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143 – Common person becomes King!

Chapter 143: Common person becomes king!

When someone asks a question, the brain’s first reaction is to think. This is the body’s natural response.

If an answer could not be reached after a long deliberation, the mouth would naturally say ‘I don’t know’.

At the same time that Li Muyang heard Yang Xiaohu’s question, his brain began to ponder.

Even he himself didn’t know that in the depths of his memory was a sound very similar to this. And, adding to this, he felt that this tone of voice was extremely simple to pronounce: joy.

This sound represented a dragon’s joy.

As he pondered, he blurted the answer out loud.

“Joy?” This was his guess.

Even though he was not sure whether this answer was correct himself.

“Joy.” This was him being sure.

Even when he answered aloud, he was still not entirely certain the word came from his own mouth.

However, he spoke out subconsciously.

And as it happened, teacher Yang heard it clearly.

A student who just arrived at Starry Sky, how could he has an understanding of an obscure and difficult to learn language that he was never taught before?

Li Muyang really wanted to slap his own face; you could do anything but why must you expose yourself like this? Why must you look for trouble?

“No, I heard you. You said joy—–” Yang Xiaohu walked to the front of Li Muyang in big strides, looking full of excitement as he said: “Li Muyang, you understand the language of dragons?”

“I don’t understand.” Li Muyang said, shaking his head in quick succession. “I really didn’t say anything.”

“Didn’t say anything?” Yang Xiaohu’s gaze shifted over to the other students, asking: “did you hear it?”

“I heard brother Muyang said ‘joy’.” Tie Muxin is a simple and honest good student. What he heard, he’d truthfully report it to the teacher.

“I also heard it.” Lin Canghai said with a smile. He threw a sideways glance at Li Muyang, saying: “Brother Muyang is so secretive, he never told us that he understands Dragon speech?”

“Exactly. I heard it as well.” Qiandu said, smiling as she looked over at Li Muyang. “Muyang classmate, is that not something to be proud of? Why hide the truth?”

Lu Qiji, with a sarcastic and mocking smile on her face, said aloud: “Some things can’t be hidden. A fox will eventually reveal its tail.”

Listening to Qiandu and the others, Li Muyang felt the urge to not be friends with them anymore.

We’re classmates, why torment each other so cruelly!

Is it the time to be in the limelight?

I am a dragon!

I’m a damn dragon!

Now that you know I understood dragon speech, next time you will suspect that I’m a dragon——Then when the moment comes, all of you would want to kill me, will I be able to live then?

Li Muyang looked at Yang Xiaohu seriously, saying: “Teacher Yang, you really heard me say ‘joy’?”

“Yes.” Yang Xiaohu nodded firmly. “Other people said ‘I don’t know’, you were the only one who said ‘joy’. So I heard it very clearly.”

Li Muyang blinked his big innocent eyes, asking aloud: “did I answer right?”

“The answer is correct.” Yang Xiaohu said cheerfully. “The sound I made just now, was indeed the sound that dragons make to express joy——-”

Li Muyang excitedly jumped to his feet and tightly squeezed Yang Xiaohu’s arm, exclaiming: “Teacher Yang, according to what you said, that means I can already understand dragon language? I learnt the language of dragons without any teaching? Why am I so amazing? Do you think——I might be a genius? Am I a peerless genius left behind in the world?”

Yang Xiaohu tried to calm Li Muyang down. “Student Li Muyang, calm down——- calm down a little. You did answer a question right but the language of dragons is difficult to understand, obscure and complex. On average, without devoting at least ten years of study one would not completely understand it——There are no limits to what there is still to learn, it’s a long road, you have much more to learn. Remember to not be arrogant and complacent, that will ruin your prospects.”

“Could it be that Teacher Yang don’t think I’m a genius?”

“You’re not a genius——well I can’t say you’re not. In the subject ‘dragon language’, your performance is very good. As long as you work hard, then perhaps later you would become an expert in this field. At least have a better understanding than the other students. However, you’ve only answered one question right, your road has just begun. Therefore, continue to put in effort and develop your strengths——–”

Li Muyang looked visibly disappointed, his voice sounding deeply disheartened, saying: “I thought I can communicate directly with dragons, I thought I can understand their entire language. Teacher Yang, why don’t you test me again, make a dragon’s noise for me to listen again——–”

Yang Xiaohu pondered for a brief moment, before he pinched his mouth again, making an even more bizarre tone.

Li Muyang looked blank watching Yang Xiaohu. “Teacher Yang, this is dragon speech?”

“Of course it’s dragon language.” Yang Xiaohu said pleasingly. “You only got it right by chance just now or maybe I misheard you——but it doesn’t matter. I’ll teach you everything I know without reservation. As long as you’re willing to learn.”

