacerated. His veins and white bones were exposed. He had already lost all sensation in them, as if his hands did not belong to himself any longer.

The sword was still stabbed into the stone beam, not stopping in its vibration.

Ye Qingyu had only lightly flicked it with his finger. To think that the force of that movement would be this powerful. Zhao Ruyun had thirteen Spirit springs of strength, yet his sword blade was shaking to such an extent that he could not suppress it. Rather, the vibrations had shuddered his arms till it bled and ripped apart……

“It seems right now, you know just who I mother fucking am.” Ye Qingyu looked at the fearful and shocked face of Zhao Ruyun. Throwing the deputy seal that had been turned into shackles in front of Zhao Ruyun, he said: “Don’t make me say it three times. Wear it yourself.”

The figure of Zhao Ruyun instinctively quivered.

“You are not…….you should only have three Spirit springs, you…..” Zhao Ruyun constantly retreated.

“Eh? You have spent an entire three days and you only managed to find out such information?” Ye Qingyu shrugged his shoulders. “I’m sorry, I’ve made you disappointed. Your news seems to be out of date already.”

“Just how…..just how strong are you?” Zhao Ruyun knew in his heart that the situation was far from good.

“You guess.” Ye Qingyu was smiling but not smiling, shaking his head. “If you can’t guess it, then I wont tell you.

Zhao Ruyun opened his mouth.

He had a sensation of complete collapse.

The other military officers stared each other.

And at this instant, without knowing why,  a phrase appeared in their hearts——–

Playing the fool and feigning madness.

From the beginning, this newly appointed patrolling sword envoy Ye Qingyu, acted as if he was a idiot child rookie that did not know the rules. In the midst of the mocking laughter of everyone, he stated his requests with a smile. And just when everyone expected Zhao Ruyun to settle this stupid patrolling sword envoy, the situation instantly flipped around…….

Someone turned their heads, to look at scholarly young man Yi Sance.

Very evidently, even if Yi Sance had borrowed the power of the Pass Lord residence, he had not managed to discover Ye Qingyu’s true power.

Zhao Ruyun with his thirteen Spirit springs, was defeated in an instant by Ye Qingyu’s one finger. This was not something that a student of White Deer academy that only had three Spirit springs outlined in the report could do.

Yi Sance continued to tightly frown, not saying anything.

He was also some what stupefied.

According to reason, it was not possible for the information channels of the Pass Lord’s residence to be wrong.

Within, just where had the mistake been made?

A person that even the Pass Lord residence were not able to investigate fully, then,just how terrifying was his background?

Only a slight thought was enough to make someone’s heart cold,

And within the group, the guerilla officer’s expression was even worse than having eaten shit. Furtively, he retreated. At this moment, he hated the fact he could not tear apart his own mouth. If he long knew the terrifying power of Ye Qingyu, he absolutely would not have said anything. As he recalled what he did, his intentional exaggerated laughter was equivalent to an elderly person ingesting poison – disliking the fact that they had lived a long life.

Lin Lang prayed in his heart, that Ye Qingyu did not notice him.

But it seemed like the prayers had an opposite effect.

Because in the next instant, Ye Qingyu’s gaze descended upon him.

Lin Lang quivered fiercely, and forced a smile that was hard to behold on his face. “I….”

Ye Qingyu also looked at him with a smile that was not a smile. “How about it? Do you feel right now that I am very funny?”

Lin Lan shook his head like a drum shaped rattle.

Ye Qingyu snorted with disdain, his expression becoming severe, and mercilessly insulted him. “A coward without any guts. Such a gutless little ghost, just how did they become a guerilla officer? How do you command soldiers to fight in the war? No wonder Wen WAn looks down on you. To have ran from the battle field, scram to one side. If you stand in my eyesight, you’ll make my mood even worse.”

Every word and every phrase, was like a spear or blade, cruelly stabbing onto Lin Lang’s body.

