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144- Dragon ghost raise its head!


As Li Muyang’s voice grew louder, the water of Nujiang also rose.

As Li Muyang’s voice fell, the water of Nujiang dropped.

Wind rising, dark clouds scudding across the sky and roaring red waves were surging into the sky.

As Li Muyang recited the text, a giant whirlpool emerged in the middle of Nujiang.

Countless red-coloured water frantically flowed towards the whirlpool and then disappeared without a trace.

The whirlpool spun faster and faster, grew bigger and bigger, spreading to a wider area.

In the heart of Nujiang river, a giant red hole stretching for several miles, was suddenly formed, looking as though it could engulf everything in sight, and with bursts of booming noise coming from the inside.

Following the increase in the pace of Li Muyang’s voice, the rumbling noise also sounded more frequently.

From within the giant red hole, a tremendous jet of water gushed out, no, looking more closely, the top of the giant pillar looked like the top of a red head.

Although only the general outline could be seen, but at first glance, everyone would have the same thought: it’s a head.

The head of giant dragon.

You could only see the top of its head, you could only see its ears, you could only see its sharp teeth, and could only feel the might of its majestic power—

“It’s not a divine beast, it’s a dragon.”

You can be very sure of saying this to yourself.

However, you can’t see its eyes.

It has no eyes; its cheeks and face were also indistinct.

These caused it to lose its liveliness, its vigour.

But instead gives the feeling that it’s more aggressive, and unlike a living creature, exuded the aura of death, an aura that’s full of despair.

The dragon’s head was seen desperately struggling, and the earthy-red beam of light looked like a slender body writhing and spinning, as though it’s a divine dragon taking off for the ninth heaven.

Letting out a bellow of rage, and even opening its bloody mouth –

The gigantic dragon roared.



Nujiang echoed.

The tremendous waves surged into mid-air, then landed at full speed.

Just as the jet of water spun around, small streams of water was generated one after another

Dragon claw!

Claw of the divine dragon.

Its tail was swinging back and forth at the bottom of the whirlpool with all its might, thunderously, stirring the river like a surging tide.

Standing before the magic mirror of Water Moon, Kong Li looked grave, saying: “what the hell is that? That’s a dragon’s head—when could Nujiang transform into a dragon? Is someone secretly playing tricks behind the scenes?”

“Who dares to run wild at Starry Sky Academy?” Xiahou Qianbai said.

Xiahou Qianbai’s both hands were incessantly waving in the air, continuously performing the five chief demons searching technique to scout out information and investigate the situation. “To be able to cause such a big disturbance, their power must at least be at the Withering Glory stage. If that person made a move, even if they are only releasing a touch of their mysterious power, they would also reveal their weakness, my five ghosts would have already found their real body– besides, someone at the higher stage of Withering Glory came to disturb Nujiang and mess with Starry Sky, is that not suicidal?”

“Then what’s going on?” Kong Li ignored the crooked tall hat on his head, pointing to the giant whirlpool reflected in the magic mirror in Water Moon Cave and the raging red dragon head swirling inside, he said: “Don’t tell me this is the natural landscape? For thousands of years, when have this sight ever been seen before? I read many history books and have never seen any records.”

“How many books have you read? You have the nerve to say you’ve read the history?” Even when he’s busy, Xiahou Qianbai did not forget to attack his companion: “If bookworm was here and said he read history texts then I can’t argue–by the way, we should ask Bookworm about things relating to dragons, right? Is he not in charge of that what ‘Dragon Slayer’ major? A dragon’s head suddenly appeared, should we not let him take his students to kill it?”

“Well, if bookworm saw this scene, he would most likely be frightened to the point that he would hide under the bed and not see anyone, right? Dragon slayer? He is a dragon slayer?”

“Teachers—-” Bookworm passed through the strong prohibition spell, appearing at the entrance of Water Moon Cave, his face flushed red from his cheeks to his ears. “I just heard the news and came here immediately–Am I, Yang Xiaohu, a cowardly man? Teachers you must not humiliate me.”

