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142 – Two Great Lists

“Aiyo. how did you get into such a state?”

At White Horse tower, Ye Qingyu jumped in shock at the sight of Wen Wan.

“Don’t say such useless words. You heartless person, do you have anything to eat? I’m about to starve to death, I haven’t eaten anything for several days already.” Wen Wan sat down with his legs wide apart, lifting the teapot on the table, gurgling as he drank the content entirely.

Ye Qingyu could not laugh or cry. He called for Mother Wu to enter and quickly prepare something for Wen Wan to eat.

Mother Wu was the female servant that Ye Qingyu had previously hired to take care of Bai Yuanxing. With the ability to cook tasty dishes, she was also diligent and hard working.

“Just where have you been these days? Didn’t you say you were going to come find me?” Ye Qingyu said grumpily. “I’ve waited you for several days, and I haven’t even seen your slightest shadow.”

Wen Wan said furiously.: “You damn heartless person. You still have the nerve to say such things. I was capture by the people of the disciplinary squad and was nearly played with until I died…..” He recounted everything that had occurred in these days, roughly telling the tale.

Ye Qingyu was rather tense when he heard the events at the beginning, but when it came to the moment where Wen Wan finally took care of Kang Yu, Ye Qingyu was completely speechless. Looking at this shameless person radiant with delight, Demon King Ye said: “You were able to kill people of the disciplinary squad and then swagger out from the [Four dragon light prison]? Didn’t you say you were nearly killed? How was it that you were the person who killed someone in the end…..”

Wen Wan was at first pleased, then immediately became angered. “What? Could it be that you really want me to die? You damn heartless person!”

Ye Qingyu was temporarily speechless. “To speak with you, is just like coping with an annoying woman.”

Wen Wan had a gaze filled with murderous intent as he glared at Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu lifted his hands helplessly. “Fine, lets switch the subject. You’ve come at the right time, I have some matters I need to ask about. Zhao Ruyun, Yi Sance and also…..” Ye Qingyu rattled off a list of names, then said: “These people, do you recognise them? Do they have great backgrounds?”

Wen Wan gave him a glance: “You’ve provoked these people?

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. He retold the matters that had occurred in the supply department in detail from the beginning.

“Wahahaha, good, well done. No wonder you are someone that I have expectations for.” Wen Wan immediately began chuckling after hearing the story. Then he came over closer and said in a low tone: “To speak the truth, they’ve long been a thorn in my eyes. I’ve long wanted to take care of them. It’s a pity that my military position is equal to theirs and I don’t have more men than them, so I can’t easily make a move against them. Who would have thought that you had managed to take care of them like chopping vegetables. Wahaha, good, well done.”

After Ye Qingyu had finished hearing Wen Wan’s words, he carefully pondered over them. There were evidently some hidden meanings contained within the words of this shameless person.

“Wait, you mean, that even you can’t afford to provoke them?” Ye Qingyu looked at Wen Wan.

Wen Wan nodded his head seriously. “Of course. I’m not so stupid that I would irritate so many people all at once. The Cool Breeze mountain faction can be considered a core faction in Youyan pass with significant power. To dare provoke those people, you are really resenting the fact that your life is too long……But to bring the conversation back on the topic, your ability to incite trouble is even greater than mines. Haha, you’ve only arrived for a few days at Youyan Pass and you’ve already caused such a great uproar to happen. Hahaha, little brother, you really are ferocious, wahaha!”

“You….” Ye Qingyu was completely speechless. “I’ve encountered a such problematic situation, why are you laughing with so much delight?”

“Wahahaha…..” Wen Wan began chuckling louder and louder, winking at Ye Qingyu. “Can you not tell, I am currently rejoicing in your misfortune. ”

Ye Qingyu stood up with a dark face. Walking to the door, he said to the outside: “Mother Wu, no need to cook anymore. Rest early.”

