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141 – Let’s negotiate


This person had always been known as the butcher of the army. Lai Junchen felt that Zhou Yinan was very much like himself when he began, with perseverance and hesitation. Zhou Yinan’s heart was brimming with contradictions, but every time he handled a case give his utmost. He was not afraid of offending someone and somewhat soft hearted. Therefore, he had especially looked upon Zhou Yinan with favour. There were many instances where Zhou Yinan had offended his superiors yet Lai Junchen had not punished him for this.

Even Lai Junchen himself, did not know, just what kind of thinking this was.

Was he hoping that Zhou Yinan would not become like himself, neglecting right and wrong and only caring about results? Or did he hope that Zhou Yinan was able to maintain his current state, bringing a light breeze within the disciplinary squad? Did he hope that Zhou Yinan would not become like the others of the disciplinary squad, where there were no difference between them and a tool?

He was about to say something, when another strange change occurred.

Outside of the [Four dragon light prison], the strange whistle of a sword sounded.

The colour of Lai Junchen’s face changed. His finger pointed out, and an oval door opened on the formation light screen. A silver sword light, passed through the oval door. In an instant, it appeared in front of Lai Junchen and Zhou Yinan, transforming into a little sword the width of a finger, floating in mid air. Rotating, there were strange formations activating around the little green sword.

Green light sword order!

This was the green light sword order of the general of the Vanguard.

Lai Junchen closed his eyes, his mouth moving, saying something. It was as if was communicating with this sword order

Half a moment later, the green light sword order flashed, soaring into the skies. It disappeared back into the night air.

Lai Junchen glanced at the astonished Zhou Yinan next to him, smiling: “Your intuition is sometimes very accurate. The general has ordered, for Wen Wan to be released without any punishment.”

Zhou Yinan was dumbfounded.

“This Wen Wan, can be counted as fortunate. He is even able to make superior Liu Siufeng act to order us to release someone.” In the pupils of Lai Junchen’s eyes, a strange radiance was hidden. “It seems like superior Liu Siufeng, really cares about this Wen Wan…..”

Before he had finished.


The strange screech of an eagle, sounded from outside the [Four dragon light prison].

Zhou Yinan’s face greatly changed.

Even Lai Junchen’s heart shuddered slightly.

They could only see a giant black eagle, sweeping down. Its wings were like divine electric blades.Meeting no resistance, it shot past the light screen of the [Four dragon light prison], rushing before the two. Finally transforming into a huddle of black light, it landed on Lai Junchen’s hand, becoming a black eagle jade piece.

The black eagle jade piece of the Pass Lord Residence.

It was an item used to convey messages from the Pass Lord’s residence. It possessed an even greater authority than the green light sword order.

Lai Junchen suppressed the shock in his heart. Activating his inner yuan, he retrieved the information held within.

Ten breaths later, the black jade eagle piece once again returned to becoming a huge eagle, soaring into the skies.

Lai Junchen did not dare tarry. Along with Zhou Yinan, he respectfully sent the black eagle jade piece off.

Within Youyan Pass, the black eagle jade piece represented ultimate authority. The information that was contained within, was not something they could disobey or query.

“Superior, just what has happened?” Zhou Yinan curiously asked. No matter what kind of military message was contained within the black eagle jade piece, this event signified something great occurring.

Lai Junchen was silent for along while. Deeply breathing in. he turned his head to look at Zhou Yinan. In a strange tone: “I really want to know now, just what kind of background that Wen Wan has. Not only does superior Liu Siufeng wants to save him, now even the Pass Lord residence has sent out a military order, for me to immediately release Wen Wan….it seems like we have kicked a bee’s nest.”

Zhou Yinan was dumbfounded.

He had never thought, that the arrival of the black eagle jade piece was for Wen Wan.

This was far too inexplicable.

Within Zhou Yinan’a memory, there had never been such a precedent. The black eagle from the Pass Lord residence, came for just a military officer?

He nearly could not restrain himself from asking, that just what was Wen Wan’s background, that he had such power?

Zhou Yinan could not help but remember the words that Wen Wan had once said a few days ago——-

“And to tell you honestly, I am person with an extremely great background. Today you guys will capture me, but very quickly you will respectfully release and see me off.”