Lin Lang’s face was ashen white, shivering. But ultimately he did not dare to even say one word in retaliation,  moving to the side.

Ye Qingyu completely did not pay attention him, his gaze once again returning to Zhao Ruyun’s face. Coldly smiling: “Are you going to put on the shackles yourself, or do you need my help?”

Zhao Ruyun shuddered.

A patrolling sword envoy with low strength, had no authority whatsoever, and was not even worth mentioning.

But a patrolling sword envoy with terrifying power, was absolute a character that made people fear whenever they laid eyes on him.

Right now, he absolutely regretted everything. That day, he should not have been greedy for the set of flying blades [Flowing light in the stars] and beat the White Horse sword slave so cruelly.

“I….I…..” Zhao Ruyun’s face was a vivid white, biting his teeth. “I am wiling to return the thirty six flying blades, and in this matter, I accept I was in the wrong.”

Ye Qingyu chuckled.

“I gave you a choice, but you did not choose. Right now, you don’t have a choice anymore. ” Ye Qingyu did not have the slightest intention to reach a compromise, pressing forward step by step. “This is fine too, I don’t want to take advantage of you. Hang yourself on the [Punishment pillars] for six hours, and this matter will be said to have passed. ”

“You….” Zhao Ruyun’s complexion began to be tinged with the red of rage, and in a low voice he said angrily: “Don’t push things too far.”

Ye Qingyu smiled. “As you please. If you don’t want to hang yourself, then I’ll seal away your inner yuan and hang you myself. It is just the same.”

As he said this, he prepared to act.

Zhao Ruyun widened his eyes and stepped backwards. “Everyone, could it be that you are just going to watch? Today he will stamp on my face, tomorrow he will stamp on your head. If he hangs me on the [Punishment pillar], then the face of the Cool breeze mountain faction is completely lost. In the future, in the military, can you guys still lift your heads up high?”

As these words were said, the expression of the military officers changed.

Especially the furious black bearded burly man with leopard eyes that had previously spoken. “Brother Zhao words are correct. Today either he dies or we live. Everyone charge together, even if it is escalated in front of the Pass Lord, we are in the right with so many people. Could it be that we are afraid of him?”

As he said this, he took a large stride and pressed closer, the yuan qi light around him activating.

Ye Qingyu laughed loudly. “A bunch of retards gathering together, treating themselves as the heroes of the military. They are shameless enough to claim they are brave. You really want to make someone laugh until their teeth falls out. Arrogance and braggery, little clowns that jump on a ledge…..I peh, good, good, good. You group of rookies, just charge together all together at once.”

As he said this, he took a stride forward.

His figure was extremely quick. Nearly in an instant, he appeared in front of the burly man, and lifted his hand to form a punch..

“To compete in strength with me….” The burly military officer coldly smiled, similarly striking with a punch in return.


An explosive turbulence surged.

His cold smile froze, then he was directly struck flying backwards.

The burly man’s figure was like a sack being sent flying backwards. Crushing stone chairs and tables on his path, he could not stop, finally fiercely hitting the wall of the stone hall. Then he spat out a jet of blood, his body becoming completely soft and limp.

He could not even withstand one strike by Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu waved his hands, not stopping. His figure flashing, he came in front of another military officer.

His silhouette, was like a ghost, extremely rapid. Because of the high speed, his silhouette became somewhat blurred, and in the air there was vague after images.

The military officers could not react. One after another, they were struck under their chins, directly sent flying.


The military officers struck the wall of the stone hall, the hall fiercely shaking.

And nearly at the same time, Lin Lang felt his vision blurring. The figure of Ye Qingyu ten metres away was still there, but in front of him was bizarrely another silhouette of Ye Qingyu.

Lin Lang instinctively felt a chill, then felt a numbness in his chin, being sent soaring.

Within the air, he was able to see an even more shocking scene.