Wen Wan stopped laughing, rubbing his stomach. “Fine, fine, let’s not joke around. Let’s speak of proper matters. First look at this….” Saying this, he retrieved two little booklets from his dimensional pouch. One was white and one was black, both around the thickness of one finger. From the outer appearance, both booklets seemed to be some sort of ancient text. The texts were already somewhat wrinkled and crumpled.

Ye Qingyu received it, looking at the name of the two booklets.

The white booklet, was called [Military star list].

The black booklet, was called [Great demon list].

“On the [Military star list], there are various experts of the human race in Youyan Pass ranked within. And on the [Great demon list], there are the ranks of the experts of the Snow Ground demon race….” Wen Wan stood up and stretched his bank. “The [Military star list] will only record experts of the thirty Spirit springs and above. There are a hundred ranks in total. As for the [Great demon list], it will only have the great demon leaders listed. The information written inside is very detailed. Read it well and remember. If you manage to encounter anyone listed, at least you will have some preparation and won’t walk in blind.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, browsing through the lists.

The [Military star list] had a hundred people in total. The one ranked number one was namely the Pass Lord Lu Zhaoge of Youyan Pass. He was an expert of the Bitter Sea stage. He had not fought in a battle for over twenty years, his strength deep and unfathomable. He was the indisputable number one expert of Youyan Pass. It was suspected that he had already reached the Heaven Ascension stage.

“Heaven Ascension stage? So the martial realm after the Bitter Sea stage, is called the Heaven Ascension stage?”

Ye Qingyu’s eyes brightened.

He continued to read on–

[Military star list]. Ranked number two, Gu Jinjun. Deputy leader of Youyan Pass, Bitter Sea expert. Well versed in using huge axes in battle. Thirteen years ago, he had fought, his axe splitting apart a mountain…….

[Military star list]. Ranked number three, Liu Siufeng. General of the Vanguard, Bitter Sea stage, well versed in using longsword. The last time he had fought was three years ago. One sword strike by him was enough to kill tens of demon leaders……

[Military star list]. Ranked number four. Zuo Chanyi, general of the Left camp. Bitter Sea stage, well versed in in delicate invisible blades. The last time he had fought was six years ago. Entering deep within the territory of the snow ground demon race, he had killed twenty one normal demon leaders before retreating unharmed.

[Military Star list] Ranked number five. Feng Muyou, general of the Right camp. Bitter Sea stage, well versed in the pike. His title was the [Stab Muyou]. With a powrful aura, once he struck, he would not retreat. The last time he had fought was two years ago…..

[Military star list]. Ranked number six…….

[Military star list]. Ranked number seven……

Ye Qingyu flipped page after page. One after another, unfamiliar names appeared in front of him.

He knew, that the people list here were true the experts with outstanding military contributions in Youyan Pass. Every name that was able to enter this list, had experienced countless battles tottering between life and death. They were experts that had walked out from white bone mountains and fresh blood pools. This was especially so for the people at the top of this list. They were the leaders of the military. Existences like the Pass Lord and the four generals ranked at the very top.

But, it was namely that because of these characters could not been seen in normal times, that the list were not too detailed. The creator of the [Military star list] was perhaps not too clear on the true strength of these people and and their attributes. This was especially so for the experts ranked in the top ten. Some of the information written on the booklets were just guesses…..

After the top ten, the information became more completely and more detailed.

“En? Zhang San? This name, is really special…..”

Ye Qingyu’s gaze, landed on a name. He was slightly taken aback.

[Military star list]. Ranked thirteenth. The head of the military supply department of Youyan Pass. His nature is one where that he would definitely avenge all those that crossed him. Extremely protective. Well versed in slender swords, expert in assassination, and chasing, Profound techniques in remaining hidden. The last time he had acted was three months ago, where he killed sixty two people……

Because of the incident at the supply department, Ye Qingyu could not help pay attention to this person called Zhang San who was the head of the supply department.

Seeing the evaluation of the words ‘definitely avenge all those that crossed him, extremely protective’, Ye Qingyu’s heart thudded.

If it was like this, then this Zhang San, most likely would regard himself as an enemy.

Ye Qingyu continued to read on.

He firmly imprinted every single name into his heart.

