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138 – Sword of Reincarnation!


Li Muyang gradually became accustomed to the wrath of Nujiang.

He became used to the sight of the bright-red, blood-like river water; after listening to the roaring waves beating against the shore so many times, his mental state gradually became peaceful.

But somehow the unfathomable sorrow still lingered on in his heart. As if one day it would turn into a power that would peel away layers of clouds and transform into a giant hand that would rewrite human history.

Even if he was officially admitted into Starry Sky Academy, Li Muyang still felt a pressure that normal people would not understand.

How are his parents? Did Li Shinian encounter any danger?

He has latched onto so many thick thighs in Starry Sky, did those thick thighs make use of their ability—–until now, not one of the thick thighs had sent back any information, as if they had completely forgotten about this matter.

Starry Sky Academy is too remote, communication is also extremely inconvenient. Li Muyang wanted to ride a crane back home to Jiangnan but he has no crane nor could he ride one—–

Li Muyang thought to himself: he has to find time to discuss with senior Wuyou and ask him to send a letter to Jiangnan.

“Senior Wuyou is a kind person, he would not refuse my shameless request, right?”

You see, it’s not surprising that many people say that society is a big jar of dye. Even the pure and innocent student Li Muyang has been dyed dark and swarthy, like his skin color.

Well, the same colour as his skin previously.

Now Li Muyang’s skin is much whiter, his originally not-bad appearance is even better looking. Dressed in a white Starry sky cloud robe, with cloud boots on his feet, his long hair tied with a wooden hairpin, he gave the feeling of a graceful handsome young man.

Li Muyang was lying on a rock reading in the backyard, studying the scroll [Weapons documented by an unknown person] that he borrowed from the library.

He always felt that this book was incredibly familiar, like he had seen it somewhere.

Just that it’s such a long time ago, the memories are too blurry, so he does not recall exactly what time or what occasion he had seen it before—–

The brush strokes were strong and forceful, like each stroke was deeply engraved onto the sheepskin scroll.

Li Muyang had read [Weapons documented by an unknown person] several times already, he almost could write it out backwards. Ever since his body began to ‘change’, his ability to remember has improved tremendously, to the point that even Li Shinian and Cui Xiaoxin, two talented beauty of Jiangnan, were stunned—–

The reason Li Muyang had not returned the book was because he still has a question he could not understand: who was this book written by? Exactly who is this unknown person?

This person documented the mysterious artifacts in the world and even dabbled into the tear of the dragon king; an extremely rare object. It can be assumed that this person is not a simple person.

“Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?” Li Muyang closed his eyes and mumbled the words over and over again. “Who is it who is it who is——”

Suddenly, a sword of light thrust at his chest.

The sword of light looked like a giant light pillar, overwhelming and almost lit up the entire sky.

The sword of light is majestic, but made him felt a sense of suffocating oppression and—-danger.

It’s the sword of light, also the sword of destruction.

It makes life difficult to defend, feeling only a sense of powerlessness in the face of death.


Li Muyang jolted up into a sitting position.

The sky was bright and the sun was warm.

Fake, it’s fake, it was an illusion.

Li Muyang was already dripping with sweat, the Starry Sky robe on his body was almost drenched.

“That sword—–” Li Muyang muttered to himself.

That sword felt so real, so dangerous.

Just like it had already stabbed through his chest.

“It’s the sword of reincarnation—–” Li Muyang finally remembered. “The sword that struck me, it’s the sword that struck black dragon inside my body.”

“In other words——” Li Muyang had no choice but to admit the truth. “This unknown person is someone he knows, someone he’s familiar with——and someone who ultimately destroyed him.”

“But who is he? Who is this person?” Li Muyang desperately fought, desperately tried his best to recall. He felt his head splitting, his sea of memory tearing apart and the veins on his forehead almost burst open, but still couldn’t recall the person’s face.

He could not see how the person looks like.

Li Muyang gasped for air, taking a deep breath one after the other.

He did not dare to think anymore, afraid he would sink into the unknown world forever.

However, although he tried not to think, some thoughts were like weeds, madly thriving in the field in springtime.

“Because when the black dragon was facing that sword it could not defend against it, so when he was nearly at death’s door he hid his lifelong cultivation and wisdom into the dragon king’s tear?”
“Those countless nightmares—–the black dragon that tore through my chest into my body was in such astate before his death——–”

“What kind of opponent was that person——what kind of person could wave a sword that such a powerful black dragon could not defend against?”


Knock knock knock—-

Several knocks came from his closed door.

Li Muyang answered immediately, and then ran to open the wooden door.

Knocking at the door was Lin Canghai, with Qiandu standing behind him, her eyes beaming with delight. Since the last time the three of them worked together to defeat the Changbai Seven calabash, their relationship was much closer.
That phrase was indeed right: those who carried a vat together can become good friends.

The seven people in the dragon slayer course were divided into three small groups. Lu Qiji is alone with Chu Xun as her devoted follower. The big man Tie Muxin from the desert and Cai Pa from Heavenly province became quite close, Li Muyang have witnessed them having meals together several times before.

The three parties now live in harmony together, but there were also pitfalls within this group.

In fact, mainly because of the conflict between Li Muyang, Lu Qiji. Chu Xun was the spearhead of this conflict.

Li Muyang could not understand no matter what, during the first time they met, why did Lu Qiji stare at him like that, as if he had already done this and that to her many times before….

In her dreams!

With his trademark smile, Lin Canghai said: “we have to go to class. Teacher Yang said today we will learn [Dragon Language]——-”

Li Muyang nodded, saying: “Alright, I’ll be right there. But I’m going to take a bath first.”

Lin Canghai turned around and took a glimpse at Qiandu before he replied: “Okay, we’ll wait for you——-”

Li Muyang wanted to tell them to head there first but since Lin Canghai said he would wait for him, Li Muyang did not want to drive them away.

So he shifted to one side and motioned them to come in: “Please come in and sit down.”

Qiandu and Lin Canghai entered into Li Muyang’s small courtyard. Qiandu watched the magnificent red Nujiang in the distance surging with great momentum, then said with a sigh: “Dragon blood river, it really lives up to its name——Back then countless dragon slayer heroes killed many dragons, which stained the river red, it’s such a brave and heroic scene.”

“———-” Li Muyang sweated even more heavily.

Qiandu looked at Li Muyang with blazing eyes, saying: “Muyang classmate, when when we acquire dragon slayer skills, we should follow the sages of the past, slay the tremendous dragons and leave a glorious name in history—–what do you think?”

“I think——” Li Muyang tried his best to nod. “Very good. A lot of people think—–cough–cough—–”

“Brother Muyang, what’s going on with you?” Lin Canghai asked with concern.

“I’m fine, I’m fine——-” Li Muyang held out his hand, preventing Lin Canghai coming near, and hurriedly explained repeatedly: “Thinking of the scene, my heart is overwhelmed with emotions——–”


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