“Oh—” Kong Li curled his lips, saying: “Bookworm is in a bad mood. We can’t even say a few words now? Xiahou Qianbai and I were your teachers, you won’t want to start beating up your teachers, right?”

“I knew from the start that Bookworm is unhappy with us.” Xiahou Qianbai released the last five ghosts, his hand seal movements came to a stop. Staring haughtily at Yang Xiaohu, he said with a cold smile: “What? You’re after our positions? Fine, if you have such rebellious thoughts, then I have nothing to say. Come here, I’ll stand still, you can hit me in the face or spit on me as you wish—–”

“Teacher Kong—Teacher Xiahou—” Yang Xiaohu said with an innocent look on his face. Both teachers bullied him as though it’s part of their routine; the key is that he cannot pose any retort whatsoever. Otherwise, it would mean he does not know how to respect his teachers——

“Well, well.” With his conscience finally catching up with him, Kong Li finally was ready to let him off. Pointing to the scene of the red dragon’s head in the magic mirror of Water Moon Cave, he asked: “We all know how much you read; tell us, what’s going on?”

Yang Xiaohu, very serious stared at the spectacle in the middle of Nujiang for a moment, breathing a deep sigh.
“Is it bad?”

“Is it a disaster?”

Yang Xiaohu shook his head, saying: “I don’t know.”


Nujiang surged, waves lifting toward the sky and heavens.

The scene inevitably awakened the Starry Sky Academy students. Some people were peering over the wall in their courtyard, while some jumped on top trying to see more clearly.

But the majority of the people gathered at the east side of Red Sun cliff, which is the most convenient place to watch the beauty of Nujiang.

“What happened? Why would Nujiang suddenly be angry?”

“You say it like Nujiang has not been angry before? Nujiang, Nujiang, if Nujiang is not angry would it still be called Nujiang? But I have never seen a spectacle like this before—–”

“What noise did you hear? What’s inside the whirlpool? There seems to be a monster inside that’s stirring up the wind and rain—”

Students broke into agitated chatter and different conversations.

Lu Qiji stood silent in her own courtyard, coldly watching the red dragon’s head in Nujiang.

Chu Xun pushed open the door, exclaiming: “Qiji, did you see? Nujiang is angry–is something going to happen?”

Chu Xun beamed with excitement. Something like this is happening at Starry Sky Academy, students couldn’t help but feel thrilled. After all, school life is a bit boring, they need some thrilling situations to balance their life.

“The ghost of the dragon is raising its head.” Lu Qiji said heavily.

“What?” Chu Xun said, looking extremely puzzled, then suddenly excitedly asked: “what is dragon ghost raising its head?”

“Someone is worshiping them.” Lu Qiji revealed a look as though she understood the situation clearly: “Wanting to summon their souls and help them break out of the river.”


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  1. Lu Qiji is quite an enigma. If I were to guess what she is, she is almost certainly a reincarnator who has retained much if not all of her knowledge and memories of her past life. She obviously does not like dragons, so she may have even been a dragon slayer, perhaps even the one (or one of the ones) who killed dragon king (Muyang) the first time around. But unlike Muyang, who only has hazy recollections and can call out some of his past strength in those “lucid” berserk state, she seems to have knowledge and memories but without the power of the past. Wonder which is better? Your mind intact but unable to call on your past life’s power, or a shattered mind and memory but able to draw upon the power of the past. In any case, she cannot make any hasty moves at Muyang due to the people of Starry Sky forbidding such things out of the blue, and that he would probably enter a berserk state that she couldn’t handle and would die. Quite interesting to find out more of the past, and even more so the future.

  2. StayGold_IvesAnn

    April 16, 2017 at 8:41 am

    Please add a like button I love IDS and IGE both great stories and awesome translations. Please continue with IGE I don’t mind waiting as its better for the quality not to drop. Thank you so much.😊✨✌️

  3. Did you drop IGE?

  4. Thanks for the chapter.

  5. Can she die already. I dislike tragedy and she will be the cause of it for the mc

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