As he read to the end, Ye Qingyu suddenly shouted loudly: “What? This doesn’t make sense. After such a long time, you  gave me something fake to try and fool me. Haha, I’ve was really nearly taken in by you…..”

“Fake? How is this possible?” Wen Wen was taken aback. “Just what did you see?”

“I’ve seen the two words ‘Wen Wan’. How is it possible for your name to appear on the military star list?” Ye Qingyu had a face filled with mockery. “Confess, isn’t this something that was made up by your? The last name, you must have added on by yourself?”

“Haha, who would have thought that you would be so young yet so jealous. What about it? I am ranked number a hundred on the [Military star list], what about it? Wen Wan laughed madly.

Ever since handing the booklets to Ye Qingyu, Wen Wan had waited to see this scene.

Ye Qingyu ignored him.

After departing from White deer academy,  Wen Wan’s original nature could be said to have been exposed. He was becoming more and more like a little child, excessive and vain. The fact that he was able to be ranked on the [Military star list] made Ye Qingyu suspicious whether the person who had written this list be Wen Wan himself.

He opened the [Great Demon list].

The Snow Ground demon race had always been the life and death enemy of the human race of Snow country.

Of the lifeforms in Heaven Wasteland domain, the human race and the demon race were by far the greatest majority. The human race of Snow country and the Snow Ground demon race were the two strongest branches of these two great races. Approximately, they possessed together over eighty percent of Heaven Wasteland domain. It was rumoured that at the very moment Snow country was founded, the empire of the Snow ground demon court was also established. From that day on, between the two great races, for the struggle of resources and territory there were already tens of large scales campaigns involving the entire country that had occurred. And as for small battles, there were so many that happened that it could not be counted.

Considering all the factors, the human race could be said to by occupying the upper hand.

On the [Great demon list] the one ranked at number one was Burning Snow. He was a great demon commander. An expert of the Snow bird race, he had commanded the [Southern incline legion] for tens of years and was titled the invincible warrior. He caused Lu Zhaoge to stay dead within Youyan pass with no way to take action. He was a great titled character within the Snow Ground demon court. and was known as the Burning Snow demon general. Along with Lu Zhaoge, he was part of the [Ten War Gods] in Heaven Wasteland domain. But this demon race authority, had not taken action for a very long time. As of right now, it was very hard to estimate the true strenghth of this demon…….

[Great demon list]. Ranked number two, the Mad Wind demon general. An expert of the Wind race at Snow Ground Demon court, he was a power that had only emerged in the past twenty years. His methods were tyrannical and the way he did things was quick like a violent gust. It was said that the Mad Wind demon general had once fought one on one with the number two expert of Youyan Pass. They had fought for over ten days and ten nights without victor able to be determined……

[Great Demon list]. Ranked number three. Swimming Dragon demon general……..

[Great demon list]. Ranked number four. Burrowing Ground demon general………….

[Great demon list]. Ranked number four. Bloodthirsty demon general………

Ye Qingyu read one name after another, his heart frightened by the information contained within.

Youyan Pass was known as the strongest frontier in the entire Snow County. In the Pass, famous warriors were like clouds, with countless experts present. It was absolutely the Pass with the strongest military power in all of Heaven Wasteland domain. But the [Southern incline legion] did not fall behind to Youyan Pass in the slightest. Similarly, their warriors were also like the clouds, also possessing countless experts. At the very least, through just a comparison between the [Military star list] and the [Great demon list]. the [Southern Incline legion] did not fall behind in the slightest.

“Look at the bottom, look at the bottom. It’s useless to look at the names at the front.” Wen Wan leant against the table. He was like a cyclone sweeping through the clouds as he devoured the dishes that Mother Wu had prepared. A green vegetable hung from his mouth as he mumbled indistinctly: “You have no chance of meeting the old monsters of the demon race. If your luck is really so good as to meet them, then you should just honestly reincarnate and become a new person. You should look at information about the little demons, such as the the younger generation of the demon race, the seven people known as the [Seven stars of the skies]………….”


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