Could it be that the reason Wen Wan did not seem to fear at all, was because he had long foreseen such a day coming?

As he thought of this, Zhou Yinan’s heart became more and more curious.

The brash Wen Wan, could it really be that he had a great background?

As they spoke, , Lai Junchen had already ordered someone to pass on the order to end Kang Yu’s interrogation.

Kang Yu walked gloomily and unwillingly out from the black large tent. Seeing Lai Junchen, he bowed slightly. “Superior, why have so suddenly made me stop my interrogation. I have already used half of the great tortures, then you made me stop. Superior, please give me a little bit more of time. I can definitely find out matters of value, don’t listen to the nonsense of others….” Saying this, Kang Yu glared at Zhou Yinan. Very evidently, he assumed that Zhou Yinan had said something to Lai Junchen,that made Lai Junchen change his mind.

At this time, Kang Yu had already made his determination to completely tear apart his relationship with Zhou Yinan.

Zhou Yinan laughed in his heart, not saying anything.

Lai Junchen did not even give Kang Yu a glance. He ordered Zhou Yinan to go release Wen Wan.

A short while later.

Zhou Yinan walked out from the large tent. From behind him, there was a face filled with dissatisfaction. The face belonged to Wen Wan. His chest was criss crossed with tens of blade injuries.

“Ai, are you releasing me now?” Wen Wan stuck his finger into his wounds, touching the blood. He brought his finger to his mouth, licking it. Then his mouth cracked open in a smile: “To confine your father I for three days and three nights, to not allow me to eat or drink, to even make that perverted person carve my chest with a little dagger?  He says he wants to cut me up blade by blade while alive, but all of a sudden you want to release me?”

Zhou Yinan did not say anything.

In these days, he had already gotten used to the unstable and lunatic like disposition of Wen Wan.

Lai Junchen only bitterly smiled: “This matter, was just a misunderstanding. It has been hard on military officer Wen.”

“Misunderstanding?” Wen Wan chuckled, then spat. “You think that I am a stupid pig? Isn’t it those bastards against me controlling matters behind the scenes that want me to die? Your disciplinary squad stood on the side of the bastards and captured me. But then you discovered that my background is so hard that you guys don’t dare incite me. Are you terrified right now?“

Lai Junchen could not even utter a word.

The ruthless captain that was enough for every military officers and soldiers to go pale at the mention of his name, at this moment had no choice but to apologise.

If it was only the general of the Vanguard Liu Siufeng’s order, then Lai Junchen did not need to assume such a low stance. But the matter concerned the Pass Lord’s Residence. The black jade eagle piece represented far too many problems. It made Lai Junchen immediately realise, that the power contained on Wen Wan’s body, or perhaps the level of authority that Wen Wan could interact with, was absolutely not something the captain of the disciplinary squad could provoke.

To bow and submit. This was the technique that allowed Lai Junchen to stand for tens of years without falling.

And at this moment, for him to apologise could not be counted as anything.

But from Kang Yu’s perspective, this was nearly equivalent to the Heaven collapsing.

The Kang Yu adept at currying favour, seeing this scene, instantly realised, that the turn of events were far from encouraging. His head exploded with a noise, completely stupefied. He knew that he was completely finished because he had made far too wrong a choice.

“Fine, fine, I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you.” Wen Wan’s temper quickly dispersed in front of the  low and apologetic stance of Lai Junchen. Impatiently waving his hands, he said: “But this matter cannot be settled like so. Find the bastard who drew blades across my chest, and let me vent my rage, Then this matter can be counted as finished.”

Lai Junchen was very decisive. With a swipe of his hand, he pushed the Kang Yu that had a candle yellow complexion and dripping cold sweat in front of Wen Wan.

“Superior,save me, I ….” Kang Yu nearly bowed down and began grabbing at Lai Junchen’s leg.

But at this time, Lai Junchen instantly displayed his ruthless and merciless nature. For Kang Yan, a fellow that in his eyes could not even be counted as a tool, Lai Junchen would not have the slightest pity whatsoever. If Kang Yu really died, and this was able to settle Wen Wan’s rage, then he should  just go die.