Within the stone hall, there were suddenly four or five Ye Qingyu that appeared, constantly punching out. And the other military officers, apart from the scholarly officer Yi Sance, was struck flying by Ye Qingyu’s punches without exception.

Because his speed was too fast, he left behind after images.

Ye Qingyu’s speed had already exceeded the limits of vision of a normal person.

Only the Yi Sance with twenty three Spirit springs, managed to barely block Ye Qingyu’s fist. But when hit, his entire person was also sent backwards. Consecutively crushing three tables, his back pressed against the stone pillar of the hall. All of a sudden, he used technique to divert the force of Ye Qingyu’s fist, completely transferring it onto the stone pillar behind him. With a light sound of friction, a crack appeared in the stone pillar behind him……..

Even if so, Yi Sance felt the blood in his chest roiling, nearly spurting out a jet of blood.

And at the same time, the four or five after images of Ye Qingyu in the hall, quickly transformed back into one person.

“The [Flowing light of the stars], just where is it?” Ye Qingyu looked towards Zhao Ruyun.

Zhao Ruyun had long been scared witless, not even daring to say a word of rebuttal. Rushing, from the dimensional pouch on his body he took the blades sheath made from beast skin. The thirty six flying blades was all held within.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, stowing away the set of flying blades.

He extended his hand, the deputy seal transforming into shackles. With a click, it was locked onto the hands of Zhao Ruyun.

Zhao Ruyun was about to resist, and could immediately see Ye Qingyu lowering his head and giving him a glance. His expression calm and peaceful, he said.: “Go, go go, go resist….I’ve long wanted to play with you to your death. I only need an excuse. Go, don’t make me disappointed.”

Zhao Ruyun was dumbfounded.

The patrolling sword officer had the power to first execute then report amongst the middle level officers.

If Ye Qingyu really wanted to kill him, he did not have to pay any sort of price whatsoever for it.

As he thought of this, Zhao Ruyun heart turned icy cold.

The shackle formed from the deputy seal the formation pattens began activating, like a pattern of light, surging with dim golden lines of lights. Entering into Zhao Ruyun skin, it completely sealed away his meridians. His inner yuan was not allowed to activate and hence his strength was not able to be released….

Ye Qingyu did not say anything more. Turning and bringing Zhao Ruyun away, he left the hall under the gaze of the other officers.


And as for the official seal on the floor, it transformed into light that flew back into Ye Qingyu’s hands.

Outside the hall , there were hundreds of armoured soldiers holding spears surrounding the hall. They were completely cautious and prepared. As they saw Ye Qingyu coming out, every spear pointed at him. The tip of the blades were icy cold, the white coloured blades flickering, killing intent permeating the air.

Ye Qingyu only smiled, and brought the Zhao Ruyun who did not struggle in the slightest away. He walked straight at them.

The armoured soldiers did not dare not to retreat.

When he reached the gates of the supply department, Ye Qingyu lifted Zhao Ruyun and flew through the air. He secured him on top of an ice pillar.

“Only after fulfilling six hours, is he allowed be let off. If you dare release him before his time if up, then I’ll personally come and hang him once again. If you come down early, for every breath that you come down early by, I’ll hang you for another two hours.” Ye Qingyu returned to the ground. Within the scene of being surrounded by hundreds of armoured soldiers, he lightly clapped his hands, turning and leaving.

The hundreds soldiers of the supply department did not dare block him.

The officers who had rushed out of the stone hall did not dare to take any actions whatsoever. They only stared at Ye Qingyu as he disappeared far away.

One person, was enough to suppress an entire department.

One person, was enough to win against hundred.。

They knew, that today they had completely made an error.

The Cool Breeze mountain faction that was a middling power, had completely lost.

And even if they wanted to take revenge later, this was not a simple matter.

And as for the patrolling sword officer called Ye Qingyu, from today onwards, he would likely attract the attention of all parties. Such a forceful patrolling sword envoy, was an existence they had to be wary of, no matter who the person was.


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