Li Muyang bowed deeply to Yang Xiaohu, saying. “Thank you teacher Yang.”

Yang Xiaohu pressed his hands firmly down on the table and said: “Sit down please. We will continue our lesson.”

“Yes.” Li Muyang sat back down onto his chair.

Now that the ‘miracle’ has been solved and a hero was not present, everybody’s focus and attention shifted away.

Only Lu Qiji’s eyes were fixed on Li Muyang with a piercing stare, regarding him as an extremely dangerous person.

“So I’m not a genius.” Li Muyang said to Chu Xun who was sitting next to him.

Chu Xun coldly snorted: “you’re not a genius, you’re just trash.”

“How can you say that?” Li Muyang felt indignant at the remark, but was inwardly extremely happy.

He had to remain low profile and become ‘trash’ in others’ eyes. This was the safest path for him.

“Right.” Tie Muxin wanted to repay Li Muyang by chiming in and defending him: “Before attacking others, it’s best to look at yourself first.”

“Students——-” Yang Xiaohu sighed, lightly drumming his finger on the table. “Please respect me.”

And so, all the students settled into silence.

As the lesson draws to an end, Yang Xiaohu closed the textbook in his hand, looked at his students and said: “students, you can take the textbooks back to read and study, you can also take it back to look over today’s lesson and practice the correct pronunciation of dragon language—–also, there’s a very long text at the back of the book, which was copied from the original copy of [Language of Dragons]. I’m also currently in the research phase; the meaning is also unclear to me. If you are interested you can take a look at it. Though there is no need to be aggressive, learning is a gradual process.”

After bathing, Li Muyang took out the book [Language of Dragons] and carefully studied.

Inside were mostly monosyllabic words that he could recognise but also some rather complicated hieroglyphs that he could not understand too well.

He suddenly remembered that teacher Yang mentioned there’s a piece of text at the back of the book that even he does not understand, and so he turned to the last page.

Just like when people see characters they would read them out loud, the instant Li Muyang saw the tadpole-like characters, he also automatically read them out loud.

He recognised those tadpoles.

If anybody sees it, they would be as amazed as seeing immortals.

Because the weird noise that Li Muyang used to read out, is precisely the pure and noble language of dragons.

“The sky is black and the earth yellow, and the universe is chaotic. The sun and moon can be high or low, with stars arranged in patterns. Clouds soar up to deliver rain and dew forms into morning frost. Gold is born in the River Li while jade comes from Kunlun Mountain. Sea is salty while streams are light, scales sink and feathers glide——-”

Li Muyang froze for a moment, thinking to himself: Why does these writing feel so familiar? As though it’s deeply imprinted in my mind.

His eyes were fixed on the words on the paper once again as he continued to read them out loud: “Dragon master, fire Emperor; bird official, and the emperor of men. Only dragons can have the same age as the sky. Only my dragon clan can share the land with the earth.

Li Muyang suddenly became excited, after reading these words he felt as if he had consumed some elixir.

Dragons, what powerful creatures.

He is actually a part of them, although currently he was not fully acknowledged by them—–but at least he obtained acknowledgement in parts.


Behind Li Muyang, in a place Li Muyang had not noticed, as he read out the text, the red river water was bubbling up, as though it’s a gigantic pot of water being simmered.

Just like water that had just started to boil, it’s gently rippling. As Li Muyang’s voice rose steadily in pitch, the water became out of control.

Nujiang is originally not peaceful, the thundering river looks like a red dragon charging forth.

But today Nujiang was particularly ferocious and extremely frantic.



Raging waves beat against the shore, red waves rolled as high as one thousand feet.

Reflected in the magic mirror of Water Moon cave was the scene of raging Nujiang.
Kong Li carefully watched the scene, saying gravely: “Nujiang is angry. What is going on?”

Xiahou Qianbai stretched out his fingers, swiftly performing one hand seal after another.

Waving his long flowing sleeves and with his face looking as pretty as jade, he said aloud: “I have used the [five chief demons searching technique] to investigate and did not sense any strong presence above Nujiang——”

At the top of Starry Sky Academy’s observatory tower stood a man dressed in a Starry Sky robe who has been standing there for some time.

Staring unblinkingly into the roaring red Nujiang, he said with a sigh: “More than ten thousand years of continual resentment, you still won’t let it go? Do you still vainly hope that someone can summon your souls back for you?”

Li Muyang’s voice grew louder and louder, pouring out his deepest feelings: “Born as a dragon, good fortune comes from all sides. Become an immortal being after death and be virtuous forever.”

“Born a dragon, destroying riotous countries. After becoming an immortal being after death, the divine continent would prosper forever.”

“Born as a dragon, must not disappoint the millions of citizens. After becoming an immortal being after death, the common becomes King.”


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