“Wahahahaha…..” Wen Wan looked at the shivering Kang Yu, and began laughing strangely.” I’ve long said, you will regret this. Who would have thought that our roles would be reversed so quickly, wahaha. People, tie him up! ”

Lai Junchen gave a signal.

Immediately, several soldiers of the disciplinary squad began binding him,

“Fifteen minutes ago I said to you, that if our roles are reversed, I will let you know just what is cruelty.” Wen Wan, like performing magic, took out a little dagger. His practiced hands drew across Kang Yan’s chest. In the blink of an eye, the wounds that Kang Yan left on Wen Wan’s chest, was replicated onto Kang Yan’s body.

Kang Yan began squealing for mercy, like a pig being slaughtered.

Who would be able to thought, that a soldier of the disciplinary squad, would be tortured within the [Four dragon light prison] formation of the disciplinary squad by an outsider.

Such a strange occurrence had no precedent, since the creation of disciplinary squad.

Wen Wan played around for a little while. Seeing Kang Yan’s face that seemed to indicate that he was about to die, he seriously considered: “Originally, I wanted to show mercy. But to leave such a person alive with dishonest intentions in the disciplinary squad, this will only create more miscarriages of justice. You have already done quite a few evils. Since it is like this, then lets have a negotiation. You should just go die. With you dead, no one will drag the Vanguard camp down anymore. At least then, everyone can fight in the war with no worries.”

Kang Yu widened his eyes, madly struggling. “No, I refuse, I….”

“Eh? Since it is like this, could the negotiations have broken down?” Wen Wan chuckled. “Since you don’t want to negotiate, then that’s fine too. No need for negotiation then, just go die.”

Before he had finished.

Wen Wan’s dagger, stabbed into Kang Yan’s chest.

Kang Yu widened his yes, staring incredulously at Wen Wan. Even until the very moment he died, he did not believe that there would be such a person that would have dared to kill himself at the disciplinary camp.

“Fine, my mood is a little better.” “Wen Wan headed towards the outside.

Lai Junchen and the others let out a breath of relief.

Who knew that after Wen Wan walked a couple of steps away, he would suddenly turn back around. His eyes stared at Zhou Yinan.

Lai Junchen’s heart, instantly let out a thud. Could it be that Wen Wan wanted to take vengeance on the person who arrested him, Zhou Yinan? But he was different from Kang Yan. Zhou Yinan was a confidant that Lai Junchen regarded importantly. He was his successor that he had nourished heavily for many years. If this brash Wen Wan really acted without considering the consequences, and really wanted to kill Zhou Yinan, then he himself, what should he do….

At this instant, countless thoughts flashed by in the mind of Lai Junchen.

Who would have guessed, what Wen Wan did after, was only to smile slightly. Looking at Zhou Yinan, he said: “You are not too bad. If there is a reason that the disciplinary squad still has a need to exist, it is because of the presence of people like you.”

As he finished, Wen Wan turned and left.

Lai Junchen was fiercely taken aback, then let out a breath of relief.。

Even with his experience and mental fortitude, his emotions was always led by this person, Wen Wan who was famous for his recklessness.

This fellow, was he really that reckless?

Lai Junchen for the first time felt, that he had overlooked this [Violent officer].

Zhou Yinan, lowered his head, as if he wanted to say something. But in the end, no words were spoken.


“Aiya, this hurts so much…..“

After leaving the formation [Four dragon light prison ], he casually found a place to lean against. Wen Wan rubbed at his wounds with a grimace. It was so painful that he was about to jump up and down. “Mother fucker, what’s the use of bearing it so stoically. I should have asked Lai Junchen that old dog, to repay me with some medicine for wounds. I’ve really lost out, lost out……”

Ye Qingyu that little thing, really didn’t come in search of me. That heartless fellow, it seems like I must go and find him instead.”

Wen Wan took care of the injuries on his chest slightly. Thankfully, they were only ordinary blade wounds. For an expert like him, they could not threaten his life. After resting for four or five days, they would nearly be completely healed.

He casually grabbed several soldiers passing by, ordering them to send a message back to his camp to tell the silver armoured soldiers that he was already fine. Then he quickly rushed to White Horse tower in the night.

There were some matters that he must explain to Ye Qingyu as quickly as possible.


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